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A Colleague Vacations At The Beach Every Year

If You Need To Reach Me Travel To My Homeland Of Florida

The DVC Resort Nobody Wanted To Stay At – Vero Beach

When one of my colleagues went on vacation, he sent an out-of-office message that was both clever and smart. First, he sent the recipient on an imaginary scavenger hunt to “the highest peak of the tallest mountain.” He used humorous absurdity to make it clear that he would not be checking email while he was away.

Plus, he incorporated a delightful technique to let people know that if they really wanted him to read their emails, they should probably send them again after his return. Not only does that keep the sender accountable by saying, “If this is really important, you know when to reach me,” but it also helps him truly vacate his work while he’s away. And that’s hard to do.

Below is an example you can use for yourself.



Im on vacation until July 18th. If you need to reach me, heres what youll need to do:

  • First, travel to my homeland of Florida.
  • Climb to the highest peak of the tallest mountain.
  • Find a rare flower .
  • Put the flower back, because as the old hiking rule goes, Leave everything as you found it.

When you understand that flower, youll know to reach me. Trust me. Youll know.

If you want to make sure your message gets a response ASAP when I return, please send it on July 18th. I recommend using one of our sales automation tools to schedule it now, while youre thinking about it.

Fall Into A Date Night

Readers, we are getting deep into my favorite season. The temperatures have officially dropped, coats are on, and the days have shortened. While it may seem that Mother Nature is trying her best to keep us indoors and miserable, the chilly fall days and nights are a great time to get creative with our socializing, whether its date nights or time spent with friends. There are still leaves to be seen and hot cocoa to be sipped those two alone are worth bundling up and venturing outside! Ive compiled a list of creative fall hangouts, with inspiration from this Womans Day article. Explore a state park. If you have an adult Levittown Public Library card you can reserve our Empire Pass, which provides access to over 100 parks within New York State. Hike, bike, or walk through a gorgeous landscape of fall foliage with the ones you love. Visit a new town. Without even leaving Long Island, you can discover a hip new locale or perhaps a nostalgic little Main Street. Just this past weekend, I was driving through St. James and Stonybrook, two towns Ive never visited, and was astounded by their charm. You never knowRead More »

The Bad News Is That Im Out Of Office The Good News Is That Im Out Of Office

You can show just how thrilled you are about your vacation while still providing an apology .


Hey there Ive got good and bad news for you. Lets go with the bad first.

The bad news is that Im out of office. The good news is that Im out of office and enjoying elotes in Cancún.

Ill be back on February 7th.

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Consider Staying At A Casa Particular

There are a number of casa particulars in Varadero where it is possible to stay if youre not interested in a resort. However, be aware that many of the beaches in Varadero are attached to hotels so Im not sure how easy it will be to find some public sand . The good news is that you can now book casas ahead using

Slave History On Martinique

Stay Safe and Healthy in the Summer Heat

With the European introduction of sugar cane, more than 5 million Africans are estimated to have been forcibly brought to the Caribbean during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to work the plantations. In recent years, new museums, memorials and other sites have cropped up in the region to help tourists and residents alike better understand that painful history.

To Martinique, the French overseas department in the Lesser Antilles, slave traders brought around 217,000 Africans to enslave. On cliffs along the islands southwestern coast, one can get a fuller picture of that legacy by visiting a haunting monument that overlooks Diamond Rock, a small and uninhabited island less than two miles offshore.

Entitled Cap 110 Memoire and Fraternité, the large outdoor memorial at Anse Caffard consists of 15 white concrete sculptures, each more than 8 feet tall and weighing 4 and a half tons, placed tightly together in a triangle formation.

Created by the local artist Laurent Valère, the memorial commemorates an 1830 disaster in which a slave ship crashed into rocks just offshore, drowning many Africans chained in the hold. The sculptures triangular shape represents the triangle trade of slavery, and is oriented toward to the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, thought to be the ships original port.

Its an amazing place with the Atlantic Ocean, Mr. Valère wrote in a text message. Its a bit mystic and a special place because a lot of Africans have been buried there.

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Im Busy Watching Christmas Movies Catch Ya Later

There’s no shame in using Christmas to indulge in your childhood movie tastes, but there is shame in not sharing that adorable side of yourself when people are trying to reach you during the holidays.

So, take a lesson from , editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, who wrote the above hilarious out-of-office email, fully stocked with mentions of the best movies from the 1990s.

Below is an example you could use for yourself. Well, its the same email.


Oh hey, its Christmas, what are you doing emailing me?

Im extremely busy watching Home Alone, Die Hard, and the 1994 Ninja Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Special on repeat until the new year.

I might stop for food and toilet breaks, I also might not.

Regardless of my general health and hygiene over the silly season, Ill be back in the office on January 2.

Catch ya then, dont forget to buy a pepperoni pizza for Splinter.

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Travel: Being A Representative Of Your Country

What would Jose Marti think?

Leaving Varadero beach I was conflicted. I was so, so sad leaving the beauty of the sand and sea behind. But more than that I was relieved to unshackle myself from the resort and the holiday-makers that left me wanting to write a letter to the Canadian out-bound tourism minister.

Even as I travelled further and further from Varadero beach, it took a long while to shrug off the feelings of disgust I had for my fellow hotel-guests.

Sure, I get that not everyone wants to engage in an adventure when they get a few weeks of holiday each year. And not researching the history of the country your visiting is sad, but not a sackable-offence . Even excessive drinking and debauchery are not unfamiliar territory in my world hell, I spent four years in an 80% male, rugby-focused university in England and have stayed in my fair share of party places.

Time and again, I wanted to shout, this isnt normal, this isnt what people outside Cuba are like. But how could my protestations hold weight in the face of the ugly behaviour of the tourists that swarm Varadero beach each year, raping the country of its sparse resources for cheap-kicks and even cheaper beer. Ive said it once but Ill say it again. If you are the kind of traveller who hits up a resort in a no-holds-barred style that fits very squarely into the wed never get away with this, let alone dare to try it at home style of travel Shame. On. You.

Libraries Rock Summer Reading 2018

PACK WITH ME FOR A BEACH VACATION 2021! *myrtle beach, south carolina*

Some professions have busy seasons. For accountants, its early spring. For librarians, its the summer. We plan almost a full year ahead to prepare for the influx of patrons we help with book recommendations, museum pass reservations, and program attendance. We realize you might have more time on your hands than you know what to do with for the next two months, and we hope youll spend some of that time with us, at the library. As a staff member here at the LPL, I have the special privilege of knowing in advance some of the upcoming programs before theyre announced to the public. Our July/August 2018 newsletter will be released by the end of the month some of you reading this now may even have it in front of you. If not, trust me when I tell you the Library will be a busy place this summer! A staple of any public library is summer reading. Regardless of your age and reading preferences , we have the summer reading program for you! If youre going to be reading this summerand you know arewhy not win prizes along the way? There are so manyRead More »

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Back To School Support

The end of August is usually a culmination of pool parties, beach days, vacations, and all types of carefree fun. However, the end of August during the COVID pandemic is not a high point of excitement. Instead, for millions of people it marks the beginning of a new stage of pandemic life, as teachers and students prepare to go back to school, an institution that will look remarkably different from any other version it has ever been before. A new type of anxiety has emerged for everyone involved. Questions surrounding the safety of students and teachers, concerns about the quality and logistics of learning, and stresses over childcare all weigh on the minds of parents, caregivers, teachers, and administrators. We share those concerns. At the Levittown Public Library, we are standing by to assist parents, students, and teachers as best and as safely as possible. While we cannot predict how COVID will continue to impact our services, we are determined to provide support and resources through virtual means, and if possible, in person. These include live and recorded virtual programs, databases, technology assistance, resource lists, and of course a large variety of physical and digital books and periodicals. ForRead More »

Forget Vacation Guilt: 5 Strategies To Rest Like You Deserve

Are you excited about your holiday? Your time has come, youre finally going to get some rest! But wait! Do you know how to rest and put your work aside? Can you hear your thoughts whispering about project and emails while youre laying on the beach?

You have to stop them right now and we will tell you how.

First of all, here are simple reasons why you have to stop thinking about your job on vacation:

  • You deserve vacation
  • You have a legal right for it
  • If you dont rest, youll get burnout

These reasons are obvious, so why many people cant relax on holidays? Lets find out!

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If Found Contact Someone Other Than Me

If your email client allows it, you could always just use an image to express your out-office sentiment, like this one. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and visual content is still essential to successful marketing.

In this image, you’re letting people know you’re OOO with a “Missing” notice on a milk carton. Genius. Just be careful this sort of autoresponder is best for internal emails, not for autoresponders that get sent to prospects and clients.

Dispatches From The Library

South Carolina Beach Resort

Readers, its been a while. I wasnt someone who kept track of the number of days we were home, but it felt like 3,005,567,908 days, didnt it? The pandemic is still going on around us, but its feeling more and more like a fog thats slowly getting thinner. So many New Yorkers are still dealing with anxiety, fear, and for too many, grief. I wish we had a date that I could circle on my calendar and write, Pandemic Over in all caps, but sadly, that seems an unrealistic wish. What I do know is that were crawling back to some sense of normalcy, though it looks different than what we imagined or what were used to seeing. For us at the LPL, that means returning to our home basethe Levittown Public Library. Weve all been working hard from home since we closed our doors on March 13, 2020. Weve created new content for our website, including tutorials on how to use our databases and other resources. Weve created videos and hosted live programs to keep you and your families entertained and informed. Weve even stayed in direct touch with so many of you who have used our chatRead More »

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Consider Booking With A Tour Operator For Customer Service Access While Youre Away

Sometimes its helpful to have someone to take responsibility if your trip isnt going to plan. Also, tour operators can help you find a resort that will suit your travel style.

TUI is popular in the UK .

If you know of any other tour operators youd recommend, especially in the USA or Canada, let me know in the comments below.

Ill Get Back To You Once Im Back From My Long

If youre taking a vacation and staying home, your clients or coworkers may still expect you to pop into the office and answer their emails. Use this autoresponder to let them know youre really not available even if youre bumming around on the couch.



Thanks for your email. Im on vacation. On the couch. Eating chips. And bingeing Stranger Things for the eighth time .

Unfortunately, I cant answer your email . Ill get back to you once Im back from my long-awaited trip to the fridge. Bought tickets on TripAdvisor and everything.

Ill be back in the office on the third and will get back to you then.

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Colonial History On Nevis

Like Martinique, Nevis, a 36-square-mile island in the Lesser Antilles, has put its history front and center.

The whole of Nevis is like a museum, because in other countries you have to travel very many miles to get to a heritage site, said Pauline Ngunjiri, executive director of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society. In Nevis, every 100 yards or less there is a heritage building or site.

Though a British colony for more than 300 years , the island played a significant role in American history as the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States.

In 1755 , Hamilton was born in a two-story Georgian-style building overlooking Charlestown Harbor, and lived on Nevis until age 9 . Now called the Hamilton House, the building also houses the Museum of Nevis History, and serves as the meeting place of the islands legislative body.

Another popular site for travelers and historians is Cottle Church, now partially a ruin. It was built in 1824 by John Cottle, a former president of Nevis, so that his family and those he had enslaved could worship together. The Anglican church was never consecrated since it was illegal at the time for slaves to take part in religious ceremonies.

Its a place of memory, very fascinating, Ms. Ngunjiri said.

If the world knew the history hidden in the Caribbean, there would be a lot more people traveling here, Ms. Ngunjiri said.

Here Are 10 Things Im Thankful For

Starting Summer Vacation at the BEACH

This email comes from another one of my colleagues. The purpose of this email is to intercept messages during Thanksgiving, and the way in which it does so is, well, with thankfulness.

The funny and charming email template below keeps the confidence of your colleagues with a list of things anyone who works in an office is thankful for. Of course, feel free to customize this list according to the quirks of your own workplace. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reveal them.


Since Im out of the office for the Thanksgiving weekend, Ill respond to your email with a list of 10 things Im thankful for:

  • Copiers that collate
  • Co-workers that brew more coffee when they empty the pot
  • Donuts on Mondays AND Fridays
  • When IT surprised me with a new laptop AND remembered to transfer my files
  • When You-Know-Who died at the end of book 7
  • Dry-erase boards that actually erase
  • The brave soul who cleaned out the refrigerator
  • When Im early to an all-staff meeting and score a seat near the door
  • HR finally sent a memo telling people to STOP clipping their nails at their desk
  • OOO autoresponders
  • Have a great Thanksgiving, and Ill get back to you Monday.

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    A Colleague Vacations At The Beach Every Year

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