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Disney Vacation Club Home Resort

Banking And Borrowing Dvc Points

DVC Home Resort Priority – Virtual Tour Video 6

A nice feature of Disney Vacation Clubs points program is that members can bank or borrow points from any use year in order to book larger accommodations or a better week at a desired resort. Banking refers to the practice of saving unused points for use in the upcoming use year. Borrowing refers to the practice of using points from future use years in advance. Disney does have rules about when points can be banked or borrowed, and no more than three years of points can be combined for use in any use year.

Bay Lake Tower At Disneys Contemporary Resort

  • Emotional Aspects of Owning at Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort
  • Ever wonder what it would be like to sip your morning coffee from your private balcony overlooking Cinderella Castle? Now you can!
  • Just a quick 10-minute walk to the Magic Kingdom gates! Bay Lake really feels like staying at the heart of the magic.
  • This is a fantastic resort for those who enjoy attending after-hours events like the Christmas and Halloween Parties at Magic Kingdom, as you can walk back to the resort after the party.
  • Who doesnt love to be able to watch fireworks from the room of their balcony!?
  • Love watching the monorail ride past you? BLT also offers quick and easy access to the Monorail.
  • Be aware that the DVC Studios are the smallest on WDW property. Still, they do have one of the best studio kitchen areas in exchange.
  • 11-month booking window Advantages at Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort
  • Despite those fantastic firework views, one perk as an Owner at Bay Lake Tower is having access to the standard view rooms, which book up fast.
  • However, when you want to make a splash, Owners at Bay Lake Tower have access to theme park views on special holidays like the Fourth of July, New Years Eve, and Christmas.
  • Sometimes Owners can even book exclusive access to Top of the World Lounge for these special holiday events.
  • Financial implications of owning points at Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort
  • Expiration Date: 2060
  • Does Home Resort Matter For Dvc

    The short answer is, maybe. While Disney Vacation Club does use a points-based system, there is a priority given to owners reserving at their home resort. With home resort priority, owners can make reservations 11 months in advance. Members of other resorts can only make a reservation for up to seven months in advance, giving you priority.

    With the latest DVC resale restrictions, your home resort especially matters. Disney Vacation Club enforces new restrictions with resales that block resale owners from transferring points to new resorts within DVCs network. For example, if you were to buy resale points from the Grand Floridian now, you will not be able to transfer them for a stay at the brand new Riviera Resort. Resale owners that purchased a DVC timeshare before the restrictions took place are still able to make reservations within the network, but any resales after January 2019 follow these restrictions.

    Learn More About the Important of DVC Use Year.

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    A Home Base With Extra Space

    Disney Vacation Club Villas offer many comforts of home.Aulani Resort and other Disney Vacation Club Resorts feature spacious Villas that are designed to comfortably accommodate a wide variety of party sizesfrom couples and solo travelers to families and groups of up to 12 Guests. Choose from 1-, 2- and 3-Bedroom Villas with outstanding features.

    A little more than you need? Deluxe Studios sleep up to 4 or 5 Guests and include a kitchenettea great option for smaller travel parties and shorter stays.

    How Your Dvc Resort Impacts Your Wallet Covertly

    Money for Disney Vacation!

    You can lose a lot of money if you are unaware of using your 7-11 month window in booking your home resort. This is the main perk of having a home resort. You can book that resort before anyone who doesnt own at that resort.

    Say you are a DVC member who bought at a premium resort, and you want to book your trip about 4 months out. Chances are your home resort is all booked up by now. You paid high dollar for premium points. Premium points you can no longer use. Its vital to book early and at your home resort so that you get what you paid for in the beginning.

    Lets look at a breakdown. Lets say Boardwalk was your home resort. The average price per point for a Boardwalk DVC contract directly from Disney is $190/point. But you didnt book that Boardwalk in the 7-11 month booking window. When you checked out reservations in the 0-7 month window, the only place available was Saratoga Springs, which typically sells for $160/point directly from Disney. You paid for a premium contract, yet youre forced to stay in a non-premium resort. To put it bluntly, thats a waste of money. Theres nothing wrong with Saratoga Springs, but if youre going to pay for a premium resort, you get the most bang for your buck by staying there.

    If you are already a member, and you have a highly sought after home resort, then you need to be intentional about booking in that 7-11 month window! Set it up as a recurring vacation planning month in your annual schedule!

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    Dvc Destinations And Accommodations

    As with all things Disney, a variety of travel options are available to members. Members have the option to travel to Disney Vacation Club Resorts, Disney Resort Hotels , Disney Cruise Line, Adventures By Disney, Beyond Disney Around the World .

    Disney Vacation Club Resorts

    The following are DVC Resorts located a monorail ride away from both Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort in California.

    Walt Disney World

    • Boulder ridge Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge
    • Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disneys Wilderness Lodge


    • The Villas at Disneys Grand California Hotel & Spa

    Other Magical Disney Vacation Club Resorts

    Vero Beach, Florida

    • Disneys Vero Beach Resort

    South Carolina

    • Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort

    Oahu, Hawaii

    • Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Oline, Hawaii

    Adventures By Disney Travel Destination Options

    With these unforgettable travel destinations, members have the option to travel to destinations around the globe. With each destination, leave the guesswork to your guides who are Disney-trained Adventure Guides and local experts who will take you on guided tours to some truly magnificent sights.

    • Alaska
    • Washington D.C. and Philadelphia Tour
    • Winter in Wyoming Short Escape
    • Wyoming

    Beyond Disney Destinations Around the World

    With the Beyond Disney Destinations Around the World Collection, you have thousands of destinations to choose to visit and non-Disney hotel accommodations. Check out all the destinations here.

    Annual Dues Aka Maintenance Fees And Taxes

    Each resort charges fees that go toward maintaining the property. The fees vary from resort to resort, but currently range from approximately $6.26 to $9.47 per point. Your home resort determines how much you will pay and how much Disney charges on a per point basis.

    These fees cover maintenance of the DVC property as well as a prorated portion of the property taxes. DVC management uses these fees to maintain and upgrade the properties.

    If you are thinking of buying into DVC, the relative cost of maintenance fees between the various properties should definitely be a consideration.

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    Choosing Your Home Resort

    Choosing Your Home Resort: One of the first decisions a prospective Disney Vacation Club member has to make, after deciding to buy into DVC, is which resort they should purchase and make their home resort. DVC members who wish to add-on face the similar issue of choosing which resort to add-on points at.

    DVC members can book their home resort up to 11 months prior to the check-in date, while being able to book other DVC resorts only 7 months prior to check-in date. This 4-month booking advantage is important for certain high-demand periods or certain room types. An example is the concierge rooms at AKV.

    Prospective DVC members may not be aware that they are not limited to just the resorts that DVC is actively marketing, but that it is possible to buy into any of the DVC resorts, even the older sold-out resorts. You can buy these resorts on the resale market, as well as direct from Disney .

    The Fun Side Of Picking A Disney Vacation Club Home Resort

    Welcome Home – Disney Vacation Club Resort Video (1 of 3)

    In last weeks Blog, we discussed all the practical reasons to choose one DVC home resort over another think initial investment, length of ownership, annual dues. This week is for all those driven by fun, ambiance, personality, and what speaks to their soul when they think, Vacation! Long term planners or those simply aiming to please their other half, its time to pay attention.

    So much more can be said about each of the 14 DVC Collection Resorts but these are the nuances Ive gathered over the years that endear these properties to their loyal homeowners, in no particular order:

    Disneys Boardwalk Villas if youve always wanted to visit Atlantic Citys Coney Island at the peak of its popularity or just love fairs and carnival games, this is the resort for you. I think of it as the hustle and bustle resort where there is always some form of entertainment to be had in and around the literal wooden boardwalk. From carnival games to the 4 person family bikes to the ESPN Sports Bar, the Wyland Gallery or the Flying Fish gourmet restaurant, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. The Luna pool has a fun clown slide that also looks like a wooden roller coaster. Last but not least, you are within a short walk to Epcot and slightly longer to the Hollywood Studios. For the non-stop commando style vacation, I highly recommend this property.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Can I Change My Dvc Home Resort

    If youre finding that you would rather have home resort priority at a different DVC resort, you have to buy points for that resort specifically. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer or change your DVC home resort! Which plays a big role when it comes time to choosing the best DVC home resort for you and your family. If you are considering expanding your options, you can add more DVC points to your membership on the resale market for less.

    Disney Vacation Club Home Resort Does It Matter

    When Disney rolled out their first timeshare program back in late 1991, it had one lone resort. It really didnt even have its own name yet it was simply called the Disney Vacation Club at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, its known as Old Key West, their flagship property.

    One of the First Recorded Deeds

    For Members considering buying for the first time or perhaps adding to their existing ownership, they now have 14 options to choose from with a 15th under construction at this very moment! For first time buyers, choosing a home resort has become a bit daunting so lets talk about what youll want to consider before signing on the dotted line.

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    Disney Vacation Club Welcome Home

    When you think Disney, you probably think of a beautiful Castle in the middle of a world class theme park. If so, thats certainly not a bad thing! Many families make Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort their vacation destination year after year.

    Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

    But did you know that the Disney Vacation Club offers Members the chance to enjoy Disney destinations far beyond the theme parks, including and even beyond Disney Cruise Line?

    Disney Cruise Lines Disney Wonder

    Whether you have one preferred Disney Destination like Walt Disney World Resort that is the perfect fit for your family, or youd like to explore the whole world beyond the World, Disney Vacation Club commonly referred to as DVC offers members the opportunity to lock in theirfuture vacations at todays purchase price.

    Mickey at the Disneyland Train Station!

    Many guests think of the DVC as Disneys version of a timeshare. But uniquely, Members are not locked in to a particular Disney destination, Resort, style of accommodation, season of travel, or length of stay. Rather, Members utilize a Vacation Points system, offering more flexibility.

    Disney Cruise Lines Disney Wonder

    As they say to Disney Vacation Club Members around Walt Disney World ResortWelcome Home!

    Proposed Disneyland Tower Hotel

    Disney Vacation Club: Home Resort
  • What will be Special about owning DVC points at Disneys New Disneyland Tower Hotel?
  • Its Disneyland! Mic drop.
  • This resort will most certainly have an emotional connection for all Disney Parks fans, as it was the first hotel, at the first park.
  • If the resale and demand for Grand Californian points are any indications this resort will be equally fabulous for resale.
  • 11-month booking window advantages at Disneys New Disneyland Tower Hotel?
  • Owners at this resort will have priority access to booking all room types at the resort!
  • To be noted, however, is that there are only 2 Grand Villas, and 17 one-bedroom units planned for the resort. These rooms will most likely book up at the 11-month mark by owners.
  • Want to learn more? The My DVC Points App and Resort Wikis are great places to start your research, as we realize that this was just a quick glance at some of the factors that commonly pop up as members make their decision on where to call Home.

    Episode 121 was produced by Sandy Symianick and Chad Pennycuff. Editing and mastering by Chad Pennycuff. Show notes by Sandy Symianick and Vicky Hxu.

    It takes an awesome community of DVC members to produce our content. We’re always recruiting people to help research, produce, edit, or join our shows to share their stories. We’ve had over 200 DVC members on our podcasts and live shows. Please consider supporting our show through our VIP Producer’s Club at

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    How Long Are Disney Vacation Club Contracts

    It depends. Disney has adjusted the length of membership over time in response to the programs popularity and individual members feedback. The first group of DVC memberships has technically expired, but Disney provided an option to extend them.

    You will know how long your contract is for when you sign up. Many contracts also have provided terms for extending the membership once the contract has been satisfied.

    If you choose to finance your membership instead of paying it upfront, you may finance for up to ten years. Some new members opt for shorter terms and thereby end up paying much less interest over time.

    If the owner or owners of the membership pass away, their heir will inherit their membership. A Disney Vacation Club membership can be willed to anyone and split up between multiple heirs, though they will likely have to share a single membership unless they make other arrangements on their own. If you have inherited a DVC membership, Disney can help you transition it into your name and get you situated with your new association.

    You should also note that you can purchase a DVC membership from someone else besides Disney themselves. For a variety of reasons, current members sometimes opt to sell their memberships. Buying a membership this way has some benefits. For one thing, since the memberships arent whole , theyre less expensive. You may also be able to buy into sold-out resorts.

    What Types Of Rooms Are Available For Dvc Members

    Disney has a few different types of rooms that are standard at their DVC resorts . The first is a deluxe studio. These rooms are the most similar to a standard hotel room and typically sleep four guests.

    Deluxe studios almost always contain a queen size bed and full-size sleeper sofa. These rooms have kitchenettes with a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and other essentials. They have a balcony , beautiful bathrooms, and cable television.

    As you are moving up in size, the next option is a 1-bedroom villa, which sleeps up to five people. These rooms have a separate master bedroom with a king-size bed, a full sleeper sofa, and a twin sleeper chair in the main living room. The living room, kitchen, and dining areas are open, facilitating family togetherness.

    These rooms come with fully-equipped kitchens, including a full-size refrigerator and freezer, stove and cooktop, and cooking utensils. The bathroom connects to the master directly and to the main living area as well. Many of them have walk-in showers and separate soaking tubs.

    All Disney Vacation Club properties also have 2-bedrooms villas. These sleep up to nine guests. The master bedroom with a private en-suite bathroom has a king bed, the second bedroom has two queen beds, and there is a sleeper sofa and sometimes a sleeper chair in the living room. They have double bathrooms as well.

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    Need More Vacation Points

    Realize your dream vacation by banking, borrowing or purchasing Vacation Points.

    Bank or Borrow Vacation PointsYou can from your current Use Year to use during your next Use Year, or you can from your next Use Year to book a reservation in your current Use Year. Restrictions apply please contact Member Services for details.

    Purchase One-Time-Use Vacation PointsOccasionally, you may find yourself in need of just few extra Vacation Points in order to book that perfect dream vacation. If that happens, you may be able to purchase Vacation Points for one-time use toward your desired stay. View details and pricing for One-Time-Use Vacation Points.

    Purchase More Vacation Pointsto Enjoy for Years to ComeWhen you Add On more Vacation Points, you can enjoy more vacation options and flexibility for years to come.

    What Is The Disney Vacation Club

    Disney Vacation Club | Choosing a Home Resort

    When you become a Disney Vacation Club member, youre essentially purchasing an interest in a Disney resort of your choice, known as your home resort. Your Vacation Points can then be used to book stays at any DVC resort. Youll have extra time to book stays at your home resort, up to 11 months in advance. You book other resorts for up to 7 months ahead of time. DVC resorts include options like Disneys Animal Kingdom, Disneys Boardwalk Villas, and The Villas at Disneys Grand Floridian. They also include destinations outside of Disney World. These include the DVC Villas in Hawaii and Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort. Its also possible to gift your DVC points. So you may want to give them to friends, family, or your children as they get older. When you become a DVC member, youre locking in todays purchase price on resort stays. DVC will allow you to bank your vacation points, so you can use extra points next year if you dont use them this year. You can also borrow against your points from the following year.

    All of the DVC locations in the Disney World Resort are uniquely themed and located close to the theme parks. Many offer all of the comforts of home and showcase the excellence of the Disney name. In addition, a DVC membership can give you a big advantage if you plan to travel with a lot of guests. Many villas can host up to eight or nine folks comfortably.

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