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Tlc Resorts Vacation Club Reviews

How Do I Give My Timeshare Back To The Resort

TLC Resorts Vacation Club review from Ashlee & Sean, their family vacation plans

Most owners to be honest, have no idea what a Deedback is, much less how to go about doing it. It is my hope that this article serves as a tool to assist you in making this process as easy as possible, but please note as mentioned above, the resort is under no obligation whatsoever to accept your unit back. That said, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances!

You have to ask them!

  • Contact the resort directly, inquire about deedbacks and obtain information about who to contact on HOA
  • Contact the HOA president via email, or snail mail with letter explaining your situation
  • be persistent and don’t take the first no as the final answer, it is truly up to you to convince them they should take your ownership back, as they are under no obligation to do so.

The absolute worst thing they can say is no , the process of convincing your resort that you should be allowed to deed your week back should cost you nothing more than your spare time and maybe a few dollars in postage stamps to mail your requests. This is most certainly the cheapest solution for getting rid of your timeshare.PS. It also may be of value to list any and all “companies” that have contacted you offering to take your unit off your hands for a fee. Please note that TUG does not support the use of ANY upfront fee company, but we certainly cannot ignore that they exist in the industry, and nor can your HOA/BOD.

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Tlc Resorts Vacation Club


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Buy On The Resale Market

Whatever your desire, youll see it fulfilled with a TLC Resorts Vacation Club membership. And the best way to buy a membership, and those all-important points, is on the resale market here at Take a look at the options on offer through the Timeshares for Sale button which will show you the owners putting their memberships up for sale at discounted prices compared to the retail prices offered directly through the Club. Make an Offer on the ad of your choice and youll be booking your next vacation before you know it.

Tlc Points = Rci Points

TLC Resorts Vacation Club review from Ashlee &  Sean, their ...

The TLC points equate equally with RCI points, which means TLC Resorts Vacation Club members have access to the same benefits and opportunities as owners of RCI Points. Members can book accommodation, whether it be a week or shorter term getaway, or other vacation products offered through RCI.

Not all vacation club programs are alike, and very few offer the kind of variety that the TLC Resorts Vacation Club can give through its relationship with RCI Points:

  • Reserve the size and style of accommodation that best suits your travel needs
  • Save points to use for longer trips or even larger accommodation
  • Short stay trips even if its only for one night
  • Discounts on travel such as airfare and rental cars
  • Use toward the purchase of a cruise

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The Final Word On Giving Your Timeshare Back

The resorts can operate in a way to alleviate the huge load of unwanted timeshares by creating a market for their own intervals, and by more actively renting and utilizing excess inventory. .Deedbacks are a real and useful tool for both resorts and owners, and just a few years ago many existing “official” programs to take back unwanted inventory did not even exist! Now many major developers have official deedback programs that allow owners to surrender unwanted weeks and points back to them, at the updating of this article in 2018 these include: Diamond, Wyndham, Worldmark, Welk, Westgate, Holiday Inn Club Vacations As mentioned above, many owners simply call up and ask “I don’t want this anymore, will you take it back?” and not surprisingly the answer they hear is “no”. In many cases it will require you to explain your situation to convince the powers that be that it would be better for both parties to work together to give the ownership back, vs have to suffer thru default and foreclosure which hurts both the owner and the resort!

Many deedback/surrender programs are discussed and explained on the TUGBBS online forums, so if you are curious if your resort has one please check on the forums!

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TLC Resorts Vacation Club

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What Is A Timeshare Deedback

Essentially, the definition of a Timeshare Deedback is exactly as it sounds, it is the process of you willingly signing the Deed for your Timeshare back to the resort. While this sounds very simple , it is important to note that the Resort/HOA/BOD must WILLINGLY ACCEPT the deedback. Just because you want to give it back, does not mean the resort is obligated to take it back, and in many cases they simply do not .There also may be certain transfer and closing fees associated with “giving” your unit back to the resort, these of course vary from resort to resort, as well as by state/country. So to repeat, while the concept of the deedback is very simple, there is no guarantee that the actual process will be as such.

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TLC Resorts Vacation Club – James & Lavonne

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Great pay, fun co workers, easy going.


My direct manager was scandalous but everything else was good.


It is easy to get hired. They have found a way to navigate around having their sales agents licensed. So you can sell here without a license if that is what you need. It is a short day in by 9 and out by 3p most days.. The lower management and closers were all nice people for the most part.,


They hire unlicensed agents which seems a bit sketchy from the onset. The commissions are very low. The tours are often unqualified with low credit or bad credit and low income. The sales center is a bit tacky inside an old run down casino that smells of smoke, stale beer and humid moist warm air. The neighborhood is very ghetto next to the Grey Hound Bus Station. The management is not very professional. They advertise the $250 base pay but I never saw it. When I left they canceled my direct deposit and I had to fight for a month to get my last 3 commissions which they sent by us snail mail to your home just out of spite. Very vindictive and spiteful upper management. It was not a very good experience but was a means to an end. It was all for the best that I moved on since I found a much better job with a competitor that is much more upscale and professionally managed. So just look at this place as a stepping stone to get your feet wet in the biz and get the hell out just asap.

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