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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare For Sale

How Do I Get Rid Of My Holiday Inn Club Timeshare

Orange Lake Country Club Holiday Inn Club Vacations SCAM

Just like with any other Timeshare, all Holiday Inn Club owners have 3 options available to them:

  • Find a new owner on the resale market
  • Give the ownership back to the resort/Developer
  • Stop paying

This article will focus on item 2 “Giving it back to the Resort Developer”, which is simple and easy because Holiday Inn Club has an official program for owners to simply give their unwanted Timeshare or points back to Holiday Inn Club completely free!The other items are discussed regularly in other Timeshare advice articles as well as the TUG Holiday Inn Club owner forum if you wish to look into those further!

Exchange Holiday Inn With Rci & Ii

Holiday Inn Club Vacations owners can use their points on third-party vacation exchange networks, like RCI or Interval International. Check with your Home resort first to find out which exchange company it is affiliated with. Once you determine whether your Holiday Inn points can be traded on RCI or II, you will be able to sign up and trade your ownership for thousands of other resorts or hotels worldwide.

With vacation exchange, you can use your points to book stays at thousands of affiliate resorts, as well as apply them towards airfare, car rentals, vacation packages, excursions, guided tours, high adventure trips, attraction and events tickets, and so much more! Using these perks can help you make the best of your timeshare by allowing you to enjoy your ownership for a stay almost anywhere in the world.

This Is Hard To Believe Can You Prove This Program Works

Absolutely! Holiday Inn Club Horizons has been in existence for years and was first announced on TUG back in 2018. Since then hundreds if not thousands of Holiday Inn Club Owners have discovered this info thru TUG and successfully ended their Holiday Inn Club ownerships at zero cost to them! You can view the full discussion thread here that is still active with owners finding it every single week! Horizons, How to give back your Holiday Inn Club timeshare.These are the lucky ones like yourself, unfortunately the rest likely pay some random company a fortune to do something they could have done themselves for free!

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Help

Here is the situation does anyone know any benefits from owning points through holiday inn vacation club in las Vegas. We owned a week at the original summer’s bay through rci points. Our unit was worth 53,000 points and we paid 10,000 dollars. We never had any problems and have traded anywhere without issue. Recently holiday in vacatin club purchased the resort. On a recent trip they spoke to my wife about buying in to their holiday inn club. They said if we did not we would only be locked into one week a year during a particular season when we had never had this issue before we could always trade whenever we wanted. They old her that theatrics was 30,000 but since we already owned their they would take that as a trade in somewhat and only charge us 20,000 dollars. They told my wife that we would have enough points for three weeks worth of stay and all this priority club stuff where we could earn flights and all theirs crap. They also said that we could still trade through rci and would have 89,000 points. And 169,000 holiday club points. Anyways she purchased and when I saw the packet I realized that we are paying 20 grand for 36,000 more rci points than we already had. And I checked their point system and to stay at the desert club 1 week would use all our points. I feel like we got ripped off, what do you guys think. And is there any way out.

What Do You Think Add Your Review

Buy Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas Desert Club ...
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    They know that their sales department tell lies, scam and fraud people to buy points which they say is not a timeshare. Which is a timeshare, they lie and say you can deed it back anytime, it is a trial, etc. They don’t tell you about club membership, and other fees. They are fully aware it is a scam, they do not care. Many other companies if you don’t like the product you can withdraw. I called to cancel and they knowly told me to wait a week, I even have email to prove this. They made me wait out the rescind period to tell me its too late. They won’t release they want your life and your children life.

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated Response


    It has been our mission and privilege for 40 years to bring families together for memorable vacations. We hate to hear that you are disappointed with your vacation ownership, and we’d like to try to change that for you, Nicole. We’ve asked the team to get in touch to see what we can do. Thank you for reaching out.

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    Timeshare Not Worth Your Time

    I went for a 3 day weekend timeshare sales experience. Upon arrival, we were brought into a very large room with over 100 people being “sold”. It was extremely loud, AC blasting right on us, so we were all freezing. We were kept there for at least 3 hours with only coffee and sugary snacks offered while they tried to talk us into why we needed to buy a timeshare on the spot, part of the scam to get you to buy. The property was average after review. Our tour included seeing one townhouse which looked great when you walked in, but the furnishings and appliances are below average for most timeshares and you had to walk up two flights of stairs. Imagine coming and being in the 3rd floor and having to haul your luggage and groceries, oy! There was trash overflowing the barrels around the property and litter at the tennis courts and fields. It is not up to par for most timeshares and not worthy of exchange. the area is great and fun to explore – but id choose another resort or a hotel in town next time!More

    • Trip type: Travelled with family
    • Value


    • Trip type: Travelled as a couple
    • Location
    • Trip type: Travelled as a couple
    • Location
    • Trip type: Travelled with family
    • Location
    • Trip type: Travelled as a couple
    • Location

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations Signature Collection At Williamsburg Resort

    The twenty-four hour excitement of New York City or the hustle and bustle of Boston aren’t for everyone. This is why timeshare in different eastern USA states – such as Virginia – is an important addition to any developer’s portfolio. This oft-overlooked state has much to offer, particularly to those of you that enjoy visiting a quieter location with plenty of chances for rest, relaxation, and immersing yourself in historic American culture. You will find close links to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown – known locally as the Historic Triangle, where you can travel back in time and experience life as a colonist during the American Revolution. All of this is possible from the Williamsburg Resort.

    Colonial-style architecture awaits you at this newly refurbished resort, with all of the spacious one and two bedroom and three bedroom lock-off Signature Collection accommodations featuring full kitchens, separate dining areas, and even Jacuzzi bathtubs! While tucked away in a quiet and scenic area, downtown is readily accessible should you wish to explore. On-site you’ll be treated to both indoor and outdoor pools, mini golf and bowling, fitness centre, a cafe and convenience store. Travel and Leisure Group are proud to offer timeshare for resale with Signature Collection at Williamsburg Resort, where a relaxing holiday awaits you.

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    Getting Started With Holiday Inn

    Holiday Inn Vacation Club is a timeshare club consisting of members who own timeshare interests. Timeshares used to be just one week at the same resort each year, but timeshare is changing, and Holiday Inn Club Vacations is changing to meet the industries needs.

    Timeshare owners through Holiday Inn Club Vacations can now own either points or weeks based timeshare and exchange either for stays at other resorts within the brands network.

    Holiday Inn began in 1952 as Holiday Inn Hotel Courts in Memphis, Tennessee. By the year 1956, there were 23 Holiday Inns motels in operation. The brand originally catered to travelers for brief periods of time in the form of motels and inns, but in 2008 launched Holiday Inn Club Vacations, the timeshare leg of the company.

    Today, there are over 25 Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resorts throughout the world. Holiday Inn still focuses on creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for its guests, in addition to offering unforgettable vacation experiences. Owners within the brand enjoy loyalty program perks and exciting excursions year after year in some of the countries most incredible vacation destinations.

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations is owned and operated by IHG. Notably, IHG has been in business since 1777. What first began as a brewery is now a top brand in hospitality with thriving accommodations all over the world.

    This Seems Too Good To Be True Whats The Catch

    Holiday Inn Club Vacation Williamsburg Virginia resort tour! Interval international timeshare

    While there is no “catch”, there are two requirements for an owner to be eligible to use this program

    • Your ownership must be paid off
    • You cannot be delinquent in your maintenance fees

    Thats it! no special fees, no secrets, no hidden agendas! If you have a Holiday Inn Club Timeshare or points you wish to get rid of, you can simply call the number on the website above and begin the quick and easy process of giving your Timeshare back to HICV

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    What If I Dont Want To Just Give It Away For Free

    While the majority of Holiday Inn Club Ownerships have little to no resale value , 3 HICV resorts do indeed have some residual value that could be offered up on the resale market to net some money to you as an owner if you chose to sell it vs give it back to Holiday Inn Club! If you wish to investigate this route, we would suggest starting with our How to Sell your Timeshare Guide for more details on how to sell your Timeshare yourself without paying large upfront fees and without being scammed! This article however was expressly written to let more owners know about the Horizons program as a legitimate option to get out of a Holiday Inn Club ownership!

    Are Holiday Inn Vacation Clubs Worth The Money

    This often comes down to the type of vacations an owner takes, whether they even use their vacation club membership and the amount of money paid in the first place.

    Like any product, if you pay for something that you do not use youll be more inclined to think it isnt worth the money. Some owners can no longer use their Holiday Inn vacation club membership, whether it is for health, financial or other reasons. This is where it is important to consider your options to sell your Holiday Inn timeshare and contact a licensed timeshare resale agent for a consultation.

    For other owners, the programs can become confusing with all the points and exchange options available to them. The advantage of the Holiday Inn vacation club is that an owner has options to vacation at different times of the year among a variety of resorts within the network. This is where you should contact HICV to discuss your options with them and find out the best way to use your membership.

    Lastly, the money spent can factor heavily into an owners perception of their membership. Considering that the resort prices can be 50-60% higher than resale prices, an owner can lament the extra money spent by buying at the resort. The good news is that if you are looking to buy Holiday Inn vacation club timeshares and are already searching the resale market then you can save thousands of dollars by buying resale.

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    Things To Do In Myrtle Beach

  • Beach Not only can you enjoy the beach, but you can also enjoy waterparks as well as amusement parks and watersports.
  • Golfing In a sense, Myrtle Beach is basically a golfers paradise. This Westgate Myrtle Beach Resort is close to over 100 championship golf courses. Majority of them designed by legends such as Arnold Plamer and Greg Norman.
  • Live Entertainment Emerging as a hotspot for live family entertainment, enjoy a variety of live shows that include music, dance, comedy, concerts, and movies.
  • Shopping If youre a shopaholic, lets just say you and Myrtle Beach are a match made in heaven. Shop til you drop at their array of fantastic stores. From upscale retail stores to small neighborhood shops.
  • How Much Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations

    South Beach Resort Pictures

    The cost of Holiday Inn Club Vacations ownership can vary from resort, week number, annual point allotment, unit type, and more. Depending on your travel preferences, you can find a Holiday Inn timeshare for sale that fits your lifestyle. When you purchase directly from Holiday Inn, a baseline ownership can cost several thousand dollars. You can also browse Holiday Inn timeshare resale on our resort marketplace for great deals at top resorts.

    Our friends at Vacation Club Loans also offer timeshare financing with low rates and fast online approval. With as little as 10% down, you can view the Monthly Payment Calculator on each Holiday Inn timeshare for sale on our marketplace to determine monthly payments.

    You should also consider the annual timeshare maintenance fees. With every vacation club, owners must pay annual fees and dues. These go towards resort up-keep, renovations, etc. According to the American Resort Development Association , maintenance fees cost an average of $1000 per year.

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    Be Notified Of New Ads For This Resort

    Buy a timeshare at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Below are timeshares for sale at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort. Do you want to purchasea Cape Canaveral week at a huge discount? If you are thinking I want to buy a week then you are in the right place. timeshares are better than hotel lodging. We have resales right here.If you would like to purchase a timeshare at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort, contact the owner directly by clicking on their name. These prices are much less then the developer’s prices. You can also post your week for rent or sale.At, you can make a purchase with NO fee to us. more FAQ

    Where Will You Find Holiday Inn Club Vacations Resorts

    Continually expanding its list of timeshare properties, HICV is committed to offering its member/owners vacation resorts at all the most popular destinations, steadily growing its resort list in ways that are strategic and fiscally responsible. Currently youll find Holiday Inn timeshares in the following high-demand vacation spots:

    1) Near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

    2) Waterfront, on a canal less than two miles from Gulf of Mexico beaches in Marco Island, Florida

    3) At a golfers paradise in Panama City Beach, Florida

    4) Beachfront in Panama City Beach, Florida

    5) At the edge of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

    6) A two-minute walk from the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    7) At a year-round woodland retreat in the mountains near Brownsville, Vermont

    8) In the rolling hills of Wisconsin at Lake Geneva

    9) Less than a block from The Strip in Las Vegas

    10) Beachside at Galveston, Texas

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    How To Cancel Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare On Your Own

    Are you stuck with a Holiday Inn Club Vacation timeshare agreement? Well, there are a few ways that you can legally cancel the contract and regain your freedom. However, the process might not be easy, as you might have to part with some dollars to be free again.

    Like any other company timeshare contract, you can achieve Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare cancellation by following the ways below:

  • You can take advantage of the rescission or cancellation period before it ends. For most companies, the grace period runs up to 14 days. The rescission period is the most demanded contract escape loophole and the most frequently missed due to the short time. If you recently purchased a timeshare with the Holiday Inn Club Vacations, you should find out about the rescission law of the particular state. Different states have different rules regarding the rescission period. If you’re lucky, you can receive a full refund depending on the laws of the state or country you purchased your timeshare.
  • Spot inaccuracies in the initial contract and cancel it based on misinformation. You should read the contract letter thoroughly to find any discrepancies like false advertising. If the contract doesn’t mention certain charges or conditions, most states, such as Florida, offer consumer protection thus, you’ll be allowed to terminate the agreement.
  • DoNotPay is your favorite partner in this situation we are here to help you solve the issue with ease. Worry no more.

    Next Steps And What To Expect From Us

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort Las Vegas

    Once you reach out to us about canceling or exiting your timeshare, our Horizons team will review your ownership details to help you assess your timeshare cancellation options. Well contact you at a time thats convenient for you, answer all your questions about canceling or selling your timeshare, and make sure all your concerns are addressed.

    Well explain the timeshare cancellation options we offer, as well as the process, requirements and expectations for any steps available to you. If you qualify for Horizons, we will collect a $500 processing fee per contract to get started. In addition, well provide you with valuable information about potential pitfalls in the third-party timeshare exit and resale marketplace.

    Whether youve owned with us for 30 years or are just starting out, we appreciate you being a part of our family.

    If youre ready to talk about canceling your timeshare and ending your ownership with us, please give us a call at one of the numbers below or fill out the form above so we can discuss your available options. Were here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

    Toll Free: 228-8689

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