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How Much Per Point For Disney Vacation Club

Where Can You Use Dvc Points

The TRUE Cost of Disney Vacation Club | How much $ does DVC really cost?

The most obvious place to use your DVC points is at a Disney resort, but there are hundreds of destinations worldwide where you can stay and play with your points. Disney organizes them into three main categories in addition to its resorts.

Complete list of Disney Vacation Club Resorts:

  • Aulani
  • Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort
  • Boulder Ridge Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge
  • Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disneys Wilderness Lodge
  • Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Disneys Beach Club Villas
  • Disneys Boardwalk Villas
  • Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort
  • Disneys Old Key West Resort
  • Disneys Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
  • Disneys Riviera Resort
  • Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
  • Disneys Vero Beach Resort
  • The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel and Spa
  • The Villas at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

What Perks Come With Being A Disney Vacation Club Member

Disney offers its potential members a lot of reasons to join. They have also shown appreciation to DVC members, who they recognize as their most loyal patrons.

Weve discussed a lot of the accommodation-specific benefits, so were going to stick only to the little extras in this section., We must mention that this list is accurate at the time of writing, and Disney maintains the right to change or cancel any of these perks at any time .

  • Dining discounts: usually limited to select restaurants or items, but it can be as much as 25%
  • Shopping and merchandise discounts: many stores on resort property as well as online discount codes
  • Access to exclusive DVC merchandise: Disney has a line of products that only current DVC members can buy
  • Occasional discount offers on park tickets and deals on waterpark tickets.
  • Discounts on special events and ticketed events
  • Access to several lounges throughout Disney property, including the Top of the World Lounge on the top floor of Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort
  • Access to exclusive events, experiences, and tours: there are members-only experiences as well as events only open to DVC members
  • Periodic hotel or vacation package deals: while this is rarer since most members dont exceed their point allotment each year, some families love to visit so much that they end up paying cash.

Scenario 2 A Flexible Couple

  • Travel Party of 2
  • Love staying at Disneys Deluxe Resorts
  • Can travel anytime throughout the year, often in early December time frame
  • Want to be close to the Theme Parks

Next, lets do a fairly different example: say your travel party is you and your partner, and your jobs are pretty flexible you can basically travel whenever you want. You prefer to stay in deluxe resorts and enjoy walkability to the theme parks. lets take a look at what we consider one of the best times to head down to Walt Disney World: early December.

If you wait until after Thanksgiving but before Christmas the crowds are going to be low, but the parks will be all lit up in their holiday magic! Because you like quick access to theme parks, lets do comparison within the Beach Club, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from EPCOT, and also you can walk to Hollywood Studios. Plus who doesnt love the Stormalong Bay pool complex?

Without DVC

One week in a hotel room at the Beach Club resort in early December with a water view room will cost you around $5,800 this year. Standard view rooms typically cost $100 less per night than a water view room, so if you were to book a standard view room instead the total cost for that would be around $5,000. Lets use the lower cost of these two view options.

Room Rate: $731.57 per night x 7 nights

Tax: $640.16

Total: $5,061.16

With DVC

At the Beach Club Villas, which will comfortably accommodate two of you, it will cost 107 points for a week in early December.

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Using Dvc Points Throughout The Year

Like we had mentioned earlier, you can book and borrow points from year to year. You can borrow points from a future year in order to have a more extravagant trip this year, or you can save points bank them in order to use them on a future trip, especially more expensive ones. Being able to bank and borrow is a factor that may make going every year not seem as demanding, and its a factor that can make Disney Vacation Club worth it for some families.

You can also do a one time purchase of points for a special vacation, giving you the ability to take an extra special trip just once in awhile.

You can also do multiple trips in a year if you make good use of the different seasons, and you have enough points that year. You could possibly do an affordable romantic weekend for 70-100 points, and still take a longer vacation at a different time for 100-200 points.

Benefits Of Dvc Membership


DVC Member Services is awesome. They offer vacation planning assistance if you need it, to include help with flights, car rentals, room requests and priority seating for meals. I consider myself as very knowledgeable on all things Disney but the DVC Members Services peeps know way more than I do and theyre able to answer questions or make suggestions that can help me plan my best trip.

You can also arrange for groceries to be delivered to your room via Member Services, although in this day and age, most people use Shipt, Instacart, or Amazon. Ordering through the DVC gets your food IN to your room. Ordering through other delivery services get your food to the concierge and you have to arrange for them to deliver itwhich isnt a difficult process at all. Still, if you want to walk into your room and have milk in your fridge, as a DVC member, you can.

One of the things I love most is having a full kitchen. Now, I dont love the idea of cooking on vacation. However, its nice to be able to make sandwiches and simple breakfasts. We also love doing things like baking cookies or making popcorn on vacation.

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Here Are The Free Benefits:

  • Early Access to FastPass+ Planning. Get access to reserve select shows and attractions up to 60 days before arrival.
  • Extra Magic Hours! Spend extra time at one of the theme parks each dayvalid theme park admission and Resort ID required.
  • Complimentary MagicBands for everyone traveling in your group. This is a neat perk as you get to customize the bands and add your names to them. A generic MagicBand purchased on-site costs $14.99 per person.
  • Leave the Park, Not the Magic. Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel puts you in the middle of the magic, close to the theme parks, water parks, and shopping at Disney Springs.
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Disneys Magical Express Service transports you and your party between Orlando International Airport and your Disney Resort hotel via motorcoach, including luggage delivery service.
  • Use motor coach, ferryboat, and monorail services to navigate through Walt Disney World Resorts or parks.
  • Complimentary Parking at the resort and the parks. Parking at parks costs $25 a day.
  • Lastly, once youve completed the reservation process and have your bands, you dont even need to check-in. Your MagicBands will act as your room key. There is nothing more flash than pulling into the resort, parking up, and going up to your room seamlessly.

    Pros & Cons Of Dvc Point Rental

    The biggest benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points is saving money. The example of Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas above is a good one. If you wanted to book a stay August 19-23, 2022 in a value view studio, thats exactly how many points youd need, and how much it would cost if you rented points through one of the point renters.

    For a stay December 2-6, 2022 it would be even cheaper! Other nights throughout the year would cost more, but you get the idea. You couldnt even stay in a Moderate Resort for the rates you can get by renting Disney Vacation Club points, let alone a Deluxe.

    In addition to saving money on hotel rates, another benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points is freeparking. Walt Disney World is now charging for parking at its hotels, but this does not apply to guests staying on DVC points. There is no charge regardless of whether the person using the points is a member or notits based upon the use of the points .

    Meaning, if you were otherwise going to drive or rent a car at Walt Disney World, point rental now saves you another $24/night in that you wont pay for parking. Its not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but definitely something to consider.

    Another benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points, for some people, is getting the Disney Dining Plan without purchasing park tickets. Unfortunately, the Disney Dining Plan is temporarily unavailable, but we expect it to return before 2022.

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    How Can I Save Money

    Buying a Disney timeshare used is going to potentially save you more than 50 percent on your purchase. If you are heavily considering this club, consider going the used route.

    Be sure to crunch the numbers ahead of time. As long as you think you are going to be able to take full advantage year after year, it may be worth the investment. However, not taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Disney Vacation Club will result in wasted money.

    • If you cannot afford the costs up front, Disney does offer low-cost financing options for up to ten years.
    • If youre questioning if its worth it, here are a few questions to ask yourself first: Do I need to take out a loan? Will you visit at least once a year for the next 10 years? As long as you think you can come out ahead by doing the math, then it may be a decent investment however, if youre questioning it, youre better off reserving a room as you please without any monthly maintenance commitments.
    • The DVC does offer financing options in one, three, five, seven and 10-year increments.

    Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

    What Is Disney Vacation Club And How Does It Work

    Beginner’s Guide to Renting DVC Points | How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

    Make no mistake, though a Disney Vacation Club membership is a significant commitment, both financial and otherwise. In this article, well give an overall honest assessment of DVC, including what it is, how it works, how much it costs, where you can use your points, and so much more.

  • In Conclusion
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    How Much Does Dvc Cost 2021 Price List


    How much does it cost to buy into the Disney Vacation Club? If youre looking at buying points with DVC its good to know what the options are and how much per point youll be spending if you choose to purchase direct from Disney, the developer. Purchase prices vary by resort, starting at $120 per point up to $295 per point. As you will see in the chart below, there are also different minimum point requirements based on resort and if youre an existing member or new member. It is important to note that these rates and terms below apply only to points purchased direct from Disney Vacation Club, not to points purchased on the resale market.


    Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas $201 per point
    Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort $245 per point
    Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas $186 per point
    Disneys Beach Club Villas $245 per point
    Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort $135 per point
    Disneys Old Key West Resort $165 per point
    Disneys Polynesian Villas & Bungalows $250 per point
    Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa $165 per point
    Disneys Vero Beach Resort $120 per point
    Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel $295 per point
    Villas at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort & Spa $255 per point

    Information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Source:



    Is The Disney Vacation Club Worth It

    Do you plan to vacation at Walt Disney World at least every other year?

    If the answer is yes then the DVC is something you need to consider, especially if youre a young family. My husband and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World. We considered DVC membership back then but decided it wasnt a fit for us. We married in our early 40s. I had one daughter in high school. I didnt see frequent trips to Disney in the cards for us.


    Surprise, surprise. We became parents again in our late 40s and frequent trips to Disney suddenly became more attractive.

    However you look at it, frequent trips to Walt Disney World are definitely on the table. If that doesnt sound do-able to you, then you might want to take a hard look at whether DVC is right for you.

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    How Does Dvc Work

    Like we said, DVC is a points rental style of timeshare. Members of the Disney Vacation Club buy rental points in order to rent future vacation stays at different places on Disney property. At the time of purchase, the members buy a set number of points more on this later and the members choose a home resort.

    The points bought dont change from year to year, but you can choose to add more points later on during the life of your timeshare. Points can also be saved or borrowed from year to year.

    There are different factors when it comes to how many points are needed for a stay. Time of year, choice of resort or vacation location, size of room, and length of stay are common factors that will impact the amount of points necessary for a stay.

    What Types Of Rooms Are Available For Dvc Members

    Disney Vacation Club Cost Per Year

    Disney has a few different types of rooms that are standard at their DVC resorts . The first is a deluxe studio. These rooms are the most similar to a standard hotel room and typically sleep four guests.

    Deluxe studios almost always contain a queen size bed and full-size sleeper sofa. These rooms have kitchenettes with a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and other essentials. They have a balcony , beautiful bathrooms, and cable television.

    As you are moving up in size, the next option is a 1-bedroom villa, which sleeps up to five people. These rooms have a separate master bedroom with a king-size bed, a full sleeper sofa, and a twin sleeper chair in the main living room. The living room, kitchen, and dining areas are open, facilitating family togetherness.

    These rooms come with fully-equipped kitchens, including a full-size refrigerator and freezer, stove and cooktop, and cooking utensils. The bathroom connects to the master directly and to the main living area as well. Many of them have walk-in showers and separate soaking tubs.

    All Disney Vacation Club properties also have 2-bedrooms villas. These sleep up to nine guests. The master bedroom with a private en-suite bathroom has a king bed, the second bedroom has two queen beds, and there is a sleeper sofa and sometimes a sleeper chair in the living room. They have double bathrooms as well.

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    Rent Dvc Points Directly From An Owner

    The second or DIY way involves renting directly from a DVC owner.

    I have used DVCapp to check availability and find an owner from whom to rent points, and it is by far the easiest way to go!

    The MouseOwners Rent/Trade/Transfer Forum

    Another way to go about finding an owner from whom to rent DVC points is using a forum such as the MouseOwners Rent/Trade/Transfer board.

    This is the forum I have used many many times and I have never had a bad experience.

    Disney World Resorts And Davids Dvc Points Price Comparison

  • Start with the cost calculator
  • Enter in the dates you want to stay at a Disney World Resort
  • For this example, I am going to use 2/15/2019 through 2/18/2019 three nights. I will use Animal Kingdom as an example. *Note that this is a holiday weekend Monday is Presidents Day.

    This cost is calculated based on $16.00 US per point, which was the booking comparison rate. Reservations booked from 7 to 11 months in advance may be subject to an additional premium rate of $1.00 US per point. *Davids DVC Points are now $18 per point.

    You can change the view of the number of points required:

    Lets see what the Animal Kingdom costs via Disney. *Note that these prices are per night!

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    How To Stay At A Disney Vacation Club

    Staying in a Disney Vacation Club Resort room is no different then staying on property at any other level of Disney hotel rooms. You book your stay, pack for your trip and then arrive to your hotel room and get the fun started at Disney World.

    The difference is the booking of the room and the price that you are going to pay. Renting DVC rooms from DVC timeshare owners, gets you Deluxe Disney Resorts for the price that you normally pay for a Moderate Disney Resort!

    You can not book DVC rooms thru Disney, you have to book them thru a DVC owner or a site that acts as a third party. We will get into exactly how to book a DVC room a little bit further down.

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