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Building A Vacation Rental Home

Continually Improve Your Vacation Rental

VRS143 – Building a Vacation Rental Home With Lynne Martin

Because each property is unique, different strategies will work better than others. One of the necessary but exciting parts of owning a vacation rental property is continual improvement.

Keep this in mind as you figure out what things work well for your home.

Gather Reviews

One of the best ways to know how your rental is doing is to receive feedback from your guests through reviews. Reviews from your past tenants can offer a lot of valuable information about what they liked about the rental, as well as areas that can be improved.

When you do receive reviews, be sure to respond promptly to let them know you care and appreciate their feedback.

Positive reviews can let you know what your tenants really like about the property, as well as the perks and amenities that they enjoyed. They are also a valuable tool in generating more visitors and future tenants for your vacation rental.

For any negative reviews, you receive, be sure to reach out to them directly. This can show other potential guests that you care and want to provide a good experience. This is a good way to learn how to improve.

If you lack reviews, especially when you first start with renting out your property, dont be afraid to request reviews from your guests!

Building A Vacation Rental How To Maximize Space For The Vacationer

The opportunity to build a home that you intend to use as a vacation rental in Charleston SC can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. And, although it may be a little more time consuming, starting at the building stage to design your home for the purposes of a vacation rental can be very advantageous in the long run. There are a number of things to consider when building a vacation home as an investment and savvy, well thought out choices will enable you to maximize your revenue potential while ensuring happy guests along the way.

Naturally, this home may also be a place that you use as a vacation getaway for yourself, but ultimately the revenue will come from those who rent. For that reason, perhaps the best way to begin is to look through the eyes of a vacationer and consider the reasons why they choose to book a vacation home over a hotel. And then, ensuring that the property meets the needs of guests is vital to guarantee a profitable investment. So first you need to ask yourself, why do guests book a vacation rental?

  • Ability to share space
  • Maximize occupancy potential
  • Time spent outside
  • Cooking in house
  • Comfort
  • How Do I Start A Short

    There are two main approaches you can when it comes to building a vacation rental business:

    Investing in properties of your own

    This path requires significant research into market demand and other factors to determine which locations are ripe for investment and will draw a steady flow of guests. It also entails conducting price comparisons to ensure youre getting a fair quote for the property.

    Managing properties on behalf of their owners

    This option is less demanding when it comes to start-up costs and may be the way to go even just initially if you find yourself lacking the funds necessary to purchase your own units. Still, you will need to put in the work and become extremely well-versed in the operations of vacation rental management if youre going to convince homeowners they should put their keys and revenue streams in your hands.

    Once youve decided which of these models to adopt, starting a vacation rental business will require nailing down the specifics, like:

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    How To Invest In Vacation Rentals

    Its important to know where to start if you want to invest in a vacation rental property, as it can be easy to jump the gun and dive into an investment thats not quite right for you.

    Finding success after investing in a short-term rental will depend on a variety of factors. This can include the location, nearby attractions, seasonality, and the management strategy used for it. For this reason, you should follow a logical, step-by-step guide to ensure you know everything about a property before you invest in it.

    Setting Vacation Rental Rates

    Vacation rentals: 7 serene lake houses to rent this summer ...

    Setting the right rate for your vacation rental can be a stressful and confusing ordeal. You donât want to charge too much, but you also donât want to charge too little. You want a comfortable amount that you can safely charge to those coming and going from the rental. Your vacation rental business needs to be supported by a relevant income.

    There are consequences to how you set your rate for your rental. If you set it too high then the rental might not have anyone that can afford to stay there or their expectations of the rental might be much higher than you can deliver, depending on how high the rate is.

    If you set the rate too low then this might not bring in a profit, it might only attract people that abuse it and use it only as a cheap rental and it might not be rented out at all due to the low rent.

    In order to have the perfect rental rate, you have to find a balance between the too low and too high rates. Using a four-step process is the best way to go about choosing the right rate that matches your property and makes everyone happy in the long run you and your guests.

    Keep in mind that whatever you choose to have your rate be, it is not permanent. You can change it and fine-tune all of the details and rates later when you get a bit more information and research under your belt.

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    Starting A Vacation Rental Business

    It is always exciting to start new endeavors that provide you with a way to make money and really enjoy what youâre doing. If you are ready to start making peopleâs vacation dreams come true for a living, starting a vacation rental business is the way to do it. Itâs an exciting venture, with opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and make money! Thought of as an investment, having vacation rental properties provides anyone with a way to stretch out and really enjoy working with not only properties but also people.

    With any new business venture, thereâs plenty that needs to be done prior to launching a business like this one. Itâs an exciting venture, with opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and make money! Buying the properties, fixing them up and getting them ready to rent for vacation are just some of the tasks. It can take a bit of time, but once you have gone through the available options, youâre able to move ahead and actually enjoy being able to provide vacation rental properties to those visiting the area. Whether youâve managed your own vacation rental before or youâre new to the game, youâre in for a ride! Before you jump in, take a minute to read this guide to ensure youâre set up for success!

    Its Time To Give Your Vacation Rental A Profitable Head Start With Evolve

    With the right resources and strategies under your belt, youre sure to leave mistakes at the doorand join the ranks of our most successful vacation rental owners.

    Evolves fresh approach to vacation rental management gives you total marketing, booking, and customer support across all websites like Airbnb, Vrbo, and

    Well connect you with trusted cleaning and support partners, and you can decide who to work with to create the Home Team of your dreams.

    Its our job to drive more guests to your property for maximum income, so you can focus on providing an incredible guest experience all for an industry-low 10% management fee thats backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee.

    See if you qualify or call one of our Vacation Rental Advisors today to learn more at .

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    The Best Natural Areas And Attractions

    1. The Everglades National Park

    The Everglades National Park was created in 1947 and is home to 1.5 million acres of marshy land. This national park is also home to various animals like American crocodiles, manatees, alligators, and Florida panthers.

    2. Dry Tortugas National Park

    Located approximately 68 miles west of Key West, this park is famous for its beautiful coral reefs, abundant sea life, and a variety of tropical birds. It is also home to the legendary Fort Jefferson, which was built in the 1800s and is the topic of local folklore.

    3. Lake Okeechobee

    The ninth-largest largest freshwater lakes in the United States, Lake Okeechobee is one of Florida’s natural wonders. Fishing and boating are popular activities on the water, while a 110-mile hiking trail awaits those who prefer to stay on dry land.

    4. Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

    If you’re interested in wildlife, this vast nature preserve is an absolute no-brainer. By day, admire the vast open grasslands, teeming with rare and endangered species. By night, this serene spot is one of the best places for stargazing in Florida.

    5. Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

    Covering 46,000 acres, the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is made up of vast salt marshes, forested uplands, and wetlands. A great way to explore this fascinating park, which is steeped in history, is by kayak or canoe.

    Cultural Attractions In Texas

    Vacation rental home vandalized, neighbors fed up

    Texas, famous for its rich cultural heritage, has much to offer history lovers. The Alamo, located on the eastern edge of San Antonio, is one of Americas most significant historical sites. This fort became well-known during the Texas Revolution when a small Texas force fought against thousands of soldiers from the Mexican army.

    The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas is another attraction that you should visit in Texas. The shot that killed US President John F. Kennedy in 1963 was fired from the sixth floor of this building. Visit this museum to learn more about Kennedys legacy as well as for a more detailed account of Kennedys assassination.

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    The Best Vacation Rental Sites

    To help you sift through the options, I tested more than a dozen top vacation rental sites to figure out which ones offer the best combination of plentiful inventory, useful filters, informative listings, and fair prices, without too many hidden fees. I discovered that theres no single best vacation home rental site, but that each one has pros and cons to suit different types of travelers.

    Vacation House Rules: A Rustic Retreat And A Puppy Paradise 42 Photos

    Contractor and real estate pro Scott McGillivray, along with an assist from designer Debra Salmoni, helps two homeowners upgrade their secluded lakefront home which has suffered damage from a flood. Scott works to transform their rundown money-pit into an inviting and pet-friendly vacation getaway.

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    Features That A Vacation Rental Website Needs

    A successful vacation rental website like Airbnb needs the following features:

    • You must have a great homepage to capture new users. The UI must be elegant, additionally, it should look professional. Remember that vacation rental homes are not hotels. Most vacationers wouldnt know about the properties. They need assurance. Your website is their first, and only place to get this assurance.
    • With the exponential increase in mobile Internet traffic, you must have a responsive website. Its non-negotiable.
    • Users should be able to navigate easily on the website. Consider the 3-click rule, i.e., users should be able to navigate using 3 clicks.
    • The website should be optimized for conversion. It means several things, such as fast page loading speed, mobile responsiveness, avoiding clutter on the landing page, a clear Call to action button, etc.

    Read more about the desired features in Top Seven Features of Vacation Rental Websites.

    Get The Property Ready For Guests

    Where $100 million in Vacation Rental Startups is Going

    Youve finally reached the fun step: its time to get the property ready for your guests!

    After doing all of the obvious tasks setting up the property with furniture and other necessities, stocking up on basic toiletries and assorted towels, filling the kitchen, etc. be sure to add special touches for your guests. A fully furnished home makes it convenient for visitors because they will have everything they need, and theyll be more likely to offer a glowing review.

    Another great idea is to include a handwritten thank you note along with contact information, special instructions regarding your rental home, and local guides .

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    Now Your Vacation Rental Is Ready For Guests

    Whew that was a lot of information! No wonder it was such a whirlwind getting our house ready for guests! I hope this has helped you think through the process and figure out what youll need to get started hosting your own vacation rental.

    Be sure to download my handy checklist of what youll need to prepare for guests. And if Ive missed anything, let me know in the comments and Ill update this post to include it.

    Get your FREE Printable:

    and get access to all my free printables, including this one!

    If youre already a subscriber, click over to the Free Printables Library to find the download. Youll need the password at the bottom of any of my emails.

    Now that youre on your way to getting your house ready, next time well talk about how to create the perfect listing to get guests to come stay at your vacation rental. Until then, happy shopping and cleaning!

    Learn From Bad Reviews

    Negative reviews can often be a blessing in disguise. Negative reviews are an opportunity to:

    • Make improvements. Some of our most successful homeowners are those that take feedback to heart and make small improvements regularly.
    • Build trust. If you take the time to correct the issue, you demonstrate care and consideration for your guests and their experience. You may even win them back.

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    Do Your Vacation Rental Homework

    From setting rates and figuring out which listing sites are best to staying in the know on vacation rental tax guidelines, theres a ton of industry knowledge first-time vacation rental owners must learn to be successful.

    When I first started in the business in 2007, there wasnt as much information about vacation rental readily available, says Karen Hopkins, owner of eight short-term rentals in Branson, Missouri. I would read everything I could get my hands on and study other rentals in my area.

    Pave the way to profitability by doing your homework. When you soak up hospitality advice from experienced sources, you help avoid first-time mistakes and learn how to make money with vacation rental that much faster.

    Managing Your Vacation Rental

    Ocean City Named 7th Best Place To Buy A Beach House By Rental Company

    Besides continually improving your vacation rental, you will have to manage your property to improve your vacancy rates. If you live nearby and have extra time, managing the rental yourself wont be an issue.

    However, if you have multiple properties, dont live nearby, or dont have time, hiring a good property management company is a viable option.

    Some of the commonly required processes to successfully manage your rental property are:

    These were just some of the most common items to consider in successfully managing your vacation rental.

    Jeff Johnson, Owner of Simple Homebuyers, sums it up nicely, My tip for effectively managing your rental properties is to keep up with technology trends. Our best tip is to use technology and people to assist you in managing your vacation rental. Using software like Lodgify allows you to manage your property even from remote locations remotely. They let you sync your calendar with booking applications like Expedia and Airbnb and view all your rentals, your customers and finances, on a single dashboard, making your work much easier.

    Matiah Ty Fischer, Founder of, offers another perspective of what you should keep in mind when thinking of your management strategy:

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    Onboard Your Custom Development Team

    You need the following skills in your team:

  • Business analysts
  • Web designers, with HTML and CSS skills
  • Web developers with knowledge of popular languages like Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, etc.
  • Testers
  • A project manager .
  • I recommend the Agile methodology for this development since its suitable for iterative development. You can check our guide How to build an Agile development team in this regard.

    Offer Deals And Promotions

    As a new business owner in the market, you need to go beyond user expectations and make your business known. Offering deals and promotions can help you attract visitors and help you get your business launched.You can then ask your guests to leave a review online for your services to help improve the online presence of your business.

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    What You Need To Start A Vacation Rental Business

    Create a Business Plan

    One of the biggest reasons new property managers fail is that they donât run their vacation rental like a business. Sitting down and creating a solid business plan will help you get your ideas and expectations down on paper instead of swirling around in your head . Along with a business plan youâll need:

    • An Operations Plan
    • A Marketing Plan
    • A Financial Plan/Revenue Management

    If youâre new to starting your own business, you may want to sit down with a professional to get all of your documents sorted out before you move forward.

    Get the Home Ready for Guests

    Once you have a clear business plan, you can move on to the next phase. Itâs important to keep in mind the comfort and convenience of your guests when preparing your home. If youâre working room by room to upgrade your home, focus on kitchens and bathrooms first. These are areas where guests expect cleanliness and functionality. Whether youâre going for a luxury vacation rental or something more fundamental, guests expect certain amenities in their home to ensure a comfortable stay. Make sure you equip your home in a way that allows guests to feel at home.

    Set the prices

    Start Advertising

    Write a Compelling Vacation Home Descrpition

    Create the Required Documents

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