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Notice To Vacate Texas Letter

How Should A Texas Notice To Vacate Be Structured

Selecting the Right Texas Notice to Vacate

You can tap or click on “Make document” to check out the Texas Eviction Notice sample and see what information you’ll need to build your eviction letter. Before getting started, you generally might want to organize the following critical details for a Notice to Vacate in Texas:

  • The address and description of your property
  • The lessee’s contact information
  • Serving A Monthly Notice To Vacate

    Texas law does not specify the manner in which a monthly Notice to Vacate should be delivered. Even so, you should take the appropriate measures to document the delivery date by sending the notice through certified mail with a return receipt requested. That way, you have a clear record of when the termination date should be. This could prove very important if the tenant fails to leave as requested and you are later forced to proceed with a Notice to Vacate.

    Texas Notice To Vacate

    TexasNotice to Vacate Forms are used by landlords and tenants in Texas to notify the other party that they do not intend to renew their rental agreement. This TexasNotice to Vacate Form notifies tenants to vacate the rental property, remove their possessions and return the keys by the expiration of the term. Many Texas property management companies also ask their tenants to provide a Notice to Vacate at least 30, 60, or 90 days before the lease has expired if they plan to move out at the end of the term.

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    What Is A Texas Eviction Notice

    A Texas eviction notice is a document used by the landlord or property manager when the tenant fails to follow the terms of the lease. The renter is told that they must either comply with the notice or vacate the property within a certain number of days . The eviction notice, better known as a notice to quit, must be served on the tenant in a way that is legal. The tenant must refuse to comply with the notice by the end of the notice period before the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit, known as a forcible entry and detainer, against them. All Texas eviction notices must comply with Texas Property Code and federal housing law.

    Since eviction notices and eviction proceedings must comply with Texas law, landlords and property managers should seek legal advice. Written notices must be properly served. Eviction cases may require certain proof as well as include the payment of court costs so that you’re able to get a default judgment or court order. To ensure that you, as the landlord or property manager, are able to regain possession of the property and remove the tenant’s personal property after receiving a writ of possession, talking to a lawyer about the current circumstances can be beneficial.

    Delivering A 3 Day Notice To Vacate In San Antonio

    Notice To Vacate

    Do you have a tenant that has not paid the rent? Is your renter one or more months behind on paying their lease? Most landlords and property managers do not understand the difference between being late on rent and the Grace Period. Its time one day past the rent due date to deliver a 3 Day Notice to Vacate in San Antonio and surrounding areas

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    Eviction Information For Texas Tenants

    Texas tenants have rights. The Attorney Generals website has a web page devoted to explaining your rights in a way that is easy to understand. You cannot be evicted because you reported the property or the landlord for uninhabitable conditions. You cannot be evicted because of your race, skin color, country of origin, religious beliefs, family status, disability, or gender. Without a court order, the landlord may not get rid of your possessions, lock you out in any way, or shut off the utilities to the property. All of those sorts of actions are considered illegal eviction methods.

    If youre victimized by an illegal eviction, schedule a consultation with a landlord-tenant attorney. They can determine whether you have a legal claim against the landlord for what happened. You could also consider contacting a law school near you and asking if they have a legal clinic. You could also contact a legal aid office.

    How To Write A Notice To Vacate Letter

    The time has come to move out of your apartment. One of the first things you need to do is give your landlord a notice of your intent to vacate the unit.

    Whether you are relocating for a new job or simply moving to a bigger apartment, youre going to need to write a notice to vacate letter to your landlord.

    Not sure what a notice to vacate is or how to write one? We’ve got you covered!

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    Can You Be Evicted In 3 Days Texas

    To remove a holdover tenant in Texas, the landlord must give the tenant a three-day notice to vacate. If the tenant does not move out by the end of the three-day period, then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit with the court.

    You do not need to actually give the notice on the first, but you need to give AT LEAST 30 days notice. That is, it can be more, but it cant be less. Practically speaking, the landlord may or may not seek to get the additional months rent our of you.

    Does My Landlord Have To Take Any Special Steps To Evict Me

    The 7 Deadly Sins for Sending Notices to Vacate

    Yes. Your landlord has to follow strict rules and file a court case before they can evict you. Find out about the eviction process here.

    Some local governments also have special notice requirements. In these areas, the landlord may have to give you extra time to find a new home or make up rent. If they do not follow these steps, they may be fined or even barred from evicting you. See information about special notice requirements here.

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    Related Texas Court Forms

    The Microsoft word documents provided below should be treated as samples. Many are complex, and the exact forms needed to complete the eviction process may vary by county.

    Petition for Eviction from Residential Premises: The official form filed by the landlord, requesting a court order to evict a tenant.

    : PDF

    Case Information Sheet: A required supplementary form submitted by the landlord that informs the court of the type of lawsuit being filed and its related parties.

    : PDF

    Defendants Original Answer: The official form whereby the tenant either confirms or denies the allegations made by the landlord in the Petition for Eviction form.

    : Word

    Request for Writ of Possession: The official form submitted to the court by the landlord, requesting a court to use law enforcement to remove a tenant from the property. This form is used when a tenant continues to occupy the rental property after they have been officially evicted.

    : Word

    Suit To Evict And Eviction Citation

    If the tenant fails to pay the rent or cure the breach of the lease, the landlord must go to the Justice Court and appropriate precinct to file a suit for eviction. An eviction suit in Texas is called a Forcible Entry and Detainer suit. In some counties, the tenant need not file a written response to the suit and can just appear on the date set in the eviction citation to contest the eviction. The eviction citation or suit is served by the constable on the tenant.

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    Can A Landlord Evict You For No Reason

    Insufficient notice, breach of terms of lease, sudden termination of lease, eviction notice due to conflict, untrue statements in the notice, and unfair practices by your landlord, can constitute an unlawful notice to vacate. The landlord cannot evict you for no reason merely because they want you out.

    Am I Allowed To Evict A Tenant For Unpaid Rent In Texas

    Explore Our Sample of Notice To Vacate Texas Template ...

    In general, yes. You can draft a Texas Eviction Notice to kick off the process. However, due to the pandemic, some limitations and protections have been established for tenants. Although the eviction moratorium imposed by the CDC was blocked at the federal level, the state and municipal governments in Texas are able to create and enforce their own restrictions for evictions. Check out the most recent developments for Texas or ask a local lawyer, if you are unsure.

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    What Is The Grace Period For An Eviction Notice In San Antonio

    The confusion with the Grace Period is that most homeowners think that they cannot serve an eviction notice or letter to collect rent due until the grace period elapses. This is just not the case. An eviction letter can be given to the tenant one day after the rent is due. So that if the rent is due on the 1st of the month then it is late on the 2nd day of the month and you can, therefore, send a demand letter or eviction notice to have the tenant pay the past due rent or move out.

    The Grace Period is only the time frame which the landlord can start charging late fees and has nothing to do with starting and eviction. If you want the tenants out of your house or apartment then you can start the proceedings right away, no need to wait.

    Can I Get Help With Rent

    Apply. You may be able to apply for local rent assistance.

    If your landlord has already sued you for eviction, the Texas Supreme Court’s Forty-Sixth Emergency Order may be able to stop your case case and seal the eviction on your record.

    Apply for help as soon as you fall behind. It can take weeks or months to get rent assistance.

    Emergencies. If you are in immediate risk of homelessness and your rent relief application will not come in time to keep you housed, you may try to get a one-time emergency rental assistance payment through a local program. Go to Help for Texans and select Emergency & Homeless Services. Then enter your city or county at the bottom of the page to search for help near you. Funding and availability may vary.

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    Texas Residential Lease Termination Notice

    • Tenant to Landlord notice is required at least 30 days prior to the end of a fixed-term lease in Texas.
    • Tenant to Landlord notice is required at least 30 days from the next payment date in Texas for month-to-month leases or at will tenants that pay rent month-to-month.
    • Landlord to Tenant notice is required at least 30 days prior to the end of a fixed-term lease in Texas.
    • Landlord to Tenant notice is required at least 30 days from the next payment date in Texas for month-to-month leases or at will tenants that pay rent month-to-month.

    Purpose. A Texas lease termination letter is a required document to end month-to-month lease agreements in Texas. State law requires giving at least 30 days notice for termination. However, state law does not require notice to be given to end fixed term lease agreements on their end date.

    Read further to learn more about notice requirements and the residential lease termination process in Texas.

    Tips For Your Notice To Vacate

    The Basics of a proper Notice to Vacate for a Texas Landlord #Eviction
    • Before writing the letter, make sure you read through your lease agreement. This may include the designated terms for moving out and will give you a good idea of how to manage this process. If you are breaking a lease, the terms for this should be stated there as well.
    • For your contact information, include both your new forwarding addresses for security deposit delivery. If you kept your apartment in good condition, your security deposit should be refunded in full.
    • Include the date to verify that you are delivering the notice within the designated time frame outlined in your rental agreement.
    • Keep it simple and clear while providing specific details.
    • Be formal and polite. Keeping in good standing with your landlord is vital if you plan on using them as a reference in future apartment applications.
    • If you are not sending over an email or personally delivering the letter, send it by certified mail.

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    Tips For Writing A Letter To Vacate

    Theres no specific format required for creating a notice to vacate letter, but legally there are some elements it must have:

    • Date you will vacate the property: Its important to check your lease before choosing your move-out date. Your lease may need you to send a notice a certain number of days before the lease expires so the lease doesnt automatically renew.
    • Date the letter is sent: You must include the date to prove your letter to vacate was delivered in a timely manner.
    • Landlords address/property address: Check your lease carefully for the landlords address often, its not the same address where you send rent checks, especially if the landlord owns multiple properties or uses a property management company.
    • Final walkthrough request: Typically, your landlord will require a final walkthrough after youve removed all your belongings from the property. You should schedule this with your landlord so they can return your security deposit in a timely manner.
    • Relevant lease clauses: You may want to reference one or more clauses from the lease agreement that indicate the amount of notice youre required to give before terminating the lease, and whether or not a walkthrough is needed.
    • Forwarding address: This is where you will receive your security deposit check and any other mail that needs to be sent to you.

    Since many of these processes can be done electronically, check with your landlord to see what they prefer.

    Landlord Options For Accepting Late Rent

    In some states, a landlord cannot begin the eviction process before giving tenants an opportunity to either pay the late rent or move out of the rental unit. If the tenant pays the rent, then the termination proceedings do not continue. In Texas, however, landlords can choose whether or not to give tenants a second changethey are not required to do so. If the lease or rental agreement requires the landlord to give the tenant time to pay, the landlord must abide by its terms. .)

    If the landlord chooses to give the tenant the option to pay the late rent, the landlord can give the tenant a reminder of rent due within a notice to vacate, and demand that the tenant pay the rent or vacate by the date in the notice. .)

    If the landlord does not send notice to the tenant about owing rent before sending the tenant a notice to vacate, then the only option that will be available to the tenant is to move out.

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    Evicting A Family Member With No Lease: How To Evict A Family Member

    You might have asked your relative, nicely, to leave. Maybe you even sent him or her not-so-subtle email hints with links to find homes for rent. Either way, you might now be realizing that your only option is to evict them. But evicting a family member with no lease isnt necessarily an easy feat.

    No one eviction fits all, either. Different cities and states have different eviction procedures and timelines. But other than the potential emotional burden, the eviction process with a relative of the landlord is no different from evicting any other tenant.

    The truth is, most places dont allow landlords or property managers to instantly evict a boarder, regardless of who he is or what hes done to deserve eviction, says Zachary D. Schorr, a Los Angeles real estate attorney.

    If the people you want to evict are considered to be tenants or licensees, Schorr says, a landlord cant just throw them out or just change the locks.

    Thats universal, he says. You have to go through the court system.

    Generally, this is what you as the landlord need to do to evict someone, including evicting a family member with no lease:

    Since personal feelings are involved, the tenant eviction ordeal can be messy. Heres how to evict someone from your house and make it less excruciating.

    Dont take rent: If youre trying to evict someone, dont accept rent because taking rent as a landlord will give your unwanted tenant more rights, says Schorr.

    Landlord’s Failure To Repair

    Notice To Vacate

    If a tenant has asked their landlord to make repairs to a problem that “materially affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant” using the procedures in Section 92.056 of the Texas Property Code and the landlord didn’t do so, they may be able to end their lease early. For more information on a tenant’s rights under Texas’s “duty to repair” law, please see the “Repairs” page of this guide.

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    I Am Being Evicted For Not Paying Rent What Do I Do

    Some areas still ban evictions outright. Be sure to check to see what rules against evictions there might be in your area.

    Talk to Your Landlord

    You may be able to come to an agreement with your landlord. Many landlords would rather get partial payment rather than find a new tenant.

    Apply for Rent Assistance

    Be sure to apply for rent assistance if it is available in your area.

    Answer Form

    File an Answer. You can use this Eviction Answer Toolkit to file an Answer in your case. An Answer tells the court that you want the landlord to prove that you should be evicted. Our Answer form also allows you to list any defenses to eviction that you may have. In addition to any letters you send your landlord , if you get a Notice to Vacate then you should file an Answer as soon as possible.

    Reasonable Accommodation

    Consider asking for a reasonable accommodation to let you stay in your home. Landlords have to take reasonable steps to help people who have disabilities. Being at risk for COVID-19 may be considered a disability. Read this article to learn more about how ask for a reasonable accommodation that may help you stay in your home. Disability Rights Texas also has a tool to help you write a reasonable accommodation request letter.


    If you lose your eviction case, decide whether to appeal. You have the right to appeal within 5 days of the hearing. Go to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid to get forms to help you appeal your case, as well as more information on the eviction process.

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