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State Farm Vacation Rental Insurance

Review Your Rental Coverage Options

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Never sign anything or agree to coverage without reading the policy thoroughly, and know that insurance requirements and rules vary from state to state.

  • Unless you have full auto insurance coverage, including liability, comprehensive, and collision, you may need to get some kind of insurance coverage from the rental organization. In place of collision or comprehensive, you may be able to obtain a rental car company loss damage waiver, or LDW, which can help cover damage-repair costs, administrative fees, and towing. However, a rental car company generally limits how and when the LDW can be used for example, if you were speeding, coverage may be negated.
  • If you don’t have health or medical payments coverage on an existing policy, you may be able to purchase personal accident coverage.
  • If you’re renting from a nontraditional car sharing company, review the agreement. While insurance is often included in the fee, there may be restrictions or extra costs, particularly if the car is stolen.

Best For Inflation Protection: Liberty Mutual

  • No option for online quote

  • Coverage options and availability vary by state

Liberty Mutual lets you customize your policy to meet your unique insurance needs. This includes the option to add inflation protection coverage, which can help you become financially whole in the event of a total loss.

While Liberty Mutual is commonly known for its funny commercials and tagline”only pay for what you need”the company has a long history and has been in operation since 1912. In addition to landlord insurance policies, it offers popular auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and renter’s insurance policies along with other types of coverage.

Their landlord insurance policies include coverage for dwellings, medical liability, and loss of rent, but you can also customize your policy to meet your unique needs. You can also qualify for discounts if you bundle multiple Liberty Mutual policies, such as your primary residence and rental properties you own, or if you’re claims-free. Early shoppers who get a quote before their existing landlord insurance policy expires may also snag lower rates.

On the downside, Liberty Mutual makes you call in to get a quote for landlord coverage, so it’s not as easy to shop around.

Find Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Your Area

Anyone purchasing a vacation or second home or condo needs to consider the risks and insurance costs that come with it. Many factors go into pricing home insurance, and the quotes for a secondary home are almost always higher than if the same home was someones primary residence. The reason is that having someone inside a home helps protect it against perils and deters burglars.

This guide will help you determine if you have enough insurance coverage for your secondary or vacation home, as they are commonly called.

There are more than 3.6 million homes and condos in the U.S. used only seasonally, according to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2000. Thats about 3.1% of all homes in the country, but more than 10% of all the homes and condos in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are seasonal homes. Florida has the highest number of seasonal homes with 484,825.

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Is Paying For Rental Property Insurance Worth It

If you have a house that youre going to rent to tenants, you absolutely need to get landlord insurance. If you have a mortgage on the property, its probably even required. Failing to secure a policy can leave you on the hook for significant liabilities, ranging into the hundreds of thousands of dollars if something happens.

If you dont have insurance, you may be faced with having to pay to repair or rebuild the property yourself. If you have leased the property to tenants when something happens, you may also be responsible for paying for their housing somewhere else while you make repairs. If one of your tenants gets hurt on the property and its your fault, you can even be held responsible for their medical bills and lost wages.

Which Insurance Companies Cover Short

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According to the results of our survey, the main challenge that hosts face when trying to take out insurance is finding a provider who covers short-term rentals. The options are limited and vary from state to state. Plus, available policies are often too expensive for small-scale hosts.

The hosts who responded to the survey also pointed out that theres a lack of clarity around policies and what they cover. Several hosts said they had trouble finding useful information about vacation rental insurance providers and their policies online.

Results of our survey of 41 short-term rentals hosts in the US.

So what options are there, and which provider is the best?

Our survey showed that well-known providers like Proper Insurance and State Farm are popular among short-term rental hosts. However, not all of them are happy with their current policies: for example, a few hosts mentioned that Proper Insurance had significantly increased their premium this year, which had a tangible impact on their businesss bottom line.

Results of our survey of 41 short-term rental hosts. The Other category groups together the providers that received only one vote each.

Luckily, the range of choices is growing. An increasing number of insurance providers are adding new products to their offering that are tailored to the needs of short-term rentals.

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What Do Landlord Insurance Policies Typically Cover

This type of coverage protects the structure of your rental building, as well as other structures on the property. This means you’ll have protection against financial losses if a tree falls on your home and destroys the roof, or if the property catches on fire and burns to the ground. General liability coverage is also included so landlords are covered if a tenant is injured on the property.

Landlord insurance policies often include additional types of coverage, and customers can typically customize their policies with additional protection against earthquakes, floods, and more.

What Airbnb Host Insurance Actually Covers

If you book your property through Airbnb, you are also entitled to some automatic protection, although it may not provide as much coverage as a short-term rental policy.

When you become an Airbnb host, you are covered by the companys host protection insurance. This coverage includes up to $1 million primary liability coverage of bodily injury or property damage. It also includes coverage for damage that your guests cause to common areas, such as building lobbies.

Host protection coverage does not include property damage from environmental factors such as mold, damage or injury from intentional actions or loss of earnings. If you need to file a claim, you must first contact Airbnb, who then puts you in touch with a third-party claims administrator.

In addition to the protection insurance, hosts also automatically qualify for Airbnbs host guarantee. This covers any damage to your listed property and possessions up to $1 million. However, this is not considered an insurance policy and Airbnb still recommends getting additional insurance to protect your listing.

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Cost To Insure Secondary Or Vacation Homes

To insure a vacation retreat, a homeowner simply purchases an independent home insurance policy for the seasonal residence. The premium will be priced based on the same factors as any other home the replacement cost value, the deductible you choose and other applicable risks but it will be higher than if the same home was your primary residence.

Insuring vacation homes is more expensive because most of the time they are uninhabited and at a higher risk for claims to be filed. For example, say a vacation home was to catch fire somehow. If no one is there to call the fire department, the loss could be a catastrophic one especially if the home is in a remote location. While an extreme example, this helps to illustrate the greater likelihood of filing a home insurance claim.

Some companies have different surcharges depending on specific secondary home circumstances. For example, American International Group differentiates the risks of secondary homes based on whether they insure your primary residence, if a full-time housekeeper lives in the home, if a caretaker lives on the grounds of the estate or if a maintenance company checks on the home. Weve broken down the different AIG surcharges in the chart below. A “supported” home is a secondary home insured along with a primary residence. An “unsupported” vacation home is insured by AIG with no policy for a primary home.

AIG secondary home surcharges
With a full-time caretaker 15% $1,150

Can Umbrella Insurance Cover Landlords

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Yes! Umbrella insurance is a great investment for landlords with one or many rental properties. As a landlord, you are responsible or the health and safety of your tenants and their guests. Umbrella policies will help raise your liability limits in the case that something happens on your rental property that is completely or partially your fault.

Scenarios where umbrella insurance would cover you as a landlord:

  • A tenant or guest is injured in a communal area, like a gym, lobby, staircase, or patio
  • A third party sues you for damages your tenants cause
  • A former resident breaks into the apartment because you didnt change the lock
  • A tenant sues you for wrongful entry or invasion of privacy
  • Your rental property is vacant and someone is injured while on your property
  • Someone is injured with your property in the rental, like if you neglected to care for the stove
  • You are sued and have to pay your legal defenses, whether or not you are found at fault

The most common claim that landlords see is the staircase fall. If a handrail is broken, carpet is loose, or a step is uneven, your tenants or guests could trip and fall on the stairs. Even a small injury could result in major fines, as its your responsibility to care for and manage communal areas . You want to ensure that you keep staircases to code, shovel and salt icy walkways, and have sturdy handrails available to prevent trips and falls on your rental property.

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Reasons To Add Vacation Rental Insurance

Just as travel insurance can be an afterthought for many buyers, vacation rental insurance isnt the first thing people think of when booking a property for their getaway. That doesnt mean it isnt important. In fact, most vacation rental properties will suggest a travel insurance plan and many times the rental agreement will require it. It could be crucial if the trip doesnt go as planned.

Here are just a few reasons to purchase vacation rental insurance:

  • Comprehensive coverage of trip cancellation coverage
  • Provides peace of mind in a travel sector that still contains a lot of uncertainty
  • Protection against strict cancellation policies associated with vacation rentals
  • Coverage for illness, injury, and other medical concerns
  • Add the reliability of more established accommodation types to the affordability of the vacation rental market.

Much like the insurance offered on most trip package sites wont be the best coverage for your money, the single trip protection plans offered by vacation rental/VRBO sites is unlikely to match your unique travel plans.

Its now second-nature to compare different travel providers and vacation rentals online, so it only makes sense to extend that test to the insurance that protects an expensive trip for you and your family. makes this easy. We are a licensed agency operating across all 50 states, providing coverage through some of the largest travel insurers in the industry.

What Are Landlord Insurance Policies

Landlord insurance is a type of insurance that is meant to protect real estate investors and their residential or commercial properties. Unlike traditional homeowners insurance policies that cover the structure of your building and its contents, landlord insurance is meant to provide protection for buildings, additional structures on the same property, and liability.

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How Much Do Landlord Insurance Policies Cost

The cost of landlord insurance varies widely depending on the details of the building you want to insure, where you live, your credit rating, discounts you are eligible for, and more. To find out how much you might pay for landlord insurance, you should take the time to get quotes from at least three or four insurance companies.

Ways To Lower Your Vacation Home Insurance Premium

Homeowners Insurance Nc State Farm

The luxury of having a vacation home often comes with a correspondingly higher price tag, but there are ways you can save on the home insurance premium. The cost of most improvements to a second home will generally outweigh what you will save on your premium, though they can make your insurance rates less expensive.

For example, policyholders get a discount for a home with a central alarm system, but the savings on your premium is far less than the subscription fee for eligible systems. This doesnt mean there is no value in installing a central alarm system especially in a home that is unoccupied most of the time. It’d be a smart defense against the threat of burglary.

Making a vacation home more secure mitigates the risk of something happening to it and reduces the likelihood of the policyholder needing to filing a claim that is what is most important. Remaining claim-free is vital to keeping the cost of your second-home insurance premium down. For example, if you have been a policyholder with State Farm for less than two years and have one paid claim, your premium will increase 15%. If you have two claims within a three-year period, it will go up 35%.

In addition to the discounts a primary residence would receive, a home insurance policy for a vacation home usually qualifies a policyholder for a bundling discount.

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Best Landlord Insurance Policies Of 2021

State Farm offers robust coverage for landlords who own apartments or single-family homes, and customers get to work with an agent who understands their needs. The company boasts strong ratings for financial strength and you can customize your policy to suit your goals and budget.

  • Customize your policy to suit your needs and budget

  • Work with an agent for a personalized experience

  • A++ rating for financial strength from AM Best

  • Discounts available

  • No way to get a quote online

  • Extra coverage options can cause premiums to rise

State Farm won as our best overall landlord insurance due to the financial strength of the company, as well as its reputation for quality agent customer service.

The company was originally founded in 1922, and it has grown since then to become a major provider of homeowners insurance, auto insurance, renter’s insurance, and financial services. Landlord insurance from State Farm includes coverage for dwellings, loss of rent if a property becomes uninhabitable, and liability coverage. Landlords can also purchase coverage for personal property they rent with their homes or apartments, including furniture and other property used to maintain the home.

Comparing Landlord Insurance Policies

While you can buy landlord insurance from most of the major insurance companies, some providers offer more robust landlord policies than others. Here are some of the features you should look for as you compare landlord insurance policies across multiple providers:

  • Included Coverages: While most landlord policies include the same basic coverages for your building structure and liability, some companies offer broader included coverages than others. For example, your policy may or may not cover other structures on your property, vandalism, loss of rent while your building is repaired, and more.
  • Available Add-ons: Check with companies to see if they offer additional coverage options you need, such as umbrella insurance or coverage for earthquakes or floods.
  • Insurance Discounts: Compare companies based on the discounts you may be eligible for, including military discounts, federal employee discounts, and savings for bundling multiple policies.
  • Online Access: If you want to manage most of your insurance needs online, make sure companies you’re considering have online portals that let you pay premiums or file claims.
  • Limitations: Know the limitations of companies you’re considering, including whether they offer landlord coverage in your state. If you have many properties or short-term vacation rentals, you’ll need to make sure insurance providers offer options that suit your needs.

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Applying For Landlord Insurance

If you are ready to purchase landlord insurance, you can start the process by getting as many free quotes as you can online. This can help you get an idea of how much you’ll pay for landlord insurance premiums, which you can use to compare and contrast with other quotes you receive.

Don’t be afraid to speak with local agents in your area who offer landlord insurance through major providers. If you’re short on time and don’t want to spend hours on the phone with several companies, it can also help to prepare a single email you send out to several agents in your area. Information in the email should include the address of your rental property, your age, your personal home address, and the loan details on the rentals you want to insure.

State Farm Renters Insurance Review 2022

Top Tips for New Drivers | State Farm®

While State Farm is best known for being the countrys largest auto insurer, it also offers quality renters insurance. With few customer complaints, the ability to file and track claims online and an abundance of coverage options to choose from, State Farms renters insurance is one of the best available.

Best for: Renters looking for a large insurer offering a wide range of coverage options.

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