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Is Disney Vacation Club Worth The Money

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Is DVC Worth It? | Disney World Moderate Resort vs. Disney Vacation Club

At Perfecting the Magic, we love a deep dive. From articles like this, in which we help you consider the ways you do Disney, to pieces exploring the history of Disneyland snacks, and exclusive interviews with Disney notables you love, we do what we do because were Disney fans just like you!

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Making The Decision To Purchase Dvc

Being big Disney fans who traveled often we had always been curious about if DVC would be right for us. While we were on a planning trip for our Disney Fairy Tale Wedding we decided to also squeeze in an official DVC tour. When we met with a representative to tour the preview center at Saratoga Springs Resort we really fell in love with the idea. While initially we played with the idea of using DVC points for wedding and honeymoon accommodations we realized adding another big financial commitment on top of a wedding wasnt the smartest decision. So we added it to our list of goals for the future.

Disney Vacation Club Price

Currently, $188 is the price per point for 2020. If you buy the minimum, thats $18,800 for 100 points.

A 250-point package would cost $47,000. This is a more typical package to buy. There are also closing costs and annual dues which vary by your choice of home resort and the number of points you purchase.

Based on the number of points you have, you can take annual trips and come back to the same location, or you can save your points and bank them for a more extravagant trip which would include more expensive resorts, exotic locations, or trips that include extended family.

The program is very flexible and you can accommodate a lot of different scenarios.

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Disney Vacation Club Points: Gifting Them To Your Children

Even if you tire of visiting Walt Disney World as you age and your children grow up, youll find DVC useful in the future. For example, you can give vacations to your family and friends whenever you dont plan to use your DVC points before they expire.

Also, you can deed or will your ownership to your children when youve decided that you wont be using it anymore. Imagine the joy youll one day bring to your grandchildren when they experience their dream vacation.

Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It

Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge is a popular resort broken up into two sections Jambo House and Kidani Village. Jambo house is the main lodge where the beautiful lobby is. Kidani Village is a short bus ride away and is all DVC Villas. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a popular place to stay because of the on-site savanna with animal viewing. I meanwho wouldnt want to have their morning coffee while watching the sun rise with some giraffes?

We stayed in a three-bedroom Deluxe Grand Villa inside Jambo house and it was the height of Disney luxury. This is how I imagine celebrities and the ultra rich must experience Disney World. The Deluxe Grand Villas have three bedrooms, one master suite with a king-sized bed and two smaller bedrooms with two queen beds each. The couch in the living room also makes a bed. There were two separate balconies overlooking the savanna, a full kitchen, dining room and game room with a pool table. There were four bathrooms an en suite for each bedroom plus a hall bathroom you can use without having to go into anyones bedroom. Everything was exquisitely themed, from the wall art to the tiles in the shower.

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I Want To Purchase Dvc Whats Next

Home Resort If saving money is the impetus behind the purchase, and youve crunched the numbers and think it can be done, this is a no-braineryou buy into Saratoga Springs via the DVC resale market. If money is a concern, but you have a definite resort preference, you should buy where you want to stay. If you wont be happy unless you are able to stay at the Beach Club Villas every trip, you should purchase points there.

This is especially true with the popular and small resorts, such as the Beach Club Villas, which are difficult to book at the 7 months mark throughout much of the year. At the bare minimum, your home resort should be somewhere you wouldnt mind stayingbecause you just might have to stay there during busier seasons where other resorts are booked at the 7 month mark. If you are not sure which resort might be the one you want to call home, read our article ranking the Disney Vacation Club resorts.

Start Watching The Resale Listings There are several sites that can assist you in purchasing Disney Vacation Club via the resale market, and the one we recommend is DVC Resale Market. We like them because this is the only reseller that was founded by former DVC Guides Nick Cotton and Kevin Macquarrie were actually Disneys top Sales Guides, and they know Disney Vacation Club inside and out.

Disney Vacation Club Point System For Deciding If Dvc Is Worth It

As discussed above The Disney Vacation club operates on a point system. The amount of points you purchase is a one-time buy and is based on your families vacation goals. The great thing about the Disney Vacation Club points is you can use them for other vacations such as international Disney trips and Disney cruise line. You have the option to buy your DVC membership directly through Disney or you can purchase resale points from someone selling their membership.

Its important to note that as of March 21, 2011 only DVC members who purchased directly from Disney will receive all of the most recent perks.

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Is Disney Vacation Club Worth The Money

As with any timeshare program, there are pros and cons. As a Disney Vacation Club member, youll basically be committing to taking regular Disney vacations. If this is something youre planning for over the course of your life, a Disney Vacation Club membership makes a lot of sense.

If youre planning on traveling with extended family and taking longer annual trips, your points will certainly come in handy.

If you arent sure youd like to return to Disney properties regularly, consider looking at the other resorts that are available as well to see if they make sense for you.

At the end of the day, its best to weigh the pros and cons, factor in your familys travel plans, finances, and what your trips to Disney will look like, to know if Disney Vacation Club worth the money for you and your family.

For more travel guides and resources, visit the travel section for great tips and recommendations.

Disneys Yacht And Beach Club

How Much $ is Disney Vacation Club? | What is the TRUE Cost of a DVC Reservation?

Now were headed away from Magic Kingdom and over to the EPCOT area for Disneys Yacht and Beach Club Resorts! These are two separate resorts, but they share quite a few amenities like bus transportation and a pool.

And, speaking of the pool, thats one of the main draws to paying the Disney Deluxe Resort price to stay here. The pool itself spans three acres, has a sand-bottom floor, a lazy river, three whirlpool spas, AND a 230-foot long water slide . Theres so much going on that it can feel like a mini water park and you can spend a lot of time here if youre visiting in the summer.

Plus, when youre not hanging out at the pool, youll have easy transportation to both EPCOT and Disneys Hollywood Studios. So, youll be close to not one but TWO Disney parks.

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What Is The Disney Vacation Club And How Much Does It Cost

There are all sorts of Disney memberships, whether youre an Annual Passholder or a D23 Member. But, one of the memberships thats been around for 30 years is the Disney Vacation Club!

Were sure youve seen the logo around the parks or at least heard the name once or twice. Maybe youve even seen one of the informational kiosks in Disney Springs or the parks! Yet, if you arent part of the program, you might be wondering what exactly the Disney Vacation Club really is. Dont worry, though were here to help explain it to you!

The Disney Vacation Club is a vacation ownership program similar to a time-share, where the program works on a point system that allows guests to travel when and where they want at Disney locations around the world.

Members do have a use year, where the points become available to use for a certain amount of time. Within that use year, you can use your points however you would like. However, points can expire if they are unused. So, the Disney Vacation Club has systems in place where you can bank unused points or borrow points from the next use year if you run out.

As we mentioned before, points dont just have to be used at resorts in Disney World or Disneyland. They can be used at Disneys Aulani Resort in Hawaii, on Disney Cruises, and so much more! So, you could use your Disney Vacation Club points to travel around the world or stay close by, depending on what your vacation needs and budgets happen to be.

What Types Of Rooms Are Available For Dvc Members

Disney has a few different types of rooms that are standard at their DVC resorts . The first is a deluxe studio. These rooms are the most similar to a standard hotel room and typically sleep four guests.

Deluxe studios almost always contain a queen size bed and full-size sleeper sofa. These rooms have kitchenettes with a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and other essentials. They have a balcony , beautiful bathrooms, and cable television.

As you are moving up in size, the next option is a 1-bedroom villa, which sleeps up to five people. These rooms have a separate master bedroom with a king-size bed, a full sleeper sofa, and a twin sleeper chair in the main living room. The living room, kitchen, and dining areas are open, facilitating family togetherness.

These rooms come with fully-equipped kitchens, including a full-size refrigerator and freezer, stove and cooktop, and cooking utensils. The bathroom connects to the master directly and to the main living area as well. Many of them have walk-in showers and separate soaking tubs.

All Disney Vacation Club properties also have 2-bedrooms villas. These sleep up to nine guests. The master bedroom with a private en-suite bathroom has a king bed, the second bedroom has two queen beds, and there is a sleeper sofa and sometimes a sleeper chair in the living room. They have double bathrooms as well.

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What Are The Best Home Resort Options

When you decide to buy into the DVC membership program, you have to pick a home resort. This is the main resort your points belong to, and this really doesnt matter much for new purchases, but it does matter when it comes to resale whether buying or selling.

Your home resort is also important when it comes to booking your vacations. You are able to book at your home resort up to 11 months in advance, but youre only able to book other DVC resorts 7 months in advance.

You can pick any of the home resorts they are offering to be your home resort when you purchase, but you may get the best deals on the newest or newly renovated resorts. Currently, Disney is offering huge discounts on Disneys Riviera Resort, Aulani in Hawaii, and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disneys Wilderness Lodge.

When it comes to deciding which are the best options for your home resort, consider the value and the space that you need. You are able to choose from Deluxe Studios, 1-Bedroom Villas, 2-Bedroom Villas, and some even have 3-Bedroom Villas. The bigger the family, the bigger the space you will need, but remember that the Deluxe Studios sleep 4/5, and the costs are much cheaper.

Disney Vacation Club Resorts

Disney Vacation Club is it Worth your Time? Pros &  Cons ⢠Mouse Travel ...

So what resorts are included as Disney Vacation Club Resorts? Essentially it is all of Disneys Deluxe Resorts. Weve listed them in groups below: Walt Disney World DVC Resorts, Disneyland DVC Resorts, and Around The World DVC Resorts.

Walt Disney World Resorts

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani and Jambo

Bay Lake Tower

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Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It The Pros And Cons

If you make regular vacations to the Land of the Mouse every year or even hold an annual pass to Walt Disney World Resorts, you may have pondered if Disney Vacation Club is worth it. Certainly, this top vacation club holds a lot of value for many owners that look forward to their vacations year after year. Plus, it may ease the spending burden every year when you pay for your timeshare all at once. Even if you love all things Disney, make sure to weigh out the pros and cons to determine if Disney Vacation Club is worth it. Just because you love Disney doesnt mean vacation ownership is necessary for you!

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It How To Decide

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Is Disney Vacation Club worth it?

This is a question we know a lot of Disney lovers have asked themselves, and want an answer to. Booking Disney vacations can be expensive, and being able to have your resort accommodations basically prepaid could save you some money in the long run.

There are so many other things to consider though when it comes to figuring out if Disney Vacation Club is worth it for your family and were here to help! Weve compiled the most common questions here to help you figure out if becoming a member is right for your family.

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Itsnot A Financial Investment

This is something I hear frequently from people considering buying DVC, I just cant get this to make sense as a financial investment. Youre right. Because its not.

Thats the first thing you need to accept when you are thinking of purchasing. Disney Vacation Club is not a financial investment. It is not a place to put your money if you want to earn more money with it.

DVC isnt any more of a financial investment than anyother vacation you take. If you spend a week in Paris, thats not a financialinvestment either. Its an emotional investment, but thats a topic for later.

Now, are most DVC owners able to sell their DVC contracts on the resale market after keeping them for several years and make a profit? Yes. In fact, I could make $15.00 more per point over what I paid for my Old Key West contract if I were to sell it today. But thats a happy accident, not an investment.

Dont go into DVC with the attitude that its a greatplace to put your money. Its not. Its a timeshare.

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth Your Money

The TRUE Cost of Disney Vacation Club | How much $ does DVC really cost?

How does Disney Vacation Club work? Is Disney Vacation Club worth the money? Read on to discover the truth about Disney Vacation Club here.

If youre considering traveling to Disney for many years to come, The Disney Vacation Club is one of the most exclusive Disney membership programs available. The members of this club get access to amazing Disney accommodations, discounts at parks, and more.

Is Disney Vacation Club worth the money, however? This guide will go over how the club works, what you get from your membership, as well as the positives and potential drawbacks.

From where to stay to the points per dollar, this is your DVC membership guide.

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The Math When Trying To Figure Out If The Disney Time Share Is Worth It

So right before we get into the math to show you if the Disney Vacation Club is worth it, we find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions?

Questions to ask when deciding if the DVC is worth it?

  • Will I be visiting Walt Disney World every year?
  • Or at least every other year?

If you answered yes that you might be visiting Disney World every year or other year then I feel that the Disney vacation club might be worth it for you. It really all depends on your families goals as well.

Do you prefer to stay at Disneys Value resorts when you visit since you spend more time in the parks? Or do you stay at the Disney Deluxe resorts to take breaks by the pool?

The easy answer is if you plan on visiting Walt Disney World every year and stay at a Deluxe resort then yes its worth it. Again, even if you plan on visiting every other year and stay at a Disney Deluxe resort its still worth it.

Using our example from before if you purchased 160 points at Disneys Riviera resort your total cost would be $39,200.00 plus closing costs of another $1,000.

Your expenses over the next 50 years would look like this:

Who Should Get The Disney Vacation Club

Obviously, Disney Vacation Club is not perfect for everyone, but there are certain people where I say it is a must.

Regular Disney Visitors

Anyone who plans on visiting Disneyland or Disney World at least once every few years. You are going to stay at some amazing resorts and save a ton of money.

People who are terrible at saving for vacations

I am terrible at saving for a vacation and would only go once every few years. After the Disney Vacation Club, we would go every year and sometimes multiple years on vacations. The reason being, since you basically have a monthly payment to pay for your Vacation Club, it is basically like putting away money for your next vacation.

Large families that visit Disney or Hawaii

We have 5 kids, so we need multiple rooms usually at a hotel, but DVC offers a wide variety of room sizes that are much more affordable than a traditional hotel.

Those who love a deal?

I have to say I am obsessed with finding a good deal and I dont know of a better deal, I have found in my life. In fact, I have run into people who barely go to Disney and still say it is the best purchase they made because it made them vacation every year. That is because even if you dont go, you can rent out your points and use that money for another vacation.

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