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Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Free Vacation

A Solution For Wyndham Owners: Timeshare Exit

Couple Goes To Wyndham Timeshare Meeting, Unknowingly Gets $15K Line Of Credit

The problems with Wyndham ownership are legion. If you have yet to sign a contract, hopefully, you now have good information about what comes with that signature. But what if you are already an owner? Are you just stuck?

No, youre not. Centerstone Group is a timeshare exit company staffed with experienced professionals who can assist you in pursuing a legal, ethical, and lasting exit from your timeshare contract.

Sometimes that help might take the form of exercising your right to cancel under the timeshare contract. Or, if you have had your unit for longer or Wyndham is not responding, you might need one of our proprietary pressure campaigns to make them do the right thing. We can also help you look at resale options, though that often is not realistic for the majority of owners.

Sometimes, you may even need a lawyer to talk through more involved legal options. Even though we are not lawyers ourselves, we often partner with them to get the best results for our clients. Finding a lawyer through Centerstone Group will also save you money, as our partners often charge us a lower rate for referring people to them who may need their services.

How To Get Free Vacations With Timeshare Presentations

A few weeks ago, Ricky wrote a post on some of the most popular, yet difficult, destinations to visit on points.

One of those destinations was Hawaii. If youre hoping to stick with the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains that many of us typically stay at, the cost can be more than US$400 a night for a family of four.

Take a look at some of the outrageous nightly rates for Marriott in Maui during next years March Break:

Sure, points can help offset the cost, and you may even get a really good redemption value for them but that means it will cost you a lot of points.

What if I told you theres a way to save those points and snag an awesome deal on your accommodation? Well, there is welcome to the world of timeshare presentation packages.

Club Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Scam

Over my adult life, Ive been to several timeshare presentations. But the Club Wyndham timeshare presentation and the gift was the worst. Actually, I consider it a timeshare scam.

Bob and I were at the Grand Prix of Long Beach and Club Wyndham had a booth to spin a wheel to win a prize, including a 7-night vacation. Initially we walked right past it but then we thought, what the hell, we might win the vacation. Well you can guess what happenedwe won the vacation. This wasnt our first timeshare presentation so we knew what we were getting into, or at least thought we knew.

Club Wyndham Time Share Presentation was a BAD Deal!

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Lots Of Timeshare Presentations Have Great Gifts

Bob and I have got a free dinner, carriage ride and riverboat trip in New Orleans. On the Big Island in Hawaii we got a round of golf and a helicopter tour over Kilauea volcano, which I nearly vomited during but the views were amazing. We did a tour of Newport Coast Villas in Newport Beach, California for a $200 gift card. And we got four free nights on the Strip in Las Vegas and a free vow renewal at one of those cheesy chapels after a presentation for Tahiti Village in Las Vegas.

If Theres A Tour Carefully Evaluate The Property During The Presentation Ask Questions And Express Concerns

Free Timeshare Promotions In Virginia

Weve put together some helpful resources to help you break down the terminology of timeshares and get a grasp on if one of the various timeshare arrangements will work for you. Vacation ownership can be a great way to amplify your travel dreams, but its a financially significant purchase. Its also one you dont have to commit to in the moment! Carefully consider the above it will go a long way to making sure youre happy with your decision.

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Ways To Scam A Timeshare Presentation For Travel Deals And Freebies

I am a participant in the Amazon and Airbnb Services LLC Associates Program, so basically I earn a small commission if you use any of the affiliate links on this post – at no extra cost to you! Dope right? And all money earned from these links goes back into The Global Dreamers Foundation non-profit, which helps sponsor first time travel experiences for young adults. Win-win-win!

Who doesnt love a travel deal? EVERYONE. Well, unless youre one of those people who like paying EXTRA to prove a point or something . Regardless, Im sure youve heard about attending a timeshare presentation or promotion in exchange for a literal FREE VACATION.

Like. What?

How can a hotel offer 3 nights accommodation plus water park tickets and a $100 restaurant gift card for $129?

How can watching a short video reward you with a free flight and lodging for a weekend across the country?

Well. Thats because these promotions are from timeshare companies looking to introduce their resort, and timeshare ownership, to new people. Remember what Andrew Lewis said, if youre not paying for a product, YOU are the product.

Little do these timeshare presentations and companies know Im a very fickle product.

And by fickle, I mean I want all of the reward without any of input. But maybe Im getting ahead of myself. First, we should probably break down timeshare presentations.

  • Pin these Timeshare Presentation Tips!
  • Established Regulations In Mexico

    On May 17, 2010, Mexicoâs Ministry of Economy through the General Directorate of Standards established new regulations and requirements for developers of timeshare services. The new regulations are outlined in the Official Mexican Norm , which consists of a series of official standards and regulations applicable to diverse activities in Mexico. The following institutions were involved during the new standardization:

    NOM is officially called: âNOM-029-SCFI-2010, Commercial Practices and Information Requirements for the Rendering of Timeshare Service”. It established the following standards:

    To make the new regulations applicable to any person or entity that provides timeshares, the definition of a timeshare service provider was substantially extended and clarified. If the timeshare provider does not follow the rules decreed in NOM, the consequences may be substantial, and may include financial penalties that can range from $50.00 to $200,000.00

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    My Experiences With Hilton Grand Vacations

    Hilton Grand Vacations has over 50 properties spread across the United States. Their properties differ from the regular Hilton brand hotels in that they generally offer accommodations with more space, larger and a greater number of bedrooms, and ensuite kitchen and laundry amenities.

    Note that not all HGV properties are bookable through timeshare presentations, and some properties are only made available at certain times.

    Thus far, Ive done a couple of packages with Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando, and currently have another booked with them for Honolulu. Heres a recap of my experiences so far with HGV.

    Top Timeshare Properties For Families

    Want a free vacation in Hawaii? Timeshare owners talk sales pitch vs. reality

    Here are a few examples of popular family-friendly timeshares, many of which are bookable on traditional hotel points. Elite members might receive an upgrade to a larger room when making a hotel reservation. And, another bonus of booking a timeshare-stye property usually ensures that youll get a one-, two- or even three-bedroom unit that will easily fit your family .

    • Westin Princeville Ocean Villas: The North Shore of Kauai is light on points hotels, but the Westin Princeville is an option on hotel points or for timeshare owners. Standard rooms are 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points per night and paid rates start at about $300+ per night. Larger suites are bookable for higher prices. Guests here get to enjoy the nearby beach at the Princeville Resort that is the perfect place to watch Hawaiian sunsets.

    *For both Marriott and Hilton, loyalty members can redeem points and receive the fifth night free to increase their savings.

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    Cancellation Of A Timeshare Contract

    Timeshare sales are often high-pressure and fast-moving affairs. Some people get caught up in the excitement of the sales presentation and sign a contract, only to realize later that they may have made a mistake.

    U.S. Federal Trade Commission mandates a “cool off period” that allows people to cancel some types of purchases without penalty within three days. Additionally, almost all U.S. states have laws that specifically govern cancellation of timeshare contracts. In Florida, a new timeshare owner can cancel the purchase within ten days. The law differs by jurisdiction as to whether out-of-state purchasers are subject to the rescission period of their state of residence, or the rescission period of the state where the timeshare purchase was made .

    Another common practice is to have the prospective buyer sign a “cancellation waiver”, using it as an excuse to lower the price of the timeshare in exchange for the buyer waiving cancellation rights . However, such a waiver is not legally enforceable anywhere in Mexico or the United States. If a recent timeshare buyer wishes to rescind or cancel the timeshare contract, the intent to cancel must be made within the allotted time period in writing or in person a telephone call will not suffice.

    In recent years, a timeshare cancellation industry has formed by companies who provide one simple service: timeshare cancellations. However, some of these companies are suspected of being fraudulent.

    Reasons for cancellation

    Club Wyndham Timeshare Sales Presentation

    Club Wyndham is the timeshare branch of the Wyndham brand. As mentioned earlier, to get the vacation offer, you need to attend a 2-hour timeshare sales presentation.

    To book the timeshare presentation, call 1-877-393-8405 to book. Additional info can be found with the links below :

    Before you attend one of these presentations, read my thoughts under the section The Bottom Line.

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    My Experience With A Timeshare Sales Team In Vegas

    I’m writing this because the Reddit threads on this topic are outdated and more people should know what I now know about the “new” timeshares. This is what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a Wyndham timeshare sales pitch. Here goes:

    I vaguely knew what I was getting in to. My girlfriend and I arrived at an MGM owned casino. We get a bite to eat and as soon as we began our exploration of the Casino someone approached us offering vouchers for free play in the casino worth $75. I’m usually hesitant to ever get sucked into something like this but my girlfriend insisted that we do it. “They give it to you for showing up, we’ll just say no, I’ve got friends who did this too, etc.” I went along and decided to keep an open mind about it.

    We talk to this guy who convinces people to attend this “seminar” for two hours and you’ll receive the vouchers, plus a hotel room for a few nights from a selection of locations, plus free breakfast. He insists that all you need to do is say “no, not interested” once the 2 hours are up and you can just leave with your vouchers. Obviously his incentive isn’t to sell anything but fill the buses with as many people as possible.

    But then he concluded by suggesting we should all buy into this program which will allow us to take these dream vacations. It was the kind of sound financial advice you’d expect from someone who would directly benefit from the purchase and would never hear from you again.

    The Less Obvious Problems

    Club Wyndham Timeshare Presentation Worthless Gift

    Having to give up 90 minutes of your vacation time may not seem like a big deal if you are getting a significant discount, but most people who attend a timeshare presentation report that it was a lot more than they bargained for.

    First and foremost, be prepared for very high-pressure sales tactics at the presentation. Some of these tactics include:

  • Keeping You for Longer Than the Allotted Time. Many visitors report being kept for hours, or even full days, at presentations that were supposed to last only 90 minutes.
  • Creating a False Sense of Urgency. Timeshare presenters paint a picture of how much you can benefit from owning a timeshare, and then tell you that you must act now or buy before you leave the presentation.
  • Not Disclosing Cancellation Periods. When you do agree to sign a timeshare contract, it is unlikely you will be told of your right to cancel.
  • Arguing Aggressively Against Objections. Timeshare presenters usually have an answer for everything, and they always have a way to counter any excuse you might come up with.
  • Using Guilt as a Means of Coercion. Timeshare presenters may say anything to make you feel guilty, from alleging that they wont be paid if you dont buy a timeshare, to trying to make you feel bad for accepting the free stay without making a purchase.
  • Lying About the Investment Value. Timeshare sales reps often significantly overstate the benefits of owning a timeshare and the value of the timeshares they are selling.
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    Wyndham Ownership Problem #: They Dont Let You Cancel

    The vast majority of states recognize the problems that many timeshare owners have had. As a result, they passed laws requiring minimum cancellation periods after a timeshare sale.

    For example, lets say you are on vacation in Las Vegas or Orlando and you go to a Wyndham sales presentation in exchange for a pair of free show tickets. You are promised that the meeting wont go longer than an hour, but you have been at the resort for five hours and there is no end in sight. In order to get out of the presentation, you sign a contract.

    Under Nevada real estate law, even though you signed the agreement, you can still cancel the contract within five calendar days. So, once you get out of the presentation, you are well within your rights to deliver a written cancellation to the company, either via a delivery service or in person.

    Even though that is the intended scenario, it doesnt always work that way. One owner, , says that he tried to cancel his contract with Wyndham the same day he signed it. Wyndham did not honor his request and denies he ever made it. Now he complains that the company is ruining his credit.

    Keep in mind that, while it is often against the law, timeshare companies like Wyndham may try to get you to waive your cancellation right or deny you ever tried. It is very important, then, to keep accurate and timely records of all interactions that you have with Wyndham, so that you dont lose any rights you might have.

    Timeshare Presentation Basics: Insight From An Industry Insider

    We had to know why our experience was so different from the ones wed heard about, so we called up a friend that used to be in the industry as a timeshare salesperson.

    Heres what we found out:

    The reason some salespeople are pushier than others is because if they dont sell for awhile, theyre suddenly given one last chance to sell, and if they dont sell on that day, theyre fired. If someone wants to keep their job, they have to sell and that can lead to a very high-pressure sale.

    Sometimes theyll get mad if youre rude or just blatantly not interested from the start of the talk. Theyll toy with you and keep you longer on purpose out of spite. This can happen when you tell the salesperson from the start: look, were just not interested in buying, were only here for the free stay.

    Often, the salesperson lies about their background to identify with the prospect, like saying they have kids too or they will lie about how long they have been selling or that they have a dog, are also divorced, etc. When our insider told us that, we all blinked. Had our salesperson lied about everything he told us the entire time? At one point, he gave us his kids names and now Im not sure he even had kids.

    If a salesperson makes a sale on the previous day, then they get first pick in the morning and the 8am timeslot is reserved for people they think are absolutely going to buy. We were the 8am timeslot. I have no idea why they put us in that group.

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    So What Are Timeshares

    Timeshare sales are big business! Like, REALLY big. In 2019, there was $10.2 billion in timeshare purchases in America. Thats almost twice as much as Sephoras sales. The global timeshare market is expected to reach $40 billion in 2023. And yah, that accounts for the whole COVID pandemic. I mean, it might have even increased it.

    But, as with any industry, in order to grow their business, timeshare companies need to pivot and begin selling timeshares to younger generations aka Millennials and Gen Z. Yanno. ME.

    And maybe you too. I dont know your age. But Im assuming you might not have had a timeshare property before, so Ill just lump you into the target audience as well.

    So what IS a timeshare? Timeshares are partial vacation ownerships of condo-like units in resort developments. They are owned, operated, and maintained by independent resorts, small chains, and large timeshare companies like Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Club Wyndham, Marriott Vacation Club, and Disney.

    I mean, you might have stayed in a timeshare rental before without realizing it. I know I did in Napa, California, and it turned out to be one of the most affordable options in the area! And it was REAL NICE TOO.

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