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Florida Vacation Rental Tax Rate 2021

Jacksonville Airbnb And Short Term Rental Laws And Regulations

Florida Vacation Rental Management Association Membership 2021

The bustling city of Jacksonville boasts numerous major attractions and also serves as a hub for business, so it should come as no surprise that it makes for a great location to establish an STR business.

Following in line with Florida state statutes, the city of Jacksonville defines a short term rental as any property rented on more than three occasions per year for durations of 30 days or less. Jacksonville allows short term rentals in residential districts in single-family homes, two-family homes/duplexes, and townhouses provided that they hold a short term Vacation Rental Certificate.

Applying for a Jacksonville Short Term Vacation Rental Certificate

To get your STR business in Jacksonville up and running, you will need to attain a short term Vacation Rental Certificate for each property you plan to rent. A complete application for one of these certificates includes:

With all of these components in hand, along with a check for your permit fees, you should be well on your way to setting up your Jacksonville STR business. Annual fees for your Jacksonville short term Vacation Rental Certificate are $150 .

Florida Tourist Development Tax

Vacation rentals and Airbnb properties are subject to tourist development tax in the State of Florida. Tourist Development Taxes are to be paid on all short-term rental income. Short-term income is defined as individual bookings of less than six months. File these monthly to the Tax Collector in your county. They are due by the first of the month. After the 20th, late penalties are effective.

If you have a property management company, they will usually collect these taxes for you. If you receive income in your country, you will need to collect and report the Tourist Development Tax you have collected through your property management company or as a taxpayer. You can apply for a tax account directly with your county tax collector. Or you can hire a tax professional who can help you navigate the licensing, tourist tax application, and filing process.

Where Is The Special Taxing Jurisdiction

The Special Taxing Jurisdiction is defined by Bay County Ordinances. This includes all properties: Within the city limits of Panama City Beach, Panama City, and Mexico Beach South of Panama City Beach Parkway from Phillips Inlet Bridge to Hathaway Bridge In the area surrounding the PCB Sports Complex East of Tyndall AFB and south of the Intracoastal Waterway.

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What Are The Requirements For Maintaining A Florida Vacation Rental Property

Some Florida counties may impose their own rules on what can and cant be inside or outside a short-term rental unit. They may also mandate the use of a noise detection device, either inside the property, outside the property, or both, and may levy heavy fines if this requirement is not met. Some municipalities also have specific cleaning and sanitization requirements between guest stays, and these are subject to changes as COVID-related recommendations evolve, so its important that you pay attention to notifications from your county, and actively check in on updates regularly.

In general, though, these basic requirements govern all Florida short-term rental properties:

  • The establishment must display all current licenses or copies of licenses in a conspicuous place on the premises.
  • The unit must be kept clean, safe and in good physical condition.
  • If bedding and linens are provided, they must be clean, unworn and properly stored. Mattress pads, bed sheets and blankets must be appropriately to the mattress or bed so that the entire sleeping area of the mattress is covered. Sheets and pillowcases must be in good condition, and cleaned and changed between each guest or once a week, whichever occurs first. Bedding items, such as mattresses, comforters and pillows must be thoroughly aired, disinfected and kept clean.
  • If provided, make soap available either in individually wrapped bars or as liquid soap in a dispenser.
  • The establishment must be kept free of vermin.

Palm Beach County Requirements


Anyone who offers accommodations for short term rental in Palm Beach County must establish a TDT account using our Tourist Development Tax portal. You must also fill out a Business Tax Receipt Application for Short Term Rentals for each rental unit.

All TDT returns and payments must be filed and remitted online using our Tourist Development Tax portal. Remember to check with your local municipality for additional business tax payment information and other requirements.

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Bona Fide Written Lease

Any person who rents over 6 months with a bona fide written lease is exempt from the tax and should not be included on the county tax return because only short-term rentals are required to be reported to the county. The state, on the other hand, requires a reporting of both long-term rentals and short-term rentals on their tax return.Employees of federally chartered credit unions are federal employees. Federal credit unions are immune from tax. Section 213-12, F.S. extends this same immunity to state-chartered credit unions.

Religious, charitable, educational, veterans or scientific organizations, federal or state-chartered credit unions,* Florida Retired Educators Association or local chapters thereof, or organizations that provide special educational and social benefits to minors:

What Taxes Do Vacation

Guests who stay in short-term rentals in Florida are required to pay specific taxes as part of their total reservation fees. The property owner, or in some cases the listing company on behalf of the owner, then remits those taxes to the state of Florida.

Currently, Florida charges a 6% state sales tax, plus any applicable discretionary sales surtax. In addition, some Florida counties impose their own local option taxes on short-term rental accommodations, such as the tourist development tax , convention development tax, tourist impact tax, or municipal resort tax. While these taxes may be paid to the county, they are always reported directly to the Department of Revenue.

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Orlando Airbnb And Short Term Rental Laws And Regulations

The home of some of Floridaâs most iconic theme parks, Orlando is a perennially popular destination among travelers. Visit Orlando, for example, recorded more than 35 million tourists in 2020 alone. Sounds like an ideal locale for a short term rental business, right?

Not so much: Orlando has some of the most restrictive laws in the entire state when it comes to short term rentals, at least where single-family homes are concerned. This is perhaps partially owed to the fact that elsewhere in Orange County, STR listings like those found on Airbnb are not permitted. Before 2018, Orlando outlawed all STRs too as of 1 July that year, however, Orlando changed its policies to allow for two types of short term rentals:


You can use your single-family home or other accessory dwelling units as an STR provided:

  • You are the owner and full-time resident at the property
  • You rent to only one party at a time
  • You rent no more than half of the bedrooms in your dwelling
  • You maintain a capacity of no more than two people per room and no more than four non-relatives per dwelling

While these stringent home-sharing rules can curtail STR business, they do come with the benefit that home-share STRs can exist in any zoning type in the city.

Commercial Dwelling Unit

Those who own commercial dwelling units, such as a vacation rental condominium, can rent the entire unit but cannot operate in a residential zone of the city.

Rental Tax Collection And Remittance In The State Of Florida

98 children drowned in Florida in 2021, a record number, according to state data

Florida is a state with a vibrant, large tourism economy. Unlike most other states, Florida heavily relies on tourist dollars to pay its bills. Before the advent of short term rental marketplaces, Florida had already required all landlords to charge and collect short term rental taxes. Also, a short term rental in Florida is 182 days or less, which is significantly longer than a typical state.

Transient taxes are assessed at the state and county level. The sales and discretionary sales taxes are collected by the state. Some counties assess separate transient taxes, such as the tourist development tax, convention development tax, tourist impact tax, or municipal resort tax. These separate taxes may need to be filed to the county directly. This information is detailed in the following sections.

Florida has a complicated patchwork of rental taxes, some which are collected directly by the county as well as the state. If the county does in fact charge its own sales tax, it will be collected on the state return. You may need to file separate tax returns. If you are unsure about your situation, seek advice from the county or tax professional.

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How To Establish A Tdt Account

Please follow these steps to establish your TDT account:

Step 1: Determine how you will manage your property

Determine if your property will be self-managed or agent-managed. Read Before Getting Started to learn more.

Step 2: Create your login

You must have a valid email address to create your login. We will use this email address for all correspondence and reminders. Read to learn more.

Step 3: Establish your TDT account

Create and verify your login to the TDT portal before creating your account. During this step, you will set up your TDT Business Account and add rental properties to your account. You will need the Property Control Number for each property you intend to rent. Please read Create a New TDT Account for detailed information about this important step in the process.

Step 4 Obtain a Short Term Rental Local Business Tax Receipt

Per the Tourist Development Ordinance of Palm Beach County, Chapter 17, Article III, Sections 17-117, anyone who offers accommodations for short term rental must have a valid Local Business Tax Receipt. Complete a Business Tax Receipt Application for Short Term Rental for each rental unit. This application will need to be completed online, by mail, or filed at our administrative office only. We do not process this application at any of our other service centers.

Step 5 File a TDT return and remit payment each month


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Exemption For Continuous Residence

Any person who has continuously resided at the same location for a period longer than 6 months and has paid the tax for the first 6 months is exempt from the tax after this period as long as the person continues to reside at the same accommodation. Once the person moves the exemption no longer applies. On the county tax return, you would only include the rents for the first six months, which are taxable and starting in the seventh month omit their rents from the county tax return entirely since in the seventh month they would no longer be considered a short-term rental.

Starting A Short Term Rental Business In Florida

Miami Sales Reach Seven Year High

Like starting up a short term rental business in any other state, there are some basics beyond the definition of a short term rental property that you should have in place to ensure you can boost your business from the very start.

Here are some of the components you should plan for when starting your short term rental business in Florida:

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State Of The State: Florida Short

  • May 10, 2022 | Jennifer Sokolowsky

In this series of blog posts, we offer an overview of the short-term rental lodging tax obligations for certain states, along with the latest rules on short-term rental operations.

Florida is an extremely popular vacation destination, and the short-term rental industry has thrived there. Short-term rental rules in Florida are well established at the state level for both taxes and operations. Vacation rental hosts may also need to follow laws specific to their local governments, although state law limits how far local governments can go in regulating short-term rentals.

Tax registration and filing

In Florida, if you charge guests for accommodations for rental periods of six months or less, youre considered a transient rental accommodations provider and legally required to register with the Florida Department of Revenue for a sales tax certificate. Once registered, youre responsible for collecting lodging taxes from guests and filing lodging tax returns with state authorities.

You may also be required to register and file lodging tax returns with local tax authorities, depending on your location.

Vacation rental lodging taxes

Florida vacation rentals are subject to state sales tax .

Municipalities may also have their own local lodging taxes that apply to short-term rentals, requiring local registration and filing.

Tax collection by short-term rental marketplaces

Business registration

Local vacation rental laws

United States Armed Forces Personnel

If you are on active duty in the United States Armed Forces and are traveling pursuant to federal government travel orders, you may receive a tax exemption by completing a sworn statement to that effect and presenting a copy of the orders to the hotel. See rule 12a-1.061. You may obtain the appropriate form from the hotel. The hotel must retain the completed form as proof that you are exempt. Military Exemption Form.

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What Remedies Are Available If Someone Does Not Collect The Tax Or Collects The Tax But Does Not Report Or Remit It To Lee County

A warrant can be issued and filed, creating a lien against real property and/or personal property in Lee County. Any person who rents living quarters for a period of six months or less shall be personally liable for the tax payment. The following offenses may also result in the individual being found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony, punishable as provided in F.S. 212.12, 775.082, 775.083:

fails to file six consecutive returnsdiverts or converts tax monies to their own use or the benefit of others

Other actions:

Suspending of your privilege to rent properties in Lee County, Florida

Advertising A Short Term Rental On An Online Website Platform

Florida Vacation Rental in Davenport, Florida in August 2021 for 13 Vermonters

If your short term-rental property is listed on an online website platform, such as HomeAway, VRBO, VacationRentals, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, misterb& b, or, any of their Subsidiaries, they will collect and remit the tourist development tax on your behalf. If you are using an online property management program such as Evolve, Hostaway, Guesty, Lodgify, etc., the property is listed on the online platforms, but the tourist development tax is directed to you. You are responsible to register, collect, and remit taxes for those rentals.To confirm tax related details of your short-term rental property, please contact the online website platform or property management program handling your property listing. If the short-term rental is advertised for rent on other online website platforms and/or youhandle short-term rentals without using a dealer , you are required to register and must collect and remit the tourist development tax on the gross rent received ,or advise if your short-term rental is being handled by a tax collecting agent .

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Tourist Development Tax Requirements

In October 1991, Hillsborough County Ordinance 91-22 was passed and the Hillsborough County Tax Collector became responsible for the local administration and collection of the Tourist Development Tax. Transient accommodations are short-term rental of living accommodations, six months or less.

The Tourist Development Tax rate is currently set at 6%. It is an add-on tax, like the state sales tax, and is collected from the tenant at the time rent or accommodation charges are collected.

The owners of the listed properties, as well as applicable property managers, any person who collects consideration, or operators of such facilities, are responsible for collecting the tax from their tenants and remitting this tax to the Hillsborough County Tax Collector.

Tourist Development Taxes are payable monthly, with payments due on the first of the month following collection from tenants, and are considered delinquent if not paid or postmarked by the 20th of the month.

If you are a property owner who rents or leases transient accommodations, you should also make sure you are in compliance with State Sales Tax Requirements. For more information, contact the Florida Department of Revenue at 5483 W Waters Ave, Ste 1210, Tampa, FL 33634-1236. Contact telephone 901-1100 website

Do I Need To Form An Llc

You do not need to form an LLC for tax purposes. You can register with the tax authorities as an individual.

There is generally no tax benefit to forming an LLC taxed as a sole proprietorship or partnership. Florida charges a $138.75 annual fee to do business as an LLC.

You may want to form an LLC for legal liability protection. In some cases, this may be unnecessary as insurance may give you enough protection. Ask an attorney to find out if an LLC would be helpful in your situation.

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Tourist And Restaurant Taxes

Beginning with the August return , the collection allowance will only be applied to a return filed using TouristExpress.

We are strongly encouraging our taxpayers and customers to conduct any Tax Collector business transactions including filing and paying Tourist Development Taxes using the Pay Tourist Tax Returns Online button located to the right under Online Options to access TouristExpress instead of visiting our Public Service Office in person. Also, beginning with the August return , the collection allowance will only be applied to a return filed using TouristExpress.

Hotels, restaurants and rental living accommodations are subject to three types of taxes: bed tax, food and beverage taxes, and homeless and domestic violence taxes. Together, these are known as Tourist and Convention Development taxes.

All business owners and operators that collect Tourist and Convention Development taxes must submit a tax return monthly, even if no taxes are collected.

Tax payments are due on the 1st of each month following the month of collections from tenants, guests and customers.

Tourist and Convention Development taxes are considered delinquent if not postmarked by the 20th of the month. If the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, the return may be postmarked on the next business day.

  • For returned checks in the amount $0 to $50, there will be a service charge of $25
  • For returned checks in the amount $50.01 to $300, there will be a service charge of $30
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