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Free Vacations For Cancer Patients

With Funds Raised Through Grassroots Support We Have Sponsored 60 Families To A Week Of Rest And Renewal At The Beach

Karen Wellington Foundation sends cancer patients on vacations
  • On average, we have a waiting list of 5-10 beach trip recipients waiting for their trip to be funded.
  • Each beach trip costs an average of $4,000. Waves of Grace covers the cost of everything from travel to medical equipment rental to meals and entertainment.
  • Our desire is for the trip to be FULLY expense-free. The more funds we raise, the more recipients we are able to gift a trip to. We hope you will join us in our effort!

“Waves of Grace came to us at just the right time – God’s timing. We were able to cast our cares in the ocean for a week and just cherish each other through fun and laughter. We will never forget the blessings they bestowed on us during a crucial time in our lives”

– The Chandlers

Free Camps And Retreats

Free camps and retreats for cancer patients and their families. If you have cancer then you already know that the fight to stay alive takes its toll on not only you but everyone around you. Cancer Horizons research teams have engaged extensive searching techniques to find camps and retreats that are exclusively for cancer patients. Whether you are a child needing an out of doors experience in a controlled setting or an adult desperately needing an escape to be with people that know exactly how you feel, because they are cancer patients as well.

Browse our extensive list of camps and retreats that a cancer patient can take advantage of. From a special night at a New York Yankees baseball game with Kids Need More or go exploring on a nature camp designed for kids with cancer. Or even a pampering session at a local spa that know what it means to feel good about yourself and appearance. We applaud these amazing providers and thank them in advance for caring for our very special community of cancer fighters and caregivers. This large and growing community is all about unconditional support for each other and a willingness to share the most intimate details of their illness if will help someone else.

Please let us know of your experience with any of these and we would love to create a documentary of your experience and the story behind it.

Enjoying Rest And Relaxation On The High Seas

Cruising, no matter the destination or duration, is an amazing experience and one which affords a unique opportunity for every passenger on board to truly find rest and relaxation.

The only decisions passengers have to make each day: Choose what to eat, which venue to enjoy their meal, and type of entertainment.

Cruise ships are ingeniously designed to provide everything a passenger could possibly need in one place without worrying about a thing. If a dose of fresh air and sunshine is what youre seeking, cruise ships have rows and rows of deck chairs. If youre looking for some evening activity, enjoy a bit of moonlight and stargazing on a deck chair.

Passengers can select a day full of activity or a quiet rest spent with a good book. Most ships are equipped with a well-stocked library, and there are ample places on board where passengers can enjoy reading. On my cruise, I observed many people enjoying a good read in little nooks. These areas also were popular for those who wished to play a quiet game of cards.

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Can Cancer Patients Get Financial Help

There are many resources to help cancer patients with financial issues. There is help to get wigs, dental treatment, prescriptions, medical equipment, and even help at home if you live alone.

The Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition helps cancer patients cover costs like transportation to and from treatment, child care during treatment, money for help at home, or help affording your co-pays.

Pals Patient Airlift Services

Free Vacations &  Day Trips for Cancer Patients and Families

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Cancer patients and veterans

PALS is another nonprofit that organizes free air transportation for cancer patients who cant afford to fly commercially. Much like other travel aid resources, volunteer pilots donate their time and aircraft for families traveling to treatment locations. Furthermore, PALS proudly supports wounded veterans and their families with free flights.

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More Resources For Breast Cancer Patients And Survivors

1UponCancer put together a list of Freebies and Discounts for Cancer Patients. The list includes a variety of free and discounted goods and services such as basic needs, prosthesis, classes, gas, housecleaning, pampering, retreats, and more. For example, Air Care Alliance ACA flies patients to treatments at no charge. Breast Cancer Charities gives qualifying breast cancer patients up to $500 towards rent or utilities. Cricketts Answer For Cancer gives breast cancer patients free Mastectomy massage, other massage therapies, facial, manicure, a basket of pampering products.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: U.S. Coast Guard families

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is an independent nonprofit charitable organization that supports the U.S. Coast Guard and its families. The CGMA has numerous programs to assist families such as education programs and family support assistance. In addition, the Coast Guard is able to provide short-term interest-free loans and financial grants that could be used to help with cancer-related costs.

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Should I Take A Long Vacation Or A Short Trip

Some people may wish for just a brief break and there are advantages to a short trip. A quick getaway wont tax you physically. Also you may want to avoid the expense, stress and detailed preparation of a big trip.

Consider taking a staycation in your home town. Check out the local sights for which youve never really made time. Youll be in familiar surroundings, but can make the day special by visiting an intriguing restaurant or being pampered with an overnight stay at a luxurious hotel. A short vacation also could take the form of a long weekend to a place not far from home.

If youre at the end of treatment, you may want to celebrate with a special long trip. Go with a supportive person someone who can laugh with you and understand your situation.

The Family Cancer Retreat

‘Waves of Grace’ gives cancer patients free beach getaways

The Family Cancer Retreat occurs twice a year in New Mexico. These three day retreats are free for cancer patients and their families. The focus is on education with past sessions titled, Youve Completed Treatment Now What? and Meditation, Yoga and Creativity Workshops. Activities are provided for children and teens as the patient and caregivers attend sessions.

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Can I Handle A Vacation Physically

Snyder recommends thinking carefully and talking with your doctor or nurse about whether you are up for the vacation and, if so, what kind of trip would be compatible with where you are physically.

For example, a beach trip that features lots of relaxation time might be easier and more beneficial than a trip to a big city where youll be doing lots of walking.

Its OK to get away and do something fun even while youre in the very serious process of cancer treatment. People who are undergoing cancer treatment need vacations just as do people who are not, says Snyder. The memories you create during a trip with a supportive partner can help to sustain you during the stressful parts of treatment and beyond.

Travelling After A Bone Marrow Or Stem Cell Transplant

Immediately after a bone marrow or stem cell transplant, youre more at risk of picking up an infection.

Doctors usually advise against going abroad for at least 6 months after a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Most people need to have regular check ups and might need blood transfusions during this time. Once your blood counts have gone back to normal, youll be able to travel. This is usually within a year of your transplant.

Talk to your doctor about how safe it is to travel and whether you need any vaccinations before booking the trip.

Wish Fulfillment Organizations For Children

Childrens Wish Foundation International grants wishes to children with advanced illness, including advanced cancer. Children under the age of three can participate in the organization’s Young Minds program, which provides children younger than 4 or those with a cognitive age younger than 4, a gift from a variety of choices.

The Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancergives families with children in the last stages of terminal cancer assistance in creating everlasting memories by providing last wishes, gifts, special events, family travel, and financial assistance with household expenses.

The Dream Factory grants wishes to critically and chronically ill children between 3 and 18 years old. Parents, guardians, physicians, other caregivers, and children with advanced diseases can make referrals to begin the wish-granting process.

Give Kids the World is a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. A child must be sponsored by one of more than 250 wish-granting organizations in the country or a children’s hospital affiliated with Give Kids the World.

The Granted Wish Foundation fulfills wishes for physically challenged children and young adults between the ages of 5 and 25. Wishes are limited to one per family and for those who have not received a wish by another organization.

Breast Cancer Families Can Get Free Vacations

Nashville non

Little Pink Houses of Hope is giving breast cancer survivors who are currently undergoing treatment or within one year of completion of treatment an opportunity to apply for a week long beach retreat on the NC and SC coast.

LPHOH provides housing, three meals a day, programs, and a great environment for families to relax and reconnect.

In a fun-filled environment designed to make family the priority, survivors and their loved ones are able to laugh, connect, play, and heal.

A beautiful beach setting with a staff dedicated to making sure that the only worry that families have is answering the question- What do we want to do?

Cleaning, cooking, and laundry are all taken care of so that families can celebrate each other and get the pampering they deserve.

Houses will be secured through caring individuals willing to donate weekly beach homes for breast cancer families and rental agreements.

If you meet the qualifications and you would like to apply, download the application at Little Pink Houses of Hope here.

First Descents: Outdoor Adventures For Youth

Its important that young cancer patients and survivors not feel as though their diagnosis defines them. One way to ensure that doesnt happen is to focus on developing strength and skills through outdoor adventures.

Thats the idea behind First Descents. Serving both young cancer patients and young cancer survivors, this organization provides them with access to free outdoor recreational programs that involve paddling, climbing, and surfing to ultimately help them define their own identities.

The physical nature of these adventures can also provide young cancer survivors with many of the same benefits of the Livestrong at the YMCA program. By exercising in the form of fun outdoor activities, they may develop the strength necessary to recover more quickly than they otherwise would. They can also connect with other young people whove shared experiences like theirs, which is often very helpful at times when they may still need some support from understanding friends.

American Cancer Society Patient Lodging Programs

We are currently working to re-open our Hope Lodge communities after suspending operations in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The safety of patients and Hope Lodge staff is, and always has been, our top priority.We will update this message as conditions change. For other ACS support, please reach out to us via Live Chat, or call our Cancer Helpline at 1-800-227-2345.

Getting the best care sometimes means cancer patients must travel away from home. This can place an extra emotional and financial burden on patients and caregivers during an already challenging time. The American Cancer Society is trying to make this difficult situation easier for both cancer patients and their families through our lodging programs.

Cleaning For A Reason: Free Cleaning Services

A clean home can have a dramatic impact on the mood and wellness of anyone. When someone is struggling with cancer, even seemingly small pleasures like this can help make their day-to-day life just a little bit easier.

Unfortunately, keeping a home clean can also be difficult when youre a cancer patient. Treatments can weaken a patient physically, to the point that cleaning is too demanding a task. Additionally, because cancer treatment can be expensive, many cancer patients cant afford to hire a cleaning service.

That was the case for one cancer patient who reached out to Debbie Sardone, owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service. Shed called Sardone asking about the cost of her services. When Sardone provided a quote, the caller said she wouldnt be able to afford her services due to the cost of her cancer treatment, then quickly hung up.

Sardones mother had survived cancer. She realized she had the opportunity to help people like her mother and the woman who had recently called her. After sharing her story with other cleaning companies at a major trade show, she started coordinating with others to establish Cleaning for a Reason.

Cleaning for a Reason serves cancer patients throughout the U.S. and Canada. It helps patients find cleaning companies in their area that will offer their services for free. The organization now has more than 1,200 partners, allowing it to serve a large number of cancer patients.

Freebies And Discounts For Cancer Patients

Family Vacation from Cancer

Its no secret that fighting against cancer involves numerous struggles. Those struggles can continue even after a person survives cancer. Its important to know that friends and family members of cancer patients and survivors are supporting them to make life easier.

Jump ahead to these sections:

One way to do so is to let them know about free stuff for cancer patients and survivors. Whether youre looking for free gifts for cancer patients, or you want to help someone with cancer access a valuable service at no cost, youll find there are many organizations that serve this purpose.

The following are just a few examples worth learning about. Keep them in mind if youre seeking out free stuff for cancer patients.

Brain Tumor Financial Assistance

Glenn Garcelon Foundation

The Glenn Garcelon Foundation exists to empower and support brain tumor patients and their families by providing grants to those who meet their criteria. People with primary brain tumor of any type are welcome to apply for assistance.



Mission4Maureen is dedicated to providing financial assistance to families who are burdened with the staggering cost of brain cancer treatment. Financial aid is available for medical bills as well as child care, housing payments, utility bills, transportation, medication and other areas of assistance. An application with supporting documentation is required.


Darren Daulton Foundation

The Darren Daulton Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to those who suffer from brain cancer, brain tumors, and brain injuries. Applicants MUST be a resident of Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware at the time of submission of their application.

Musella Foundation Brain Tumor Drug Co-payment Assistance

Provides financial assistance to families who need help covering the cost of certain drugs used to treat Primary Malignant Brain Tumors . Covered Treatments include: Avastin, Gliadel, Optune , Temodar


PAN Foundation Glioblastoma Fund

Alliance For Fertility Preservation

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Cancer patients interested in fertility preservation

The Alliance for Fertility Preservation is a nonprofit charitable organization that specializes in fertility preservation for cancer patients. Unfortunately, some cancer treatments can cause infertility. The Alliance for Fertility Preservation connects users with financial assistance programs for fertility preservation and post-treatment family building grants. For example, the Tinina Q. Cade Foundations Family Building Grant provides up to $10,000 to needy, infertile families. The grants can be used for infertility treatment or domestic adoption.

American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Patients and caregivers

Similar to HHN, the American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge is a free housing service for when a cancer patients best treatment option is located in a different city. There are over 30 Hope Lodge sites across the United States and Puerto Rico. A goal of Hope Lodge is to create a living environment where patients can solely focus on their treatment needs.

Dear Guests And Cottage Dreams Donors

More Free Vacations For Adults With Cancer Including Wish ...

Cottage Dreams wishes to extend a very Happy New Year to all of our cottage donors. Here is hoping that 2021 brings us all the relief we all so desperately need.

As you are all aware, the COVID-19 Pandemic started at about the same time Cottage Dreams was ramping up our program, taking Guest applications and securing Cottages for those living with Cancer. Our program was closed down and we had the unenviable task of advising those applicants that we could not offer them the opportunity to Pause, Reconnect and Refresh at a generously donated cottage. COVID-19 put a stop to our program, unfortunately it did not put a stop to Cancer.

With the second wave upon us and vaccinations rolling out at a much slower pace than anticipated we have decided to curtail our program for this year, planning to be back in full stride in 2022. That said, it does not mean we are shutting down the program for good. Cottage Dreams has heard too many Thank yous and What a great program this is TO FOLD UP THE SHOP AND GO AWAY.

Later this year, once the path forward is known, we will be asking Cottage Owners their opinion as to donating their cottage, Willingness? Concerns? Questions, etc.

With your assistance, we shall also be compiling Protocol Procedures for both Guests and Cottage Owners. These procedures will be a minimum of care and any additions the Cottage owners wish to add will be added on their listing.


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