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Get Free Vacation Timeshare Presentation

How To Get Free Vacations With Timeshare Presentations


A few weeks ago, Ricky wrote a post on some of the most popular, yet difficult, destinations to visit on points.

One of those destinations was Hawaii. If youre hoping to stick with the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains that many of us typically stay at, the cost can be more than US$400 a night for a family of four.

Take a look at some of the outrageous nightly rates for Marriott in Maui during next years March Break:

Sure, points can help offset the cost, and you may even get a really good redemption value for them but that means it will cost you a lot of points.

What if I told you theres a way to save those points and snag an awesome deal on your accommodation? Well, there is welcome to the world of timeshare presentation packages.

How Do You Say No To A Timeshare Rep

Practice this: Its been nice meeting you, but were not interested. Since our agreed upon time is up, were leaving now. Ok, it wont be quite that easy, but you do not owe them any other expectation. Theyll run down every list of how you could benefit from buying into their timeshare property and play on every emotion. Simply repeat it again as you stand up and head toward the door. Shake their hand and keep moving.

Will this get you out of there? Not quite, but it will make them move to the next step in the sales process and thats to send in the next guy. Its his job to try a little harder. Repeat the above phrase as you fist bump him and continue this process until youre finally out the door. Then, move on to enjoy the rest of your complimentary stay!

Arriving At Our Destination

We checked-in during covid-times, so only one person from our party was allowed into the lobby to check in to our room our timeshare presentation was scheduled for the second day of our stay at 8 am. Only the person who checked-in signed any paperwork at all and the other 3 members of our party didnt sign anything or give any names.

8am, bright and early, we drove over to the location for the timeshare talk and waited in a small line for a teller. The person in front of us was having an unfriendly banter with the teller. The only thing I picked up from my eavesdropping was that all the members of his party werent there so he wasnt able to get signed in. We got called next and checking in only took a few seconds. She asked if all members of our party were there, we said yes, and she said to wait in a corner for our agent to come and get us.

After a few minutes, our salesperson came out of a room, introduced himself, and walked us outside. He said because of covid restrictions, he wouldnt give us a tour of the entire facilities and grounds. Instead, we would drive separately over to a condo where he would give us a talk.

We loaded up into our vehicle and were on our way without ever signing any official paperwork. Also, we had been told over the phone, and on our terms and conditions, that we needed IDs and a credit card, but we didnt need anything. Im not sure if that is normal, or just because we showed up during covid restrictions.

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What Is A Timeshare Presentation

Whether you feel like timeshares may be a good fit for your travel patterns or not, you should consider attending a timeshare preview presentation.

The timeshare market is a competitive one, and most timeshare vacation clubs will offer some form of incentive for an opportunity to introduce you to their program in the hopes of enticing you to purchase one.

What is offered as part of the package varies by the club and even the property, and it can be anywhere from tickets to a theme park or a show, to accommodations at one of their properties for several days at a huge discount, plus maybe even some bonus points for their respective hotel award programs.

If its the accommodation youre after, keep in mind that usually the package will cover a standard room .

What Islands Can I Visit Using A Timeshare Promotion

Would You Listen To A Timeshare Presentation To Get A ...

Cozumel, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Nassau, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman islands, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and the US Virgin Islands. This is not a complete list by far. There are islands all over the world where there are timeshare. However, finding promotions that include your demographic super far away may not happen. I do have access to a resort in Thailand but it is non inclusive and takes an 18 hour flight! You can get two weeks at a nice resort for under $400 with a timeshare presentation.

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Should You Attend A Timeshare Presentation

Again, if you find it difficult to say no to these nice people whove spent an hour or two getting to know you and your travel habits, please stay away.

However, If youve got ample time, find marketing tactics intriguing, and can get something worth a couple hundred bucks or more, then theyre probably worth checking out.

You may even discover that the program has a lot to offer. If thats the case, I suggest you study the ins and outs well both before and after the presentation. Take some time to learn what the best options are for getting points on the secondary market. The forums at Redweek and TUG can be invaluable for this. A quick eBay search will also yield hundreds of options.

Personally, Im not a member of any vacation club, fractional ownership, or timeshare by any other name. I do know some people that are happy with theirs, and they tend to be people with a lot of flexibility who have learned to optimize their points to get the most bang for their buck.

I havent completely ruled out buying into one of these programs someday, but if I ever do, you can bet it wont be while attending one of these timeshare presentations.

Why We Went To A Timeshare Seminar

We were at a bridal show when a vendor for a major cruise line approached us to see if we wanted to attend a timeshare presentation in return for a free cruise and free tickets to a professional basketball game in Orlando.

Ordinarily, Id have passed on the deal right away. But Ive heard about these free vacation timeshare seminars for what seems like my whole life, and I thought lets see what theyre all about. If nothing else, I knew the experience good or bad would make for an interesting story that I could blog about and share with others.

We had to give a $30 refundable cash deposit to attend with the promise that if we showed up to the timeshare presentation, we would get back the money and also get vouchers for a free cruise for 2 people plus those pro basketball game tickets.

Would we really receive the free vacation offers? And get our $30 back, too?

I thought the experience was worth the risk. So, we went all in and showed up at the vacation club in Orlando, Florida at 10 AM on a Friday for the timeshare presentation.

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Online / Direct Mail Offers

I previously discussed here how to get targeted for vacation packages that the timeshare developers offer. Depending on their vacation package offers, it can be very worthwhile to commit and sit through the timeshare presentation. Online timeshare offers or direct mail timeshare offers generally offer you a significantly discounted vacation package to travel to a property. These are the type of offers that I previously discussed above. These can be targeted via e-mail or arrive in the mail. Some even call you on your phone. Some offers are generally available online and you can book them directly to those that qualify.

For example:

I constantly look for these offers as they can be a great way to travel for cheap. Most times, the accommodations will be in a 1 bedroom or even larger condo and cost much less than a hotel room.

No Obilgation To Purchase A Timeshare

Want a free vacation in Hawaii? Timeshare owners talk sales pitch vs. reality

The best part is that you do not have to purchase any type of packages or properties in order to obtain these special gifts.

So the next time you are offered the opportunity, consider giving up a few hours of your time to learn about the property, evaluate options that are provided to you, and walk away with some really great things!

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Who Has The Best Timeshare Promotion

To my knowledge no one really rates timeshare promotions. The resort or hotel destination is rated and rated by sites like TripAdvisor, and Expedia. In some cases, resorts like Sandos Cancun are rated by AAA and have what is called a diamond rating. So to be clear A resort/hotel can have a star rating or a diamond rating. If they have a diamond rating they have to reapply every year and pass a quality inspection. The diamond rating is by Triple A and solely by them. The star ratings you see everywhere are not controlled and vary drastically by opinion! So if you are looking for the best timeshare promotion deal, consider a diamond rated hotel that offers a full access all inclusive stay! The Sandos Cancun is a 4 diamond resort with a full access all inclusive timeshare deal. Unfortunately, kids are not included. Fortunately, holiday travel isnt! Couples only on this offer.

Thoroughly Question The Trial Period

Many new timeshare owners have no idea they may only have a few days to cancel the purchase and escape perpetual payments. Consumers may not be aware of the term rescission period. While this should be pointed out in the purchase agreement, a timeshare sales rep may omit this information or make it difficult to access .

Every state is different so no salesman should gloss over these things. If buyers knew theyd have to cancel within days, many may pass on the fractional ownership offer altogether until they can make a sound decision on a large financial commitment.

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How Uncomfortable Is It To Sit Through A Timeshare Presentation

This has a lot a to do with your personality type. People pleasers are going to struggle with feeling rude, while others are going to get a kick out of seeing the sales process play out. Sales reps are trained to spot your weakness and press into that area. If you know ahead of time you have a hard time saying no to people, you definitely want to practice this ahead of time. If both you and your partner are impulse buyers, these 3 free nights in Vegas are going to get really expensive!

Responses To Tips For Surviving A Timeshare Presentation

Timeshare Promotions Free Stay In Florida
  • Wow. My wife and I went through a horrendous presentation in Orlando after being promised a three night stay in a hotel near Universal studios and we barely made it out of there in 2 hours after some real hardcore then, what turned out to be, rude sales pitching.

    I would heed all warnings about the way that they try and sell you a piece of resort luxury for thousands and thousands of dollars Heres my advice if you were not ALREADY considering buying timeshare after A LOT of research and TALKING with friends and family about their experience: 1. When they say two hours, hold them to the time. Perhaps you need to pick up your 89 year old mother at the hotel at exactly 11:00 or she will become agitated. 2. Do not engage. Do not tell them about family or friends They will use every angle to hook you and connecting to family is a big one. 3. Do not talk. 4. Say no. 5. Say no again. 6. Say that you will never by timeshare because a. you rarely stay at hotels b. you do not like resorts c. you cannot afford it d. no. The answer is no. But be careful. Our salesperson held the Well, we might have to reschedule you again bit. Dont bite it. Say that the paper, the e-mails and the information you were given is what you are abiding by. So if they say Two hours its two hours. Whisper loudly to your wife about your close friends who are lawyers. That is all. Hope this helps. And btw, if you can, dont even bother!

  • Jason
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    Question The Gift Before Committing

    Aside from some of the things you can ask yourself beforehand, there are ways to confirm if the interaction will be fruitful or not before you attend. First and foremost, call and ask for the terms of the gift or promised incentive in writing. Inquire about any further requirements on your behalf other than a 90 minute demonstration. Will you be asked to provide additional details or personal information? This will most certainly help you avoid uncomfortable, vulnerable situations.

    If youre able to confirm anything to protect yourself at a timeshare seminar then you have to weigh the outcomes. Is a $75 dinner-voucher or 1 night of fun worth a 90 minute high-pressure sales presentation? If you have an interest in timeshare ownership it may be worth it to you. If you prefer to utilize alternative methods to fulfill your travel needs, then it may not be worth your time.

    Also, you may want to review the states statutes for truth in advertising laws , to ensure everything has been disclosed properly and that you understand your rights in collecting on the incentive offered. If you find inaccuracies, then this may be a telling sign of an unfavorable experience to come. You may determine that the $75-$100 value is not worth your time and choose to simply enjoy your vacation, presentation free.

    What Is A Timeshare

    In a nutshell, a timeshare is a shared ownership program in which you may use a vacation property for a set time period every year.

    Properties can range from resorts to condominiums to even campsites. They can be a good option for people who have a favourite destination they like to vacation at every year. Theyll have familiar accommodations to return to each time without the hassle of having to manage a fully owned property while they are away.

    Most of the big hotel brands that were familiar with have their own affiliated timeshare division. A few well-known examples include the Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations, Holiday Inn Vacation Club, Hyatt Residence Club, and even Disney has their own Disney Vacation Club.

    Generally speaking, there are two types of timeshares: those that are points-based and those that give you deeded weeks:

    • In a points-based program, you have a certain number of points each year that can be redeemed against nights at your timeshare.
    • In a deeded-week program, every year, you have week of the year that you can use your timeshare.

    You do not necessarily need to stick with your timeshare property either. Usually, there is a system or program for owners to swap their property for another destination or property for any given year, building some flexibility into the program.

    Despite the perks of timeshares, many people choose not invest in one as they can be a money drain if you dont make good use of them.

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    How To End A Timeshare Presentation

    If youve already booked your vacation and have to attend the presentation to get a deal, youre probably dreading the experience. Although the presentation will require some effort on your part, theres no need to let it bring you down. If you know what to expect and are aware of their tricks, you can survive the presentation and get your gift without making a purchase. Heres how to leave a timeshare presentation with your wallet intact and remain timeshare-free:

    What You Get At The Tahiti Village Las Vegas Resort & Spa

    Orlando Timeshare Presentations For Disney Tickets

    In exchange for agreeing to attend their timeshare presentation, youll be giving a three night stay at Tahiti Village at no cost to you. Weve outlined below whats included in your free Vegas getaway to help you decide if its worth it or not.

    One Bedroom Suite

    First of all, Tahiti Village Las Vegas isnt just another hotel. We were given a nice sized, one bedroom suite with a living room and kitchen for our stay there. At 580 sq. feet, there was plenty of room for us to spread out and feel like we could make ourselves at home. It was just the two of us for this stay, but had we come with the kids, we could have used the pull out sofa for another bed or asked for the two bedroom suite if we were bringing the whole family. The rooms were clean and we felt safe the entire time we were at the resort. Depending on the time of year, you can book this room for anywhere from $100-$300/night, which makes this deal worth approximately $300-$900.

    Pool and Lazy River

    Tahiti Village Las Vegas Resort & Spa is known for its family friendly pool area with its easy entry and sandy beach, plus a beautiful lazy river. Access is included with your stay there. Even in February when we went, there were families spending their days enjoying the water and hanging out around the pool. We werent there with our kids, but I know they would have enjoyed it, too!



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