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Best Place To Buy A Vacation Home In Virginia

What Are The Factors That May Stop You From Buying A Second Home

Virginia Beach listed as best place to buy a home in recent study

Every purchase has its pros and cons. When it comes to buying a second home, the factor that worries most buyers are the costs. Making your dream of having a second home come true possibly requires a new mortgage, but also maintenance costs. Second homes need regular maintenance, furnishing but also paying unexpected costs whenever they come up. Finally, if your first house is located far away, visiting the second home frequently comes with increased travel expenses.

Remember: Make sure you evaluate your budget carefully before purchasing a second home. Even though this investment comes with additional costs, it shouldnt be a heavy burden on your budget. Include all the factors and expenses, including taxes, which apply differently to owners of vacation homes.

Even though they have a lot of benefits, vacation properties can cost a lot.

The 8 Most Profitable Airbnb Cities In The Summer Of 2019

Thinking of buying a vacation home as an investment property? Then you need to consider investing in the most profitable Airbnb cities in the US for 2019!

The Airbnb real estate investing business isnât just growing â itâs changing. From how to find the perfect Airbnb rental for sale, to how to manage your property, to what to offer your guests, investing in short-term rentals is a lot of work. However, there is still a hefty profit to be made despite these challenges. After all, Airbnbâs success in making money is no secret to real estate investors. However, how much profit you can make largely depends on where your Airbnb is located.

When buying a vacation home as a short-term rental property, itâs important to take into account not just the appeal of the location, but also how profitable the real estate investment will be. To determine the best places to buy Airbnb rentals in summer 2019, Mashvisor looked at the top vacation destinations in the US and analyzed them using real estate data and predictive analytics. So letâs get straight into it â below is a list of the most profitable Airbnb cities this summer.

Ready For The Big Purchase

Buying a second home in Virginia is so exciting, but picking the best location may be challenging. Many interesting nature spots can be a perfect retreat for your family. Do some research and choose the place you will enjoy the most. The next step would be purchasing the property and moving in.

With both of these, make sure you trust the professionals. Local real estate experts will ensure you find the best property, as they are knowledgeable about the market. Also, an experienced agent will guide you through the buying process and make it a lot simpler. The next step is moving in. Again, trusting a professional to handle your relocation to the new home is essential if you want to minimize the stress and save time. Browse only trusted moving pros at so you can be sure your items are safe. Unfortunately, the moving industry is filled with low-quality companies, so be sure to do your best to avoid them.

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What To Know About Buying A Vacation Home

Now that you know why you should be thinking about investing in a short-term rental property in 2021, itâs time to have a look at what things you need to consider before moving forward. Giving enough thought and consideration to the following factors will ensure that you land a profitable real estate investment deal and start generating positive cash flow from your rental property right away.

1. Location

If youâve started your real estate education or have previously bought investment properties, you know that the US housing market in which you invest is arguably the single most important factor for your success or failure as an investor.

Location will play a crucial role in determining the sale price of your investment property, the vacation home mortgage that you can get, the other startup costs, the optimal rental property type, the rental income that you can earn, the recurring monthly rental expenses, the occupancy rate, and ultimately the cash flow and the return on investment, in terms of both cap rate and cash on cash return.

If youâre a new investor and donât know where to start your search for the best places for buying a vacation home in 2021, just go for one of the markets listed below. These locations have been short-listed based on detailed real estate data analysis conducted by Mashvisorâs investment property calculator.

2. Neighborhood

Mashvisors Real Estate Heatmap

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Here’s Where You Should Be Buying Your Next Vacation Home


Snatch up a vacation home here before it’s too late.

While Gulf Shores, Outer Banks, and Hilton Head are household names for Southerners and beyond, lesser-known, but equally dreamy vacation home markets in and Virginia are on the rise.

WATCH: The 10 Best Things to Do in Maryland

According to a recent article in The Washington Post real estate market expert David Charron said that Garrett County and the Eastern Shore region of Maryland, along with Shenandoah County, Virginia are three getaways to keep your eyes on if you’re shopping for a second home. Based on data from Zillow, the real estate and rental marketplace, the median price of homes currently listed in Shenandoah County is $204,900, $289,000 for Garrett County, and $259,500 for Chestertown, one of the towns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. As Charron explains, median home prices for all three can be expected to continue to inch higher due to the rising demand in these areas.

We can’t say we’re surprised. Whether it’s exploring the historic main street in Staunton in Shenandoah County, wandering Assateague Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, or boating on Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County these idyllic getaways are sweet tea for the Southern soul. Indeed, all three of these regions offer unique charms, but If you’re in the market for a vacation home and any of the trio pique your interest, now’s the time to act fast before prices continue to surge.

Read the full article on The Washington Posthere.

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Places You’ll Most Likely Catch Covid According To Dr Gupta

The coronavirus doesn’t take a day off: The virus continues to spread and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Guptaearlier in the pandemicrevealed five places where coronavirus transmission is more likely to occur than others. Unfortunately, his advice is as relevant now as ever, as Omicron and Delta team up to drive cases high. “It’s really these five primary locations where viral transmissions are happening in our society,” Dr. Gupta said. Read on to hear his warningand to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID.

North Carolina: Wrightsville Beach

Median home value: $837,000Rental yield: 5.84%

Buying a home in Wrightsville Beach is a large investment, but it also provides a large return. The average annual rental income in the area is $48,888 the highest of any area included in this study.

Median home value: $208,900Rental yield: 4.41%

Vacationers come to Minot for its galleries, museums, performing arts, restaurants and nightlife. The average annual income from a Minot rental home is $9,204.

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What Can You Find On Globalrentalsite

In order to support the information searching and scanning of customers, we do provide several useful tools to assist on our platform. On the main page, you can find different areas where we set up recommended searching forms like Top Trending Rental Searches, Recently Searched, Rental Categories and so on. For faster and more convenient service experience, we suggest our clients use those functions. We also release our own Blogs Post section specialized for distributing tips, advice and reviews on different rental services so that customers can make their rental choices better.If you have any trouble using our service, please refer to the Contact us section for a quick response. We also love to receive feedback, suggestions, etc. to improve our service in a better way. View more

Best Places To Buy A House In Virginia

The best place to buy a vacation home this summer

Explore the best places to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and real estate trends. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, and other data sources. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

Showing results 1 through 25 of 839

  • grade A
  • Rating 4.6 out of 5 5 reviews
  • Current Resident: The people are very sweet, a nice area to walk around, and there are a lot of places to get everyday tasks in.Read 5Reviews

  • Rating 3.82 out of 5 38 reviews
  • Current Resident: Right outside of Richmond, incredible public school system as well as multiple private school options, very safe, good place to raise a family, more expensive housing options, mostly Caucasian, about 20 minutes from downtown Richmond and 5-7 minutes from Innsbrook.Read 38Reviews

  • Rating 3.77 out of 5 13 reviews
  • Current Resident: I’ve lived here my whole life. It is a very safe area. Also very quiet. You are far away from some activities but it isn’t unreasonable.Read 13Reviews

  • Rating 3.94 out of 5 48 reviews
  • Rating 4.26 out of 5 19 reviews
  • Rating 3.88 out of 5 16 reviews
  • Rating 4.36 out of 5 22 reviews
  • Rating 4.23 out of 5 71 reviews
  • PK, K-8
  • Rating 3.67 out of 5 12 reviews
  • 9-12
  • Rating 4.07 out of 5 255 reviews
  • 6-12
  • Rating 4.23 out of 5 184 reviews
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    See What Any Address Could Earn As A Short

    Finding the best places to buy a vacation home is one things but what about the best properties? Use Rentalizer, the Airbnb calculator, to enter any address and see its projected performance on Airbnb and Vrbo.

    No more guesswork or friend-of-a-friend advice. Welcome to the new way to find the best vacation rental locations.

    You Can Save On Vacations

    Having somewhere to go anytime you need a vacation can save you money, too. You dont need to spend a lot on hotels, flights, etc. This way, you can have a great vacation on a budget. Furthermore, the previous year and the global pandemic have prevented people from traveling abroad, so many of them decided to buy a second home within the same state. This is usually far enough to change your environment, but not travel too far away from your home.

    If you plan on renting it as a vacation home, it makes sense to buy a second home in Virginia.

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    What Are The Most Popular Destinations To Visit In Virginia

    There are many lovely places to stay for a holiday trip or just for a weekend in Virginia. From Vrbo travelers, the top most popular destinations to visit are:

    • Northeast Virginia Beach: 748 vacation rentals
    • Sandbridge: 228 vacation rentals
    • Virginia Beach: 1,555 vacation rentals
    • Luray: 288 vacation rentals
    • McGaheysville: 288 vacation rentals

    And Vrbo offers you the chance to discover many other popular destinations in Virginia! Please use our search bar to access the selection of vacation rentals available in other popular destinations.

    Take Your Time To Feel At Home

    Kingsmill on the James

    As you can see, it makes perfect sense to buy a second home in Virginia in 2021. And once you do, remember that settling in a new property is not always fast. Take your time adapting your second home just the way you want it, so you can make it a true oasis for your family.

    Whether youre looking for homes for sale in Lake of the Woods VA or Waterfront property in Virginia we are your Real Estate Advisors for Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Locust Grove, Central Virginia, and Greater Virginia. Thinking of selling? In any market condition, what is my home worth? is the #1 question asked by homeowners. If you wish to sell your home, it needs to be sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. Pricing your home accurately, Pat will partner with you to make the selling process so much easier. Get started today by calling us at 388-2541 or contact Pat Licata.

    To see available Lake of the Woods properties, please visit our site.

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    Romantic Vacation Rentals In Virginia

    Couples can enjoy an array of romantic locations during a trip to Virginia. Vacation homes are available near places like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, a museum with a huge collection of modern art, antiquities, and artifacts, and Maymont, a Victorian estate with tours of a Gilded Age mansion, manicured gardens, and a wildlife center. You can also visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, an oasis with themed gardens, a domed conservatory, and restaurants.

    The Benefits Of Buying A Vacation Rental Property

    But first things first. Before we look at the best cities to buy a house to rent out on a short-term basis in 2021, letâs summarize why you should be considering vacation rental property investing.

    1. Dual Purpose

    While one of the most significant advantages of this strategy has always been the dual purpose that vacation homes serve, this is even more important in 2021 than ever before. Amid the uncertainty of the global Coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions, itâs a great idea to have a second home away from home where you can spend holidays with your family. And during the time that you donât stay at your vacation home, you can easily rent it out by listing it on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, or any other vacation rental website.

    Provided that you choose the location and the property smartly, you can have your Airbnb guests pay not only for your vacation home loan but also for all other expenses related to buying a second home.

    2. Tax Benefits

    Real estate investing comes with major tax advantages, and savvy investors make sure to be aware of and benefiting from all of them.

    Moreover, vacation homes provide additional tax benefits which depend on various factors. Most importantly, these depend on how many days per year you spend on the property and for how many days a year you rent it out.

    So, you should study the tax implications carefully before investing in a vacation home rental and include those in your investment property analysis.

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    Tourist Attractions Near Vacation Homes In Virginia

    Virginia has a rich history and has played a major role in America’s wars. At Colonial Williamsburg, you can step back to the days of the Revolutionary War, with perfect preserved and renovated buildings showing what life was like in the 18th century. To add to the atmosphere, staff wear historic costumes and play some of the town’s characters. Tour the houses of the rich and poor, ride on a horse and carriage, and try out some crafts. At Manassas National Battlefield, you can learn about the important Civil War battles that took place, and occasional reenactments make learning fun.

    Best Places To Buy A House In West Virginia

    10 Best Countries to Buy a Vacation Home Abroad (Investment or Living)

    Explore the best places to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and real estate trends. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, and other data sources. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

    Showing results 1 through 25 of 343

  • Rating 3.5 out of 5 6 reviews
  • Current Resident: Williamstown is a very close community. Our town is very supportive of our athletics. Every Friday night, majority of the town would be at the football a game. This town is a very safe environment and is a great place to raise kids. One thing I dislike about this town is that everyone knows your person business. Unlike bigger towns/cities, people might not even notice you, but in this town everyone knows everyone. There is no keeping things private.Read 6Reviews

  • Rating 3.05 out of 5 19 reviews
  • Current Resident: I have lived in Shinnston, West Virginia for all of my life. It is a quiet and quaint town where everyone seems to know everyone, which is acquired taste for people to actually enjoy to the fullest. However, I would not choose to grow up anywhere else.Read 19Reviews

  • Rating 4.16 out of 5 37 reviews
  • Rating 3.7 out of 5 10 reviews
    • grade B minus
  • Rating 3.47 out of 5 19 reviews
  • Rating 4.67 out of 5 6 reviews
  • Rating 3.81 out of 5 48 reviews
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    Best Places To Buy A Vacation Home: Mid Sized Markets

    Midsized markets — characterized by those with between 100 and 1,000 active vacation rental listings — are an excellent category for investors. The cities on this list are more accessible and commonplace than the up-and-coming spots, but not as competitive as top-tier destinations.Some of the best midsized markets include those throughout the southeast California desert, nature spots in Arizona, and many towns throughout the Midwest.

    Pack Your Vacation Items Safely

    Once you buy your vacation home in Virginia, you can transport all the vacation essentials there. This way, you wont risk damaging them when you pack every time you travel. For example, if you love fishing, you will want to pack your fishing equipment so it can travel safely. If you want to bring fishing gear with you, explore the main packing guidelines to keep the items protected during transport and enjoy your favorite hobby without any problems.

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    Difference #2 How Homes Are Valued

    For each of us, the value of a home differs.

    Someone who lives to fish the deep waters of the Bay will not put nearly the value into a sandy beach as a family whos kids love to spend their days playing along the shore.

    For each of us, what we seek from our waterfront home is different.

    So when you start your search, discussing the many types of valuations and how they differ is important. Why? Because every official valuation measures something different and when you get two valuations that seem at odds, it can be confusing.

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