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Out Of Office Email Template For Vacation

Funny Out Of Office Autoresponder Messages

How to set up an automatic vacation/out-of-office email reply

Hi,Ill be out of the office until . I will probably see your message because I dont know how to relax. I will likely respond if I feel that I need to help in any way.If you dont feel like adding to my workload, please contact at or in the meantime.

I am currently out of the office. I know Im supposed to say that Ill have limited access to email and wont be able to respond until I return, but thats not true. My phone will be with me and I can respond if I need to. However, I promised my family I would try to relax.Therefore, if your email truly is urgent and you need a response while Im on vacation, please forwarded it to my personal email and Ill try to respond to it promptly. If you think someone else at might be able to help you, please contact at or , and theyll try to point you in the right direction.Otherwise, Ill respond when I return.

Hi,Thank you for your email. Im currently out of the office on leave until For urgent matters, will help you. She doesnt have a cape, but she is basically Superwoman.

Hi,Ill be back on {MM/DD]. please contact at or if you really, really, really think its urgent. Otherwise, Ill respond when I get back.

Hi,Thank you for your email! I am on vacation until . Vacations are not for checking email, so I wont be doing that. During my absence, please contact at or because shes checking email. Not me. Really, Im not checking email.

Out Of Office Email Templates

Are you going on vacation and need to set an out-of-office message? Or maybe youre just taking a day off and dont want to be bothered with work. Either way, a good out-of-office template will help get the job done.

Such templates are usually simple and easy to use, allowing you to customize your message however you want. Today, well show you a few different out-of-office templates that you can use for your vacation auto-responses.

Why Is An Out Of Office Message Important

Out of office messages are significant if you know you will not be able to respond to emails for a period of time. They tell your contacts why your response will be delayed and how to get the information or services they need while you are away.

Coworkers, clients and subscribers typically expect fast responses and solutions to their problems, particularly from people working in customer service, marketing and communications jobs. Out of office messages provide them with a polite, concise and professional explanation as to why you cannot respond right away. You can provide an OOO message if you are gone for one day, one week or several months. Reasons you might set up an out of office message include:

  • Going on vacation

Out of office messages might include information like:

  • Why you are gone

  • How long you will be gone

  • The date you will return

  • Who to contact in an emergency or for immediate help

You might provide more details depending on your job duties and the information you think your contacts need while you are away. Most professional email programs allow you to set two OOO messages at onceone for internal colleagues and one for external business contacts.


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Why Should You Set Up An Out Of Office Autoresponder

When people expect you to reply quickly, and you know youll be away from your inbox for a longer time, its important to set up an out-of-office automatic reply, so that your reputation remains intact and your contacts arent disappointed. It can also provide valuable information. For example if youre usually helping people with urgent matters via email, you can refer them to your cover or other sources of help.

Can I Set Up My Out Of Office Message To Automatically Reply To All Emails While I’m Away Or Just Certain People/emails Addresses

How to create Vacation / Out of Office message (Auto

You can set up your out of office message to automatically reply to all emails. However, it’s important to note that this may not be the best course of action, as it can result in urgent matters not reaching you. A better option might be to set up a rule in your email client that automatically forwards messages from certain people or addresses to a different account where you can check them more frequently. That way, you can still respond to urgent messages without having your out of office message block other people’s messages unnecessarily.

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Game Changing Out Of Office Email Templates

If youre leaving for a vacation, setting up automated OOO emails is a great way to let your contacts know youre away and informing them of the date of your arrival.

There are a few things each OOO email should contain, and thats how long youll be away when your contacts can expect your response, who they can reach out to if its an urgent matter and a personal note if you think thats necessary.

The Classical Method

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently out of the office on vacation. I will reply to your message when I return on Monday, MM/DD/YY, hh:mm.

You are welcome to contact COLLEAGUE with any requests you may have: .


Thank you for your message!

Im away on vacation and will be back in the office on Monday, MM/DD/YY, hh:mm.

In urgent cases, you can contact my COLLEAGUE: .


Hello, and thank you for your email.

Im out of the office right now but will get back to you as soon as I can. Expect a reply Monday, MM/DD/YY, hh:mm latest.

For emergencies, please call the following number: XXXX.


What Are Holiday Out

Holiday out-of-office replies are automated email messages that professionals use to let others know they cannot respond due to being on vacation during a holiday. These messages typically include:

  • An apology for the inconvenience

  • A reason for not replying right away

  • An alternative person to contact for something urgent

  • When the sender can expect a reply

An out-of-office message is considered a professional way to notify others of your absence from work. You can set up this automated response through your email provider.

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Vacation Email Message Examples

Now that you know what you should and shouldnt include, how do you go about crafting the perfect out-of-office vacation message?

No matter what your message says, just make sure you have one its the polite and professional thing to so. To help you get started, weve put together some examples you can test, tweak, use, and share with colleagues.

Out Of Office Subject Line Ideas

Microsoft Outlook 2016 How to set up an Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply Tutorial

Whether you want to keep it 100% professional or be fun & casual, these ideas might inspire you:

  • Currently unavailable, sorry!
  • Out of office from to
  • Thank you for your patience!
  • Cant reply now, but heres who you can reach today.
  • OOO this week. But, while I have you here
  • Out of office: seeping wine in Italy
  • Oops, Im not here
  • Can you reach me? No, you cant Lorde
  • Returning . Will reply then!
  • In: Polite OOO emails. Out: Me.
  • On a much-needed break
  • Maybe we could meet at

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Out Of Office For Sick Leave

Sick leaves are a common thing in pretty much any workplace. And when someone gets ill out of a sudden, an out of office message is a must. If you get ill but manage to set up your automatic response before leaving, then its great. However, in most cases, those out of office messages are set up by someone else. Just like I mentioned before, giving details about your absence isnt the best of all ideas, especially if youre out of office because of sick leave. When you edit an out of office message for your sick leave, keep in mind that its common for those leaves to be extended. Recipient doesnt have to know any nasty details, but mentioning sick leave is a signal for them that an extension of the out of office period is possible.

Hello,Im out of office until because of sick leave. In the meantime, you can contact my colleague at .Take care!

Hi!Im currently unavailable, without any access to my email. I hope to return by . Ill get back to you as soon as possible.If you need to consult anything before I get back, at will be more than happy to assist you.All the best

Thank You For Your Consideration During This Festive Or Not

Scared of offending a coworker who may or may not celebrate the holidays? Worry not Ive got the perfect email for you. If this OOO message does anything particularly well, it’s that it respects the differing views, religions, traditions, and opinions of your coworkers while amusing so many others.

Its also a great impersonation of a robot. So if thats up your alley…



Youve reached Michael Abioyes inbox. This is a general notice informing you of Michael Abioyes absence until January 2nd, 20XX. He is currently partaking in the traditions of a certain holiday, which may or may not be denominational or non-denominational. Example Company is in no way endorsing or not endorsing said holiday, nor encouraging or discouraging employees of all demographics to engage in celebratory activities. Thank you for your consideration during this festive or not-festive time.



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How To Write An Effective Out Of Office Message + Examples

With so many people working remotely and constant access to multiple devices these days, it can be challenging to truly step away from your work even when youre out of the office. Its tempting to want to reply to emails that come in on your time off, but thats not always an option . Its important to allow yourself to be truly offline when out of the office, but its also understandable to feel like you owe a timely response to your customers and others contacting you.

A thoughtful automated message set for your time out of the office is a kind way to let people know that youre on vacation but youve received their message and can give them a sense of reassurance as to when they can expect to hear from you.

Free For The Taking: 8 Out

Download Vacation Responder Template Background

Ready to write your own, but not wanting to start from scratch? Here are 8 examples to copy and paste .

We surveyed our team, did some research, and asked around to compile the top 8 out-of-office email examples.

Next time you find yourself on the cusp of vacation or a work trip, consider these out-of-office email template examples. Copy and paste as you like.

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A Generic Fun Holiday Greeting From The Company

Hello Everyone

This is an automated response from . We are closed for the holidays. We wish you happy holidays and urge you to take time off with your friends and family.

Wishing you and yours a Happy .

We at will be back to carry on the good work after the rest and recreation. Hope to greet you soon. Happy Holidays once again.


Company name

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Acknowledge Your Colleagues In Your Out

Is someone covering for you while youre gone? Acknowledge how awesome they are for helping you out. A few kind words can go a long way especially if you receive an email from an important customer or prospect while youre gone and are directing them to your colleagues email address or phone number.

When you compliment your coworker who will receive requests in your absence, it has a two-fold effect.

  • It makes that person look trustworthy in the eyes of the reader
  • It shows your reader that youre kind-spirited and a team player
  • It directs them to whom they should bring urgent matters
  • Heres one such out-of-office email example :

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    Tips To Write Vacation Email

    Your vacation email message does not have to be elaborate. You can add the essential information within the email and add more details about the job. Normally, you will leave the details to your secretary or someone you trust in the team. Make sure to add the representative or introduce him/her to your recipients so that they wont bother you when you are on vacation with your special people.

    Maternity Leave Out Of Office Template

    Outlook 2010 – How To Setup Automatic Out of Office Vacation Reply

    Taking maternal leave, and indeed any parental leave, often means more time off work than standard annual leave. However, the messaging you use in this auto reply will be similar:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your email. I am out of the office on leave commencing . I plan on returning to the office on .

    I will not be monitoring my emails during this time.

    During this period, please contact on who will be able to assist you.


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    Seven Examples Of Professional Out Of Office Message Autoresponder

    When you need to step away from the office and wont be in touch with your email correspondents, or if you are going on vacation and dont plan on checking your email messages very often, youll probably want to create an out-of-office/email autoresponder email message to let your colleagues, friends, clients, and family know that you are currently unavailable but will be back soon. Having an out of office message is especially important if you have put a lot of effort into building an email list and possibly a drip campaign. Such users would expect you to be prompt with communications, so whenever youre not in the office, make sure you keep your subscribers in the loop

    This is the polite and the professional thing to do. Not only that, but having an out of office message becomes essential if you are engaged in an email marketing campaign where the personal touch and ready response are paramount, along with vpn protection according to VPNFinder. An auto-response is so commonplace nowadays that most people take them for granted, and expect them. This auto responder feature is also available in G Suite where most of the individuals can make use of it. Now-a-days, G Suite is ruling the business sector with its wonderful features and also budget friendly methods with various offers on G Suite. Before going to set the responder mails, check for the below templates for professional emails.

    How Not To Write An Out

    Vacations and work leaves can bring out the silliness in people, but keep in mind that out-of-office messages are still work messages.

    Be professional, and dont say anything too informal. Even if you talk casually with your coworkers, people from outside your workplace might be emailing you, maybe even with new work opportunities you hadnt expected. You dont want to make a bad first impression when youre not even there!

    Moreover, avoid putting too much pressure on yourself or the colleague youre sending people to if they need help. Dont say things like, Theyll help you right away or Ill respond as soon as I get back. Set realistic expectations for a time frame so people can properly organize their schedules, but dont set them up for disappointment.

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    Out Of Office Message Examples

    Your out-of-office message will look different depending on the type of information you wish to share. It may be something as simple as a mention that you are out and will return on a specific date.

    You might choose to point the person in a different direction to get help from another teammate, or you may even want to send them some helpful resources while you are away. Here are some helpful out-of-office message examples for you to try in your own professional email:

    Out Of Office For Business Travel And Training

    15 Best Out of Office Message Examples to Inspire You + Tips

    If you leave your office for a conference, you should be able to receive emails and respond to them, but you should make others aware that your responses might be delayed:

    Hi,I am at the from to . I will be sure to check my inbox between sessions, but it might take a bit longer for me to get back to you. If you cannot wait, call me at .

    Dear recipient,I am currently attending a training session. As a result, my reply might take a bit longer than usual. I apologize for that. I will be able to respond in a timelier manner starting from .

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    Why Is An Out

    Having an out-of-office message prepared helps to keep your customers and contacts informed of your whereabouts. If someone is trying to reach you, they can be politely notified that you are not available to get back to them at the moment but can give them a piece of mind knowing that you received their message.

    This automated out-of-office message also helps to decrease the number of unanswered emails when returning from vacation. Having already notified people of your vacation in your message, you have the freedom to get back to them in a manner that is more convenient and organized for you.

    Above all, having an out-of-office message ensures that your customers needs are met in your absence. You can include other forms of contact or point them in the direction of other teammates by incorporating that information into the message.

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