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How Much Do Dream Vacation Franchise Owners Make

Dream Vacations/cruiseone To Offer Associate Recruitment Program For Franchisees

Travel Franchise Owner Switched to Cruise Planners

Host Agency & ConsortiaLacey Pfalz November 17, 2021

World Travel Holdings, of which Dream Vacations and CruiseOne are a part, has announced that its new Associate Recruitment Program will launch in January 2022, allowing franchisees to expand their teams without worrying about actively recruiting.

The Associate Recruitment Program, called the Dream Vacations Advisor, offers independent contractors the ability to join an already established host agency, receive a mentor in their host agency franchise owner and enjoy membership within World Travel Holdings.

Additionally, franchise owners will no longer have to search and actively recruit travel advisors when they feel the need to expand their agencies. Theyll be able to pick and hire talented and experienced independent advisors right through the Dream Vacations Advisor.

Many of our travel agency franchise owners have expressed to us that they want to expand their business, diversify their offerings and grow their agency footprint by adding associates, yet they do not have the time or resources to invest in recruiting, said Debbie Fiorino, chief operating officer of Dream Vacations/CruiseOne.

For more information, please .

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How Do I Become A Successful Travel Agent From Home

Working as a travel agent can be a fulfilling career that is both interesting and rewarding. To become a successful travel agent from home, start with these steps:

  • Request information online about the Dream Vacations Franchise opportunity. Additionally, learn about the profession. Youve already begun with important questions such as, how do travel agents make money? And, how much commission does a travel agent make? You can answer these, and youre well on your way to researching what its like to be a travel agent.
  • Obtain a travel agent license or certificate. Invest in your education and in your travel business now, and youll see bigger payouts in the end. Dream Vacations Franchise offers all the tools and training you need to become a licensed travel agent.
  • Build a clientele: Market your business, reach out to friends and associates, and start promoting yourself.
  • Watch your business flourish!

Technology is definitely changing how people travel. But that doesnt mean that there isnt space for qualified, connected travel agents. Vacationers still want to take the headache out of travel, and are looking for someone to help them plan a dream vacation. As a travel agent, you can help people connect with travel products that meet their needs and price pointsall while earning money to help your family and fund your own world travels.

Benefits of Being a Travel Agent

  • How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

Degrees Infrared Light Therapy

Raising the core body temperature 3 degrees is a natural way to heal. Through cutting-edge technology, 3 Degrees delivers therapeutic infrared heat to relieve stress and improve health. Clients will enjoy the serenity, comfort and privacy of their own personal suite during a 40 minute session where infrared light will gently raise the core body temperature by 3 degreesunlocking amazing health benefits. A validated, proven wellness franchise concept for more than 4-years.

Cash Required: $100,000

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Supporting Owners In Challenging Times

Dream Vacations remains committed to upholding its reputation for world-class support for its franchise owners.

We say it 365 days a year and during these unprecedented times, one thing has never changed: that our number-one priority is taking care of our customers, and our customers are our Dream Vacations travel agents, says Chief Operating Officer Debbie Fiorino. We are in the business of making business dreams become a reality, and this means making adjustments to ensure our agents can afford to stay in business while the industry is at a standstill.

Both Brown and Smith echo this sentiment when asked about how they were being supported by Dream Vacations during the pandemic.

Smith: Dream Vacations is absolutely the best travel franchise company to be associated with within the industry. Immediately upon the realization that COVID-19 would have a dramatic effect on the world population and the travel industry, the Dream Vacations headquarters team began actions to provide accurate and immediate communications within its ranks. The need to deliver COVID-19 information was

not driven by sales, but a genuine concern for travelers, staff, and the moral desire to fulfill their responsibility as a worldwide travel organization.

Is Owning A Home

How To Become Travel Agent from Home

Business & Lifestyle Writer. Marketing & Social Media Pro. Photographer. Founding Editor.

I was paid to sail first-class transatlantic on the QE2, I yachted in the Mediterranean, saw the midnight sun in the North Cape, soaked in the hot springs in Iceland, gambled in Monte Carlo, sipped tea in London, sipped champagne in Paris, got massaged in a castle in Germany, drove a Mercedes Benz on the Autobahn, dined on the Grand Canal, hiked Yosemite, and dove countless times in the Caribbean. I just love this business! says seasoned travel consultant and business owner, Sabine Scherner.

Now, imagine being a travel agent for a living with amazing travel benefits like what Sabine experiences in which she has earned many of them through awards and incentives through the years. In the travel and leisure industry, there are also fam trips for agents to experience firsthand what resorts, travel destinations and cruises are like in order to better present vacation ideas to their clients. These travel agent deals are deeply discounted and sometimes even free, excluding airfare.

How did you get started and how long have you been doing this?

What do you love about your job?

What kinds of vacations are you booking now with your clients?

Lately, Ive been planning a lot of destination weddings and honeymoons. The hot spots are Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. Whats also very trendy right now are European cruises and tours, river cruises and the classic Disney family trips.

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How To Compete With Online Travel Websites

When I think of travel agents, the first thing that comes to mind for me is how in the world do they compete with online travel websites?

After all, most people can book their own airline reservations, hotels, car rentals, etc. However, it isnt to say that booking your own travel is easy or even a pleasant experience.

We have had our own horror stories with booking travel through popular online travel websites.

Honestly, if I were to book a vacation for me and my family, I would much prefer to find an experienced travel agent. I know that a travel agent could find the best deals and cater our vacation to what we want to experience.

That really is a big difference and travel websites simply cannot replace the one-on-one personable service that a travel agent can provide.

How Much Does A Franchise Owner At Dream Vacations Franchise Make

Franchise Owner salaries at Dream Vacations Franchise can range from $73,694-$78,500. This estimate is based upon 1 Dream Vacations Franchise Franchise Owner salary report provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. See all Franchise Owner salaries to learn how this stacks up in the market.

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The Travel Agency Franchise

  • Commissions/Royalties: Franchisees get 100% of the commissions. In turn, the franchisee pays a royalty or a monthly/annual fee to their franchisor many times a percentage of total sales, sometimes a flat fee.
  • Brand: There is an established brand/name. A franchise owner pays a licensing fee for the right to use this branding and operate under their name. Some franchisors mandate you use their brand, and others offer more flexibility .
  • Accreditation: This varies depending on the franchise. Some travel franchises require owners get their own accreditation, others use the franchisor’s accreditation.
  • Dream Vacations A Brand That Positions You To Sell It All

    Veteran Travel Franchise Owner Review – Grant Springer, Dream Vacations

    Dream Vacations is an all-encompassing brand offering all types of vacation experiences and the opportunities are endless! There is nothing more important than having a brand that sets you upfor success.

    Leveraging the equity of a strong brand like Dream Vacations, theres no confusion you sell ALL kinds of vacation experiences! From resorts and luxury tours to cruises and more you are able to craft your customers perfect dream vacation whatever that may be!

    Not only can you be certain your brand will work hard for you, but you can also enjoy the benefits of a flexible, home-based business and work from anywhere with an internet connection. Create that work-life balance youve always dreamed of in the fun travel franchise industry.

    Are you ready to start and thoroughly enjoy a travel agency business?

    • No travel experience necessary.
    • Home-based travel business owners come from many different social and professional backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common a passion for travel and a commitment to succeed!
    • As a franchise owner, youll receive 100% of the travel industrys highest-paid commissions. Thats right you will be hard-pressed to find another travel professional who will receive higher-paid commissions. Plus, Dream Vacation Franchises pays you your commissions weekly via direct deposit.

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    How Does A Travel Agent Get Paid

    Travel agents get paid on commission by hotels, airlines and resorts, but many more are charging fees on top of that because of their time. … “You’ll see more agencies charging, say, $150 to $300 to put a trip together but then you get that back when you actually book with them.” 5. All travel agents are the same.

    Want To Make Six Figures How Pay And Perks Are Making This Job A Hot Second Career

    Turn on the news, and the need for quality jobs that pay good wages are at the core of this years Presidential campaign. However, one career government data shows as being in decline, is proving pundits and statisticians wrong, say many in the industry.

    For the first time in at least three years, travel agent didnt make Kiplingers annual list of Worst Jobs For the Future. The negative press shouldnt be surprising. The idea that entire industries were ripe for disintermediation was a popular early decade theory with DotCom pundits, and travel agents still suffer from lingering reports of their demise.

    Trends towards experiential travel as well as friends and family groups are pushing time pressed… Millennials from the Internet back to travel agents. Travel agent is becoming a hot second career.

    Even in the industry, at one point, the mood was sour. Matthew Upchurch, the chairman of Virtuoso, a network of luxury travel advisors, recalls an industry survey around 2000 that showed only 15 percent of travel agents said they would recommend their profession to friends and family.

    The American Society of Travel Agents, a trade association, says current Labor Bureau statistics miss 40 percent of the agent population, who work as independent contractors instead of full-time employees, thus providing more fodder for uninformed reports.

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    Arcpoint Lab Medical Testing

    Join ARCpoint Labs and participate in the booming medical screening industry that provides substantial recurring revenue opportunities. A great B2B opportunity with a low cost of entry and minimal inventory. Our national distribution network translates into large volume purchases for our franchise owners. Full support, sales coaching and top-notch lead generation.

    Cash Required: $75,000

    Do Travel Agents Make Commission Or Receive Tips

    How to Start a Travel Agency from Home

    While airlines no longer offer travel agent commission, other travel organizations and businesses do pay agents a cut of their bookings. For example, a travel agent may make a commission by selling travel insurance, cruise vacations, hotel bookings, resort bookings, and tours or other experiences. Travel agents drive business to these tourism and travel businesses, who give them a cut of the bookings to encourage future referrals and maintain a positive relationship. Travel agent commission systems work well for travelers, who get top-notch service at a good price travel companies, who get a steady stream of paying customers and travel agents, who make good money providing their services.

    Some travelers do tip their travel agents. This is especially the case if the travel agent does not charge any service fees, and when the agent offers great service.

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    The Travel Industry Offers Incredible Opportunity

    • The average time it takes to book a vacation is FIVE hours, not to mention the time to research. People dont have the time and are relying on a travel franchise professionals expert advice.
    • 38% of millennials have used a travel agent in the last 12 months.
    • On average, travel agents save clients $452.
    • 117 new ships will debut by 2027.
    • Baby Boomers love to travel and in the U.S., more than 10,000 people are retiring every day.

    Dream Vacations Franchise Review Summary

    Business Information

    Business Type: Travel Agency

    Investment: $9,800

    • Dream Vacations is a hosted travel agency. The company offers its members an opportunity to make money online from home with their own home-based travel agency.
    • Dream Vacations agencies make money by selling cruises, vacation packages, and other travel-related products and services.
    • Dream Vacations initial investments and franchise fees are very high.
    • The commissions are low. The travel industry booking commissions are as low as 5%.
    • This is not truly an online home-based business. You will have to meet with customers to assist them with planning for a dream vacation.
    • Dream Vacations is a commission-based sales opportunity. It is not recommended for people without sale experiences.


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    My Closing Thoughts On A Dream Vacations Franchise

    Overall, Dream Vacations appears to be a legitimate business opportunity for anyone wanting to be in the travel industry.

    There are all types of online businesses that you can start. I run my own online business by myself and the start-up costs were less than $50.

    I create niche websites for a living and earn income from the products that I promote on these websites. This method of making money online is referred to as affiliate marketing.

    All that you need to get started is a domain name, web hosting, and WordPress. It is easy to start and maintain but there are some essential skills that you must learn such as SEO, content creation, and more.

    When I got started, I didnt want to spin my wheels trying to figure it all out on my own. I searched for an online affiliate marketing training program and found this one.

    The training has helped me to progress much faster than if I tried to learn it all on my own. Now I use the same training to help others one-on-one with their own niche websites.

    Final Thoughts On Dream Vacations Franchise

    Dream Vacation Franchise Review: Legit Opportunity or Huge Scam? Find out in this video.

    Anything that costs $3,500 to join must draw a look three timesmaybe four. Even if you have the money to gamble away, Why Would You? Its good that they have a lead generation that can help you get sales, but to what extent will these leads draw a substantial income?

    Dream Vacations travel agents face greater problems in the travel industry. This isnt really solely based on Dream Vacations, but its a problem that most travel agents face today. The fact of the matter is that most people book travel on their own now. There are so many great travel websites out there now that travel agents are not a necessity to book travel.

    Although the potential to make money is there with Dream Vacations, the likelihood of doing so will really depend on your experience in marketing. Investing in any type of business requires research, knowledge, development, commitment, a fitting personality, and expending a lot of time and effort in a competitive market place. Merely purchasing a business or franchise opportunity does not guarantee success. One needs to first be honest with themselves . . . is this really a good fit for my background, knowledge, and skills, and am I ready to commit the required time and effort to nurture and grow a successful business? If you are interested in their franchise opportunity here is the link to their website:

    Now I know I was supposed to explain the perks of their vacations, but forget the messenger.

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    World Travel Holdings Recognized As One Of The Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces

    Ninth consecutive time recognized for innovative employee engagement programs

    Wilmington, Mass. World Travel Holdings today announced its recognition as one of the 2021 Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces® Awards for the ninth consecutive time. This annual award recognizes top employers that display leadership and innovation in engaging their workplaces.

    The COVID-19 pandemic presented a myriad of challenges for businesses and their workforce. But these unprecedented times also offered an opportunity for organizations to support their people. Companies that prioritized employee experience, recognition and employee voice have seen increased productivity, higher employee engagement and stronger loyalty, said Jeff Cates, CEO and president at Achievers. This years 50 Most Engaged winners embody what it means to be a people-first business and have proven how the prioritization of employee experience can help an organization withstand even the most difficult of times.

    A panel of 15 esteemed judges comprised of employee engagement academics, industry analysts, thought leaders, journalists, and influencers evaluated the applicants. Winners were selected based on Achievers Eight Elements of Employee Engagement®: Accountability & Performance, Belonging, Equity & Inclusion, Culture Alignment, Manager Empowerment, Professional & Personal Growth, Purpose & Leadership, Recognition & Rewards, and Wellbeing.

    What Are The Most Profitable Franchises

    When you think about franchise businesses, what comes to mind? For many of us, franchising is associated with fast-food companies like McDonalds, Subway, and Burger King. While food franchises typically hold the top spots in profitability, the most profitable franchises cover various industries.

    The top 5 most profitable franchise businesses in 2021 are:

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