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How To Avoid Getting Your Period On Vacation

How To Survive Your Period While Traveling On Your Period

How to Delay Your Period for Vacation

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Women of the world! Wondering how to survive your period while traveling? Your period on vacation can happen anywhere, any time. But traveling on your period does not mean you have to stop enjoying your journey.

Ive picked up lots of period tips and tricks throughout my solo travels and discovered some amazing products, to make my own period kit. I pack it in my backpack and Im always good to go. Im going to share it all with you now, so take what you wish from it so you can make up your own period survival kit, unique to you.

Ways To Delay Your Period

Many women want to postpone their periods for a couple of days or a week. Ideally, there’d be a quick fix to tell your body to hold off for a second and wait on the whole menstruation thing. But finding a natural method to delay your period, like eating special foods or drinking apple cider vinegar, is more of a hopeless pursuit.

You should know that the most reliable way to delay your period is with medicine. You can use birth control pills to keep your period from coming, whether you want to postpone it for a week or skip it entirely. To get the medicine, you’d need to ask your doctor for a prescription.

Raspberry Tea Also Delays The Menstrual Cycle

If you are looking for instant natural remedies to delay period before embarking on a vacation, Raspberry tea is worth trying. It is among the earliest natural remedies, used by Chinese women, to push back the bleeding days.

Raspberry leaves tea to constrict the uterine lining and prevents blood flow. Many women who suffer from severe cramps during the period also drink Raspberry tea to soothe their uterus and reduce heavy blood flow.

Scientists have not yet confirmed this technique to delay period. However, many women have tried and tested this tea themselves.

You can purchase Raspberry leaves tea bags and add them to boiling water. Experts advise drinking this tea at least twice every day for a week to see a proper effect on your period.

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Try Cinnamon Tea To Delay Period

Many women swear by Cinnamon tea to delay period naturally. Including me. Cinnamon contains stress-relieving and relaxation properties that help your body calm down. The more you become happier, the less stressed youll be, and hence, delay your period by a few days or even weeks!

You can drink a hot cup of Cinnamon tea by using a piece of this herb or a powdered infusion. Let it sit in the water for some time to get the best results. Ideally, drink it at least two times every day before the unwanted guests arrive!

How To Stop Your Period From Coming Using Birth Control

How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Is your period due during your vacation? Skip the bleed!

The patch, the pill, and the ring are 3 hormonal birth control options that allow you to skip your period entirely if you want a month off or want to enjoy your vacation without the stress of cramps and period upkeep.

If you are taking the birth control pill, patch or ring, there is no medical reason why you need to have a bleed every month, meaning you can skip your period if you wish. To skip your period, all you need to do is make sure you skip the break/bleed week for the patch/ring or dont take the sugar pill/placebo week for birth control pills.

If you are using the combined birth control pill, simply skip the row of placebo pills or the week off after you finish three rows of active pills and go straight into the next pack. With the ring, change it after 28-30 days, rather than the usual 21, as it has 35 days of hormone in it. Similarly with the patch, just switch to a new patch after week three, rather than having a free week.

When skipping your period with the patch, you should NOT use it for more than 12 weeks in a row without having a bleed. Make sure to have a bleed at least every 12 weeks, otherwise, you will experience a build-up of estrogen and risk blood clots, which can lead to complications and even death.

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And If I’m On Birth Control

Travel shouldn’t affect your period if you’re on birth control.

Still, there are a couple of roles to taking birth control when you’re switching time zones if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

First, you should take your daily dose according to your local time zone, not the time zone you are visiting. If the time in which you’re supposed to take the pill is extremely inconvenient, delaying one dose for a couple of hours shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you’re taking a time-sensitive pill, like progestin, remember that you must take it within three hours from your usual time, otherwise, you’ll be skipping a dose.

Also, keep in mind that some birth control brands aren’t effective when combined with alcohol. Read the birth control pill instruction and check if the manufacturer warns against taking alcohol. To be safe, the best option is to still use another form of birth control on vacation.

S To Skip Your Period

First, you will need at least two months of NuvaRing, or six rings in total. It’s also important to have access to a calendar or a menstrual-tracking application on your phone to record any bleeding.

Normally, NuvaRing is used for three weeks and then removed during week 4, which is the week of the menstrual cycle. When you are using it to skip your period, the schedule is a little different.

Here are the four steps you can use to skip your period using NuvaRing:

  • Determine the month that you want to use NuvaRing to skip your period.
  • Make sure that you are using your NuvaRing the month before the month that you want to skip your period.
  • After you have inserted your NuvaRing and left it in place for three weeks, take it out on day 1 of week 4.
  • Instead of leaving your NuvaRing out during week 4, insert a new NuvaRing immediately after you have taken your old one out. This will keep the hormone levels constant, which helps prevent normal withdrawal bleeding.
  • Keep in mind that you may still have some spotting.

    As long as you continuously replace your NuvaRing, by inserting a new ring instead of leaving it out during week 4, you should not have a period.

    Finally, when you want to have your period again, just take out your NuvaRing at the end of week 3 and do not insert a new NuvaRing during week 4. Your monthly period should return.

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    Skip Your Placebo Week Of Oral Contraceptives

    Some types of birth control pills come with three weeks of active pills and one week of placebo pills. If you skip the week of placebo pills and start a new pack of active pills, instead, then the hormones in the active pills will prevent you from bleeding that week.

    However, it’s important to note that if this is your first time skipping a placebo week you may experience some irregular bleeding or light spotting, says Ross.

    After two to three months of skipping your placebo week, you should see little to no spotting. Therefore, Ross recommends planning several months ahead if you know your period will coincide with a big upcoming occasion.

    Moreover, you can get birth control pills in packs that last 28 days, 90 days, and even 365 days. That’s right, you can go a year without your period while on the pill.

    “Being able to stop your period completely is one of the most beneficial side effects associated with the pill and it’s completely safe,” says Ross.

    Make Sure You Bring Your Own Pain Relief Pills

    How to Stop a Period from Coming | You Need To Know This

    “Use of NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen can aid with painful menstrual cramps,” Dr. Loanzon says. “Uterine cramps are caused by a release of prostaglandins and medications like Ibuprofen help to present the prostaglandin release.”

    In addition to always having your own painkillers that you’re familiar with, Dr. Loanzon says you should take those pills before your period starts â that is, if your period is fairly regular and you know when it’s about to begin.

    “Taking a medication like this the day before your cycle starts can also help when your period does arrive,” she says.

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    Lily Cup Menstrual Cup

    I love using my Lily Cup menstrual cup. Its a latex-free product, made of premium medical-grade silicone that does not cause sensitivity or allergic reactions. You can wear it internally everyday for up to 12 hours whilst it collects your menstrual fluid.

    I am obsessed with menstrual cups for the following reasons:



    help you to connect to your body and flow

    My Lily Cup is perfect for when Im working out on my period. 12 hours of use means I can spend a whole day hiking, backpacking and having adventures. My thighs dont get sore from having to wear pads too.

    Side Effects And Risks

    A risk of using a hormonal contraceptive method too soon after starting menstruation is the closing of the epiphyses of the bones, which can result in stunted growth. People who start taking hormonal contraceptives shortly after their first period may stop growing in height.

    Depending on the type of hormonal contraceptive, some people may experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding occurs more often when people first start using a hormonal contraceptive. Usually, this side effect decreases over time.

    People who choose to use hormonal injections need to see a healthcare professional every 3 months for their doses. Missing an appointment can put a woman at risk of pregnancy if she is also using it as a contraceptive.

    Researchers have shown that females who use medroxyprogesterone injections have lower average bone mineral density. This effect has no link with increased fracture risk, though.

    People with obesity or appetite control difficulties who receive medroxyprogesterone injections may gain 1020 kilograms of weight. However, people with a moderate body weight tend not to gain the extra weight.

    Doctors typically do not recommend using the contraceptive patch continuously because it may lead to higher levels of estrogen in the blood.

    , but some people can have longer or shorter cycles. Menstrual cycles can range from 2145 days. Most periods last between 3 and 7 days.

    Some reasons why a person may choose to delay a period include:

    • painful periods

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    How To Manage Your Period On Long Plane And Train Journeys

    Is there anything worse than being on your period on a long-haul flight, train or car ride? Its difficult to get comfortable and all you want to do is curl up in a ball. If youre flying, try to walk around every few hours to keep the blood flowing. Dont sleep for too long or forget youre wearing a tampon. Set an alarm if you need to so that you dont get Toxic Shock Syndrome.

    Bring disposal essentials with you on the journey, including plastic bags, tissues or toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. A black plastic bag might be best, just in case the bathroom doesnt have a trash can and you have to hold onto your used sanitary items until you find the proper place to toss them.

    Our recommended method would be to use the Diva Cup, which can be worn for up to 12 hours without the risk of TSS or leaking in most cases. While it is possible to change in public restrooms, it is often easier to wait until in the convenience of your accommodation when at all possible.

    Superstitious Beliefs About Periods

    How to Stop Nagging (But Still Get Your Way) with W.A.R.T ...

    Some countries have superstitious beliefs when it comes to women and their periods. Some mosques and temples dont allow women to enter while theyre menstruating. In fact, menstrual cycles have been the reason for why women cant hold certain jobs, including in Japan. Menstruating women are isolated for the week in rural Nepal. In parts of Africa and South America, talking about periods is a taboo. Read this article on Huffington Post for more about period-related beliefs overseas.

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    Research Product Options Before You Travel

    Also look into what your destination has in terms of options for periods. In many countries, namely in Australia and parts of Europe, you may find tampons but they usually dont have applicators. It can be a bit of a shock if youre not used to it. In other parts of the world, like Asia, you wont find tampons apart from at a few Western stores. In some locations, you may have to ask for tampons at the pharmacy.

    Stock Up On Tampons And Pads

    The last thing you want to be doing on your vacation is running around shops looking for your favorite brand of tampons or pads. Make sure to stock up on your care products ahead of time and take enough to last you the whole trip, plus extra!Also, many brands now sell pocket-sized travel tampons. Check out the click tampons from U by Kotex or Lolas 100% organic compact tampons. Not only are these tampons typically better for the environment because they dont use as much material, but they also take up less space in your suitcase.

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    Incorporate Gram Lentils In Your Diet

    Another useful natural method to delay the period before vacation is by incorporating gram lentils in your diet. Yes, it really does work!

    My friend had to go on a business trip to Florida during the summer. The period has always been a nuisance and an extremely tiresome time for her. She becomes a kind of incapable of performing even the routine tasks, let alone give a presentation in front of hundreds!

    Thats when she resorted to the traditional ways of dealing with this problem. She asked her mom how to delay the period without pills usage. She suggested eating gram lentils for 2 weeks regularly.

    Heres how you can prepare and eat gram lentils and avoid spoiling your vacation with crimson!

    How To Skip Your Period Without Birth Control

    How to Delay Your Period for Vacation/Postpone Period Naturally

    Well start by saying that none of the natural methods mentioned below are proven scientifically to delay or stop your period from coming. That said, some women swear by these methods, and if youre not going the birth control route anyway, you really have nothing to lose by trying them.

    • Apple cider vinegar

    A week before your period is meant to arrive, start consuming three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day. People claim that this can delay your period for about a week.

    • Gelatin

    Empty a packet of gelatin into a cup with warm water and mix to dissolve well. Drink immediately. This may delay your period for a few hours.

    • Lemon

    Lemon may delay your period or lighten your flow. Cut a lemon up into wedges and chew or suck on it to keep Aunt Flo at bay.

    • Gram lentils

    Lentils are considered a traditional remedy for warding off a period. First, fry the lentils until they become soft and then grind them into a powder. Use the powder to make a soup by simply adding hot water. Eat the soup on an empty stomach every morning starting a week before the first day of your expected period.

    There are so many wonderful things about being a woman, but some may argue that having a monthly period is not one of them. There are a lot of reasons that women may choose to skip their periods medical, social, or personal.

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    How Does Utovlan Work

    Levels of the female hormone progesterone change throughout the menstrual cycle. A few days before a period, progesterone levels naturally fall, leading to the womb lining shedding as a period. Utovlan contains norethisterone, a synthetic version of progesterone. By artificially keeping progesterone levels up, this stops the lining of the womb from coming away and the period is delayed.

    How Can Pandia Health Help

    Should you decide to make your #PeriodsOptional, Pandia Health has your back! Not only do we offer a variety of birth control options, but we also have a ton of resources that can help you decide which method works best for your lifestyle. If you choose to take the pill or Twirla patch, dont forget to sign up for our FREE delivery service, so you can #SkipTheTrip the pharmacy and get your prescription shipped right to your mailbox.

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    Q: I’m Feeling A Bit Low And Can’t Be Bothered To Get Involved With What’s Going On

    A: First and foremost, the way you are feeling is completely normal! Being on your period messes with your hormones, so you might be feeling slightly more moody and agitated than normal. Combat these feelings by spending the first few days of your period relaxing. Sunbathe, read a good book or even go for a swim . Most importantly, if you don’t feel like doing something, don’t feel pressured to get involved if you’re not feeling up to it!

    How To Deal With Heavy Periods

    Travel Health: How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling ...

    Theres your period, then theres the times when it can really start to waterfall. If youre bleeding more than 60ml in your cycle, then youre on the heavy end of the spectrum.

    A menstrual cup holds three times as much fluid as a super tampon, so I always use mine on heavy days. Menstrual cups are healthy, environmentally friendly and a great way to measure how much you are bleeding so you can stay connected with your body. Investing in a menstrual cup will save you money in the long run too. For added protection, pop on a pair of period panties.

    To deal with bad period pains, drink lots of water and avoid high-fat, sugary foods. If your period is interfering with your travels, I recommend speaking to a doctor . They might recommend hormonal birth control to help you out.

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