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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Resale

History Of Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Myrtle Beach Vacation & Holiday Inn Vacations Club Timeshare Review

IHG has been open to innovation since its beginning. Beginning in 1777 as a brewery, the Bass Brewery was a wild success by the 19th century as one of the largest in the world. In the 1940s, the brewery shifted into the hospitality business and began providing quality stays in exciting locations. The first InterContinental hotel opened in 1949 in the tropical port city of Belem, Brazil.

Holiday Inn began in the 1950s, revolutionizing the hospitality industry with convenient roadside motels for travelers. Today, IHG is no longer associated with the original brewery, but its many hospitality brands continue to thrive.

In 2008, the Holiday Inn brand began its timeshare business with the creation of Holiday Inn Club Vacations, allowing its many loyal customers to experience the benefits of vacation ownership.

Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations A Timeshare

Yes, Holiday Inn Club Vacations is essentially a timeshare company even though it offers multiple products. Owners can buy a week of timeshare which is deeded to a specific resort or they can purchase points that can be used to stay in a variety of resorts within the HICV network. Holiday Inn points can also be purchased to add onto a week to give owners more flexibility to use their week within the network.

Timeshare at its basic level is an owner buying vacation time to take a vacation in a resort. The product has evolved over the years to expand into multiple use programs but the basics are the same use your ownership interest to book a vacation stay in a resort.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cancellation Policy

If you recently a timeshare with HolidayInn Club Vacations, take advantage of your rescission period while it still lasts! The rescission period is possibly the single most sought-after timeshare contract loophole. However, its also the most frequently missed opportunity due to its limited time-frame.

A rescission period allows you to cancel your timeshare contract, where you can still receive a full refund. Every state has different rescission laws when it comes to canceling your timeshare. Typically your rescission period is at the beginning of the end of your contract. A standard rescission period can last 3-14 days immediately after purchasing.

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Amazing Holiday Inn Club Vacations Destinations

Whether you want to take a dip in the pool, play a round of golf, or enjoy the sandy beaches, Holiday Inn Club resorts in Florida are a perfect option. Sunset Cove Resort is located on Smokehouse Bay on Marco Island. Luxury accommodations and a private balcony are just a few of the amenities this location offers. Families who enjoy boating will love the guest boat docking and a zero-entry pool. Eco boat tours along the Gulf coast allows riders to view dolphins and manatees up close. Fishing, watersports and golfing are just a few of the activities to be enjoyed while visiting the resort.

One of the highlights of a Holiday Inn Club membership is a trip to the theme park capital of the world, Orlando. The flagship resort of HICV, Orange Lake Resort, is a sprawling complex next to Animal Kingdom and provides everything you need in a terrific vacation. Restaurants, bars, lazy river, multiple pools and golf courses, and easy access to all of the Disney parks makes this a special location to visit.

What Is The Difference Between A Timeshare And A Vacation Club

Sandcrest Dissolutions

The primary difference between a timeshare and a vacation club is in the way the ownership is used. The conventional timeshare product is where an owner has a week of vacation time that they can use in a specific resort each year, whether fixed during a specific week or in a designated season or over certain months. For owners who want a guaranteed vacation week in a high-demand season like ski season in Tahoe or during a popular week such as New Years week in New Orleans, this can be a great way to secure your vacations.

Vacation clubs tend to provide more flexibility, since the owner can use their ownership among several resorts within a given club network. For instance, an owner who buys Holiday Inn Club Vacation points can use those points within the 28-resort network that HICV operates.

The overall concepts are basically the same in that an owner buys vacation time to stay in a timeshare resort each year. The difference can be in the way the ownership operates and the type of vacations that are important to an owner.

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Weeks To Points: Orange Lake And Ihg Win Either Way

In 2006 Orange Lakes timeshare branch followed industry trends, and changed their weeks-based system to points, and their Silverleaf owners paid a large price for it. We often hear that salespeople explain at update meetings that the merger would make Silverleaf timeshares useless. An upgrade was the only way they could keep using the ownership. Afraid of losing the money paid into their contracts, customers would crack under the pressure and agree to buy even more.

This is very predatory, as the weeks-based vacation interest is much more owner-friendly than the points-based model. The week system guarantees you a week of vacation because you own one of only 52 units of time that Orange Lake can sell in your unit. But the points system allows the company to sell as much of its made-up reservation currency as it wants, at any price. Orange Lake can easily sell more points than it will ever have rooms for. Its a bidding war that can never accommodate everyone theyve sold points to. Owner by owner, it seems Orange Lake is fooling people into going into debt to take luxury vacations that will likely never come. Not sure how to get out of Holiday Inn Timeshare? Give Linx Legal a call today.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Orange Lake Resort

Shop timeshares for sale at Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort North Village: Located on over 1,000 acres of mystical wetlands adjacent to the Walt Disney World complex you’ll find the respected Orange Lake Resort and Country Club. This resort is made up of 4 distinct villages: the West Village, North Village, East Village, and River Island. The North Village is located near the kids’ splash park and lighted 9-hole golf course. Other amenities include cafe, arcade, basketball and tennis, and kids pool – plus owners and guests have access to amenities at all four villages. Buy resale and save thousands on a HICV Orange Lake Resort – North Village timeshare! Visit Resort Website.

Gold Crown Rated

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Of All The Hotels In Habersham County Which Hotels Have The Highest User Ratings

When traveling to Habersham County for the first time, many travelers find it difficult to choose a hotel to stay in. According to data, Nacoochee Valley Rentals and Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort, an Ihg Hotelare popular hotels with high ratings, making them good choices for your trip.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Lawsuit

Orange Lake Resort Timeshare Resales

In 2017, Holiday Inn Club Vacations sued Timeshare Exit Team for interfering with customer contracts and misled owners about its ability to get them out of timeshares.

As a result, several pretrial hearings were scheduled for a jury in Orlando. On the night of trial, both companies, shockingly, agreed on a settlement and a blanket non-disclosure clause of the settlement.

Shortly after, both companies issued press releases that made the settlement seem like a significant victory for their respective customers. On Jan. 15th, Timeshare Exit Team stated, Orange Lake Takes Back Nearly 1,300 Timeshares from Frustrated Owners in Landmark Settlement with Timeshare Exit Team. 5 days later, HICV responded with Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated Secures Major Win and Exposes Timeshare Exit Team for its False, Misleading and Deceptive Practices.

Whoever you think won, well leave that up to you. Whats important was that the result of this lawsuit led to the creation of the Holiday Inn Vacations Clubs very own exit program called Horizons. This has also encouraged other timeshare developers to create similar exit options of their own. To learn more about this lawsuit,

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare Faq

How do I sell my Holiday Inn Club timeshare?

There are a couple of ways you can sell your Holiday Inn Club timeshare. Putting it up for sale on the timeshare resale market is the best way to sell, especially since Holiday Inn Club Vacations doesnt have an internal resale program so they arent really in a position to help.

There are essentially two ways you can go. One is to advertise your timeshare for sale yourself and the other is to hire a timeshare broker to handle it for you. Either way, you are selling on the secondary market and will have the final say as to the agreed sale price.

Advertising to sell your timeshare allows you to control the sales process by using photos, descriptive text, and negotiating with the prospective buyer. Be sure to choose a company that specializes in online timeshare resales, rather than an outlet that functions as a glorified online garage sale. Buyers are going to go to a website that uses marketing tactics to attract buyers and has the best selection of timeshares, not one that offers second-hand furniture.

Once you have a deal in place, your company can refer you to a trusted closing company that will complete the transfer process to the new owner. With this option, youll keep all the proceeds from the sale instead of paying a commission. All this requires is an advertising fee to promote your ownership.

Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations a timeshare?
How do I cancel my Holiday Inn Club Vacation?
Are Timeshares Worth It?

Exchange Holiday Inn With Rci & Ii

Holiday Inn Club Vacations owners can use their points on third-party vacation exchange networks, like RCI or Interval International. Check with your Home resort first to find out which exchange company it is affiliated with. Once you determine whether your Holiday Inn points can be traded on RCI or II, you will be able to sign up and trade your ownership for thousands of other resorts or hotels worldwide.

With vacation exchange, you can use your points to book stays at thousands of affiliate resorts, as well as apply them towards airfare, car rentals, vacation packages, excursions, guided tours, high adventure trips, attraction and events tickets, and so much more! Using these perks can help you make the best of your timeshare by allowing you to enjoy your ownership for a stay almost anywhere in the world.

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations: Built On An American Icon

For generations, families planned their summer getaways around Holiday Inn hotels. To post-World War II couples and families hitting the road to tour Route 66 and See the U.S.A. in their Chevrolet, the company represented a brand they trusted for consistently safe, clean, and appealing accommodations.

The development of Holiday Inn vacation ownership takes the traditions of family travel to the next level of great vacations. The company offers a points-based timeshare ownership program, which provides owners of HICV timeshares several different ways to enjoy its timeshare network as well as over 4,500 IHG timeshare branded hotels and resorts worldwide.

What If I Dont Want To Just Give It Away For Free

Buy Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas Desert Club ...

While the majority of Holiday Inn Club Ownerships have little to no resale value , 3 HICV resorts do indeed have some residual value that could be offered up on the resale market to net some money to you as an owner if you chose to sell it vs give it back to Holiday Inn Club! If you wish to investigate this route, we would suggest starting with our How to Sell your Timeshare Guide for more details on how to sell your Timeshare yourself without paying large upfront fees and without being scammed! This article however was expressly written to let more owners know about the Horizons program as a legitimate option to get out of a Holiday Inn Club ownership!

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How Much Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations

The cost of Holiday Inn Club Vacations ownership can vary from resort, week number, annual point allotment, unit type, and more. Depending on your travel preferences, you can find a Holiday Inn timeshare for sale that fits your lifestyle. When you purchase directly from Holiday Inn, a baseline ownership can cost several thousand dollars. You can also browse Holiday Inn timeshare resale on our resort marketplace for great deals at top resorts.

Our friends at Vacation Club Loans also offer timeshare financing with low rates and fast online approval. With as little as 10% down, you can view the Monthly Payment Calculator on each Holiday Inn timeshare for sale on our marketplace to determine monthly payments.

You should also consider the annual timeshare maintenance fees. With every vacation club, owners must pay annual fees and dues. These go towards resort up-keep, renovations, etc. According to the American Resort Development Association , maintenance fees cost an average of $1000 per year.

Welcome To Horizons By Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated

If canceling or selling your timeshare is on your mind, were your first place to turn.

We care about everyone who owns with us, and while we want you to continue to enjoy your vacations, we know personal situations can change over time, and the road ahead may seem unclear. Thats why we created Horizons, an easy service offered by our company and designed for those wanting to get out of their timeshare permanently and never pay maintenance fees again.

If youre exploring possible next steps in your vacation ownership or even thinking about selling your timeshare, we would like to know that too. There may be options open to you, and were here to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

On a related note, with a rise in fears over the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Resort Development Association Resort Owners Coalition is warning consumers of timeshare exit companies attempting to take advantage of this uncertain time. To learn more, please read the full press release.

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How To Use Holiday Inn Club Points

Holiday Inn Club Vacations allows owners to make the most of their vacation ownership by offering an annual allotment of points. When you join Holiday Inn Club Vacations, you decide on which resort will be your “Home” resort. Your Home resort is where you will have priority booking windows to make reservations, and it goes on your deed. Your Home resort ownership determines how many Holiday Inn points you receive every year. The annual point allotment is determined on a number of factors, such as your Home resort popularity, week number, size/type of unit, and more.

Holiday Inn Club Points can be used in multiple ways:

  • Use at any Holiday Inn Club branded property
  • Exchange Holiday Inn Club Points for IHG Rewards Club points to stay at over 4,500 hotels worldwide as part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family of hotels
  • Exchange Holiday Inn Club Points through any of RCI’s 4,300+ resorts all over the world
  • Redeem Holiday Inn Club Points for plane tickets, car rental, cruises, vacation packages, excursions, event and attraction tickets, hotels, resorts, and more!

Using the points system allows you to use the value of your timeshare to travel the world on your own schedule.

Need Advice On Holiday Inn Club Vacation Point System

Review of Holiday Inn Vacation Club Timeshare Presentation. [HD]

Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Cape Canaveral, 35,000 Annual points

RE/MAX Properties SW presents Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Cape Canaveral, 35,000 Annual points in a one bedroom. Refer to Listing #048191. Upgrade this to a two bedroom with MLS #048192 same price, same point package. This ten-acre resort has a private boardwalk-style path that leads to the beach at Jetty Park! This resort also features a four-story water slide, lazy river, movie theater, mini golf, basket and tennis courts. Parks, zoos, historic and natural sites are all nearby! Member of TimeshareBrokersMLS and NAR.

Rescind, you can pick up more points for a fraction of that price resale. If you are patient, you can probably get one for free and the seller may pay the transfer fees too. Current listing in the Marketplace here:For SalePosted: 1/12/2022 – Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Cape Canaveral, 35,000 Annual pointsview ademail this member or contact this member at 407-352-5800 EXT 325#238257- member since Jan 2006

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Holiday Inn Club Timeshare Overview

Holiday Inn Club Vacations uses a flexible points-based system for vacation ownership. That means with a Holiday Inn Club timeshare resale, you can choose where and when you travel. Unlike some timeshares where you have to visit the same resort every year, you have the opportunity to stay at any of the ten HICV resorts. If you prefer long weekend trips rather than a full seven-day vacation, you may also have the opportunity to separate your points into multiple trips.

The Holiday Inn Club timeshare program is also affiliated with RCI, expanding your ownership to over 4,300 additional resorts worldwide. With their flexible travel options, some timeshare owners even use their points to book airline tickets and car rentals. When you buy a Holiday Inn Club Vacations resale you also earn points to travel to 4,500 Holiday Inn and Intercontinental Hotel Group resorts.

Timeshare Points Deeded Ownership And Other Options In Holiday Inn Timeshare

Holiday Inn timeshare ownership means your timeshare has an assigned value that functions like timeshare points.

Owners who purchase their timeshares at full price have the ability to exchange their points for vacations at any available Holiday Inn Club resort or for vacations at Club Partner properties. An additional benefit of their full price purchase is an automatic upgrade to Gold Elite status in the IHG Rewards Club, which is the loyalty program of the companys hotel properties. Timeshare owners also have exchange access to resort properties that are affiliated with Resort Condominiums International timeshare exchange .

Resale buyers save thousands of dollars on their purchase, but they should be aware that not all HICV timeshare points transfer in the same way when sold as value-priced timeshare resales. Many properties retain their full points benefits when transferred from the current owner to the new buyer but others revert to a fixed or floating deeded week.

With deeded ownership, the resale buyer has full access to the resort interval and all its wonderful amenities, but may have limited access to internal exchange or points exchange within the Holiday Inn loyalty program. Howeverand this is very important to recognizeresale buyers have excellent options for enhancing their ownership while still benefiting from the savings of buying timeshares as a resale product.

2) Resale owners can join RCI through a paid membership and enjoy external timeshare exchange.

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