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New York Times Home Delivery Vacation Stop

Getting Help With Your Home Delivery Subscription

What to Do in Anguilla | 36 Hours | The New York Times

If you are experiencing an issue with your account or have a question about your subscription, visit the Account Management section in our Help Center. Here, you can learn more about managing your account, including how to change your delivery address, report a delivery issue, update your payment information, and more.

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Review our Help topics or chat with one of our Customer Care advocates.

Subscription Options And Prices

Q: How do I subscribe to The Seattle Times?A: You can or call Customer Service at 206.464.2121 or 1.800.542.0820 .

Q: What subscription options are available?A: We offer several subscription packages from digital only to 7-day print, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. All print subscribers have full access to Seattle Times content on all of our digital platforms, including, the digital Print Replica and The Seattle Times apps for Apple and Android devices. You can find all subscription options here.

Q: Do you have any group, corporate or educational discounts?A: For information on current subscription discounts, please contact us online or call 206.624.7323 or 888.624.7323.

Q: I’m an international user. How do I start a subscription?A: To subscribe from outside of the U.S., please contact Customer Service at 1.855.413.1914 during business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to noon on weekends and holidays, or by emailing .

Q: I currently only subscribe to a Seattle Times mobile app or Print Replica. Can I also access No, you will need to upgrade your subscription. To do so, please call customer service at 1.800.542.0820 . However, you may use your mobile subscriber account to log in to to comment on articles, manage newsletters and participate in forums.

Q: What If I Don’t Want To Pay For Unlimited Digital Access

A: You are welcome to take advantage of the free trial of the site and read up to 10 articles at no charge each month. The length of the trial and amount of stories may vary based on the news cycle and time of year. Unlimited access to is part of the Unlimited Digital Access subscription package.

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Writing Guidelines: Dos And Donts

DO: Have an opinion and state it forcefully Many letters submitted are explanations of an issue or a restatement of a news article, rather than knowledgeable arguments about an issue. Those wont make the cut.

DO: Be civiland constructive Its perfectly appropriate to strongly criticize ideas, reasoning or positions that you disagree with. But it is not appropriate to make personal attacks.

DO: Present an organized opinion It’s usually better to begin with the premise of your opinion and topic being addressed, rather than assembling the facts and presenting a conclusion at the end.

DO: Be timely We prefer letters about current events rather than something that happened months ago. Address issues covered by The Seattle Times in the past several weeks. Make sure a letter submission contains the most recent updates on a news topic.

DO: Include name and contact information Include your full name , address and telephone number for verification. Only your name and city of residence are published. We do not publish letters written anonymously or under pseudonyms.

DO: Cite sources and provide context Please include URLs for statistics, facts and reports mentioned in your letter submission. This helps the editor fact-check letters.

DO: Submit a letter only to The Seattle Times If your letter has been sent to another publication or published elsewhere in print, on a personal blog or on Facebook, we will not be able to use it.

Suspend Your Newspaper Delivery

C. Jules Brulatour and Wife Die During Montego Bay Vacation  Heart ...

Learn how to suspend your newspaper delivery from your New York Times account.

Home Delivery subscribers have the option to suspend their newspaper delivery. Please keep in mind that you may need to suspend up to three days before your suspension takes effect.

When you suspend your delivery, you will not receive the newspaper and will receive a credit for all undelivered copies during the suspension period.

  • The credit will be applied to your next invoice
  • You can also choose to contribute your credit amount to the Sponsor a Student program
  • When your newspaper delivery is suspended, your digital access will not be affected

Select the option below to learn more:

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How To Unsubscribe From The New York Times On Your Own

There are several ways you can unsubscribe from the New York Times manually.

Can you cancel with
  • Go to the New York Times homepage and select the blue .
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Choose My Account in the top bar.
  • Select Cancel listed as an option under Purchase history. This will open a new page.
  • Request a chat with a customer care representative by clicking Begin Chat.
  • State your wish to cancel the subscription to their service.
  • Ask for proof of successful cancelation via email.
  • How Do I Place A Vacation Hold On My New York Times Account

    If you have a subscription to The New York Times and are going on vacation for a while, you should place a vacation hold on your subscription while you are gone. There’s no point in being charged for papers you won’t be reading. When you put a vacation hold on your subscription, you will be credited for the copies that weren’t delivered, so you will still get to read all of the papers that you paid for. To place a vacation hold, just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the New York Times home page.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the Vacation Hold option.
  • Select the start and stop dates for your vacation hold using the tool provided.
  • Keep in mind that if you live outside of the New York Metro area, the hold might not take effect for up to three days, so you should keep this in mind when selecting the dates for your vacation hold. So if you need to place a hold on your subscription and do not live in the Metro area, place the start date of the hold three days earlier than you actually need it to be.

    Also, you should note that when you place the hold, you have the option of keeping your unlimited digital article access while delivery of the physical paper is on hold. This will allow you to continue reading the Times’ stories online while you are away. If you select this option, you will be charged $1 per day plus tax for the digital access.

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    Purchasing A Home Delivery Subscription

    To purchase a Home Delivery subscription, visit

  • Enter your ZIP code and select View delivery options.

    Note: If Home Delivery is not available in your area, you may be eligible for Mail Subscription. For more information or to start mail service, call 1-800-698-4637 .

  • Once you have selected your preferred delivery option, you will be prompted to set up your account.
  • To set up your account, you will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Once you have set up your account and purchased your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your purchase and when to expect your first delivery.

    Note: Closer to the date of your first delivery, you will receive a series of emails introducing you to the benefits of your new subscription.

    What Your Subscription Includes

    Living Paycheck to Paycheck | The New York Times
    • Member Benefits including subscriber-exclusive events, online tools, guides, newsletters and more!
    • Globe Investor Tools like Watchlist, Portfolio, Company Pages, Stock Screener, Alerts, and more!
    • Globe2Go, our digital newspaper replica. Available at 5am ET on any device and includes a seven day archive, offline reading, audio listening, translation into 17 languages, and more!

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    How To Submit A Letter To The Editor

    Letters to the editor are an important part of the Opinion section. Our readers share a wide range of perspectives on current issues.

    Letters that are well-written, have a clear opinion and responsive to current events are more likely to be chosen for publication. The Seattle Times editors always try to give preference to the paper’s critics in choosing letters to be published. Opinions that differ from those presented elsewhere on the editorial and opinion pages are also given priority. The Seattle Times also seeks to publish letters from a range of readers of diverse backgrounds. Letters represent The Seattle Times broad readership rather than serve as a platform for officials of organizations or government agencies.

    When submitting a letter, please include the topic or headline and date of the article, editorial or opinion piece to which your letter refers.

    Letters to the editor should be 200 words or fewer. A writer decreases his or her chances of being selected for publication if the letter exceeds that length. Please do not expect us to publish letters from a single writer more frequently than once every three months to give other readers a chance to express their opinions. If your letter is selected for publication, you may be contacted for identity verification or if we have questions about its content.

    Mail to: Letters Editor, The Seattle Times, P.O. Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111

    Can I Purchase A Back Issue Of The Globe And Mail Newspaper Rob Magazine Style Advisor Or An Insert

    Unfortunately we do not offer back copies for sale nor do we keep extra copies of the ROB Magazine, Style Advisor and the various inserts included in the newspaper from time to time. The Globe and Mail head office does not stock any current or prior copies of its newspapers, magazines, inserts, The New York Times newspaper and / or The New York Times magazine.

    Accessing previous issues:

    You can still access copies of The Globe and Mail newspapers via public or university libraries. Most libraries have access to the microfilm version or keep paper indexes of The Globe and Mail newspapers with some of those libraries also carrying the Globes Canadas Heritage from 1844 electronic archive. This archive contains the electronic full-page archive of The Globe starting from June 1844. The coverage includes all stories, plus thousands of images, ads, classifieds, births and deaths dating back to the pre-Confederation era. Check with your local public library system. Please note that Canadas Heritage from 1844 does not include the past four years of publication.

    Subscribing to The Globe and Mail:

    The Globe and Mail offers various subscription types to suit your needs. See yourhome delivery options.

    You can also get the electronic form of the newspaper, ROB Magazine and Style Advisor viaGlobe2Go, the ideal product for viewing the electronic versions of these printed products on tablets and smartphones.

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    Q: I Commute And Want To Read The Enewspaper When I Am Off

    A: You can download the daily eNewspaper to your mobile device before you leave home. Start downloading the latest edition by opening the eNewspaper, select Pages in the right-hand rail and choose Download Section/Download Complete Edition. It may take a minute or two to download a full edition.

    Donotpay Can Sue The New York Times In Case The Service Causes Problems

    A New Poll Describes Vacation Preferences

    Another nifty role DoNotPay can play for you is that of a robot lawyer. Any customer who believes the company has acted in an unfair or unprofessional manner can use our app to sue. DoNotPay was rewarded by the American Bar Association for remarkable success in small case court, and we continue to help our clients resolve their disputes with both companies and people.

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    Toronto Star Customer Service


    Thank you for subscribing to the Toronto Star. There are several ways we can help you with your print or digital subscription.

    Self-Managed Options

    Newspaper Subscriber ServicesManage my Subscriptionis a fast and easy way to send us your vacation stops, delivery feedback, and other updates to your account. It includes a Live Chat feature so you can connect to customer service during regular business hours.

    Digital Access Subscriber Services – Manage my Subscription a fast and easy way to view your payment history or connect with us to make changes to your account.

    Email Us Our goal is to respond to you within three business hours . For customer service inquiries related to the Toronto Star ePaper, please email us at

    Reach us by Phone Our customer service team can take your call during business hours at 416-367-4500 or 1-800-268-9213 outside the GTA.

    Send Mail to Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd, Circulation department, One Yonge Street, 5th Floor, Toronto, ON M5E 1E6


    NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Take a look at our special introductory print subscription options at or subscribe to The Star Digital Access at

    Our customer service office hours are: Monday – Friday: 6:00AM to 5:00PM Saturday: 7:00AM to noon

    Q: How Can I Access The New York Daily News Enewspaper

    A: The New York Daily News will send subscribers a daily email with a link to the eNewspaper as a convenience to you for being a subscriber. However, you don’t have to wait for the email to arrive to access that day’s edition. You can find the eNewspaper of the daily edition after 5:30 a.m. every day by . To make it even easier to get to the eNewspaper at any time, you can bookmark the Account Management page link or add a shortcut icon to your mobile phone home screen.

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    With 3 Billion Packages To Go Online Shopping Faces Tough Holiday Test

    The season is adding pressure on retailers, strained by a pandemic surge in e-commerce and limited by shippers, to deliver gifts on time.

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    By Michael Corkery and Sapna Maheshwari

    E-commerce became a lifeline for consumers and companies during the pandemic. But this holiday season, online shopping will strain the industry as never before: An estimated three billion packages will course through the nations shipping infrastructure about 800 million more than delivered last year.

    This flood of packages is hitting shipping companies at the end of a year of frenzied demand for everyday household items by a public largely stuck at home and wary of doing its buying in person. The deliveries could make or break some smaller retailers already on the edge financially because of lockdowns and fewer customers in their stores.

    Packages that dont arrive by Christmas will be a disappointment for customers but a disaster for these struggling retailers, which have been forced by the coronavirus pandemic to rebuild their business around e-commerce. The future of retailing is increasingly online, and companies dont want to give customers any reason to think they cant deliver.

    Demand exceeds capacity, no matter what part of the country you are in, he said.

    Some retailers are already reporting delays.

    Walter Duranty’s Holodomor Coverage And Pulitzer

    36 Hours in Glasgow | The New York Times

    Walter Duranty, who served as its Moscow bureau chief from 1922 through 1936, has been criticized for a series of stories in 1931 on the Soviet Union and won a Pulitzer Prize for his work at that time however, he has been criticized for his denial of widespread famine, most particularly Holodomor, a famine in Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s in which he summarized Russian propaganda, and the Times published, as fact: “Conditions are bad, but there is no famine”.

    In 2003, after the Pulitzer Board began a renewed inquiry, the Times hired , professor of Russian history at Columbia University, to review Duranty’s work. Von Hagen found Duranty’s reports to be unbalanced and uncritical, and that they far too often gave voice to Stalinistpropaganda. In comments to the press he stated, “For the sake of The New York Times’ honor, they should take the prize away.”The Ukrainian Weekly covered the efforts to rescind Duranty’s prize. The Times has since made a public statement and the Pulitzer committee has declined to rescind the award twice stating, “…Mr. Duranty’s 1931 work, measured by today’s standards for foreign reporting, falls seriously short. In that regard, the Board’s view is similar to that of The New York Times itself…”.

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    Potential Problems You May Face When Canceling Your New York Times Subscriptions

    In some cases, users will subscribe to a service through a third party . If you have used another site to sign up for the New York Times, make sure to cancel the automatic renewal of the membership manually. Follow the next steps:

  • Log into the third party account.
  • Go to Account Info.
  • Select Subscriptions and choose Manage.
  • Find the New York Times.
  • Turn off the automatic renewal.
  • Newspaper Home Delivery Methods

    Learn more about the types of delivery methods The New York Times uses to deliver your newspaper.

    The New York Times offers three types of delivery methods to Home Delivery subscribers: standard, next day, and mail delivery. The New York Times may use a combination of delivery methods to complete delivery of your newspapers. You can learn more about your newspaper delivery method by visiting

    Due to ongoing changes in distribution throughout the United States, changes to the delivery method of your paper may occur after purchasing your Home Delivery subscription. If a distributor is no longer able to support delivery of your paper via your current method, then The New York Times may be able to deliver the paper through another method, in which case you may receive the paper after the publication date.

    If there is a change to your delivery schedule or method, The New York Times will notify you prior to the change via email or mail. If the paper can no longer be delivered by a New York Times delivery partner to your area, then should you wish to continue your subscription, you will have the option to sign up for a Mail Subscription.

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