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Convert Marriott Vacation Club Points To Marriott Rewards

Earning Opportunities At Participating Properties

Rent Marriott Vacation Club Points for More Vacations!

2.1.a. A Member will earn:

i. Ten base Points for each U.S. dollar, or the currency equivalent, that is incurred and paid for by the Member on Qualifying Charges in accordance with Section 2.1.b, except at Element, Residence Inn, TownePlace Suites and Homes & Villas by Marriott International, where a Member will earn five base Points for each U.S. dollar spent on Qualifying Charges and except at Marriott Executive Apartments properties where a Member will earn two and a half base Points for each U.S. dollar spent on Qualifying Rates in accordance with 2.1.e and

ii. Elite bonus Points, provided the Member has met the Elite Membership Requirements for Elite Membership Status or Lifetime Elite Membership Status as outlined in Section 4.2. The amount of bonus Points a Member earns will depend on the Members achieved Elite Member Tier pursuant to Section 4.3. Available to Elite Members at all Participating Brands except as otherwise noted in Section 1.2.a.

iii. Credits toward achieving the Elite Membership Requirements for Elite Membership Status and Lifetime Elite Membership Status as outlined in Section 4.2. An Elite Night Credit is only earned on a night during a Qualifying Stay as described in 2.1.d .

2.1.b. Qualifying Charges.Qualifying Charges are:

i. Charges incurred during a stay in a guest room at a Participating Property by a Member on his/her folio and up to two additional guest rooms, including, without limitation, charges for:

A. Qualifying Rates for Stays

Go To The Masters With Points

Yes, the most exclusive, hard to get tickets in all of sports can be yours by using your Marriott Vacation Club points. How? Check this out

I mentioned earlier in the post about investigating the Explorer Collection. Well, buried amidst other redemptions is a subcategory Golf. I figured it was mainly standard PGA tour events and free rounds at courses associated with Marriott properties.

The epitome of bucket list Golf: The Masters.

The Masters One Day Program increased from 6700 points to 8500 points in 2021. If youre a golf lover, going to the Masters, especially Thursday-Sunday, is a true bucket list item. At 8500 points this isnt as great as it once was , but 8500 will save you well over $2k on the resale market.. In fact, resale sites typically sell tickets on the low end for $2500 a piece, and those dont include Hospitality tent access.

I was lucky enough to attend the Masters in 2018 with my dad for his 70th birthday. Its one incredible experience that I thought was going to be once in a lifetime. With this developmentwe may have to go back!

Note, that when you elect this package, you can go this coming year, next year, or the year after so if its on your listgo for it!

Use Your Vacation Club Points To Experience Dream Vacations

Marriott Vacation Club resort stays are assigned a Vacation Club Points value based on accommodation size, length of stay, location and season. Owners in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program can choose from any location and any size villa, check in on any day they wish and stay as long as they want or use Vacation Club Points to experience other types of vacations such as cruises, tours, exchanges, hotel stays and travel services.

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You Can Add Vacation Club Points At Any Time

As your life changes, your vacation ownership can evolve right along with you. Plus, as your vacation portfolio grows, you can achieve elevated Owner benefit levels with Marriott Vacation Club and enjoy enhanced benefits such as access to VIP weekends, select The Ritz-Carlton Club locations, luxury cruises, Marriott Rewards® upgrades and more.

Is It Worth It To Buy Marriott Points

Convert These Cosmo Points to Marriott by Sunday â MilesTalk

If youre a frequent traveler, or love experiencing luxury on vacations, you will definitely find it worth it to buy Marriott points. If youre not sure, or youre looking to buy them cheaper, buying Marriott timeshare on the resale market can save you money. Whats more, our friends at Vacation Club Loans offer timeshare financing so you can pay monthly.

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You Can Bank Or Borrow For Even Greater Flexibility

Got an idea for a truly epic vacation? Plan on bringing a big group this year? No problem. As a timeshare Owner in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program, if your vacation plans call for more Vacation Club Points than your annual allotment, you can enjoy the flexibility to borrow from the following year’s balance to be used toward this year’s vacation. Or, will your schedule only allow for a short vacation this year? You won’t lose any Vacation Club Points you can bank the remainder for use next year, if you like.

How We Extended Our Banked Points For An Additional 18 Months

We had a considerable amount of Banked points due to expire this July, and due to Covid, we were unable to use them. After phoning our Presidential line we were put on a brief hold and given the following optionextend the points for an additional 18 months with the following caveats

  • They had to be used exclusively for Marriott Vacation Club properties
  • They had to be booked within 120 days of arrival

You can see how they are now shown in our account.

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Is Marriott’s Weeks To Points Conversion A Good Thing

Ask the Timeshare Crusader / August, 2010

There is much discussion and many rumors about Marriott convertingfrom deeded-weeks to a points system. Marriott sales people are nowdiscussing this openly during sales presentations. As a current MVCIowner, I am more than a little concerned. I’ve read many horror storiesabout points-based timeshare programs, and I specifically purchased aMarriott deeded-week to avoid such problems. What can you tell me aboutMarriott’s plans? Will this be a good or bad thing for existing owners?

As usual when there is a major change in the way the timeshare isbought and used, there is a good deal of confusion facing owners andpotential owners. Unfortunately, there seems to be a good deal ofconfusion among Marriott Vacation Club employees, especially the onesanswering the phone on the 800 number as I found out.

A bit of background says that they have 53 resorts, while I was only able to find 51. If someone can help me find the “missing” two, I’d appreciate it! These resorts are comprised of the Marriott Vacation Club Collection, the Marriott Collection, the Explorer Collection and the World Traveler Collection.

As with other point-based timeshare – most notably RCI points – the newmethodology can offer owners more flexibility, but there are some drawbacks.

Why You Should Transfer Marriott Points

The Best Use of Marriott Bonvoy Points!

There are plenty of reasons to consider transferring points, some of which might be more obvious than others. First of all, if one member of your group has , youd want the reservation to be made from that account in order to earn the benefits, including a welcome amenity, free breakfast or room upgrades depending on the travelers elite tier.

Obviously if youre just short of the points needed for a specific reservation transferring makes sense though you could also take advantage of to lock in the award space but transferring might also help you get more value out of your redemption. If you have enough points in your account for a three-night stay and a friend has enough for another night, a transfer from their account could actually translate into five nights because Marriott offers a fifth night free on award stays.

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If youre working in two-player mode where two spouses, siblings or close friends team up to earn points together you might find one party has a few leftover points in their Marriott account. If those points are close to expiring or you dont have enough to redeem for a free night, gifting them to a friend or family member beats letting them go to waste.

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Marriott Vacation Club And Marriott Grand Residence Club

7.1.a Marriott Vacation Club and Marriott Grand Residence Club owners eligible to participate in the Loyalty Program through ownership of a Marriott Vacation Club and/or Marriott Grand Residence Club timeshare interest are subject to the Program Rules, and to any additional rules and regulations promulgated by Marriott Ownership Resorts, Inc. and/or Marriott Resorts, Travel Company, Inc. d/b/a MVC Exchange Company or their respective affiliates or subsidiaries , as such rules and regulations may be modified from time to time .

7.1.b MVC Owners who receive Loyalty Program Elite upgrades as part of their owner benefits are subject to the Program Rules, as may be modified from time to time pursuant to section 1.7.c, and to the MVC Rules, including without limitation the following:

ii. An MVC Owner will remain his or her Elite status, provided that such MVC Owner: maintains his/her membership level through ownership of Marriott Vacation Club and/or Marriott Grand Residence Club timeshare interests or enrollment in the MVC Exchange Program is current in all maintenance fees, MVC Exchange Company dues, fees, taxes, and other payments and is current in any other payments owed to any MVC Entity.

iii. Elite status and any accumulated Points in an MVC Owners Loyalty Program Membership Account do not transfer upon sale of their timeshare interest to a third party.

v. Instant Redemption Awards are not available at Marriott Vacation Club or Marriott Grand Residence Club properties.

Redeeming Points For Awards

A Member may redeem Points to obtain certain awards and benefits including, without limitation, rooms at Participating Properties, Moments experiences, flights, and other services and merchandise. A full listing of current Award Redemption options is available on the Loyalty Program website under USE POINTS.

3.1.a. Points and Awards may not be exchanged or redeemed by a Member for cash, prizes or credit.

3.1.b. Points posted as the result of a transfer or earned from the use of credit cards may not be redeemable for certain Awards.

3.1.c. Awards are valid only for use by the individual designated on the Award and are not transferable, although, if requested at the time of issuance, an Award may be issued to a third party. Third party transfers or transfers to non-Members are limited to five Awards in a calendar year on a single Membership Account. In the event an Award is given to a third party in accordance with the prior sentence, neither the Member nor the third party will earn any Points/Miles, Elite Night Credit, Qualifying Nights, or Qualifying Stays in connection with such Award. At check-in, the guest using the Award may be required to show valid identification and provide a credit card to the Participating Property for incidental charges.

3.1.d. Awards believed to have been bartered, sold, exchanged, or issued fraudulently, or issued to someone other than the eligible Member, will be void and will not be honored.

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Choice Of Law And Venue

Any disputes arising out of or related to the Loyalty Program or these Program Rules will be handled individually without any class action, and will be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, United States, without regard to its conflicts of law rules. The exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or action arising out of or relating to the Loyalty Program or the Program Rules may be filed only in the state or federal courts located in the State of Maryland, United States.

Credit For Stays Or Qualifying Events Completed Prior To Enrollment

How To: Transfer SPG Points to Marriott Rewards Points ...

2.6.a. Points/Miles and Elite Night Credit may be earned for stays completed within thirty days prior to the Members enrollment in the Loyalty Program as described further in Section 9.3, if such credit is requested through , along with a copy of the paid receipt for the stay, within sixty days of the stay. Additional documentation may be necessary.2.6.b. Points/Miles and Elite Night Credit may be earned for Qualifying Events completed within thirty days prior to the Members enrollment in the Loyalty Program as described further in Section 9.3, if such credit is requested through the property where the Qualifying Event was held, along with a copy of the paid receipt for the Qualifying Event, within sixty days of the Qualifying Event. Additional documentation may be necessary.

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Where You Can Use Your Marriott Vacation Club Points

Joining the Marriott Vacation Club comes with supplementary benefits worth considering. One surprising perk is access to Interval International, which is a vacation exchange network that covers a variety of resorts including those from other brands. These include places like the Harborside Resort at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas and the Four Seasons Country Club in the Quinta do Lago Resort in Portugal.

Also, depending on the number of points you have, vacation options can include cruises, tours, traditional hotels and sporting events. Known as The Explorer Collection, it includes things such as U.S. national parks guided tours, European cruises and a Kenyan safari.

A sliding scale on the Vacation Club website helps to understand how many points each vacation experience costs.

The starting price for an introductory batch of points is approximately $24,000, with the option to buy more based on your travel needs. Annual fees and dues are an additional expense. They cover things like local real estate taxes, operational expenses, regular maintenance and upkeep, and onsite insurance premiums.

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Tips For Booking Marriott Vacation Club Properties With Marriott Points

As was already mentioned, you need to have real flexibility to find award availability at . The flexible date search calendar is very useful, but it also isnt 100% reliable. Sometimes I could find award availability with a flexible date search, and sometimes the only way to pull it up was to use specific dates and keep playing around with date options until something was found.

All of the resorts mentioned in this post did have at least some award availability, but there were some Marriott Vacation Club properties where I couldnt find any award availability at all.

If you think about how much a standard room at a middle tier category SPG property costs, such as the Westin Grand Cayman at 12,000 16,000 SPG points per night, spending the SPG equivalent of 13,333 15,000 points per night to book a two or three bedroom unit is pretty outstanding. If your family has grown beyond the confines of a traditional hotel room and you want to continue to use points to travel, looking at vacation club properties is the next logical move.

Does your family ever use your Marriott Reward points to book Marriott Vacation Club properties?

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Other Conditions Of Enrollment

1.7.a. Cancelling or Suspending Membership Accounts

i. Cancelling by Member. A Member may cancel his/her membership in the Loyalty Program at any time by sending written notice of cancellation to Member Support. All unredeemed Points, Redemption Awards, and promotional Awards as well as achieved member status, including Elite Status and Lifetime Elite Status, will be forfeited immediately and may not be reinstated or transferred.

ii. Cancelling or Suspending by the Company. The Company may cancel a Members accumulated Points, suspend Loyalty Program benefits, suspend Elite Membership Status, suspend Lifetime Elite Membership Status (which will subsequently also remove protection against the forfeiture of Points should the member become inactive as described in Section 1.5.d. or cancel a Members Account at any time with immediate effect and without written notice, for any reason and in the Company’s sole discretion including, without limitation, if the Company believes the Member has:

A. Acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances

B. Failed to pay any hotel or other bill when due to the Company or a Participating Property or failed to fulfill a Marriott Vacation Club, Marriott Grand Residence Club or a Vistana Network financial obligation

C. Acted in an inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive or hostile manner

D. Breached or violated any of these Program Rules or the Website Terms of Use

1.7.b. Effect of Membership Cancellation

Banking Borrowing Or Transferring Destinations Club Points

How Do I Transfer My Marriott Rewards Points To My Chase Ultimate Rewards?

Life happens, and sometimes using your allotted Vacation Club Points to book a vacation in your Use Year is not feasible. Or maybe you wish to book something that requires more points than you have currently available to you. Regardless of your situation, you have options to design the perfect vacation for your needs.

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How Does Marriott Vacation Club Work

When you become an owner of Marriott, you receive an annual allotment of Vacation Club Points. The amount you purchase is the amount you will receive every year. Owners can borrow points from the following year, or bank their points for next years vacation.

The amount of points you will need depends on where you plan on using them, as some resorts cost more points than others. It also depends on the room size you are looking for, time of year, and how long your vacation will be!

Vistana Signature Network And Vistana Residence Network

7.2.a Vistana Additional Information.

i. Vistana Signature Network includes Westin Vacation Club and Sheraton Vacation Club. Vistana Residence Network includes St. Regis Residence Club and Luxury Collection Residence Club. The Vistana Signature Network and the Vistana Residence Network are referred to together as the Vistana Networks. Vistana vacation owners who are members of the Vistana Signature Network are automatically enrolled as Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite Members and are not subject to the Gold Elite Minimum Requirement to maintain Gold Elite status every year. Vistana Owners who are members of the Vistana Residence Network, or are Five-Star Elite Members of the Vistana Signature Network, are automatically enrolled as Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite Members and are not subject to the Platinum Elite Minimum Requirement to maintain Platinum Elite status every year.

ii. For Vistana Signature Network, only one Vistana Owner will receive Gold Elite status for each vacation ownership interest purchased, no matter how many individuals are on the deed. For Five-Star Elite Members in the Vistana Signature Network, one Vistana Owner will receive Platinum Elite status, and if more than one individual on the deed, a second Vistana Owner will receive Gold Elite Status. For Residence Club Members in the Vistana Residence Network, up to two individuals on the deed will receive Platinum Elite Status.

v. Instant Redemption Awards are not available at Vistana properties.

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