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What Is A Vacation Club

Should I Just Rent Points

DVC Explained – What is Disney Vacation Club and How Does it Work? – DVC 101

This is actually a great question and the answer is yes and no! You can rent other peoples vacation club point through services like Davids Vacation Club Rental, they are the best service out there, but there are many others.

At Davids Vacation Club, you pay $17.00 to $18.00 per point. So for the same room listed above, you would pay $291 per night, so a bit over the current amount if you bought, but if you are not sure about whether to buy a vacation club this is a great way to test it out.

How Is Vacation Ownership A Different Way To Travel

Sometimes its easier to understand vacation ownership pros and cons when you compare it to other travel options.

vs. Hotel

  • More Room: More rooms means getting to be more comfortable while vacationing with more of your friends and family. Multiple bathrooms means not waiting in line. And multiple bedrooms means you can stay up without waking the kids up.

  • Features from Home: Save money by cooking in the kitchen or filling the fridge instead of dining out for every meal and snack. Having access to a washer and dryer means not having to overpack or bring home dirty clothes.

  • Experiences: Fun extras like waterslides, lazy rivers, mini golf, seasonal events and counselor-led activities keep the kids busy while you get to relax.

  • Bottom Line: Once you experience resort-style, home-like accommodations, you wont want to go back to just a hotel room.”

vs. Vacation Home Rentals

vs. Vacation Home Purchase

Perks Of Membership In Vacation Clubs

One perk of a vacation club can be last minute deals. Often these available times are made available to members at no cost, allowing you to vacation, or gift a vacation to a loved one at no additional cost.

Investors own premium homes with Equity Residences.

Equity Funds Property

Equity Fund properties are expertly chosen to give you the most vacation options but also for the greatest potential appreciation.

Usually, the properties are held for 10-12 years, after which the homes are sold, and the funds are distributed to investors.

Investors have a share of the time in which each can use the property. Some equity funds have 20+ different properties around the world in their portfolio.

Some even have relationships with resorts that allow you to use those properties as well.

An equity fund retains a management company to maintain the homes.

If the property has any unused time, the management company may rent it out to increase the income potential.

Destination Clubs A Type of Vacation Club

Similar in structure to a timeshare, destination clubs are usually run by resorts. Within this model, a company builds vacation condos or resorts, which limits the number of shares they can sell. Members buy into the resort and can visit any of the resorts participating locations.

Although you are making a concrete investment, you likely will not see a financial return on your investment because resorts rarely appreciate in value.

Some vacation clubs own residences in a resort.

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Welcome To The Vacation Club

The Vacation Club helps members find the best deals on the most exciting vacation destinations. If you are an existing member, please log in to look at some of our exciting destinations. Take a look at our promotions, cruise and hotweek specials and check out our Life Style Benefits section.

In order to log in and access all of The Vacation Club’s benefits, you must be an existing member, corporate client, travel supplier, agent, representative, or distributor.

If you are interested in becoming part of The Vacation Club family, please contact us and we’ll send you information on how The Vacation Club can benefit you!

Which Should You Choose

How to Use DVCapp For Planning Stays at Disney Vacation ...

That is the age-old question, isnt it? Ultimately the choice is going to come down to your goals and budget. Lets explore a theoretical example. You have a large extended family that has made it a tradition to visit Myrtle Beach every year at the same time. Your immediate family enjoys these vacations and doesnt have any interest in going anywhere else each year. In this situation a fixed week timeshare would probably be the best, most affordable option for you. Keep in mind that various affiliated exchange companies such as RCI and II offer the ability to exchange your timeshare week and location.

On the other hand, lets say youre a couple of retired empty-nesters whod like to travel the world in style. You know youll be vacationing a lot over the next several years and are looking for a way to stretch your dollar. In this situation a vacation club would probably be your best bet because you can internally exchange your ownership to stay at a variety of resorts within network without using external exchange providers such as RCI and II.

Again, there are different types of timeshares and vacation clubs that can completely change what the best option for your situation would be. Whichever you choose, make sure to view our resale timeshares and vacation clubs for sale to save money on both options.

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Not Sure Youll Love Disney Vacation Club Try It Before You Buy It

Like we said before, when we first found out about Disney Vacation Club, we decided to try it out on our next Disney Vacation. We did so by renting points from another Disney Vacation Club member. You can do so by renting points through Davids Vacation Club Rentals. Its a great way to try out DVC without buying, plus youll save about 30% on your rooms.

Impression Membership By Uvc

AMR Collection brands Secrets Resorts & Spas, Dreams Resorts & Spas, Breathless Resorts & Spas, Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts, Sunscape Resorts & Spas and Now Resorts & Spas include a wide variety of upscale travel experiences from adult destinations to wellness resorts and family-oriented properties.

Secrets Resorts & Spas offer adults an extra measure of romance and sensuality in exquisite luxury beachfront settings. Guests immerse themselves in Unlimited-Luxury® where everything is included. This plus elegantly appointed rooms and suites with 24- hour concierge and room services, multiple gourmet restaurants and lounges serving topshelf spirits, elegant amenities and endless day and evening activities, provide the ultimate backdrop for unparalleled pampering, romantic rendezvous and lasting memories for couples and honeymooners.

Dreams Resorts & Spas offer a high level of luxury for couples and couples with children, in ideal beachfront settings. Spacious rooms and suites, graciously appointed and luxuriously equipped provide a picture-perfect vacation experience with welcoming service and romantic inclusions. The Explorers Club for Kids with Red Cross certified staff and Core Zone Teens Club* provide supervised day and evening activities. Beautiful and exciting destinations provide a lovely setting for a wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or family vacation.

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Similarities Of The Products

As mentioned above, both products are a form of shared ownership. In the U.S., both models sell vacation time to buyers looking to own a part of a resort in order to secure vacation time each year at that resort or within the club program. Overseas, these models are primarily a right-to-use model where the buyers purchase the right to vacation in a resort each year instead of having a deeded ownership.

Both timeshare and vacation club owners are sharing time with other owners at a given resort and have benefits and responsibilities associated with ownership. These models both incur annual fees to fund the upkeep, maintenance and regulatory obligations of the resort. In most instances, especially in the U.S., both are sold in perpetuity, meaning the buyer owns until they either sell it or otherwise relinquish it as there is no expiration date on the ownership.

Timeshare and vacation club ownership can also be used in exchange programs such as RCI or Interval International. This allows the owner to travel beyond their resort or club program to other destinations around the world.

St Regis Residence Club

What is Disney Vacation Club? A beginners guide!

For connoisseurs who desire the finest in luxury living, the St. Regis Residence Club offers distinctive privileges to Members who embrace the art of living in unforgettable destinations. Magnificent residences exude the timeless grandeur and glamour synonymous with the illustrious past of the St. Regis brand. For more information, please visit

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My Travel Rewards Club

My Travel Rewards Club offers members-only exclusives and private discounts on resorts, hotels, airfare, car rentals, and more. Members get special access to thousands of discounted resort weeks at prices unavailable to the general public, as well as more than 700,000 hotel properties around the world at discounts up to 70% off OTA pricing. With every resort, hotel, or cruise booking, members accrue same-as-cash rewards, which can be redeemed on the platform for resort weeks, hotels, cruises, or even used to cover the nominal annual dues. Three membership tiers offer different benefitsthe Platinum level, for example, offers up to 8% back in Travel Rewards on each booking, three guaranteed resort week rentals each year at $699 or less , and personalized concierge services are available 24/7 to help members book accommodations, tee times, spa treatments, private tours, and more. What truly sets My Travel Rewards Club apart, however, is that it is not affiliated with any single brand, resort, or hotel chain. Members enjoy discounts from thousands of well-known brands, providing the utmost in flexibility.

Where To Purchase Disney Vacation Club & How To Save Money

There are two ways to purchase a Disney Vacation Club. You can purchase directly through Disney or you can purchase from a Disney Vacation Club reseller. One of the advantages of purchasing a resale contract is you can save a ton of money, I am talking about thousands of dollars. For example, you can purchase Disney Aulani points for around $110 $140 a point versus the $195 charged at Disney. If you bought just 100 points that is a $ 5500-8500 savings! You do lose a few perks like Member Magic Nights and the annual pass discount but the savings are often worth it. Lastly, find a reputable timeshare reseller like, they will guide you through the ins and outs of the purchasing process.

If you have any questions at all about Disney Vacation Club, feel free to leave a question in the comments or send me a direct message on our

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Join One Of The Best Vacation Clubs For Less

Did any of the best vacation clubs listed speak to you? Our timeshare resale experts can help you get the best deal on vacation clubs like Wyndham, Disney, Hilton and more. Call us today .

Are there any other best vacation clubs that we missed? Leave a comment to let us know! If youre an owner at any one of these brands, tell us your favorite vacation experience. We want to know!

Is There A Difference Between A Timeshare And A Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club at Los Sueños

Timeshares originally rose as, ostensibly, a way for harried or cash-strapped consumers to access a lower-cost, lower-hassle vacation. Today, there are many other options for consumers looking to travel easily on a budget, from a surplus of free apps to time-saving travel agencies to vacation clubs.

Do a little research online, and youre often likely to see vacation clubs and timeshares mentioned in the same breath. At their core, timeshares and vacation clubs share a model based around buying access to properties maintained and operated by a larger developer or resort company. While the two models share some similarities, there can be differences between them that are important for consumers to know.

First, lets look at timeshares. In the earliest days of the U.S. timeshare industry, starting back in the 1960s, the most typical method of timeshare unit ownership was, in fact, a deeded piece of real estate, a specific slice of a resort condominium that was also divided up for time. Due to changing economic factors and consumer tastes particularly a desire for more flexibility when vacationing the industry has now essentially transitioned to a points-based or right-to-use model, which, as the name suggests, does not necessarily offer consumers a tangible piece of the rock an actual, deeded interest to underlying real estate.

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What Is The Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club is basically a much-improved version of the classic timeshare. DVC allows you to stay at numerous Disney properties across the United States including Disney World, Disneyland, Disneys Aulani, in Hawaii, Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort in South Carolina and Disneys Vero Beach Resort in Florida.

Who Is Disney Vacation Club Not For

Value Resort Guests:

If you typically like to stay in a Value resort, you are not going to see as much savings by being part of the Disney Vacation Club. However, you will get to stay at some of the best resorts Disney has to offer for about the same price.

Those who plan to visit Disney once or twice in your lifetime.

The Disney Vacation Club is definitely more geared to if you visit Disney once every few years, but like I said earlier you can always rent out your points on your non-Disney trip years.

Disney Cruise Goers

If you love a Disney Cruise, but not a Disney World Vacation so much, do not get the Disney Vacation Club. Yes, you can use the points on a Disney Cruise, but it is the worst way to use your points because the pricing comes out to the same as paying the normal rate for a cruise.

Those who plan on owning for a few years?

You can resell your Disney Vacation Club, however, if you plan on getting rid of it after a few years, you will probably find yourself selling for less than you bought. I bought our first Vacation Club for $65 a point and it now resells for $120 a point and another one I bought at $85 resells for $140 a point. If you keep a vacation club for more than 10 years you are likely to sell it for your purchase price or more, which means you only paid annual dues for all those amazing vacations.

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Vacation Club Vs Timeshare

Did you know that some of the best vacation clubs are actually timeshares? Marriott Vacation Club, DVC, Hilton, and more offer flexible points-based timeshares that appeal to any type of traveler. Vacation clubs often have multiple resort properties and exchange options compared to a traditional timeshare. However, they are usually one-in-the-same these days!

Figuring The Timeshare Calendar

What is a Timeshare Vs a Vacation Club Vs a Travel Membership? (Which one is right for you?)

Because the calendar changes each year, timeshare week ownership is not pegged to specific dates each year. For instance, December 31, 2020 is on a Thursday this year . So if someone owns a week of timeshare at the end of the year, known as New Years week, how would that be calculated and assigned?

As timeshare owners know, their resort would have a specific check-in day of the week, typically on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This is why timeshare weeks are assigned a number rather than a date. The week mentioned above would be known as week 52 even though it technically extends into 2021. For more specifics, you can click our timeshare calendar page here.

Vacation club programs tend to use the same calendar system, even with the flexibility of the product. Points can usually be used at any time during the year, so the owner would check to see what weeks are available and use their points in a similar way to booking with an online travel agent such as Expedia. These programs do have their season designations, such as platinum or gold weeks, with the more popular seasons requiring a larger allotment of points to book a unit.

In the case below for Wyndham Bonnet Creek, youll see how they explain the points needed to book a unit at the resort, based on season and week number:

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What Is A Vacation Club

Vacations clubs are similar to timeshares, except normally they are strictly points-based and give members the option to spend points at a variety of resorts in the brands portfolio. Traditional timeshares are often a fixed week at one resort. Owners go back to their resort at the same time every year, and even stay in the same unit! Vacation clubs, however, offer more freedom and flexibility. Members can travel around the world with their membership and stay at all different resorts if they really wanted to.

What Is Vacation Ownership

Simply put: Vacation ownership helps you commit to vacationing more often with your family. Youre basically pre-paying for vacation accommodations for years to come, with the savings of locking in todays rates.

Sometimes vacation ownership is also called timeshare. Here, we like to call it Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

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Best Candidates For Dvc Membership

DVC membership might make sense if you meet most or all of these criteria:

  • You have the cash in hand to pay all of the upfront costs of membership without borrowing.
  • The cost of dues does not appear to present a financial hardship based on your current expectations.
  • You vacation at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and/or Disneys beach resorts frequently: ideally at least once every two years.
  • You plan to continue staying at DVC resorts far enough into the future to make the membership at least break even.
  • You prefer to stay in Deluxe or DVC accommodations and/or you stay a long time .
  • You are able to plan your vacations well in advance ideally 7 to 11 months out.

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