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Disney Vacation Club Points Chart

Disney Vacation Club Releases Points Charts For 2022 Adjusts Rates Due To Demand

DVC Point Charts 2022

Disney Vacation Club issued points charts for 2022, along with a few adjustments to improve availability and further correspond with demand.

According to a charts analysis published by DVC News, changes enacted in 2021 reflected a push towards making fall dates more expensive while lowering the price of summer stays. The first two weeks of September remain the cheapest period of time to visit Walt Disney World, followed by the remainder of the month, plus all of January, and December 1-14. December 15-23 has seen a slight increase from 2021. The weeks of Christmas and New Years Eve, plus Easter, remain the most expensive.

Disney Vacation Club issued the following update on their points charts page, along with links to 2022 points charts for each property:

The 2022 changes only affect Disney Vacation Club Resorts at Walt Disney World Resort. They do not impact Disneys Vero Beach Resort, Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort, The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas.

View the Points Charts for each destination to determine how many Points are required for your stay.

Dvc Statement Concerning Points Usage For 2023

If you visit the DVC website you will see that they share why they kept the seven travel periods. It also states that it will cost more to visit in October and November, where this used to be a less expensive time for points. DVC shares:

Members who wish to travel in most weeks in October and Novemberand in certain weeks in Decemberwill require more Points than the year before.


After a thorough analysis of Member travel patterns and Resort demand, the 2023 Disney Vacation Club Vacation Points Charts were adjusted to continue to encourage travel throughout the year, with the goal of improving availability for the Membership as a whole.

The 2023 Vacation Points Charts will again feature 7 travel periods with updates to balance demand. Similar to the 2022 reallocation, travel periods with greater demand will require more Points, and travel periods with less demand will require fewer Points. For example, Members can enjoy stays for fewer Points than the year before when traveling during the summer period. On the other hand, Members who wish to travel in most weeks in than the year before.

The 2023 changes only affect Disney Vacation Club Resorts at Walt Disney World Resort. They do not impact Disneys Vero Beach Resort, Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort, The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawaii.

How Many Points Should I Buy For My First Dvc Contract

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear from people considering buying into DVC is, How many points should I buy? To answer this question, we’re going to look at formal DVC guide training, get Chad’s take on the issue, talk to 9 different DVC members and see their initial thought process and finally wrap up the show with Andy Berry about things we learned from this real-life member useability study.

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News: Disney Vacation Club Releases Its 2022 Disney Resort Points Charts

2018 DVC Point Charts

We might be nearing the end of 2020, but weve already started looking to the future for our upcoming Disney vacations!

And, Disney Vacation Club Members can start to plan their trips accordingly since the 2022 points charts have been released for nationwide Disney Resorts!

As guests head back to Disney World to see all the new projects in the works, they can also spend some time at the awesome hotels on property. And, Disney Vacation Club members can stay in spots like the Boulder Ridge Villas

and the Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disneys Wilderness Lodge!

They can also kick back and relax in the exclusive Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort

Disneys Animal Kingdom Villas

Disneys Beach Club Villas

Disneys Old Key West Resort

Disneys Polynesian Village Resort Villas and Bungalows

and the villas at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!

Disney Vacation Club Resorts like Disneys Riviera Resort

and Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort are also available to guests when they return to Disney World in 2022.

Disneyland is also opening spots for Disney Vacation Club members to use their points on rooms at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel!

Although they can visit the parks, members can also travel to other Disney Resort locations, including the Aulani Resort in Hawaii

Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

and Hilton Head Island Resort in South Carolina.

Are you a Disney Vacation Club Member? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dvc Resorts Outside Of Walt Disney World

Modest changes were presented in the travel periods at The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at Disneyland, Disneys Vero Beach Resort, and Aulanis Disney Vacation Club Villas in Hawaii. These shifts in travel periods are typically just a few days and likely will not heavily impact travel plans. Travel periods at Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort are unchanged between 2022 and 2023. Full Points Charts for these resorts can be found here:

Dvc Cost Vs Paying Cash For Your Resort Stay

Lets say you buy 160 points at Saratoga Springs Resort. For purposes of this example, 160 points would cover 11 nights of vacation in a Saratoga Springs Studio unit: a 6-night stay in Magic Season and a 5-night stay in Choice season. These roughly correspond with regular season for cash pricing of resort rooms.

  • Your dues for 160 Saratoga Springs Resort points are $1,083 in 2020, which pays in advance for points that straddle 2020 and 2021.
  • If you rented points from an owner to stay in a Saratoga Springs studio for the same dates at $19 a point, it would cost you $3,040.
  • Maybe youd be just as happy staying in the least expensive Disney Deluxe hotel room, and youre able to get a modest discount on the hotel room. If you stayed at Wilderness Lodge in Regular Season with a 25% discount, 11 nights would cost you $4,592 with tax in 2021.
  • If you paid the full rack rate charged by Disney to stay in a Saratoga Springs studio for 11 nights in Regular season, it would cost you $5,687 with tax in 2021.

All told, the $1,083 in dues compares pretty favorably to the much higher cost of $4,500+ to stay in a discounted cash room, or even the $3,000+ it would cost to rent the points from an owner.

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Disney Vacation Club Points Charts Released

Posted on Disney NewsDVC RentalsDVC ResaleDVC Tips

When booking a Disney Vacation Club Villa with points, whether you have Disney Vacation Club ownership or you are renting points, the number of points required to stay is dictated by the DVC Points Charts. Disney Vacation Club occasionally modifies Points Charts to better reflect membership reservation patterns. For the resorts located at Walt Disney World, we are seeing changes in the Points Charts for the third year in a row. These changes are enacted to help optimize points use and travel across the entire year.

Dvc Points Charts Revised For September 2022

Beginner’s Guide to Renting DVC Points | How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Disney Vacation Club has released a revised set of points charts for calendar year 2022 which corrects inflated annualized figures.

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Disney Vacation Club retains the right to adjust resort point charts from year to year, ostensibly in the interest of balancing member demand with the cost of accommodations. Ideally, periods which have proven less desirable among members will see their costs decline to encourage additional traffic while periods of high demand see an offsetting increase in costs. Such adjustments have been implemented during the last several years, a process which included adding two new seasons to the point charts of most resorts.

When these changes are complete, the full year cost for booking all villas for all nights at a single DVC resort should remain largely unchanged.

Back in May 2021, in the initial points charts for 2022. Our conclusion was that reallocated charts for Walt Disney World resorts for calendar year 2022 reflected an overall increase of about 205,000 points or 0.40% more than if the 2021 charts had been maintained.

On August 4, 2021, Disney Vacation Club published revised charts for the 2022 year which largely correct this imbalance. The 11 days from September 20 to 30 were moved back down to the lowest-cost season while nightly costs for that season were adjusted as necessary.

The impact on Polynesian costs is illustrated in the chart below.

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Travel Periods At Walt Disney World

Travel periods set the points per night required to stay across different times of the year. Previously, most Disney Vacation Club resorts used to have five travel periods, then referred to as seasons. In 2021, DVC changed many of these five season allocations to seven travel periods. At Walt Disney World resorts, the 2023 Points Charts have a significant reordering of times of year in the travel periods.

Starting in 2023, early May will be one of the most economical times to travel, and the summer months are all cheaper than October and November. Those using DVC points can stay during the summer in 2023 for fewer points than in 2022. Conversely, most weeks in October and November will cost more points in 2023 than previously. The first half of February did not move travel periods, but may become a more attractive option to DVC owners and renters, as it will be less expensive to vacation in early February than October and November in 2023. Early December has long been a favorite time of year to travel to Walt Disney World for DVC members, as it has traditionally been one of the least expensive options but the parks are . The first three weeks of December remains in the least expensive half of travel periods, but the first two weeks in December will cost slightly more points per night in 2023 than in 2022. The entire month of September remains the lowest cost period, and the week of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve stays in the highest points per night travel period.

Authentic Member Testimonials About Initial Purchase And Add

In this episode, we asked My DVC Points community members to share their stories of how they answered this question of the number of points to buy:

  • How many points did you purchase?
  • How did you determine this amount?
  • Did add-on-itis hit?
  • Shannon Loehrlein: Initially, they looked at buying 150 points, but there was a $5000 off promotion running if purchasing 200 points, allowing for enough points to stay about 10 nights a year. Sometimes, it just makes sense to go up to the next tier of points when promotions are active, as it could be more advantageous to your pocketbook.

    Jimmy Maass: Initially, Jimmy’s family bought 200 points at Copper Creek. Researched the points charts and determined that they would need about 175 points for the types of stays they would like to do, and were lucky to nab a promo that allowed them to increase to 200 points. Since then, they have increased their points to 1000 points through add-on-itis! They fell in love with the Riviera after a tour and added on. After listening to the podcast, they decided to add on with an Aulani subsidized contract! Their strategy was to buy smaller contracts to split them amongst their children later or sell, as smaller contracts are more desirable.

    Throughout all these member discussions, what echoes is that add-on-itis real, as DVC members love sharing the magic with their friends and family!

    Hosts Chad Pennycuff

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    Calendar Year Vs Use Year

    Another important factor to keep in mind would be the difference between calendar year and use year when booking your DVC vacation. The calendar year starts January 1st of each year, and of course, ends on December 31st, whereas your Use Year starts with the 1st day of your use year month, and your Use Year ends with the last night of the month prior to your use year.

    In this example, using a June Use Year, your use year begins on June 1st, and ends on May 31st the following year. Now keeping in mind that the number of points needed to travel is based on the check-in date. So booking a trip for 2/4/2021 to 2/11/2021 would be subject to the 2021 points charts when determining the number of points needed to book the reservation, but sticking with our example of owning a June Use Year, the points being used to travel at that time are actually drawing from our 2020 Use Year . You can see in the graph below the blue highlighted cells, this denote that a check-in date for that period would be drawing points from your 2020 Use Year. In our case, with a June Use Year, traveling 2/4/2021 to 2/11/2021 would use points out of our 2020 Use year.

    The only case where booking in February would use points from the 2021 Use Year , would be if you owned a February Use Year, which you can see below in the chart, the month of February is highlighted with green to show it is drawing points from our 2021 Use Year.

    Base Year And Breakage 101

    DVC Point Chart, Disney Vacation Club Points

    In order to understand what and why this is occurring we must first explore several key concepts to Disney Vacation Club ownership and membership:

    The first important concept to understand is that all point charts are created off of what can be referred to as a base year. This represents the total number of vacation points for a given resort mapped out over a calendar year. While small fluctuations can occur in the total number of points from year to year due to the placement of weekends and holidays, essentially, each years point charts must be comparable to this base year and not fluctuate far from these numbers.

    Next, it is important to understand that any overage or fluctuation in these charts greater than the base year total reflects an overage of points in the system for a given resort. These excess points allow Disney Vacation Club to make larger changes in the number of points required to stay in a room for a given night and create an excess inventory and additional opportunities for DVC to capture more money via a process known as breakage.

    Breakage Income is revenue generated by DVC through selling rooms for cash that are available within 60 days of check-in. While a portion of this income is indirectly returned to members via a credit towards annual dues, the remaining excess breakage is absorbed by Disney Vacation Club as profit.

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    Other Expenses And Benefits

    Remember that the cost of accommodations is actually a small fraction of the overall cost of a vacation. Walt Disney World annual passes for a family of four cost over $5500 in 2021. Meals for a 10-day vacation can easily run $1800 or more for a family. Then you have to account for airfare , souvenirs, bottled water, extra ticketed events such as Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, and so on.

    DVC members do qualify for some discounts that may help with these additional vacation expenses . They are eligible for the Sorcerer Pass at Walt Disney World, which doesnt cover Christmas and Thanksgiving, but costs around $400 less per person, and they get get some restaurant and merchandise discounts . Also, the villas have full kitchens, which could help a bit with the costs, since some meals can be made in the unit.

    DVC members and their guests may choose to purchase a Dining Plan when staying on points at a Walt Disney World DVC resort. The Dining Plans are available to the general public only as part of a vacation package, so this is a nice benefit for those DVC members who like the Disney Dining Plans.

    Another DVC benefit: you dont pay extra when more than 2 adults are staying in one DVC unit. This is true whether you use your own points, rent points or pay cash. By contrast, the Disney resort hotels charge extra if you have more than 2 adults in a room. Depending on the ages of the people in your group, this may save you a bit.

    Best Candidates For Dvc Membership

    DVC membership might make sense if you meet most or all of these criteria:

    • You have the cash in hand to pay all of the upfront costs of membership without borrowing.
    • The cost of dues does not appear to present a financial hardship based on your current expectations.
    • You vacation at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and/or Disneys beach resorts frequently: ideally at least once every two years.
    • You plan to continue staying at DVC resorts far enough into the future to make the membership at least break even.
    • You prefer to stay in Deluxe or DVC accommodations and/or you stay a long time .
    • You are able to plan your vacations well in advance ideally 7 to 11 months out.

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    How Many Dvc Points Should I Buy For My First Contract

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    One of the most frequently asked questions for people researching DVC is, How many points should I buy? To answer this question, we tried to answer it from multiple perspectives. Andy Berry from DVC Resale Market presents the formal DVC guide methodology. Chad presents the theory that most new people spend way too much time and energy on this question because the flexible nature of DVC points allows you to book various room types at various resorts with various point costs. Often, new people think that there is an exact right answer, and the point system’s flexibility makes this more like a game of horseshoes. Whatever you buy is close enough, and you’ll want to add more points later. Points are not only flexible, but they have both an additive and addictive nature. Most people buy more points later on, and It can be straightforward to combine points and make a booking. So keep it simple and buy as many points as you can reasonably afford. Generally speaking, anything under 200 points on a single contract makes the most sense because if and when you want to sell, contracts over 200 points may be less desirable on the resale market. To test Chad’s theory, we brought in 9 DVC members and asked them two basic questions.

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