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Best Website Builder For Vacation Rentals

Choose A Website Platform

best website builder for vacation rentals

As mentioned above, your website provider will probably offer a drag-and-drop website builder. Most providers will also offer a WordPress plug in so you can use WordPress, but hosted on your own platform rather than from the WordPress site itself. And again, youll have to decide if you want a custom-coded site.

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile

Today, most bookings are made on mobile devices. Thats why your vacation rental website must be optimized for mobile.

Otherwise, when a guest tries to view it on their smartphone, the design will fall apart: images wont fit the screen, buttons will be too small, and the user experience will take a dive. Your website wont look professional or trustworthy to mobile users.

Fortunately, most website builders have mobile-responsive templates.

Your Vacation Rental Website Design Needs Key Pages

Create a site that includes rich text for your Home Page, Property Descriptions, Video & Photo Galleries, FAQs, Blog, and About Us. We say this because Google will crawl your website to try and understand what its all about. If you have no text, then Google is not likely to rank you in their search results. If, however, you explain that you are based in X city, and you specialize in Y type of rental, and attract Z type travelers, then Google will have a much better idea about your vacation rental business.

Wouldnt it be nice to rank #1 in Google for the search term vacation rentals in ?

Also, include each page with a menu bar at the top and an area that features social media links. The social links are important as travelers can easily share their positive experience with their followers.

To get a better understanding of how Google reads your website, theres a nifty tool called the . Conrad OConnell, the founder of BuildUpBookings says to make sure to verify your website in Google Search Console its free and helps you understand what keywords your website is earning impressions + traffic for along with any errors of problems that Google is having when crawling and indexing your website pages.

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Vrp Websites: Vacation Rental Software And Website Builder

The Fast & Easy Way to Manage Your Vacation Rentals. Let us do the work to increase your bookings by having a professional website. Enjoy your free time when you put VRPWebsites to work! Manage your vacation rental business through your very own professional website for vacation rental owners and professional property managers, and for all types of vacation rentals including beach houses and …

Site123 Ideal For Small Agencies In Need Of A Simple Site

Best Vacation Rental Website Builders  BuildUp Bookings

Do you organize local tours? Or arrange vacation rentals for a small number of properties? If youre a small agency that prefers to do business over the phone, SITE123 is ideal. Its strength is in its simplicity.

The template editor is intuitive and easy to use, and there are some templates that you can easily adjust to suit your business. Youll find attractive designs ready to go for tour guides, apartment rentals, lodge rentals, and airline agencies.

On the downside, SITE123s editor doesnt have drag-and-drop functionality. Instead, youre presented with a choice of layout options, so customization is limited. However, if youre inexperienced in design, these layout options may actually help. You can simply follow the template and fill it out quickly. Our expert review will walk you through what its like to use SITE123s editor.

SITE123 is suited to the needs of beginners and small businesses who dont have time to play around with features and added customization. SITE123 is a good option if you need to set up a web presence quickly, especially for local tours and tourist services.

You can also add contact forms to increase leads. Its easy to add a gallery to display images and videos, or show off accommodation or tours with a slideshow or carousel. Other features of note include:

Travel templates available?

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Why Do I Need My Own Website+

Research on rental booking preferences has revealed that 65% of guests prefer to book directly with the provider rather than using listing sites like By having your own website youre free of paying fees to those services, becoming more self-sufficient and take control over your vacation rental business in order to boost your bookings.

If someone is interested in your property, you really don’t want to send them to a third-party listing. Thats why a website is an absolute essential for any serious vacation rental business owner looking to create online credibility.

With your own website, you can advertise anywhere. Appear in internet searches when someone is looking for a holiday rental in your area. You can easily expand your marketing reach by promoting your holiday property through Social Media sites, send traffic from social media profiles, directories and forums to your site.

Increase exposure – Having your own vacation rental website allows you to be 100% in control of the content that is published on it. No matter what you want to put on your site: more text, photos, videos or documents for download, there are no restrictions which will limit your decision making.

Not to mention that with you get all these benefits in one slick package, specially designed for holiday rental owners like you.

Best Travel Agency Website Builders 2021

With travel agency website builders, you can start your own business or bring your existing one online quickly.

Of course, these services cover a broad range of travel and tourism-inspired websites for your convenience. In many cases, your imagination is the only limitation you have. Meaning, you can build and create any site type you would like and shine online. Speaking of which, you can start, as the name suggests, your own travel agency page, build a website for your hotel, flight company, car rentals and the list goes on and on.

The most significant advantage of these travel agency website builders is their ease of use. You do not need to be a programmer to make things happen. You will never even need to touch a single string of code to move forward. The major part of the work is done for you already, for every user to get the most out of the site editor they dig.

Even if the entire idea of making your own travel agency website is very foreign to you, worry not. No matter which tool you choose, you are in good hands from the get-go.

To start something fresh and novel on the web and in the travel and tourism industry, you came to the right place. You can realize your dream website today and start gaining some traction ASAP.

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What Is A Vacation Rental Website Builder

A vacation rental website builder is a website interface that is generally drag and drop and doesnt require any coding skills. Also known as no-code website builders.

This allows the owner to customize the look and feel of the frontend of the website. In some cases, these are based on pre-made templates and are fairly limited in their customization options.

This is the sector in the vacation rental industry that has seen the most growth in recent years as these web builders are generally built and targeted towards vacation rental managers for their ease of use.

Their features include:

  • Seamless booking experience

SEO Friendliness

Some of the more established vacation rental website builders will have options to customize their URL structures, on page optimization like title tags or meta descriptions, but will lack the flexibility to make server level modifications.

Those limitations might include updating a robots.txt file, .htaccess for 301 redirects or adding an XML sitemap file.

Companies Offering This Class of Website Platform

Short-Term Rental Industry Companies

*note that Guesty, MyVR and Lodgify offer an API to allow for 3rd party integration.

Other Small Business Options

The Wix platform was originally built for small businesses but now has some options to extend the functionality via 3rd-party plugins from vacation rental companies like FutureStay and Lodgify.

SquareSpace allows you to accept bookings through 3rd-party integrations like Checkfront and Lodify.


Final Thoughts On Vacation Rental Website Design

Vacation Rental Desk Websites & Booking Software

If all of this seems overwhelming, then youre in good company as almost all vacation rental managers feel this way when first developing a website. Effective website design, particularly for vacation rental businesses, can be complex. For the majority of business owners out there, hiring a freelance web developer for a few hundred dollars will work wonders for your business and free up your time. Just give them a link to this article, and theyll know exactly what web elements should be included in your vacation rental website.

Be sure to create your vacation rental website design in a simple, organized, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly way to provide your prospective customers with a user-friendly experience. In a highly competitive industry, having a vacation rental website that stands out will certainly improve your brand image, and ultimately your bottom line.

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Vacation Rental Software For Cabins Cottages Condos

Vacation Rental Management Software Web-based guest management and online booking software has never been so easy. Whether you are a property owner with just one property, or a B& B with 10 rooms or a property manager with 100+ properties under management, will increase your bookings and simplify your life.

To Whom Paid Plans Are Intended For+

There are always users that wish more from their website.

If you want to connect a custom domain or transfer your old one to our platform > or you are a professional user with multiple rental & commercial properties or even wish to set up multiple websites for each under your account > or you wish to use our professional SEO services to promote your Booking Ready website > or you just wish to get 24/7 priority support, you can choose between our extra affordable paid plans.

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How Does Airbnb Earn Revenue

Airbnbs primary source of revenue is the service fee that they collect from guests and property owners registered through their website. The service fee collected is used to meet the operational costs of the website and customer service.

Travelers are charged 6-12% of the total booking cost, while hosts are charged a flat 3% for every successful booking.

With time, Airbnb has also introduced other services to its portfolio like interior designers, photographers, etc. thus being a marketplace for services related to hospitality. However, at heart, it still is a great website to find inexpensive and comfortable accommodation.

Website Builder For Rental Business

Top 5 Best Vacation Rental Website Builders

Another plus is that Guestys booking websites. First Guestys rental property website builder is tailored to the specific needs of short-term property managers so you wont have to play around with thousands of templates in search of the one that suits your business.

Vevs Vacation Rental Websites Website Builder

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Vacation Rental Software Website Templates Lodgify

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Experts Weigh In On The Biggest Vacation Rental Website Design Mistakes

More and more vacation rental owners and Airbnb hosts like you want to build their own website, as a way to reclaim some freedom from the big listing sites. But it is not always easy to create a great website for your property. There are a lot mistakes that you could be making.

So, our marketing manager Baron has contacted 23 experts and asked them this simple question: What is the biggest vacation rental website design that you see ALL TIME?.

Dont Forget About Google My Business

If you want to reach a maximum number of potential visitors, its important that you list your vacation rentals on . This will place you in Google Maps and make it easier for Google to link a geographical search to your company. Think of someone searching vacation rentals in + your location. This isnt really vacation rental website design, but its a quick way to boost potential guests visiting your site.

To get more visibility via Google My Business, youll need your companys phone number, address and website. So keep this in mind once youre done building your vacation rental website.

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Get A Logo Designed And Think Of A Brand Name

Before you start building a vacation rental website, focus your attention on your brand identity.

Commissioning a logo may not seem like a high priority, but the truth is, a logo is much more than just an abstract image. It represents your brand. It should be a part of the story you tell around your business. It should be something that guests can remember and recognize.

Same with your brand name. Once your guests start to associate your logo and your brand name with the positive experiences theyve had with your business, you will have inspired trust and loyalty – which is extremely important in the competitive online world.

So, make sure you put a lot of thought into your brand and invest some money into commissioning a professional logo. You will need it to crown your vacation rental website.

Open Stripe To Accept Cards

Transform Your Business with Lodgify Vacation Rental Software

Now we need to make sure that not only do you build a property website but that its also fully operating by the end of this process and youre ready to accept your first direct booking. For this step, well be using Stripe. Stripe is a payment gateway solution that allows individuals to open an operating account.

In case that Stripe does not support your country, please check all theavailable payment gateways here.

Heres how to open a Stripe account:

Go to Stripe & Create an Account.

  • Address.

5. . Once youve signed up, use the toggle in the top-left of the screen and click on Activate Account. This makes your account live.

6. You will need to make sure you get your set of identifiers called API Keys. Click Account, then Account Settings, and select API Keys.

7. Copy the Live Secret Key and the Live Publishable Key and keep them saved.

Before we get into the next step, the Adomus theme we have installed here allows for a Demo Installation. This has multiple advantages and disadvantages and you get to choose whether you want to go with it or not depending on your preferences,

On one hand, a demo theme is perfect for first-timers who are not very familiar with WordPress. It lays out everything for you and all you need to do is to edit from there. However, it doesnt give you as much flexibility when it comes to creating your own full experience.

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Plugin Support & Flexibility

Plugins can extend the functionality of your website on specific platforms.

They provide functionality that would otherwise have to be custom built or not available at all depending on what website builder youre using.

Beware, that some plugins can be a security risk so its best to have a protocol or process for adding them to your site.

Setup Synchronization With Syncbnb So You Dont Get Double Bookings

Ah, the dreaded double bookings! Double bookings are a hosts worst nightmare. Once you have your property on multiple channels, you run the risk of getting bookings that overlap and may cost you a lot of money.

In general, canceled bookings not only make you look bad but youll have to deal with host cancellation fees, lower ratings, bad reviews, and lost money.

There is, however, quite an easy way to prevent that. This is where Syncbnb comes in. They have a Zero Double Booking Guarantee where they:

  • talk to affected guests.
  • take care of extra costs up to $500
  • Talk to the channels and ensure your account isnt penalized.
  • Give you step by step instructions on how to deal with the negative consequences.

On top of that, they synchronize all of your reservations so you dont have to do them manually. The platform automates the whole process and will sync your entire calendar data.

All you need to do is

  • Create a Syncbnb account.
  • Add 2 or more properties to the account.
  • Syncbnb will automatically start synchronizing your calendars & bookings.

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The Purpose Of A Vacation Rental Website Builder

Building a great website can be a difficult and at times overwhelming project, a task many owners or managers will not have time to do. Using a vacation rental website builder can not only increase your revenue and direct bookings, but it will also simplify the process of creating a website too.

With many options on the market, it is vital to invest in one that can support your business short term and long term. Below are a few user-friendly vacation rental website builders to help maximize your bookings.

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