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Vacation Rental Software For Owners

Its All About The Photos Really

Smart Home Benefits for Vacation Rental Owners

Great photos are what people respond to the most. Use eviivos multi-property Website & Booking Engine to showcase your properties with large captivating photos or even 3D Tours.

Let all relevant data flow to your site with our fully integrated Vacation Rental WordPress plug-in & themes. Pick your colour palette, update your logo and pictures, sit back and watch the bookings come in.

Best Vacation Rentals Property Management Systems For Growth

To help you out, weve put together a list of leading vacation rental property management systems based on their key features, integrations, and pricing.


With over 20 years in the market, Avantio is a top choice for anyone looking for a fully integrated property management system and channel manager. Its two-way API integration ensures a stable connection with over 60 global and local channels so that you can rank higher and increase your bookings.

Avantio creates professional and custom websites that focus on search engine optimization to increase visibility. Whats more, the websites come with advanced marketing tools to help retain clients. These include personalized banners, cart recovery, highlighted messages, exit tools, and a dynamic homepage.

We also offer world-class support with dedicated onboarding and partner success teams that provide PMs with training and ongoing assistance making the most of our platform.

Key features:

  • Channel manager with a two-way API integration
  • Website design and marketing tools
  • Multilingual tools
  • Flexible contracts and payment automation
  • Booking and Occupation Statistics Dashboard

Integrations: Avantio is integrated with 60+ of the best channels in the rental industry. Some of its partners include Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Vrbo, Homes & Villas by Marriott International, , Tripadvisor, HomeToGo, HVN, and Holidu.

Want to manage your vacation rental property hassle-free?


Key features:

Taxes Adjusted For Length Of Stay And Location

The system can automatically adjust the tax rate based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Length of stay. For example, a three-day reservation may have a 9% tax, while a six-month reservation is non-taxable.
  • Location of property. If the room tax in Breckenridge is 8%, while the adjoining town of Frisco is 7%, and you rent houses or condominiums in both locations, the system automatically adjusts the tax.
  • Non-taxable reservations, such as a church group.

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How To Choose The Best Property Management System For Your Short

With so many systems to choose from, its easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a minute to think about the functionality that matters most to your business. Do you want a great website builder, or do you want to focus on listing your properties on as many channels as possible? Do you want a dedicated support representative or are you comfortable with email support through a queue? And how much are you willing to spend?

Once youve determined which features are the most important to you – and what your budget looks like – then you can make an educated decision about which property management system works best for your business. If youre not sure which features you want, then you can sign up for a few free trials and explore several systems. Its worth investing some time in choosing the right system because your business will become much more efficient in the long term when youve partners with a strategic short-term rental property management system.

Owner And Guest Internet Access


RDP hosts a customer conference in Vail, Colorado to plan future research and development strategy based on customer feedback. In recent years, the focus has been to answer the question, How can we use the Internet to make life easier and more profitable for our customers?. The answer is three-fold:

Guest Direct Internet Reservations

Guests can book directly into the RDP system using our commission free Internet Reservation Module. See Internet Reservations Module.

Interface to Global Distribution System

In addition to the commission free Internet Reservation Module, RDP offers an interface to the Global Distribution System to load reservations from thousands of websites.

Owner Internet Access

RDPs capabilities for Owner Internet Access are explained below.

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The Best Property Management Systems

Property management software is an indispensable tool for consolidating information about a property on one central platform. Instead of bouncing between providers and cross-checking schedules for availability, property management software centralizes all listings and allows hosts to maximize occupancy rates, process credit card payments, contact customers, and respond to maintenance requests all from one user-friendly hub.

Whether youre starting out with a single vacation rental or youre an Airbnb property manager looking to manage dozens of listings across all the top providers, property management software is key to running an efficient, profitable business. However, the software is not cheap.

To help newcomers and savvy cost-saving hosts, weve compiled the top free and paid property management software designed specifically for vacation rentals. Weve also complied a separate list of the best apps for Airbnb and vacation rental hosts.

So Which Vacation Rental Software Should You Choose

If youre always short on time and you feel overwhelmed with your day-to-day tasks as a property manager, any of the above tools will make a huge difference in your life.

However, every property manager has different business needs. Make sure you keep yours in mind when choosing a vacation rental software solution.

Before you commit, try answering these questions:

  • Whats your budget for vacation rental software? Choose the software solution that provides the biggest value for your money. For example, Host Tools is perfect for small hosts who need an easy-to-use, budget-friendly solution with lots of useful features.
  • Which channels do you advertise on? And which ones are you planning to get listed on? Make sure the software you have your eye on has direct API integrations with those channels.
  • What aspects of your business should you automate to save the most time? Is it guest communication, task management, channel distribution, or pricing? The software you pick should have the automation capabilities that are most important to you.

Looking for a simple & intuitive tool that unifies your calendars, inboxes, and sends automated messages to your guests? Try Host Tools for free!

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Common Features Of Vacation Rental Software

Common features found in vacation rental management systems include:

Booking management Track who is renting your property during which dates, so you never accidentally double-book or lose a reservation. Maintain a database of previous renters. Some systems will allow you to accept bookings from third-party online travel brokers.
More robust systems include accounting and financial functions, including trust accountingto keep business finances separate from personal accountsas well as tracking important tax information.
Website management Create a website for your properties that makes it easy to accept online reservations. The reservations will be automatically stored and updated in your booking management module.
Calendar A detailed, customized and automatically updated calendar that tracks all of your bookings and facilities management schedules. You can also set alerts and reminders about important matters that need to be taken care of at specific times, and to send your customers alerts and reminders about their upcoming stay.
Interface/integration Interface with a listing service such as HomeAway, Airbnb, TripAdvisor etc. so you can accept bookings, update your calendar accordingly and keep your listings up-to-date.

Streamlines reservations dashboard

Contracts Data Security And Online Signatures

Chula Vista City Council approves new rules for short-term vacation rental owners

Crafting unique documents, forming contracts and getting signatures are critical to making sure sales are completed and proper legal procedures are followed. Instead of worrying about faxes or mail or having guests print out, sign, scan and send back contracts, streamline the process with simple electronic signatures . Guests can do this through your phone, tablet or personal computer.

This generates more sales, as guests have fewer obstacles to overcome in booking. It also makes things quicker and easier for businesses. Not only that, but the forms and documents are all stored together for future reference.

Some software will allow you to easily generate contracts off of a simple template. You can generate complete, downloadable documents by automatically transferring the names, dates, addresses, and more from a particular listing onto a particular document.

Guests also want to know their information is safe, and these rental software work to make sure it is. Vacation rental software has its own firewall and operates secure payment processes. And be sure to check each individual policy, but almost all of these software do not share, sell or give away customer or user data.

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Yield Management Integrated With New Reservations

RDP has integrated yield management with the reservation system. When combined with a careful study of the propertys history and training of employees, yield management can significantly increases occupancy and average daily rate . Small increases in ADR can drastically increase property profit.

Relevant Vacation Rental Software Trends

  • Vacation rental sites arent going away: As mentioned above, vacation rental sites such as Airbnb have experienced explosive growth in recent years and show no signs of slowing down. Airbnb charges a service fee to both you and your renter for listing your property, which can be tough to swallow, but unless youre comfortable renting only to friends and family, youll need to work with them to make money.

  • More regulation coming? Airbnb has grown exponentially as a result of its sharing-economy business model, but just like Uber and others, it has faced more and more scrutiny from local and federal regulators as its grown. Everything from increased taxation to bans on house parties is on the table. If you use Airbnb to find renters, be prepared for shifting tides based on government oversight.

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What Is The Best Vacation Rental Software

Do you know how in the real estate business they say that there are three things that you simply must get right to succeed: location, location, location? Well, in the vacation rental business, finding the right vacation rental software is just as important as having the right properties in all the right locations.

Once you have decided to take your bed and breakfast business professional, you will need a tool to help you manage all that comes with going professional. Thats where the right vacation rental software comes into play.

Short And Long Term Rentals

10 Best Vacation Rental Software of 2021

The system is designed for either short-term or long-term rentals or a combination of both. Reservations can range from one day to several years. The reservation process is identical for both, which simplifies training for reservationists. Rooms can be rented both short term and long term or even removed from the rental program for selected periods.

Charge a different management commission based on the length of the reservation. For example, a three-day reservation may have a management commission of 35%, while a six-month reservation may be at only 10%. Additionally, the owner can be paid only once on the three-day reservation and each month on the six-month reservation.

The system can automatically adjust the tax rate based on the length of stay. For example, a three-day reservation may have a 9% tax, while a six-month reservation is non-taxable.

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Popular Vacation Rental Property Management Systems

If you go on the Internet searching for short-term rental software tools, youll find them in abundant supply, each offering a distinctive set of features to optimize and automate your work processes. Some vendors sell off-the-shelf packages while others offer customization services based on business scale and focus. Weve picked a few popular solutions that may be worth your attention.

Please note that this list is for guidance only: We do not promote any vacation rental software providers.

Travel Agent Commissions Deducted

The Travel Agent and Wholesalers system is completely integrated with the owner billing module. Travel agent commissions are automatically deducted from the owner statement. Various methods for calculating owner portions of the commission are allowed, including:

  • Owner pays entire agent commission
  • Owner pays NO agent commission
  • Owner splits commission based on management fee. If the management receives 30% of the rental income, the management also pays 30% of the travel agent commission
  • Even split, 50% each to management and owner, regardless of management commission.

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Highly Configurable Vacation Rental Management

Our innovative, highly configurable vacation rental software is specifically designed to meet the needs of vacation rental owners and management companies. We’ve helped thousands of properties streamline operations to save time and money, increase bookings and revenue, and improve the guest experience.

Everything Your Vacation Rental Needs to Succeed

Our property management software has a full suite of features that help vacation rental owners and managers accomplish crucial business operations seamlessly, including: managing their business anywhere, anytime, across multiple properties tracking reservations in real time with integrated channel management creating detailed guest profiles for targeted marketing and collecting and analyzing data for detailed owner accounting and reporting.

Why Choose RMS?

As a leading provider of fully cloud-based hospitality solutions, our focus is on software development, industry innovation and data security to help your business succeed. We’re committed to providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service, with a skilled support team on hand 24/7/365 to answer questions, and an extensive library of self-help documentation and video training to ensure vacation rental owners, managers and staff can run their business efficiently.

Typical Features Of Vacation Rental Software

Chula Vista City Council approves new rules for short-term vacation rental owners
  • Reservations management: Accept, create, and manage reservations. Sync reservations with a master calendar to prevent conflicting reservations.

  • Contact management: Store and organize contact and guest information in a database. This feature works alongside guest communications and guest experience management to allow owners to communicate with their renters.

  • Lead management: Store information about leads and contacts at different stages of the sales process. Lead management can also help owners track and recognize guest loyalty milestones.

  • Market your vacation property online and offlinevia print and promotional materialsand coordinate and analyze those activities.

  • Housekeeping management: Schedule housekeeping and maintenance staff activities and sync with your master calendar. Keep track of issues with cleanliness or property maintenance that need to be addressed.

  • Payment processing: Automate invoicing and accept payments from renters. Export transactions to your accounting software.

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How Our Channel Manager Work

Automatic Inclusion in Popular Vacation Rental Sites

In addition to listing and promoting your home to our extensive database of travelers, PMBO also automatically integrates with major marketing channels and top travel websites. You can manage your rental property across the most popular channels like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com, Expedia and more.

Various Billing Cycles Monthly Quarterly Etc

Most management companies operate on a monthly owner billing cycle. However, the system can be used for any billing cycle. Owner statements can be printed once a week, once a month, every two months, once a quarter, etc. You can even mix billing cycles, so that one owner is paid once a week, another once a month, and a third only once a quarter.

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Have Your Bookable Vacation Website Ready In 5 Minutes

Start building your online presence with our user-friendly website builder â no tech knowledge required.

  • Lodgifyâs website technology is designed by and made for vacation rental owners.
  • Fully optimized professional templates for SEO, mobile devices and GDPR.
  • Multilingual solution available in more than 30 languages.
  • Instant direct bookings with our integrated reservation system.

Pay Bills For Owners And Guests


In addition to paying for work orders, it is possible to pay bills for owners and guests, such as cable TV, Electric, Gas, etc. The system can print checks to the vendors and bill either the owners on the owner statement or the guest on the reservation folio. The types of bills that can be paid for owners and reservations is as follows:

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Timeshare And Interval Ownership Allowed

The system can handle a wide variety of timeshare / interval ownership concepts, including point based, fixed week, floating week, quarter-share, eight-share, and a wide variety of other ownership situations. Combinations of these methods are possible, and it is possible to combine timeshare, whole ownership, and hotel rooms in one system. An example follows:

Online Rental Property Management Software

Our web based property management software requires no downloads or CDâs to install, and all upgrades are done automatically. If you have a mobile device with internet capability, your office can be mobile!

The heart of our software is the Rent Roll page, which means entering tenant payments, emailing statements and documents, viewing tenant notes, highlighting any tenant for tracking purposes, moving tenants in or out, and printing daily bank deposit slips are only clicks away.

We strive to provide excellent customer support and continually add new features to our software based on member feedback. These are some of the top reasons property managers choose us. Take a look at our affordable Pricing Plan and Free 60 Day Trial.

We make it easy to get started and create more profit from your rental properties. Give us a try and see why we are one of the best property management software programs, and why we rate highly in online property management software reviews.

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Best Vacation Rental Softwares 2022

Are you wondering how your vacation rental management operations can be streamlined and simplified? If yes, you have come to the right place. 2022 is set to be one of the most profitable years to come. In line with the continued growth in the vacation rental industry, it’s a good time to gear up and start researching your options if you’re planning to venture into the vacation rental industry. Now let’s get started.

Whether youâre managing a single vacation rental with a few units or act as a professional host with multiple listings and accounts, an easy-to-use, feature-loaded vacation rental software will come in handy any day!

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