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Amenities Checklist For Vacation Rentals

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MUST HAVE Amenities For Your Vacation Rental in 2021
Vacation Rental Tear Down ~ Amenities Pros & Cons from…
2019 Amenities for Airbnb & Vrbo Hosts | Amenities…
MUST HAVE Amenities For Your Vacation Rental in 2021



































Vacation Rental Tear Down ~ Amenities Pros & Cons from…
2019 Amenities for Airbnb & Vrbo Hosts | Amenities…
MUST HAVE Amenities For Your Vacation Rental in 2021
20 Must-Have Amenities for Every Vacation Rental Home
Vacation Rental Amenities from The Distinguished Guest

A Cozy Living Room Atmosphere

Imagine you’ve rented a house on the beach for the next week or so. The whole place seems perfect from a distance. You can’t wait to get there. Finally, you reach the front door, and the host lets you in. All the excitement you’ve felt walking towards your beach vacation house leaves your body. The host gives you the keys and leaves. You can now share your opinion out loud: the place is empty of life, just look at these walls... To avoid this scenario happening to your guests, let’s give you a few tips on how to spice up your living room space. Don’t forget to organize a quality photoshoot once you’re done decorating!

Vacation Rental Amenities: Bedrooms

A good nights sleep is key to a great vacation, and good reviews. These amenities will ensure your rental makes a refreshing change:

  • Good quality, plentiful bedding – This gets a lot of wear and tear so invest in high-thread-count sheets, and extra pillows, throws, and blankets for luxurious comfort and long-term savings.

  • Smart TV – Not everyone likes to watch in bed but thisll be a hit with TV addicts.

  • Travel crib – Parents will appreciate one in the kids room or master suite.

  • Storage – Provide plenty of closet space and hangers so clothes dont get crumpled. An iron is also handy before those special nights out.

  • Lamps – Blue light before bedtime makes it hard to drop off so smart, responsive bulbs limit it in the evening.

  • Thick curtains and sleep aids – Blackout curtains, sleep masks and earplugs will ensure they get a good lie-in.

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Amenities For Vacation Rentals: Outdoors

Guests expect different amenities with beach, mountain, urban or rural properties, but certain things will be a hit anywhere.

  • Swimming pool – A huge draw for families and groups, and pays for itself over time through higher rates and Instagramability. Invest in smart cleaning robots and sensors for remote monitoring of pH and temperature to keep it looking its best.

  • Hot tub or jacuzzi – Even more luxurious and in high demand. Even a basic backyard will be transformed by a modern, energy-efficient tub with LED lighting and waterfall features. Keep amenities like these in tip-top shape by using VRScheduler to automate regular maintenance checks.

  • Barbecue – Everyones favorite outdoor activity. Modern smart versions provide instructions on preparation and timing so guests can grill to perfection.

  • Fire pit – A great focal point for relaxing around in the evening.

  • Lighting – Makes the place look amazing after dark. Use motion sensors to keep guests safe and costs down.

  • Furniture – Tables, chairs, sun loungers, and shades are the basics. Couches, cushions, and hammocks provide extra luxury.

  • Beach or outdoor equipment – Balls, games, towels, sunshades, fold-up chairs, and a cool box for the beach water bottles, packs, and poles for the hills.

  • Free parking – Life, and vacations, are too short to waste looking for parking. Guests are prepared to pay more for this, especially near the beach.

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You May Be Wondering What To Look For When Choosing Supplies For Your Airbnb Bed And Breakfast Or Vacation Rental Well As Luck Would Have It Our Team Has Compiled An Amenities Checklist Of Our Top Tips To Use When Choosing Hotel Supplies For Your Vacation Rental Business

Vacation Home Rental Checklist

With the rapid growth of Vacation Rentals and AirBnB’s, more and more property owners and managers are wondering where they can buy hotel size toiletries for their guest bathrooms. A quick Google search will result in many companies that sell toiletries and hotel supplies, but most cater to the Hotel Industry and sell in bulk cases of 400 pieces or more. By the time you order the individual box of soap bars, shampoo, conditioner and lotion, you could have over 1000 pieces of guest amenities that you probably won’t use before it expires. Not to mention, you must have enough storage to keep it all!

Although providing bathroom toiletries may seem insignificant, high quality products convey a positive image about your business and show that you care about your guests comfort. Many people who stay in vacation rentals, are not able to check in until later in the day and sometimes they can’t make it to the store until the next day to buy all the groceries and essentials for their stay. Providing guests with a bathroom amenity kit, allows them to take a shower and get cleaned up upon checking in.

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Tips For Choosing Bathroom Amenities:

Size matters:Since most vacation rentals do not have daily maid service like a hotel, the toiletries are not replenished daily. We recommend a minimum 1 oz. shampoo, conditioner, lotion and hotel soap bar which is ideal for a typical guest stay.

Focus on quality:Never compromise on product quality. Small soaps and shampoos that lather great and leave your guests squeaky clean! You only have one chance to make a first impression so make it a good one. If possible, select environmentally friendly bathroom amenities as many guests favor Eco-Consious products.

Order only what you need, when you need it:Gone are the days of ordering large quantities that take up valuable storage space and expire before you can use them all. Order your guest amenities in smaller quantities so your toiletries are always fresh. We offer our toiletries in 10 piece packs so that you never have to buy more than you need.

Meet your guests expectations:Most guests are accustomed to complimentary bath amenities hotels provide. They may not pack toiletries thinking they are going to be available just like at a hotel. Meet their expectations by providing them with high quality hotel amenity kits.

Consider your vacation home setting:Just like luxury hotels have branded amenities that promote the theme and style of the hotel, you can now order hotel size amenities that reflect the style of your rental. Our amenity collections include Beach Therapy,Lake Life, Mountain Escape,R& R Essentials, Retreat& EST.

Essential Vacation Rental Inventory And Amenities Checklist

Many folks dream of starting a vacation rental business. Throughout their adult lives, they’ve been told they are great hosts, and there might come a time when they want to cash in on their hospitality . And that is great, by the way. If you are one of those people, you might be wondering what an essential vacation rental inventory and amenities checklist consists of. Our job here is to give you an answer to that question. Grab a drink, get comfortable and scroll down.

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Make Your Property Stand Out With 10 Attractive Amenities

With popularity growing fast in the vacation rental industry, properties are starting to look and feel quite similaralmost eerily so. When guests type in their must-haves and preferred accommodations, their pool of options is far too large. At Cabins for YOU, we dont want our guests to play eeny, meeny, miny, moe to make a decision. Instead, we opt for dynamic advertising that helps give each property a personality. However, we can only take this so far alone.

As an owner, its important you know how to make your vacation rental stand out in an endless sea of same. After getting your property outfitted with amenities guests expect, like updated furniture, a modern kitchen, and Wi-Fi, its time to make your property shine! Thats why weve compiled a list of 10 attractive vacation rental amenities for YOU. After all, more eyes on your property means more potential bookings, which leads to increased revenue, exposure, and repeat guests. Whether youre interested in more cash in your pocket or just need a few fresh ideas to boost your property, youve come to the right place.

Stand-out Amenities Recap

Kitchen Supplies For Clean

Vacation Rental Tear Down ~ Amenities Pros & Cons from a Recent Stay

If your guests booked a more lengthy stay, of course, theyll want to be able to keep the area where food is prepared clean and sanitary especially if there are small kids running around as well. In case theyre only staying for one night you also dont want them to leave a stack of dirty dishes behind for you to clean up before the next arrival.

Thats why plenty of dish soap, a sponge or brush, a dish drying rack, fresh dish towels and an ample supply of garbage bags should be amongst your vacation rental supplies. If your kitchen already comes with a dishwasher you only need to think of dishwasher detergent or tablets and maybe some instructions on how to operate the appliance.

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What To Include In Your Vacation Rental Inventory Checklist

In the vacation rental inventory checklist, youll find a space to record the quantity, type of item, its condition on arrival/departure of the guest, and a column to check off whether you have completed your review of that item on the list.

Here is the list of items needed for a vacation rental that should appear on your own vacation rental inventory checklist:

Hand Soap Dish Soap And Sponge

We already mentioned to be sure to provide dishwasher detergent, but even if you have a dishwasher, your guests may still want to wash some dishes by hands sometimes, so enable them to do that by having a dish soap dispenser , as well as a hand soap dispenser. Additionally, you could keep a hand lotion by the sink for guests to avoid dry, cracked hands after cleaning up.

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The Best Amenities For Vacation Rentals

When it comes to competing with the millions of other short-term rental properties on the market to attract guests, its critical to stock up on all the right vacation rental amenities.

Unsure which amenities you need in order to impress guests?

Heres a handy amenities checklist for vacation rentals, starting with some of the most requested renter amenities according to Airbnb:

  • Kitchen
  • TV
  • Heating

As travelers can filter their searches on Airbnb and other OTA platforms according to the amenities they want, it is crucial for you to provide as many of these sought-after amenities as possible. Obviously, its more difficult to acquire a pool and kitchen than some of the others, but if youre looking to add rental properties to your portfolio you may want to focus on those that boast these very popular features.

Still, theres more to giving guests a great experience than providing them with the attractive amenities that might drive them to book in the first place. In order for them to enjoy their stay without having to overpack or run to the nearest Walmart, youre going to have to stock up on some basics as well.

These include:

Keep Your Rental Current

Vacation Rental Supply List

No one wants to feel as though theyve stepped into a time warp. Vacationers want the same amenities and comforts they have at home. A bright roomy space that can comfortably accommodate friends or family. Furniture should be clean and look fairly stylish. This isnt to say you must spend a lot of money to furnish your rental not at all but you dont want your guests to feel as though theyve walked into a home that has discarded furniture. Furnishing a rental property with items from consignment shops and tag sales is perfectly acceptable, providing your items dont look beaten up.

Nor do you want to place your better pieces in a rental home. Soft furniture couches, chairs, sectionals, etc, should look fairly new and clean. Have slipcovers made to protect original upholstery and choose colors and patterns that stand up to frequent uses. While white and neutral colors are pleasant, they are not practical! Spills will happen. Be prepared for them. Walls should be or look freshly painted. You may want to wipe them down at the beginning and the end of each season.

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Each Bedroom Should Have:

  • Coasters to protect furniture
  • Board games, video games & DVDs

If your vacation rental caters to families, you will want to consider adding things to the living room that will appeal to the younger members. Playing cards, board games, a kid-friendly DVD collection or game console can keep kids busy and give parents a few precious moments of quiet time. A fold-out sofa can also provide additional sleeping space.

It’s What A Vrbo Should Be Kristy & Mike Have Raised The Bar To Excellent

by Guest


If you have ever stayed in a VRBO before and more importantly, if you own a VRBO yourself… you can appreciate and/or need to understand how important the whole entire process from the very start to end actually is!!…. It starts the moment you book a VRBO, to entering the unit , to the simplicity & ease of use of everything, the cleanliness, the comfort of a good night sleep in 5 star beds & quality linen, the warm welcoming feeling of coming home to a “home” every evening, the ease & access of cookware, garage door openers, satellite TV, towels & toiletries, extra bedding & pillows, etc… Even the welcome basket was special! All this made this specific VRBO a No-Brainer and a very very comfortable stay from start to finish and everything in-between was wonderful!By personal choice, we never even said boo to the owners yet they were so complete in their welcome email, their presentation/instructions, and details that we felt like they were holding our hand all the way in. We could tell if we needed anything they’d help right away.I predict places like Kristy & Mike’s will be putting the local hotels out of business very soon because coming from a huge VRBO traveler … Kristy & Mike “Get It” Good Job, Way-To-Go, & Thank You for a Five Star Stay!!

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Amenities For Children And Pets

If your rental property tends to attract guests with children or pets, include amenities for them as well. Families already have to travel with a lot of the items for the kids so they will appreciate you taking some of the burden off of them. Make sure that your property has:

  • Safety devices
  • Crib

For pets, you might want to have:

  • Water and food bowls
  • Toys
  • Cage or pet bed

Just know that not having these items could be a deal-breaker for your guests. In addition, your guests will feel less worried if youve already provided the essentials needed for their little ones and furry friends.

Complimentary Breakfast And Custom

2019 Amenities for Airbnb & Vrbo Hosts | Amenities Checklist Included!

Stock your fridge with a few items ready for your guests arrival. This could be complimentary cookies, juices, and breakfast ingredients. To go that extra step, you could also contact your guests and ask if theyd like any special supplies in advance. This could be especially helpful for guests with certain dietary requirements and help them feel right at home.

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Take Your Properties To The Next Level

Now that you know what you need, are you sure youre ready to compete? To make your life easier while increasing your bookings, you need something that can help to keep all aspects of vacation rental property management organized. Thats where Bookfull FREE vacation rental management software comes in. Were your one-stop-shop for all of your property management needs, including marketing, listings across channels, calendar updates, reporting, ordering supplies and more!

Why Do Vrbo Amenities Matter

To stand out from the competition and in maximizing revenues, ideally, guests browse their options. They filter properties according to the number of bedrooms desired, proximity to desired activities, certain available dates, and critical amenities that help guests to have an enjoyable vacation.

As hosts, our responsibility is to give our guests the best experience the property has to offer, with all the amenities in good working condition. Not only do we make sure we maintain the property but also ensure amenities are well-stocked, making guests feel right at home.

No doubt, you canât possibly offer everything a guest wants. And it can be difficult to know what are the must-haves that should be considered and what amenities wows your guests. Keep in mind, amenities are what sets your rental apart from good to great.

Is it worth it?

Yes! The right amenities can make a huge difference between your property getting booked and not showing up in the search engine. Hence, how do you know which amenities are worth investing in?

To help in decision making, use this article as a resource guide or checklist for amenities that are:

  • Expected â The Basics
  • Eye-catching â Comforts of Home
  • Extras â Next Level Amenities

Take note that, the article briefly explains a compiled most-searched amenities and insights as to why VBRO amenities do matter to your guests? Not to forget this article will help you set up, gain positive reviews, and provide guests an enjoyable stay!

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