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Disney Vacation Club Vero Beach

Exchange With Rci And The Registry Collection

Best Views From Disney Resorts: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort | Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vero Beach owners can enjoy even more exchange options with the opportunity to purchase an RCI membership and utilize their diverse external exchange services. With RCI, you can deposit your DVC points to gain access to thousands of top resorts located in desirable destinations all around the world that you can travel to with the purchase of an RCI membership. Disney Vero Beach Resort is also one of the select resorts that is also a part of The Registry Collection. Only the most luxurious and upscale properties are featured in this collection. Between that and the resort having an RCI Gold Crown rating, owners at Disney Vero Beach have an exceptionally high trading power within RCI’s network.

Vero Beach Disney Owner Benefits

The ever popular, sold out Disney Vacation Club timeshares can only be found on the resale market. Even with the properties being in such high demand, you can still save up to 70% off when you buy a Disney Vero Beach timeshare resale. This is because the developer sells timeshares with extra fees and sales commissions added onto the price, whereas owners advertise their timeshares on the resale market for the timeshare’s true worth. This difference can save you thousands!

Browse our selection of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort timeshares and you’ll find a variety of deeded points-based ownerships with annual and biennial usage. Each timeshare is allotted a certain number of points that the owner can use to reserve when, where, and how long they wish to vacation for. This makes DVC ownership completely flexible and allows you to change things up as needed with each vacation.

Can Disneys Vero Beach Resort Be Booked By Guests Who Are Not Members Of Disney Vacation Club

Even though the Vero Beach Resort is considered a Disney Vacation Club property, you dont have to be a member of the DVC to stay here. This is one of the first DVC Resorts available and offers villa-style accommodations . This includes both studios and one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas. You can also book traditional hotel rooms.

If you are a DVC member, you can use the vacation points you have accumulated to stay here. As a non-member, you can also book any available rooms, but this is based on availability.

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Accommodations At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

There are 18 villas and a variety of rooms to choose from at Disney’s hotel on Vero Beach. The resort has standard rooms and ocean view rooms as well as deluxe studio units. Or you can rent a one or two-bedroom villa that includes a small kitchen.

Some rooms have a garden view and others have an ocean view. But it’s all beautiful with wonderful amenities like wireless internet, online check-in, laundry and dry cleaning services, and much more.

Having a kitchen is definitely a plus, so you dont have to eat out every night. Youll find grocery stores close so you can buy everything you need for your stay.

If youre coming with other friends or family, the two-bedroom villas are spacious lodgings and sleep up to nine people.

See a list of the hotel amenities here.

What Amenities Are Available At Disneys Vero Beach Resort

Pool slide at Disney Vacation Club

Everything about the Vero Beach Resort is designed to help you get that relaxed beach holiday vibe. Also, remember it is Disney. This means that everything is extremely clean, but it isnt pretentious or fussy. This is true even for this deluxe-level resort. The staff here is readily available and friendly, but never intrusive.

Most people enjoy the beach retreat feel throughout the resort, and the extra touches, such as porch swings, rocking chairs, and hammocks. While the resort is located right next to the ocean, if you stay in the first or second-floor rooms, you may be surprised to learn you cannot see the water.

When it comes to amenities, this resort offers a little bit of everything. The swimming pool has a subtle Mickey Mouse shape and a water slide that is styled like a lighthouse. Throughout the year, the water is heated to keep things comfortable, and plenty of deck chairs and towels are available.

On some evenings, you can even catch a Dive-In-Movie. A Disney movie is projected on a large screen next to the pool during this event, right after sunset. The staff dims the lights so that the atmosphere is subdued while you swim and relax in the pool.

While the resort is designed for relaxation, Walt Disney World doesnt let you rest on your laurels too long. You will find all types of auditory and visual stimuli.

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Things To Do At Disneys Vero Beach Resort

During your stay at Disneys Vero Beach Resort, you can enjoy fun in the sun and race down a slide into a Mickey-shaped pool or explore beautiful beaches. This resort also offers plenty of family activities, from campfire sing-a-longs and crafts to kayaking adventures and more.

There are even adult activities, such as taking a romantic evening stroll on the beautiful white sand beaches or schedule a spa massage.

Specific activities the Resort include:

Are You Ready To Book Your Vacation At Disneys Vero Beach Resort

As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few reasons to consider staying at Disneys Vero Beach Resort. Take some time to get to know what it offers to see if this is a good fit for you and your family.

Chances are, with all the activities and amenities, this will be one of your most relaxing, Disney-inspired vacations ever. You may even find that you enjoy the resort vibe much more than the hustle and bustle of the theme parks. Book your stay today to see what this resort is all about and why it is such a popular destination.

There are more than a few reasons to stay here. Now is the time to see what it has to offer for yourself. Chances are, you wont be disappointed.

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Why Visit Disney’s Hotel On Vero Beach

Combining Disney with the beach, and you have a magical vacation that Ariel would love! This resort is quite different than Disney World or Disneyland. Its nice that it provides a change of pace where you can lay by the pool or play on the beach.

Plus, with so much to do on-site and in surrounding Vero Beach, your family wont ever get bored!

Its a different Disney experience that I think all beach lovers should try. The green water and soft sand are beautiful, and the environment slows you down and gives you the chance to enjoy slower-paced family fun.

The resort itself is also low-key. Though, that does NOT mean there aren’t plenty of fun and entertainment for the kids! Quite the contrary. Disney Cast Members and characters bring as much magic and pixie dust here as they do in the theme parks!

It is a great place to spend family time and get that Disney fix in a more relaxed way.

High Levels Of Service

Disney Vacation Club | Disney’s Vero Beach Resort | POOL DAY

At Disneys Vero Beach Resort, you will get the high level of service you expect from anything Disney-related. This means smiling, helpful cast members, and everything magical you could want or need.

You may even get some special treatment if a cast member finds out you are celebrating something special, such as a birthday or anniversary. It is this type of service that makes your stay here truly magical.

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The Style Of Vero Beach

From the earliest days, Disney aspired to build a throwback resort in Vero Beach. They wanted it to remind guests of simpler times when a trip to the beach wasnt so commercial. Nature was particularly important, as DVCs strategists believed that the undeveloped land would seem like a stark, welcome contrast to the overdeveloped Daytona Beach area.

Disneys Imagineering team emphasized nature with some disparate theming concepts. At Vero Beach, youll learn about pirates andturtles. Vero Beach is part of the Treasure Coast area of Florida, and its called that since drunken pirates tended to crash their ships and thereby lose their treasures. Fun pirate stories are a bit of everyday living at Vero Beach, and the DVC resort leans heavily into this fact.

As for the turtles, Im not a herpetologist, but the Treasure Coast is also apparently a haven for turtle nesting. Disney hosts several turtle-based activities, some of which are classes for kids. Others are Sea Turtle Night Walks, a romantic way to end a Disney day. For fans of Loggerhead Sea turtles, Vero Beach is a destination resort. For the rest of us, its a fascinating way to learn about turtles during a relaxing beach vacation.

Speaking of the beach, thats why youre here. The oceanfront property here is exclusive to Disney guests and by all accounts fabulous. Beyond that, the theming is upscale and stately. The hotel lobby and grounds will both remind you of the nicest DVC properties near theme parks.

Is Disney’s Hotel On Vero Beach Resort Worth It

Absolutely, though I wouldnt stay less than three nights. Its just a different atmosphere from some beach areas. Vero Beach is not a busy beach town, but its a great community, and the resort is perfect for a relaxing vacation with many outside family adventures. It’s also a perfect Disney vacation for toddlers to grandparents and makes a perfect spot for a multigenerational family vacation. In fact, our most recent visit included a trip with grandparents!

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Sell Disney Timeshare Points With A Licensed Resale Broker

Disney Vacation Club timeshare points are some of the most sought-after vacation ownership products on the timeshare resale market. This is great news for owners looking to sell Disney timeshare points.

If you want to sell your Disney Vacation Club points, put the experience and industry knowledge of Timeshare Broker Associates to work without having to pay any kind of up-front fee. We can negotiate the sale price, handle all the paperwork, coordinate with reputable title companies and you dont pay us a dime until after the ownership has transferred to a new owner.

1) Trusted a licensed brokerage headquartered in Tampa, FL, with a sales office in Orlando, FL, Timeshare Broker Associates operates under the strictest regulatory requirements in the country. This provides peace of mind for sellers looking for a legitimate resale company.

2) No Up-Front Fees TBA works on a commission basis, similar to a traditional real estate office. Sellers only pay in the form of a commission after a sale has been closed and processed. No money is taken up-front from owners looking to sell.

3) Reach Buyers Online Buyers in the resale marketplace go online to find the product they are looking for. We have the web presence you need to sell timeshare.

4) Experience With a combined 70+ years of resale experience, TBA has in-depth knowledge of the programs and resorts necessary to facilitate a smooth sales transaction.

Final Thoughts On The Disney Vero Beach Resort


The Disney Vero Beach Resort is one of our favorite experiences when taking a beach vacation. Not only is it extremely kid-friendly, but this beachfront resort has plenty of things to do on-site and in the surrounding area. But it also invites you to relax and move at a slower pace.

The family-friendly suites at Vero Beach Disney offer comfort and a relaxing beach experience, with the unique magic only Disney can provide. Spend your days at the spa, in the water, exploring local attractions, eating at great restaurants, kayaking, and much more. And who knows, maybe youll find a little treasure from the 1600s.

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Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

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The Inn at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort
Theme A taste of Old Florida along the Atlantic’s picturesque Treasure Coast
Green lodge yes

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a Disney Vacation Club resort located in Vero Beach, Florida. The resort was the first Disney Vacation Club resort to be constructed outside the Walt Disney World Resort area in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Caribbean Beach Pirate Rooms Discontinued

The unpopular pirate-themed rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort are being eliminated in 2023. Could their removal pave the way for a new resort development, perhaps even a Disney Vacation Club site?

This week travel agents learned that the pirate rooms at Caribbean Beach would no longer be available for booking as of 2023. Disney has not commented on plans for the rooms. However, Theme Park Tourist’sTom Bricker questions whether the end result will be a simple retheming or something more elaborate like a Gran Destino Tower-type expansion.

The pirate rooms are located in Caribbean Beach’s Trinidad section. In his piece, Bricker comments on the infamy of these premium hotel rooms:

“Our original Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room Review called them the worst at Walt Disney World. This was for a number of reasonstheyre location far from everything else at Caribbean Beach Resort, the small size of beds, and thin mattresses that literally felt like sleeping on an uneven pile of plastic.”

Trinidad is located in the southernmost corner of Caribbean Beach, the furthest point from what is now Disney’s Riviera Resort. According to Bricker, Trinidad was once viewed as a potential site for Riviera or some other Disney Vacation Club construction.

Either way, guests at Riviera could indirectly benefit from any new dining or shopping venues added in the Caribbean Beach area–venues which would be easily accessible on foot or via a short ride on the Skyliner.

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Take A Break From The Theme Parks

If you plan to visit Disney, you are probably going to the theme parks. While this is fun, if you book your stay at Vero Beach, you get the same Disney magic without having to battle crowds, stand in lines, or figure out your Fast Pass times.

When you stay here, you are on a relaxing vacation with some of the Disney perks you want and need.

A Brief History Of Disneys Vero Beach Resort

Disney Vacation Club Vero Beach | Shopping & Exploring the Resort

Ive already touched on the tumultuous start to the DVC program. After Old Key West opened in 1991, nearly four years would pass before another property joined the lineup. That hotel is Vero Beach, which became the second DVC property in October of 1995.

DVC officials had intended a Boardwalk hotel to hold that title. Those plans fell by the wayside in 1992, forcing corporate executives to re-evaluate their options. They quickly switched to plan B when they bought approximately 70 acres of land at Vero Beach. This oceanfront property wasnt cheap, but the instant popularity of DVC directly led to the acquisition.

Disney reinvested some of the $50 million it earned during the first year of DVC to buy oceanfront land at Vero Beach and Newport Beach. Their philosophy was identical for both planned resorts. DVC strategists intended to marry the vacation concepts of the theme park visit and the beach trip.

Newport Beach was 20 miles away from Disneyland, while Vero Beach is almost exactly 100 miles away from Walt Disney World. Due to the comical nature of southern California traffic, DVC executives expected the travel time to be roughly similar, an hour versus 90 minutes. Eventually, they pulled the plug on the Newport Beach resort for a plethora of reasons, but they proceeded with Vero Beach.

The key selling point was the land. DVC officials believed that theyd purchased some of the best oceanfront land on the Atlantic Coast.

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Four Steps To Selling A Disney Timeshare

Fortunately, selling a Disney timeshare is not a complicated process. Below we have outlined the four-step approach used to sell Disney timeshare:

Step 1: Listing Agreement First we need to gather the details of your ownership to confirm the ownership details. We will perform a market analysis to determine at what price your ownership will most likely sell. We review the resale process in detail and enter into a listing agreement to begin the process.

Step 2: Locate a Buyer Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC. will begin marketing your property to perspective buyers using a network of resale brokers and direct to consumer services to locate a buyer for your timeshare.

Step 3: Purchase and Sale Contract Once a timeshare buyer is located, a formal contract is created and entered into between both buyer and seller.

Step 4: Closing The closing process is handled by a preferred title company depending on the timeshare or points product being sold. The title company will verify the ownership details to ensure clean title is conveyed to the buyer and act as escrow agent for the buyers funds until the ownership has been transferred. They will also arrange payoff of any existing loan , record a new ownership document for the buyer, notify Disney of the transfer of ownership and release funds to the seller when the process is complete.

Get Acquainted With A Different Side Of Florida

When you visit Walt Disney World and the other theme parks, you dont really see what the state of Florida has to offer. When you stay at Disneys Vero Beach Resort, this isnt the case. You can experience so much more of the natural ecosystems and oceans in Florida and can find other stops you will enjoy along the way.

If you want to avoid that so-called Disney bubble on your vacation, staying at Vero Beach is a great option.

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