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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare Presentation

Who Has These Timeshare Deals Where Can I Find Them

Review of Holiday Inn Vacation Club Timeshare Presentation. [HD]

Every major hotel chain has a branch of vacation ownership you can buy. Theres a comprehensive list here on, but weve also included some of the major players below. Keep in mind the offers change frequently, especially as pandemic conditions change, so calling the number listed on the website can help you find out whats available.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations For Sale

Selling your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare might sound fine on the surface, but in time you will see it can entangle you into even more problems if youre not careful.

The resale market can be exceptionally challenging to navigate. Timeshare resale scams are widespread throughout the entire cancellation industry. Its full of numerous listing companies that all claim they can sell your timeshare fast. Or that they have interested buyers now. These are all poor attempts to pressure you into another timeshare scam. If you havent read through the Holiday Inn Club Vacations FAQ section, then you may have missed that there are 2 requirements for an owner to be able to sell a Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare.

First, your ownership must be paid off. If you havent paid off your timeshare, this automatically disqualifies you from having your Holiday Inn Club Vacations for sale. Most timeshare developers require your timeshare to be paid off otherwise, they will list your timeshare as encumbered. In addition to your timeshare is paid off, you must be current on all your maintenance fees.

If Theres A Tour Carefully Evaluate The Property During The Presentation Ask Questions And Express Concerns

Weve put together some helpful resources to help you break down the terminology of timeshares and get a grasp on if one of the various timeshare arrangements will work for you. Vacation ownership can be a great way to amplify your travel dreams, but its a financially significant purchase. Its also one you dont have to commit to in the moment! Carefully consider the above it will go a long way to making sure youre happy with your decision.

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How To Survive A Timeshare Presentation: Tips You Need To Know

You are here because you want to know how to survive a timeshare presentation. How do I end the sales pitch? How do I resist timeshare sales tricks and just say no? After going through the process ourselves and chatting with a sales insider, we are here to share what we have learned. Read on for all you need to know to escape the formidable high-pressure timeshare pitch.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Desert Club Resort

Sell Holiday Inn Club Vacations: A Complete Guide

Located one block from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, this resort offers a perfect oasis of fun and relaxation right in the midst of excitement. In addition to spacious, stylish villas with fully equipped kitchens, you’ll find five outdoor pools and hot tubs, a poolside bar and grill and much more.

Once you’ve settled in, you can let the entertainment capital of the world awe you with larger-than-life thrills!

  • Spectacular stage shows featuring iconic acts and performers
  • Majestic casinos, nightlife and attractions along the famous Las Vegas Strip
  • Just a day trip away from awe-inspiring Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon National Park

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Saying ‘no’ To The Hard Sell

I thought the new points structure was pretty cool, but I was immediately turned off by the next segment of our presentation pricing. We sat and listened while Darren explained our options, noting that you pay an up-front price for your timeshare, but are also responsible for property taxes and annual maintenance fees that varied depending on your package.

While there were several levels of pricing and point accumulation, by and large, the timeshares we looked at started at around $17,000.

My husband and I braced ourselves for the hard sell. Because, as we all know, high-pressure sales tactics dont necessarily ramp up until you actually say no.

When we finally got the point across that we were absolutely, unequivocally not interested, Darren seemed to take the hint. He still came back with a few zingers and follow-up questions, but he eventually relented and let us move on.

Of course, he was only the first sales person we would have to turn down. A few minutes later, Darrens manager showed up to find out how we could possibly turn down their offer.

We already travel a lot on our own, we explained, and we do so rather frugally. I was honest about the fact that I liked their product, but also that it wasnt for us. Darrens manager seemed to understand and let us move on again to our last and final salesman.

My husband firmly told him no, this time, and he seemed fine with it.

Then he drove us to our car and that was that.

What Do You Think Add Your Review

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    They know that their sales department tell lies, scam and fraud people to buy points which they say is not a timeshare. Which is a timeshare, they lie and say you can deed it back anytime, it is a trial, etc. They don’t tell you about club membership, and other fees. They are fully aware it is a scam, they do not care. Many other companies if you don’t like the product you can withdraw. I called to cancel and they knowly told me to wait a week, I even have email to prove this. They made me wait out the rescind period to tell me its too late. They won’t release they want your life and your children life.

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated Response


    It has been our mission and privilege for 40 years to bring families together for memorable vacations. We hate to hear that you are disappointed with your vacation ownership, and we’d like to try to change that for you, Nicole. We’ve asked the team to get in touch to see what we can do. Thank you for reaching out.

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    Mention That You Prefer Using Travel Rewards

    This is another trick thatll be pretty hard for the salesperson to argue with. Simply tell them that buying a timeshare doesnt make sense for you because you prefer to use miles & points for your travel. Why would you pay for lodging when you could stay at a hotel for free? Theres really no counterargument to that point!

    Browse The Resale Market

    Myrtle Beach Vacation & Holiday Inn Vacations Club Timeshare Review

    You can browse our online timeshare resale market right from the comfort of your own home. Our timeshares for sale come from top developers like Disney Vacation Club, Wyndham, Hilton Grand Vacations, , and more. Plus, you have more flexibility in deciding what kind of contract to buy. Do you want a fixed week on Hilton Head Island? Or maybe points with DVC? Simply make an offer online or call our Licensed Real Estate agents at .

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    Review From Courtney S


    Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated Response


    Customer Response


  • 1 star


    I already owned a timeshare With Holiday Inn Vacations when I was roped into an upgrade in 2019. A Holiday Inn employee asked my wife and I to go to a “member’s meeting” and offered us tickets to a comedy show. We thought it was to update us on things relating to our membership, but it turned out to be a sales pitch. After 4 hours of listening to salespeople that pushed and pushed, we ran out of steam and said yes. HUGE mistake. It ended up being nothing like what was described. This “profitable investment” will end up costing me about $50,000. What’s worse is I only agreed to $19,000, the extra $30,000 is made up of interest and fees that were hidden from me. This is not including the maintenance fees that have been increasing at about 8% per year. I’m throwing money at Holiday Inn for nothing!

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated Response


    Bruce, we are genuinely sorry to hear of your disappointment with your tour and purchase. This is never out wish for our guests and members. It has been a privilege to play a part in family vacations for 40 years, and it was always our goal to help create happy memories. We appreciate your bringing your concerns to our attention, and the team will be reaching out to connect with you. Thank you for sharing your comments.

  • My Experiences With Hilton Grand Vacations

    Hilton Grand Vacations has over 50 properties spread across the United States. Their properties differ from the regular Hilton brand hotels in that they generally offer accommodations with more space, larger and a greater number of bedrooms, and ensuite kitchen and laundry amenities.

    Note that not all HGV properties are bookable through timeshare presentations, and some properties are only made available at certain times.

    Thus far, Ive done a couple of packages with Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando, and currently have another booked with them for Honolulu. Heres a recap of my experiences so far with HGV.

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    Arriving At Our Destination

    We checked-in during covid-times, so only one person from our party was allowed into the lobby to check in to our room our timeshare presentation was scheduled for the second day of our stay at 8 am. Only the person who checked-in signed any paperwork at all and the other 3 members of our party didnt sign anything or give any names.

    8am, bright and early, we drove over to the location for the timeshare talk and waited in a small line for a teller. The person in front of us was having an unfriendly banter with the teller. The only thing I picked up from my eavesdropping was that all the members of his party werent there so he wasnt able to get signed in. We got called next and checking in only took a few seconds. She asked if all members of our party were there, we said yes, and she said to wait in a corner for our agent to come and get us.

    After a few minutes, our salesperson came out of a room, introduced himself, and walked us outside. He said because of covid restrictions, he wouldnt give us a tour of the entire facilities and grounds. Instead, we would drive separately over to a condo where he would give us a talk.

    We loaded up into our vehicle and were on our way without ever signing any official paperwork. Also, we had been told over the phone, and on our terms and conditions, that we needed IDs and a credit card, but we didnt need anything. Im not sure if that is normal, or just because we showed up during covid restrictions.

    How Do You Get Out Of A Timeshare Presentation

    Holiday Inn Club At Sunset Cove Resort

    Did you agree to attend a timeshare presentation in exchange for a gift or discount? You may have heard horror stories about aggressive salespeople and presentations that stretch for hours, or sometimes even days. If your vacation discount depends on whether or not you attend the presentation, plan to keep your guard up so you can resist buying a timeshare no matter what. In this post, well help you prepare. Well show you what to expect during a timeshare presentation and how to say no to a timeshare salesman so you can escape without signing a deal.

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    Types And Sizes Of Accommodations

    Timeshare properties tend to be apartment style accommodations ranging in size from studio units , to three and four bedroom units. These larger units can usually accommodate large families comfortably. Units normally include fully equipped kitchens with a dining area, dishwasher, televisions, DVD players, etc. It is not uncommon to have washers and dryers in the unit or accessible on the resort property. The kitchen area and amenities will reflect the size of the particular unit in question.

    Units are usually listed by how many the unit will sleep and how many the unit will sleep privately. Traditionally, but not exclusively:

    • Sleeps 2/2 would normally be a one bedroom or studio
    • Sleeps 6/4 would normally be a two bedroom with a sleeper sofa

    Sleep privately usually refers to the number of guests who will not have to walk through another guest’s sleeping area to use a restroom. Timeshare resorts tend to be strict on the number of guests permitted per unit.

    Unit size affects the cost and demand at any given resort. The same does not hold true comparing resorts in different locations. A one-bedroom unit in a desirable location may still be more expensive and in higher demand than a two-bedroom accommodation in a resort with less demand. An example of this may be a one-bedroom at a desirable beach resort compared to a two-bedroom unit at a resort located inland from the same beach.

    Strategies To Get Through A Timeshare Sales Presentation

    Know your numbers. Know what price the timeshare is selling for on the timeshare resale marketplace. The hosts will tell you there are specific benefits that cannot be passed from one owner to another on the timeshare resale marketplace, but much of that is untrue. Knowing the resale cost can help you say no, but if youre truly interested, it can also help you get the lowest price possible on your timeshare.

    The Math

    The salesperson will likely use some version of the following logic to show you how buying a timeshare will make sense for your finances:

    Salesperson:How much do you spend on vacations every year?

    You:About $4,000.

    S: If you spend $4,000 per year for the next 25 years, youll have spent $100,000. Is this true?

    Y: Yes

    S: So, buying ownership in this property for $25,000 will save you around $75,000 over the next 25 years.

    It doesnt go that fast, but thats essentially what it boils down to after an hour and a half.

    Know you can always come back and buy later. Theres often some deal for saying yes right away to pressure you to make a decision that afternoon, but the truth is, you can always come back. Even though your timeshare salesperson will say its a limited time deal, I promise, you can always come back and buy the timeshare later. Knowing this can take the pressure off.

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    How To Get Invited To A Timeshare Presentation

    Many of the major hotel chains, like Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG, offer some sort of timeshare brand. If youve ever stayed at these hotels, you could be targeted either by phone or mail. Being a member of the hotels loyalty program could also get you targeted at some point.

    If you end up staying at one of their timeshare brands on a trip, you may also see some promotional materials around the hotel, so keep your eyes open! For instance, team member Meghan took advantage of this on a trip to Arizona. When she was checking in at the Hyatt Residence Club Sedona, Pinon Pointe, she saw a sign in the lobby that mentioned something about a $100 gift card in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation!

    The most direct way of getting an invitation though is to simply call the general number of the hotel chain youre interested in, and asking about timeshare ownership. Theyll transfer you to the right department at which point you can ask if they have any presentations available in your area, or if there are any promotions you might be eligible for.

    What Companies Offer Timeshares

    ARDA Owner Story: Holiday Inn Club Vacations

    Now that youre equipped to resist the temptation of a timeshare presentation, youre probably wondering which companies are the big timeshare players and where you should expect to be offered the chance to partake in a timeshare presentation.

    While there are upwards of 5,000 resorts and around 200 independently and publicly owned timeshare companies, vacation clubs, and resort groups, the following are some of the biggest names in the game.

    • Hilton Grand Vacations
    • North and South Carolina

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    Make An Informed Decision

    As the session comes to a close, the final step, of course, is the pitch. And whether youre considering timeshare ownership for the first time or upgrading, if you feel you need more time for this decision, thats totally fine. You might be told this is a same-day-only offer. This is more than likely not the case. And your agent should understand why you deserve more time to consider a purchase like this one carefully. That said, if youre really interested in making a purchase, there may be ways to leave a good faith deposit to hold the deal in place dont be afraid to ask!

    A 2018 study found that 78% of recent timeshare purchasers attended at least one presentation at the resort where they now own, with 21% attending two or more. So take the time to further explore the resort and do any necessary followup research. If vacation ownership is a lifestyle purchase youre ready for, making a thoughtful and informed decision is key to starting your vacation ownership journey with confidence and peace of mind.

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations

    Our name will tell you were all about vacations. But what really drives us is strengthening families by helping create memorable vacation experiences. Our resorts are designed to give you the comforts of home with the joys of vacation. Youll find spacious villas with full-size kitchens and separate bedrooms, and many include in-room washers/dryers. Youll also find fun-filled amenities on site for all ages from sparkling pools and nature trails to mini golf courses and restaurants. And our Holiday Inn Club® members enjoy access to our growing number of resorts, incredible members-only events, special upgrades and the ability to exchange to over 10,000 hotels across the globe.

    To fulfill the terms of this offer, you are required to attend a two-hour timeshare presentation.Details of Participation

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