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Safely Stay Vacation Rental Insurance

Who Should Get Short

Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance For Airbnb & Vrbo Owners

If you rent your home for short stays on Airbnb, Vrbo, or other platforms, short-term rental insurance is made for you. But its not about the platform. You may rent your cabin on the lake for eight summer weeks through referrals or newspaper ads. That fits, too.

Short-term rental insurance gives you the additional coverage you need over and above your homeowners and dwelling policies to handle the new risks that hosting short-term guests brings to your life.

If you are a landlord with permanent tenants, short-term rental policies are not for you. Youll need landlord insurance.

Fortunately, there is a growing list of options for the many conditions you need protection from when it comes to renting your property to short-stay guests.

How Does Guest Screening Work

A clean background does not always mean a good guest.

Some of the worst guests fly under the radar with no criminal history. You often find yourself at the mercy of the star rating system. This guest destroyed my stuff, but I dont want to risk getting a bad rating.Like an elephant, Safely never forgets the bad guests.We keep track of the guestsOur partners share reports of the worst guests.The ones that hurt our industry and who we need to keep out of our homes.Usually these guests intentionally violated rules, and have shown a history of disrespecting property. The List has become the industrys resources to compile these guests and keep them out of our homes and force them to stay at the local motel

Why Choose Proper Insurance

What makes Proper Insurance unlike any coverage on the market is how we have met the very specific needs of short-term rental properties. Some properties are short-term weekly vacation rentals, and some are primary residences only rented during peak seasons. Some properties are second homes only rented 4 weeks per year, and others are condos rented 52 weeks. Proper Insurance covers them all.

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Who’s Liable For Renter Injuries

Accidents can happen even in the best maintained homes. If you slip and fall on the stairs in your own house and break your leg, you can probably turn to your health insurance to cover the costs. But what if the same injury happens to one of your renters? If this renter files a lawsuit against you, claiming his broken leg was caused by your negligence in not keeping the stairway properly lit, the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend against the lawsuit will run into many thousands of dollars. And this doesn’t include the cost of any legal settlement or court judgment. So who will pay?

State Farm Coverage For Apartment Units

Elephant Insurance Contact Number / Safely Short Term ...

Protection for apartment owners falls under State Farms landlord insurance coverage. This policy provides coverage for property, liability, loss of income, and s customizable to fit your coverage needs.

Some coverage options under State Farms landlord policy include:

State Farms three rental insurance policies based on the type of property you rent allows you to choose the best option and level of coverage for your needs.

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Vacation Rental Insurance For Renters

If youre staying somewhere for a month or two, like an Airbnb or a VRBO, you might be interested in getting some sort of coverage to protect yourself. Short-term renters insurance doesnt exist for guests, but if you already have renters insurance for your primary residence, you could still be covered under these policies when you travel.

It can vary by provider, but the personal property coverage for renters insurance usually still covers you even when youre outside of your premises.

For instance, you could be covered whether someone steals your belongings at your home or at your Airbnb. Depending on your policy, your coverage away from your primary residence is likely limited to 10% of your policys maximum, but you should still have some sort of personal property protection. Keep in mind the amount of damage still has to be higher than your deductible.

Liability coverage follows you, too. Its important to understand the details of your policy before you travel, so you may want to get in touch with your insurer.

Best For Vacation Homes: Cbiz


With CBIZ, homeowners can use a single policy as a standard home insurance policy, and a rental insurance policy for guests, without having to separate them. Check into CBIZ for the best insurance plan for vacation home rentals.

  • Less expensive than landlord or commercial property insurance

  • Available in all 50 states

  • Good marks for customer satisfaction

  • Coverage options are limited

  • Will only cover up to $5,000 in medical expenses due to a guest injury at your property

By creating a full-coverage policy that covers vacation homes while replacing your need for a landlord or dwelling policy, we believe CBIZ has the best short-term rental insurance for vacation homes. Their underwriters are Tudor Insurance, an AM Best A-rated company.

CBIZ is the first broker to develop specific policy coverage to meet the needs of vacation rental properties and the amenities offered by these businesses. They have insured vacation rental properties since 2002.

As the largest insurer of vacation rental properties in the U.S., CBIZ provides insurance coverage specifically created for short-term vacation and rental property owners and the exposures involved.

With CBIZ, you can apply online or talk to a live agent, and customer service representative to help with any insurance concerns by phone.

There are no standard occupancy restrictions, and it is available in all 50 states. For commercial and personal liability up to $2 million, the estimated rate would be roughly $1,600 annually.

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Short Term Rental Insurance For Airbnb

Airbnb offers free short-term rental insurance for every booking on their platform. They have the Airbnb Host Guarantee which provides $1,000,000 of free property coverage and the Airbnb Host Protection which provides $1,000,000 of free liability coverage.

The Airbnb Host Guarantee is not actual insurance and Airbnb is quick to point that out in their marketing material. If they didnt, we imagine they would get a lot of letters from insurance commissioners across the U.S., as insurance is a highly regulated industry. Yes, there is documentation of Airbnb stepping up and paying some property claims, but lets be honest, if your home burns down, Airbnb is not rebuilding it. Its your short-term rental property and you need to insure it like any other property you own.

The Airbnb Host Protection is an actually commercial liability insurance policy. However, Airbnb is the named insured and its entirely up to them on who gets coverage. The most alarming part is that the policy only has a $10,000,000 aggregate for the year, which means the most the policy is maxed out after $10,000,000 is paid in claims. That would only be 10 $1,000,000 claim payouts. With 80,000 bookings per night around the world and actuarial data on liability claims, the math does not add up.

Home Insurance: For Short

Vacation rental safety during the pandemic

Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies deny claims for short-term rentals because vacation rentals function as a business? Did you know that the host insurance provided through peer-to-peer rental platforms have limitations and restrictions on what they cover? Many people who sign up to be a host on a vacation rental platform dont know that there are gaps in their insurance coverage until it is too late!

Proper Insurance is written as a business policy that offers personalized coverage to meet the needs of the industry. Owners of vacation rentals need coverage for their building, contents, liability, and business income. A well-written home insurance policy for short-term rentals will protect you from liability claims, property damage, and lost income.

Plus, it will provide coverage in the case of damage from a guest, like vandalism, theft or fire. If you own short-term rental properties, make sure your insurance remains consistent no matter how the property is used. The best way to learn how we can meet your requirements is by giving us a call. Our specialized team can assess your specific needs and give you a quote in five minutes.

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Geico: Long Term Rental Property Insurance

Much life Safeco Insurance, Geico Insurance is geared more towards landlords who have long-term property rentals rather than a short-term vacation rental. When considering what type of insurance you need for your rental property, it is important to consider your tenant type. The three common types of tenants are:

  • Long term renters
  • Occasional short-term renters
  • Frequent short term renters

The type of renter you host will determine what kind of coverage you need.

Geico offers Landlord insurance coverage that generally for properties that host the first type of tenant, long-term six month or more rentals.

For a long-term rental, Geico will cover:

  • Structure damage
  • Flood damage

Who Would We Recommend For Vacation Rental Insurance

There are a few vacation rental insurance providers that our customers use. Your insurance needs to cover what you want it to covered and cater to the specifics of your rental situation.

For vacation rental insurance, one name seems to pop up again and again in various top 10 lists across the internet, and thats Proper Insure. Proper Insure designed their policies especially for the likes of Airbnb and Vrbo hosts. According to Proper Insure, most short-term rental owners dont know that their homeowner or landlord insurance does not cover exposure on most STR sites. It would help if you had insurance designed to cover the gaps that average insurance leaves open when youre letting your home out on a short-term basis.

Proper Insure offers a range of policies, and theyll even give you a quote in just 5 minutes! Visit

According to Investopedia, American Family Insurance and CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance are also excellent choices. Investopedia listed American Family Insurance as the Best Affordable option. CBIZ Insurance has the Best Vacation Home insurance. Investopedia went on to list American Modern as having the Best Customer Service and Nationwide as having the Best Coverage Options.

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Keep Your Home Away From Home Safe With Short

As the world heals from the mayhem of COVID-19, you might notice that travel is picking up. Airport security lines are getting longer and roadways are getting more crowded with those making summertime road trips. People are using this increased travel time to make a little bit of extra cash by offering up their homes to anxious renters trying to avoid hotel and resort crowds. Services such as Airbnb and Vrbo have made it incredibly easy for homeowners to create a mini bed-and-breakfast of their normal homes. Hosts can rent out the entire house, or even just a smaller space or room of the house for use. Hosts can also create rules and guidelines for guests to follow, but of course, things dont always go as planned. Especially when guests are on vacation, their carefree attitude can lead to common mishaps that create a headache for hosts in a heartbeat.

If you consider renting out your home using one of these specialized programs, have you considered what backup you have in place if something were to go away? Dont be too quick to say homeowners insurance, as most homeowners insurance policies dont immediately cover situations that happen while guests are staying at your home or anything that happens in the time between renters. Some examples of unfortunate situations that could happen are:

Properly Train Your Cleaning Team

6 Easy Ways to Stay Safe on Holiday Everyone Should Read ...

Do a walk through with your cleaning crew about the new cleaning policy required to stay compliant with Airbnbs Cleaning Protocol. Its important the cleaners understand the importance of using protective gear to keep themselves safe. You may want to create a checklist that includes:

  • Emptying vacuum bags.
  • Making sure all trash bins and hampers are lined with plastic trash bags.
  • Ensuring mattresses have a protective cover and additional layers of fitted sheets to keep them contamination-free.
  • The sanitation of all high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs, handles and light switches.
  • The removal and disposal of all cleaning supplies from the home once the cleaning is complete.

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Additional Coverage Options From Usaa Include:

  • Tenant screening: USAA members will receive a 25% discount on TransUnions SmartMove tenant screening service.
  • Umbrella insurance: Option for additional liability protection for your rental property
  • Bundling: USAA members can save 10% on rental property insurance when they their primary property with USAA.

USAA Rental Property Insurance covers your property in the event of a fire, vandalism, or weather-related events however, it does not cover a tenants personal possessions or flood damage.

You can cover up to ten units under USAAs insurance policy however the units do need to be occupied to be eligible for coverage.

How Do I Stop A Criminal From Renting My Home

You have put love, sweat, years into the details of creating your perfect vacation home the symbiotic splashes of teal and red, the rustic modern kitchen, the cozy living room with pullout couches and a 72 widescreen for an added escape. The bed linens smell like fresh rain, and the bathrooms are pristine. Not pets. No parties. Of course you dont want criminals to stay in your home, but that goes without saying, right?

Unfortunately, no. Without a comprehensive guest screening service, your picturesque escape is exposed to anyone with access to a credit card and internet service, including convicted armed robbers, money launderers, sex offenders, and known destructive guests.

When you partner with SafelyStay at, we not only screen for convicted felons, Interpol wanted persons , sex offenders, and identity fraud, but we also run every primary guest through The List our database of guests who previously caused damage to a home due to negligence.

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Be Aware Of These Short

When shopping for a short-term vacation rental home insurance policy, it is important to consider many factors when determining which policy to go with. Also, having an independent insurance broker help assist you with the process can be a HUGE advantage as well.

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Referencing the Berkshire Hathaway Guards short-term vacation rental policy again, the chief highlight of the policy is the flexibility offered to the homeowner. Again, every possible exposure at a short-term rental property can be appropriately addressed by the policy. Things like the following will be considered:

  • Do you have a golf cart at the property?
  • Do you want coverage for the utilities connecting from your home to the main line in the street?
  • Do you want coverage for wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, violation of privacy, slander, or defamation?
  • And so much more…

Here are some other important policy notes to be made aware of and questions to ask of your short-term vacation rental insurance policy writer:

  • Policy Ratings – What type of ratings does the short-term rental vacation home insurance policy carry? Is the policy A+ Superior rated by AM Best or AA Stable rated by Standard and Poor?
  • Consistent Premiums – Most companies are subject to reinsurance market underwriting. Be sure you are working with a financial stalwart that does not need reinsurance because of their cash pile.
  • Establish New House Rules

    Summer travel safety

    Not all visitors are as informed about the virus and its patterns as you may need to be as a business owner. Setting up new house rules for the safety of your guests should be a top priority. Some areas you should establish house rules for include:

    • No unregistered guests allowed.
    • No house parties or a limit of 10 house guests or less.
    • A no-shoe policy inside the home to prevent others from bringing in the virus off the street.
    • Asking house guests to notify you before they leave if anyone showed COVID-19 symptoms during their stay, so your cleaning crew can use extra caution when entering the property once it has been vacated.

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    Get Started Todaywith A 5

    Proper Insurance acts as a business policy to provide comprehensive coverage for your building, contents, commercial liability, and business income. Additionally, we provide all of this coverage while simultaneously acting as a personal liability policy if the property doubles as your primary residence.

    You can think of us as a homeowners policy, business policy, and landlord policy combined. This is the most efficient way we have found to meet the very specific needs of the short-term rental industry. For a short term rental to be a smart investment, you must protect it as such. It is time to ditch the narrow, inconclusive coverage and gain broad protection. Get started today.

    Replace Your Homeowners Or Landlord Insurance With Proper Insurance

    Proper Insurance leads the Nation in short-term rental insurance, with over 50,000 policies written in all 50 states. Backed by Lloyds of London and exclusive endorsements from vacation rental leader Vrbo, our company is built on world-class insurance coverage. Our policy covers vacation homes, townhouses, condos, duplexes, cabins, cottages, apartments and more. With expert vacation rental underwriters we can tailor a policy specific to your short-term rental property.

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    Which Ones Do And Dont Provide Coverage

    **As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases.

    Finding the best insurance to cover your short-term Airbnb rental is one of the most important aspects of being an Airbnb host. Without a good insurance policy, you could be open to lawsuits and liability for any accidents or damages that happen when guests stay at your property.

    I researched several insurance companies to find out which companies provide comprehensive short-term rental insurance and which ones do not.

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