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Vacation Rental Property Management Contract

What Services Are Included In The Vacation Rental Property Management Fees For My Listing

Air Concierge – Property Management for Short Term Vacation Rental Homeowners

Its extremely important to know upfront what service fees are included in the management fee, and what fees are charged additionally. A property manager might quote you a very low monthly fee, but then provide a list of separate fees charged on top of their rate. On the other hand, a property manager may quote a seemingly high monthly fee, but its inclusive of all services.

The monthly management fee may include the following services:

: Vacation rental property managers make a career out of understanding the STR market and staying on top of industry trends. Because of this, they have a good understanding of the best way to , when to adjust prices, which platforms to market on, and how to attract ideal guests for your property.

Some managers will offer this service as part of their monthly vacation rental property management fee, and others may offer it as an additional service. If you would like to have this service excluded, you may enquire with your manager, but first, decide if you have the time and skills to market your rental by yourself.

Cleaning services: Each time guests check out of your rental, the property will require a cleaning service. Some vacation rental managers may include cleaning fees in their monthly rate. This means you will be paying for the cleaning services out of your own pocket.

Does Vacasa Manage Airbnbs

The good news: Yes. When you work with us, we advertise your property on Airbnb.

The better news: Thats just the beginning. We also market your vacation home on more channels, including Vrbo and, to keep your booking calendar full. Plus, Vacasa provides high-quality photography and custom-written, keyword-filled descriptions to make your property listing stand out from the rest.

How To Start A Vacation Rental Management Company

The vacation rental management industry is a young one in the grand scheme of things, but its growth has been explosive. Many media outlets reported the reasoning behind this is that virtually anyone can do it. This is simply untrue.

What they really meant to say was anyone whos willing to take the risk and put the time and effort in can do it. So, same as any business really.

This isnt an effort to deter you though. This is an effort to prepare you. Running a successful vacation rental management company can be extremely lucrative, thats true. But the fact of the matter is this: you are entering a fiercely competitive industry. Dont go into it thinking its as easy as throwing up a couple Airbnb ads on behalf of your neighbors and letting the profits roll in.

Before you take another step, you need to have a solid business plan. Youre going to have to come up with a viable plan of attack before you take on any clients. Additionally, you need to brush up on your marketing, research, and networking skills. Thats what were going to help you do today.

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Should I Hire A Third Party To Run My Vacation Rental Business

Before hiring a property manager and paying the relevant vacation rental property management fees, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I able to devote the necessary time to manage my properties?
  • What is the annual occupancy rate I am aiming for my rentals?

If you own a few vacation rental properties, managing and overseeing them yourself will be a lot easier than if you own multiple properties.

Your decision should also be influenced by how much time you can commit to managing your listings. Managing a vacation rental business requires a lot of work. If you already work a full-time job, you might have less time to focus on your listings.

In this case, it might be a good idea to pay a monthly vacation rental property management fee to a hired manager. This will put your mind at ease, as they will handle all the necessary work. If your vacation rental business is your primary focus, you may be able to handle the workload on your own without a managers help.

Finally, your rental goals should also influence your decision about hiring a manager. If you live in your rental property and only rent it out when you are traveling, you may be able to manage it yourself. On the other hand, if your listings are vacant and you want to maximize their occupancy potential, then hiring a manager to oversee all operations would make more sense.

Minimum And Maximum Stay Requirements

Property Management Agreement for Vacation Properties ...

Many owners prefer to stipulate a minimum stay for their guests, in order to ensure that the expense and effort of preparing the accommodation upon arrival and departure are worth it.

If this is your case, this information must be included in the vacation rental contract. Keeping this in mind will prevent problems of high turnover or guests overstaying their welcome.

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Keep In Mind That This Is A Business

Vacation property management is a business that is centered around people, and it revolves around excitement, happiness, and family memories. However, you have to remember that at the end of the day, youre still running a business and it should be run like one.

The success of vacation rental property management means that you find the balance between making the most money and giving guests the vacation of their dreams at the same time. Running a vacation rental property like a small business means that youll have to:

  • Evaluate any potential risks
  • Anticipate guests needs even before they realize them
  • Invest in security
  • Stay on top of market trends
  • Respond quickly to any reviews

Charge fines and a management fee when necessary and fair, and dont make any financial decisions based on your personal budget. Youll want to stay on top of your competitors prices so you can price your property accordingly and earn rental income. Remember that just because you wouldnt pay $200 a night for a vacation rental home doesnt mean that your rate is too high.

Things To Consider When Finding An Airbnb Manager For Your Vacation Rental

If you are reading this, you are probably well acquainted with Airbnb and how great it can be at helping you earn rental income from your home.

If you are still reading this, you are also likely well acquainted with the phenomenon dubbed host fatigue, where the sheer volume of work required from you to earn that rental income is becoming overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is an answer that can give you the best of both worlds: work with an Airbnb manager, and get rental income without doing the work.

But before picking an Airbnb manager for your vacation home, there are 7 factors you should consider first:

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The Best Option Is To Hire A Premium Full

Entrusting a vacation rental manager with your second home or investment property is a big decision. You want assurances that it will get the care it deserves, and it will achieve the growth you have planned for it. You also want to be able to enjoy it when you come back to visit.

You can have all that and more with Vacasa.

As a Vacasa homeowner, every guest will experience the best of your home. Our housekeepers and hospitality experts are professional, local Vacasa employees. They receive competitive wages and benefits like 401 with a 6% match and 100% health insurance coverage. They care for your home like it’s their own.

Youll also maximize your rental income. Our industry-leading rate-setting technology automatically adjusts to local market conditions in real timesimilar to the airline and hotel industryso your vacation home books at the best price every night.

And because we partner with top booking channels like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Google, its easier than ever for guests to find and book your home.

Have questions about worry-free renting while maximizing your revenue? Connect with a local Homeowner Consultant via phone or emailwe can even provide a custom estimate of how much your home could earn.

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

Should I Self Manage or Hire a Property Manager for Airbnb?

The benefits of a short term property manager are clear. A vacation rental management company can take over the day-to-day running of your property, ultimately freeing up your time and reducing stress. This can be a really transformative phase in a vacation rental owners life: it lets you categorize your investment as true passive income. However, the convenience of a property manager has a cost: management fees.

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General Maintenance And Urgent Repairs

Theres no doubt that one of your most significant short term rental management fees is maintenance.

Its crucial for you, the vacation property owner, to understand how the manager structures the maintenance process. Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • Do they have an in-house team or do they outsource?
  • What maintenance issues cant they fix in-house?
  • Whats their turnaround time for a regular repair?
  • Is there an emergency number for guests to contact?
  • When are they required to consult you as the owner?

Elysia Stobbe, a nationally recognized author and property expert, believes all owners should be asking how a property management company handles their maintenance fees. Specifically, Do they have an in-house team, how do they charge you, and do they take it out of rent or is it separate?

Once again, before you sign up with a vacation rental manager, make sure you check if this is included in the monthly fee or if youll get an additional charge.

The Four Unbreakable Rules To Any Vacation Rental Agreement

One of the biggest problems that we see is that most sample agreements youll find online are pretty thin and dont offer much real protection.

Not to mention, the agreement on its own isnt worth much if it isnt implemented properly. Which completely defeats the point of even having one in the first place.

The point of your vacation rental agreement is to prevent and protect your property from any misunderstandings or financial losses from popping up down the line.

And when it comes to protecting your multi-million dollar assets, or your reputation with neighbours, you can never be too careful.

Here are the 4 unbreakable rules that every vacation rental agreement must follow:

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How To Save On A Vacation Rental Management Fee

If you dont want to pay continuous vacation rental property management fees to hired managers, consider using vacation rental software to handle your properties for you. Vacation rental software like iGMS makes managing properties easier, with functions like a unified inbox, automated guest messaging, calendar sync to prevent double bookings, channel manager, financial reporting, and many more.

Vacation Rental Property Management Contracts And Fees

Vacation Rental Management Agreement

How much are vacation rental property management fees?

Depending on the location and breadth of services, vacation rental property management fees can range from 12% to 50% of your rental income.

The biggest trap is settling for a vacation rental manager who promises higher short-term returns for a lower management fee. While lower fees may feel like a better deal, you usually end up paying much more in fees for additional services, and a great peak season doesnt mean much if your home is empty for the rest of the year.

Contracts are a pain point for many vacation home owners because of the above scenario. A year-long contract with a manager who can only book 4 months of the year is a net negative, plus the operational costs and security concerns of bringing outside vendors into your home to clean the carpets or fix the A/C.

When looking at your budget, consider the long-term benefits of hiring a full-service vacation rental manager who can do it all and provide hotel-quality services that guests expect. If you plan on selling your vacation rental, a full booking calendar will help justify a higher asking price.

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Does Vacasa Offer Property Management Services Near Me

Vacasa is the largest vacation rental management company in North America. The thousands of homes we manage are located in destinations where travelers want to beand only where vacation rentals are allowed. These areas span from Hawaii to Florida, Oregon to Maine. Some of our most popular locations are vacation destinations within a few hours drive of a city.

To see where Vacasa offers property management services, explore our property map >

The Size Of Their Staff And Their Rental Portfolio

A vacation rental manager with a sizable portfolio probably has a good rapport with homeowners and understands the basics of successful vacation rental management.

However, portfolio size can be misleading. They might manage a lot of homes, but might not have enough staff for 24/7 guest support. This is crucial during peak season when turnaround time between bookings is much shorter. Otherwise, it could result in negative reviews.

You want a vacation rental manager who can appropriately scale their staff and operations to be on site at a moments notice. At Vacasa, we use predictive analytics to staff our professional local teams based on market demand, whether its during peak season or for a big conference during the slow season. Every home and guest gets the best individual care before and during every stay.

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Cancellation Policies And Falsified Bookings Protection

To protect the homeowner, this section allows for the immediate eviction of tenants who book under false pretenses without penalty of repayment to the guest . Detail any cancellation policies you have in place including timelines and fees associated as well as the circumstances in which a renter may cancel their booking without penalty.

Formatting Options For Your Vacation Rental Contract

Coeur d’Alene Vacation Rental Management

After understanding the importance of the short-term rental agreement, you might be wondering how youre going to pass it off to your guests. If the material is so important, shouldnt the delivery be equally valuable? How you choose to pass off the rental agreement will largely depend on your needs, your guests, and the nature of the property.

Ultimately, you can give the vacation rental agreement to your guests in more ways than one, so if youre worried that one method wont cut it, dont be afraid to send it in different formats.

Vacation rental agreement in PDF

The benefit of having a PDF copy of the vacation rental agreement is that there are built-in features for signatures, initials, and print names. If you require your guest to sign or initial each page, this might be the easiest way to deliver the short-term rental agreement.

Further, our vacation rental agreement template is already formatted as a PDF copy so all you have to do is press download and done! Youve got the short-term rental agreement copy ready to use in PDF format.

Vacation rental agreement template on Word

The vacation property rental agreement template we provide is editable, but still, you might choose to transfer this to Word if thats your preferred platform. You can do so by manually copying the content or using an online platform to do it for you.

Physical copy of your vacation rental contract

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What Are The Common Fee Structures

How a management company decides to charge for their services will vary. But generally, there are three popular models that managers use to calculate their vacation rental property management fees:

Guaranteed income model: In the guaranteed income model the property manager pays a fixed monthly rate to the homeowner, even during months when the property has few or no bookings. This model ensures that property owners have a guaranteed passive income coming in all year round.

The catch in the guaranteed model is that your income will always be the same regardless of the season. Any income earned in excess to the agreed rate is paid to the manager or management company.

Fixed-rate model: If you select a fixed-rate payment model for your manager, then you and the manager agree on a fixed, flat fee that the manager will receive every month. This fee remains the same regardless of the number of bookings the property has in a month.

During the low season, this may not seem like an ideal arrangement. But during high season you will pocket all profits made over and above the vacation rental property management fee that you pay. The downside of this fee model is that the fixed fee will often have separate, additional management fees on top of it, that push up the final price.

Why Do You Need A Vacation Rental Contract

As cumbersome as it may sound, having a vacation rental agreement is essential for your business, your guests, and yourself. Most hosts shy away from diving too deep into the legality of a vacation rental agreement, as the paperwork can be tedious at best and time-consuming. Regardless of the initial effort required, the payout is well worth it.

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Responsibilities Of The Property Owner

The second part of the contract that you must understand is your responsibilities as the landlord. This section of the contract will define what you are obligated to do by signing the agreement and what you are prevented from doing.

Two examples of obligations of the property owner are:

  • Set Up and Maintain a Reserve FundThe landlord is responsible for putting a specific amount of money into a reserve fund that the property manager can use for daily obligations, maintenance issues, and emergencies. You are also responsible for making sure that the fund never falls below a specific amount.
  • Obtain and Maintain the Proper InsuranceThe management agreement should specify the types of insurance and the amount of coverage you must obtain. It should also note if the property management company must be included under your coverage.
  • Two examples of restrictions on the property owner are:

  • Finding TenantsMost agreements will prevent the property owner from placing a tenant in the property themselves. This is meant to protect the property manager from having to manage a tenant that has not been selected according to their guidelines.
  • EntryThe property owner may not enter the property unless they notify the tenant beforehand or get approval from the property manager.
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