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Italian Food And Wine Vacations

Cooking In Paradise On The Amalfi Coast

Little Italy Food and Wine Tour | SoDiego Tours

For those looking for a budget trip to The Amalfi Coast, pass over this one. This Food and wine vacation on the Amalfi Coast is as much a luxury vacation as it is an adventure. One may wonder how, in an area so full of mass tourism, one might get a sense of true local living. This vacation does it, and does it extremely well. To start the week, guests are met in Naples, and brought to one of the most exclusive private villas on the Amalfi Coast. The villa belongs to the private small group for the week, and it situated on the cliffs between Ravello and Amalfi, with unimaginable views.

What makes this week so unique is that while many bucket list destinations are visited, it is all done outside the bubble of the masses of tourists. The group is hosted by a local family all week, and brought into the heart of local life on this beautiful coast. Instead of doing the normal tourist thing, it is as though you are visiting your own family here, and they are welcoming you into their lives. Just about everyone encountered, from the chef teaching the cooking classes, to the hosts, to the people driving the boats are all husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, moms and dads in the same family… and they live hospitality.

Cooking Vacations In Italy

Theres a reason our culinary tours in Italy are so popular.

Explore Italy for foodies on an Italy food tour with The International Kitchen. You can delight in the best cooking courses in Italy, in which you learn to make regional specialties and traditional Italian staples such as homemade pastas, flavorful sauces, succulent meat dishes, scrumptious seafood, and out-of-this-world desserts. Your teacher might be a professional Italian chef or a nonna who passes along generations of family recipes and a passionate dedication to Italian cuisine.

Italy culinary tourism has grown in the years since we started the niche of cooking and wine tasting holidays in Italy. And its easy to see why: who is not tempted by the thought of gourmet holidays in Italy?

We have been organizing the best private, custom, and small group cooking tours in Italy for 25 years, and we have thousands of satisfied culinary travelers that we consider friends. Many of them return year after year to explore new foodie destinations with us on our Italy food tours. We are a small company, dedicated purely to foodie trips, and personal service is one of the hallmarks of our business.

All in all, Italy is well-known for wine tasting, our company is good at vacation packages. Why dont we combine these?

Food And Wine Tours Italy

Fall in love with everything Italian. These Italy tours are for for those who love to get into the culture of the locovore, the cuisine , meet the producers, cook with the family and get involved in whatever is happening seasonally at the source. Every day is different and you will fall in love with the Italian Lifestyle on these escorted food tours.

The accommodation we have selected ranges from small hotels that are independently owned, usually centrally located in the towns we travel through, so you have time to really explore the wonderful hilltop towns scattered through Italy. On our wine tours we spend time at Agriturisimo that may be located in a vineyard setting, an Olive grove or a castle, always unique and always providing authentic Italian hospitality. Italy food and wine tours, All-inclusive tours to Italy. Sicily, Sardinia, Piedmont, wine tours Italy, Barolo, Montepulciano, Florence, gastronomic tours Italy,Travelling in Italy.

If this sounds like your type of travel you are going to love these wine and food tours of Italy. We have left free time so you can get time for exercise or rest between the rigorous schedule of meals and tastings. Most of our tours are designed for a minimum of two couples however if we have more requests to tour on the same dates we will run them with larger vehicles. Never any more than 8 people. EXPLORE REGIONAL ITALY TOURS HERE

Now the boring stuff, please read our Terms and Conditions here.

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First Stop: Rivello Lunch

JOURNEY TIME: 2h and 10 minutes.


Antipasto misto lucano

Fusilli con mollica e peperoni cruschi

Gnocchetti al ragù di maiale e cacioricotta .

WINE: Aglianico.

Fusilli are the typical pasta of Basilicata and crusco pepper is a very crunchy dried pepper. Really a great dish! I wouldnt say the same about the gnocchetti, but I couldnt resist the cacioricotta.

A Luxury Enogastronomic Tour In Italy

Gourmet Grand Tour of Italy » A taste of the Best Italy ...

As the inhabitants of the country say, the best way to get to know and discover Italy at its best is to taste it, discovering its typical dishes and most exclusive wines. Italian culinary culture, as we have also seen in the few examples mentioned above, varies enormously from region to region, so much so that it is not possible to trace a homogeneous profile of the whole country from this point of view.

For example, if you are a lover of pasta and pizza, it is obviously worth visiting Naples, Rome and the whole south. On the other hand, if you prefer meat, Tuscany is a must. Sicily has incredible fruits of the earth, as well as the sea with an exceptional catch. But do not forget the delicious desserts.

Emilia Romagna, on the other hand, is one of the most famous regions from a gastronomic point of view for its Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Prosciutto, Balsamic vinegar but also for incredible homemade specialties such as tortellini. If instead of food we talk about wine, we are also spoiled with choices. Every region has its own typical and renowned bottle of wine.

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Tuscany Wine Tour Private Group


We had a marvelous time in Italy! Tuscany was our favorite part of the tripthe food and wine tour. We enjoyed every minute of it from staying at the villa and sharing great times with all of the other people to our daily adventures touring the wineries, having fantastic lunches, visiting the villages and learning about their history to the cooking classes. We could not have asked for more!

Thanks to you and Ben for making it a memorable trip of a lifetime!

Hope to see you again in the future!


Italy Food Tours Make You Want To Ciao Down

It is not just the wine that has made Italy one of the worlds most famous gastronomic destinations. It is perhaps equally famous for its delectable cuisine, which has influenced chefs all around the world. Its at its traditional best in Italy, however and a culinary tour in Italy is undoubtedly an adventure to savor.

Italian cuisine varies greatly by region, meaning you will be delighted by all different flavors on your food and wine tour in Italy. However, as a general rule, Italian cuisine is often deceptively simple, allowing the flavors and quality of the ingredients to speak for themselves. The result is flavors that are tantalizing yet subtle, often made from recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Of course, theres no better accompaniment to a traditional Italian dish than exceptional Italian wine. And youll find plenty of those.

Anderson Conn Valley
  • DATES: April 18 – April 27, 2022
  • DATES: May 24 – June 05, 2022
  • DATES: June 05 – June 15, 2022
  • DATES: June 10 – June 20, 2022
  • DATES: June 15 – June 25, 2022
  • DATES: June 25 – July 07, 2022
  • DATES: July 07 – July 17, 2022
  • DATES: July 07 – July 17, 2022
  • DATES: July 17 – July 27, 2022
  • DATES: September 16 – September 26, 2022
  • DATES: October 03 – October 10, 2022
  • DATES: October 10 – October 21, 2022

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Second Stop: Ostuni Lunch

JOURNEY TIME: 45 minutes.

We now move to the province of Brindisi to visit Ostuni, the white city.

The old town is in fact entirely built in white lime, which gives a picturesque aspect to this beautiful village.

Finding your way through the narrow streets of Ostuni is not easy. The town looks like a labyrinth and getting lost around its narrow streets is amazing!


Orecchiette con le cime di rapa

Bombette di carne.

WHERE TO EAT: Il Posto Affianco, Ostuni.

We cannot leave Puglia without eating its legendary orecchiette with turnip tops! Fabulous!

The meat bombette, on the other hand, are less known, but a must in the Apulian cuisine as well. They are meat rolls stuffed with cheese . They are also found in different versions with the most varied fillings.

We actually wanted to eat in a bombette restaurant but we found it closed. Meh.

Second Stop: Forno Canavese

Travel Talk Webinar: Destination Spotlight on Food & Wine tours of Italy | EF Go Ahead Tours

JOURNEY TIME: 1h and 50 minutes.

Im so excited! Forno Canavese was among the best, if not the best, experiences on this tour.

We were guests of my friend Carlottas family and her mother prepared for us.

I cant even find the words to describe the amazing dishes prepared by mom Cori! All truly exceptional! I have no photos to show you because we sat at the table with the family and we spent a beautiful afternoon away from phones and social media, but I can describe for you the menu of this fantastic day!


Russian salad

Raw meatballs with porcini mushrooms

Vitello tonnato

Fresh Tomino

Cured tomino with beer jelly

Zucchini in carpione

Agnolotti al Plin

Stuffed peaches

Typical sweets .

WINE: Barbera. Nebbiolo.

WHERE TO EAT: Im sorry, I cant give you the address of Carlottas mom! Although I struggle to recommend a restaurant that is as good! But dont worry, I wont leave you with an empty stomach today! Ill write you a few restaurants recommended by Carlotta herself where you can find more or less the same dishes!

BONUS TIP: In Forno Canavese there is the only Dutch windmill in Italy. The history of this mill is very sad. It was commissioned by a local businessman in honor of his son, a boy in love with the windmills who tragically died in an accident.

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Medieval Chestnut Festival & Wine Harvest Season

Also based in Soriano nel Cimino, this vacation only occurs twice per year during the Chestnut Harvest and the local Medieval Festival. The Wine & Cooking Under the Tuscan & Umbrian Sun itinerary is rearranged to allow for more time in Soriano to experience the festivities of one of Italy’s greatest festivals. Depending on how the weather has been, this week may also include a day of harvesting wine grapes in Tuscany, or making wine.

This is a seven-night small-group cooking and wine vacation that occurs on the weekends that include the first two Sundays of October each year, for $3,945 per person, including all classes, tours, trips, tastings, food, wine and accommodations.

is a seven-night small-group cooking and wine vacation that happens during the first two weeks of October for $3,995 per person, including all classes, tours, trips, tastings, food, wine and accommodations.

The Popularity Of Wine Tours In Italy Are Based On Reputation

In Italy, food and wine are more than a source of sustenance theyre a way of life. Fine wine is something to share with friends over good conversation, while meals bring together families for events that last well into the night. Given that it has been this way for thousands of years, its no wonder that the food and wine tours in Italy are truly legendary.

Italy is the worlds largest wine producer, with Italian labels being enjoyed all over the world. Italians also rank near the top of worldwide wine consumers so, it is not just the art of making wine, but also the art of drinking it where they excel. Its no wonder, considering that wine production in Italy has gone on for well over 2,000 years, since before Roman times.

Every region in Italy produces wine, leading to an incredible variety of grapes and varietals. Perhaps the most well-known Italian wine region is the ever-popular Tuscany region, however, there are many others that are equally worthy of exploration. From the red-lovers dream of Calabria in Italys south to the unique Friuli Venezia Giulia, with its Austro-Hungarian influence, Italy boasts an incredible selection.

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Genuine Fruits And Vegetables

The local people of Puglia love to use seasonal vegetables in their cooking. The land is indeed a true paradise of vegetables, cereals and fruit: broccoli rabe, artichokes, eggplant, tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, oranges, almonds, figs, and legumes like black chickpeas, fava beans and lentils. This is just a short list of the many products that are grown here in Puglia. When in Puglia, all it takes is just a short walk to one of the many street food markets which take place weekly in almost every town to discover the huge quantity of various fresh produce that come from the area.

If you want to discover the best Puglian food, there is only one solution: go where the Italians go! When it comes to food quality and cooking, Italians are probably the most demanding in the world. Puglia is still a relatively undiscovered tourist destination so most of the restaurants and trattoria are geared towards satisfying their Italian guests, meaning they have a very high standard of quality. The region is full of great trattoria and masserie and youâll find the best ones in the very remote and rural areas rather that the touristy towns, so itâs a good idea to ask locals for good recommendations. Visiting a trattoria where the locals go will be a great experience for you.

Food And Wine Tours In Italy

Venice, Veneto and Vinitaly: the wine empire in Italy ...

Food and wine are a way of life in Italy. Despite Italian food and wine being renowned worldwide, youve probably never heard of ‘Cacio e Pepe’, a local roman pasta dish, or Cichetti a savory snack served at Bacaris in Venice. And no trip to Italy is complete without wine tasting. We offer a Chianti wine tour and a Brunello di Montalcino wine tour from Florence. We even offer a family-friendly wine and farm visit in Tuscany for those traveling with young children.

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Italian Food Is Globally Loved

An Italy food tour package offers you a peek into the purest Italian food. From authentic pizzas to lasagna, risottos to ribolita, pasta to bottarga, there are endless delectable options that mesmerize your taste buds and encapsulate your senses. Food is a pleasure to your gourmet desires, especially when you opt for an enchanting food experience at a local kitchen. Made with the most authentic herbs and spices, it is also how the dishes are served. Just as the way native Italians love to enjoy offers you a holistic journey into the best dining experience of your life with a properly designed Italy food tour.

Experience Italy Like A Local

We experience a truly real Italian experience that other “tourists” completely miss out on. Our vacations are about living the Italian life. While others come to Italy to see the sights, our guests live the lifestyle of those sights. Each Italian Cooking Vacation is a once in a lifetime experience with a wonderful balance of cooking classes, culinary and wine excursions, sightseeing, and unique cultural experiences.

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Wine Cooking & The Olive Oil Harvest

This s a once-in-a-lifetime trip that the company only does twice per year, either the last week in October or the first week of November. One week based in their Soriano location, and one based in their Norcia location. It is during this tiny window of time that the world-famous Umbrian Olive Oil is produced. Every year. While thousands flock to Umbria to experience the new olive oil when it is first made, guests on this vacation experience the art of making olive oil from the inside.

A day is set aside during the week, in which the group makes their way to an Olive Orchard, and spends the morning picking olives, relaxing, snacking, and having an overall good time. Once enough olives have been picked, it is off to the small, traditional olive mill. On this day, the mill closes its normal operations and send the workers home for the day. The group will take the olives they picked and operate the mill, pressing their own olives. Once all of the olives are mashed, and in the press, the group is treated to a wonderful home buffet lunch by the owners of the mill. Finally, after lunch, each person goes back into the mill as the pressing is finishing, and each person fills a one- liter can of the olive oil they produced that day, from the olives they harvested.

and are seven-night small-group cooking and wine vacations that occur on the last week of October or 1st week of November for $3,895 per person, including all classes, tours, trips, tastings, food, wine and accommodations.

First Stop: Giovinazzo Lunch

Gourmet Wine and Dinner Experience in Rome

JOURNEY TIME: 2h and 45 minutes.

Finally Puglia! Among my favorite regions, especially from the food and wine point of view!

From today we will drive many kilometers because we begin to travel the long south.

The first stop is Giovinazzo, a seaside village in the province of Bari that I know because I worked with people from there and they showed me wonderful photos of this town. So I couldnt wait to meet Giovinazzo in person!

And it was really worth it.

I love to discover those little places off the beaten path. I find them of a unique authenticity, not spoiled by tourist traps.

The peculiarity of this splendid seaside village is its fortified waterfront. Giovinazzo is built entirely of white Apulian stone and has a small port.




Strigoli al grano saraceno con salsiccia lucana, cardoncelli e pomodoro infornato .

WINE: Primitivo.

WHERE TO EAT: Allamuraja, Giovinazzo.

As soon as I arrived in Puglia, my wish was to eat a burratina. But I could only find fish in the menus of the seaside restaurants.

When Allamurajas waiter approaches, I ask him if they have burratine and he replies with that splendid Bari accent Of course we do!. Heart-shaped eyes. I love you.

In short, the lunch was divine, the burratine sent me to heaven for a few minutes, the welcoming was fantastic. I love Puglia. I love the South.

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