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Will Hilton Grand Vacations Buy Back My Timeshare

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare Resales

Buying A Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare Resale

Hilton is a name synonymous with luxury accommodations, extensive resort amenities, and desirable getaway destinations. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club provides vacationers with a flexible way to explore the best locations around the world through timeshare ownership. Although buying a timeshare directly from a developer can be a large financial investment, buying HGVC timeshare resales is a good way to get the Hilton Grand Vacations Club experience without the big price tag.

Is Diamond Resorts Buying Hilton

Hilton Grand Vacations has completed the previously announced acquisition of Diamond Resorts International, creating the largest upper upscale and luxury timeshare operator in a stock-based transaction with an equity value of approximately $1.4 billion, according to a press release from Hilton Grand Vacations.Aug 2, 2021


Got Timeshare Regret What To Do About It

Did you buy that dream timeshare, only to wake up with buyers remorse? If you are regretting your purchase, you do have options.

First, the bad news. Timeshares are not investments. Their value declines rapidly over time, and the maintenance fees can and likely will increase. If you feel stuck, here are four options that could help:

  • Refinance the timeshare mortgage.
  • Sell or give away your timeshare.
  • Try to give it back to the resort.
  • Work with a company to help you negotiate an exit.

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Can I Cancel My Hilton Contract

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a timeshare contract. Much like owning a home, you cant simply cancel your mortgage or deed. You either have to sell it, give it back to the resort through a buy-back program , or gift it to someone.

Before you make the decision to sell, we recommend exhausting all of your options including vacation exchange. Vacation exchange is a great way to fall back in love with your timeshare if you havent tried it yet. Not to mention, Hilton Grand Vacations Club is affiliated with RCI, which offers lots of travel opportunities to members.

Many developers have started advocating against timeshare exit teams. This is largely in part because timeshare resale scams have oftentimes robbed unsuspecting owners of their time and money with promises of contract cancellation. Thats why enlisting the help of a licensed real estate agent who specializes in timeshare can be a good move.

Additionally, if you suspect you have been a victim to a timeshare scam or exit team, contact your resort and ARDA.

Cancel Your Hilton Grand Vacation Club Timeshare Contract With A Timeshare Attorney

Parc Soleil by Hilton Grand Vacations Club  Buy and Sell Timeshares

A timeshare attorney has a legal and ethical obligation to care for you and you alone, not a company that cares about a profit. Your timeshare attorney will formulate a solid and individual exit strategy with you.

Having a timeshare attorney on your side can also offer practical, material benefits when it comes to timeshare cancellation. Only an attorney can provide you one on one legal advice when it comes to understanding your actual rights and remedies as a consumer based on your experience.

Only an attorney who directly represents a client, can offer the opportunity to pursue litigation if it is warranted. Many resort developers have been more open to negotiation and settlement than they would be with a consumer who comes to the table without representation and may not understand the legal aspects of timeshare cancellation.

Ready to cancel your timeshare contract? Contact the Finn Law Group today.

Led by Attorney Michael D. Finn with 50 years of experience, the Finn Law Group is a consumer protection firm specializing in timeshare law. Our lawyers understand vacation ownership as well as the many pitfalls of the secondary market of timeshare resales. If you feel you have been victimized by a timeshare company, contact our offices for a free consultation.

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Acting In Your Best Interest Before You Sign

Hilton Grand Vacations parent company also allows its timeshare division to remain operated as its own company. This means it has no influence over the companys day-to-day practices. Hilton Grand Vacations Clubs values statement promises integrity by doing the right thing, all the time. This claim leaves gray areas that may call that same integrity into question.

Frontline Hilton reps sometimes hesitate to call their product a timeshare at all. This is because of the negative overtone the term now carries. This can, and often does, lead prospective owners to make misinformed decisions. Doubly worrisome is that these sales reps are often licensed real estate agents. Therefore, they are required to act in your best interest.

For instance, if you have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, they have to disclose that, through the Armed Forces Vacation Club, you can get a very similar product for a much better deal. If your sales rep didnt share this information with you, thats a big problem. Especially if they used your military service as grounds for building a personal connection. They may have also used this connection as a reason to sell you a timeshare. Guess what though? You likely wont be able to sell the timeshare. So read more about how to get out of Hilton timeshare.

Finding Timeshares With Hgvcresalescom

With, you can instantly find HGVC timeshare resales that are available for purchase. You will find the same great units and luxury accommodations that the Hilton Grand Vacations Club offers at a much lower price. When you find a timeshare at an HGVC resort you like, make an offer directly to the current owner and start planning your next getaway today.

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Hiltons Timeshare Cancellation Program

Often, the best way to get out of a timeshare contract is to work directly with the timeshare developer. Many timeshare resorts offer programs to assist timeshare owners with ridding themselves of unwanted timeshares. These programs are usually less expensive than working through third-party companies that assist with breaking timeshare contracts, so it is always recommended to first explore this option before moving on to others. Hiltons program for cancelling timeshares is named Hilton Grand Vacations Member Solutions, and more information on the service can be found here. You can directly contact Hilton to find out more about how they can help you in your situation.

Will Hilton Grand Vacations Buy Back My Timeshare

Find Out How Owning A Hilton Timeshare Lets You Own Your Vacations

Perhaps, but it depends on what you own and the current market. Most inquiries to Hilton Grand Vacations of this nature will be assessed for a possible deed-back or give-back status, which means the owner would relinquish their timeshare ownership back to Hilton without compensation in return. Owners would need to meet criteria such as having their mortgage paid off and all annual fees up to date. In any case, there are no guarantees that Hilton would take back the timeshare, but you cant blame Hilton for trying to get back free inventory that they can turn around and sell.

In the case of a buy back, Hilton would be much more prudent and see exactly what the ownership status is and what their needs are for inventory. If they dont need inventory at your resort, then they almost certainly wont offer to buy back your timeshare. If it is for a resort that is in high demand and they need the inventory back to turn over to their sales team, then they may buy it back from you. Keep in mind that any discussion would pay much less than what you would have paid for your timeshare and is purely at the discretion of Hilton. Also, due to COVID-19, Hilton has suspended all potential buy back activity so you will need to check back with them at a later time to see if they have revived the program.

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Is It Worth It

100% yes! If you dont mind sparing two hours of your vacation, it is absolutely worth it. But go into it with a strong will that you will not buy. They may be a little rude to you, but just remember that you are getting essentially a free vacation. Walk out of there with a smirk on your face, and enjoy!

And the best part, is that you are eligible for this every 6 months! I just received another Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare Presentation promotional email for Las Vegas or New York City.

Have you ever sat in a Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare Presentation? Or any other brand? What was your experience like?

How To Cancel Hilton Grand Vacations

Searching for how to cancel Hilton Grand Vacations? Maybe the sales presentation you attended wasnt what you hoped for. Or maybe they told you that the timeshare is a wise investment for you and your family.

And with all the cost incentives, slideshows of thrilled families, and breathtaking destinations, this could inspire anyone to sign the paperwork. But as time goes on, the joy and excitement you once felt have disappeared. So now youre getting upset thinking that youve made a colossal mistake. A mistake that not only affects you but possibly your entire family if their next to inherit this.

Whether it be never-ending fees, a financial burden, or a lifestyle change, we understand. Our team was once in your shoes, so we know timeshares can be a huge commitment. And it doesnt make sense to hold onto something forever if youre not getting the most out of it. Even if it is a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare.

But make no mistake! Getting rid of a timeshare can be a nightmare waiting to happen if youre not careful. When it comes to timeshares, unfortunately, the industry is full of scammers. The good news is, youre in luck! Our team has compiled this article with several helpful tips on how to cancel Hilton Grand Vacations. So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form on the right or initiate a Live Chat with us to help you find the right solution for your timeshare situation.

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Buy Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare

Buying a Hilton timeshare is a great choice for many reasons. However, if youre still not sure if the vacation ownership lifestyle is right for you, timeshare resales can be a great option for testing it out first without spending more than youre willing. You can even rent a Hilton timeshare from our online marketplace. If you fall in love with the resort, as many owners do, you can then make an offer to buy a Hilton resale. Contact us for more information on how to buy a timeshare.

Our friends at Vacation Club Loans also offer timeshare financing, so you can pay as you go. On every posting of Hilton timeshares for sale on our marketplace, you can find your estimated monthly payments when you finance. Vacation Club Loans offers easy online application, low-interest rates, and zero reporting to credit bureaus.

Call us today at or email if you have any questions. You can also feel free to browse and make an offer on Hilton timeshare resales from our resort marketplace.

Hilton Grand Vacations Announces Upsized And Consolidated $750 Million Warehouse Facility

Thankful for HGV This Holiday Travel Season

ORLANDO, Fla., May 04, 2022—-Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. announces today the completion of an upsized $750 million revolving warehouse facility, which will accommodate both right-to-use and deeded inventory.

The main benchmark rate of the facility is one-month term SOFR and includes customary used and unused fees, some of which will be based on the achievement of key environmental, social and governance performance indicators. The maximum advance rate increased from 87.5% to 90% and the facility will have a revolving period ending May 2024, with final maturity in May 2025.

“We are very pleased to announce this deal, which marks a major step in the combination of our non-recourse capital markets platforms and generates sizable synergies,” said Dan Mathewes, chief financial officer of Hilton Grand Vacations. “We appreciate the continued support of our banking partners and the ability to broaden out the capital commitments, which has allowed us to meaningfully compress pricing on the legacy Diamond facilities.”

This transaction marks the first time the Company has incorporated ESG-based triggers into its pricing structure. Bank of America will remain the administrative agent of the facility, and capital committed will come from Bank of America, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Wells Fargo Securities, Barclays Bank PLC, Credit Suisse, MUFG Bank, Ltd., Citizens Financial, Regions Securities and Truist Securities. Alston & Bird LLP represented HGV as issuer counsel.


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The Buying & Selling Process

Selling Timeshares, Inc. has many HGVC resale point packages available. Visit the Hilton Listings section for prices or feel free to make an offer.

If you are a Hilton Grand Vacations Club owner interested in selling your property, please fill out the form in the Sellers section.

You can learn more about Seth Nocks long track record of Hilton resale by visiting Timeshare User Group and reading just a bit on the HGVC forum section.

What Happens At A Timeshare Presentation

The goal of the presentation is to get you to buy a timeshare. During the presentation, salespeople will use different tactics to play with your emotions and break down your defenses. You might watch a video of satisfied timeshare owners, take a tour of the resort and listen to a sales pitch in a presentation room.Jul 10, 2019


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How Much Is My Timeshare With Hgvc Worth

  • I put my ownership up for sale with HGVC after a loss of points from 2019. My purchase price in 2015 was for 10,300.00. I am currently being advised based a current marketing analysis that the timeshare is only valued between $1000.00 and $2000.00. I feel that this information should have been disclosed of at the time of purchase.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners: The Real Value of Timeshare

If you choose to buy Hilton timeshare directly from Hilton, you will have all of the amazing benefits that come with ownership. Buying Hilton resale, however, often costs less and has many of the same benefits. You will still be able to use points within Hiltons network or even trade them on RCI. There are other costs of Hilton timeshares to keep in mind, as well. You definitely need to consider timeshare maintenance fees as well as any HOA dues before purchasing. On average, according to the American Resort Development Association, timeshare maintenance fees are about $1000 annually. This varies depending on your ownership type or developer.

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Why Shop Timeshare Resales

Owning a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare comes with a number of exclusive benefits. The flexible HGVC points-based system allows club members to easily book accommodations and use extra points for travel, food, and more. HGVC exchange programs allow timeshare owners to explore a different resort every year, and may even enable them to enter the RCI timeshare exchange program, which includes a network of over 5,000 resorts.

Engage With A Timeshare Exit Company

If the resort is not willing to take it back and you cannot sell it, you might want to hire an exit company. These businesses are controversial and expensive, costing $5,000 or more to help you exit your timeshare. Do the math, but offering several years maintenance fees to a potential buyer could be a cheaper option.

At worst, you will pay a timeshare exit company to do something you could easily do yourself.

But if all else fails, you might want to consider a company like Timeshare Exit Team. CEO Brandon Reed explains that his company uses lawyers to get the resort to take the timeshare back. Reed claims that his lawyers will play hardball and they get results. His company offers a guarantee: If they are not successful, you get your money back.

When deciding which company to choose, Rogers warns against using any company that requires an up-front payment. He believes that if it was that much of a guarantee, there is no reason to charge until the end.

Some people just stop paying on their timeshares. If you do walk away, dont be surprised to see a big hit to your credit score and to start getting regular calls from collection agencies. You might regret your purchase, but you did sign a legally binding contract.

Nick Clements is the co-founder, a financial education and price comparison website.

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Use A Hilton Grand Vacations Reseller is an HGVC reseller. Through our years of experience with Hilton, we have become experts in buying and selling Hilton timeshare. Working with an authorized reseller will offer both the buyer and seller expert guidance and a stress-free experience.

Are you ready to see the world with Hilton Grand Vacations Club? Or do you currently need to sell a Hilton timeshare? As a Hilton Grand Vacations authorized seller, we work to connect buyers to sellers every day. Contact us at 877-884-9577 to purchase ClubPoints or speak with a broker to sell your HGVC timeshare.

Right Of First Refusal

Marco Island Timeshare  Eagles Nest Beach Resort

All hilton resale contracts are subject to the Right of First Refusal clause in the sellers original purchase contract. This clause dictates that Hilton will have the opportunity to buy the ownership directly from the original owner, refusing the sale on the resale market. This program is in place to ensure the long-term value of the HGVC vacation product. Other vacation clubs that have not adopted Right of First Refusal historically have lower resale values that ownerships with no clear buy-back program.

HGVC has 30 days to respond, although it typically only takes about 2 weeks. Once the sale is approved, a deed from Seller to Buyer is prepared, executed by both Seller and Buyer, and recorded at the appropriate county. Once the deed has been recorded and the Buyer has remitted payment in full, Hilton Grand Vacations Club is notified of the transfer of ownership. The entire resale transfer process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Feel free to watch the short video on this subject below.

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