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Disney Vacation Club Member Benefits

Chance To Voluntear Like A Cast Member

Disney Parks Moms Panel | The Benefits of Being a Disney Vacation Club Member

One of our favorite experiences on the Member Cruise was the VoluntEAR event! Along with Disney Cast Members, DVC Members were invited to help stuff HUNDREDS of back packs for schools in the Bahamas. It was family friendly and opened some really good conversation with our boys as we are heading back to school ourselves.

Disney Vacation Club Membership Cards To Be Fully Digital In 2022

Disney Vacation Club Members who previously had the choice of having either a digital membership card or a physical one, will now be going fully digital as physical cards will not be available in 2022.

Whats Happening:

  • Disney Vacation Club members will soon have their trademark membership card converted to a digital card, starting in January of next year.
  • Members can still use their physical membership card through December 31st, 2021, but by 2022 they must download their new digital card to continue using benefits.
  • It has also been promised by Disney Vacation Club that members will not only have their digital card, but will also access all their eligible benefits digitally through an improved digital experience.
  • Disney Vacation Club Members have access to a slew of benefits, including access to member lounges in the Disney Parks, special discounts on merchandise and dining, recreation opportunities, and special events that take place at the Disney Parks. All can be accessed using their member card, which will be converted to a digital format in 2022.
  • Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare-style program where members purchase points that are used for stays in Disney Destinations and beyond. The program was started in the early 90s and has taken off and expanded to include locations throughout Walt Disney World, Disneyland and locations on the Florida Coast, South Carolina, and the popular Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Does Disney Vacation Club Save You Money

Disney markets their vacation club heavily on the fact that it can save you money over time. The truth is that it can. Here are a few reasons as to how:

Essentially, by buying into the Disney Vacation Club, youre paying for your next 30 or so years of vacations over ten or fewer years. Once you finish paying for your membership, you own it outright. Lets crunch some numbers to see how that works.

Assume that you choose the most affordable membership possible, which is around $30,000. If you spread that over the next 30 years , youd be spending $1,000 annually on Disney vacations. With 150 points, you can certainly stay for at least several nights each year. While you might be able to find comparable prices at value resorts for less money, remember that by using Disney Vacation Club points, youre staying at a deluxe resort with much more pleasing accommodations and amenities.

The other major factor that you must consider when weighing the financial benefits is that, in this case, inflation will work in your favor. Disney isnt getting less expensive theyve been raising hotel rates steadily for years, and even as they build more resorts, prices will most likely continue to climb. By buying into the DVC now, youve locked in the cost of your vacations for the next 30 years. Thats where you will almost certainly see the most savings over time.

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Disney Vacation Club Resales

Unlike some other timeshare brands, Disney Vacation Club memberships do not depreciate in value as dramatically. However, the market value of DVC memberships on the resale market is tied to the expiration date of the contract itself. As time goes by and fewer years are left on the DVC contracts, you can expect the value of all DVC timeshares to decrease.

Another important thing to know about DVC resales is that Disney Vacation Club regularly exercises its right of first refusal. This means that when an owner is about to sell a DVC membership, Disney has the right to purchase that owners timeshare for the same price. This has contributed to higher resale values for DVC, as Disney will buy back any memberships that fall below a certain price threshold.

Tour & Event Discounts

Disney Vacation Club: Member Benefits

This is a pretty broad category, but Disney Vacation Club members receive a 15% discount on theme park tours . Members also received flat-rate discounts on some shows .

Then there are discounts on special events. This mainly applies to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party. At least, thats how we use our member tour/event discount most frequently.

This also extends to a bunch of other stuff, including events during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, among other things. Its best to check the DVC website before booking anything, as this changes.

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Benefits Of Dvc Membership

DVC Member Services is awesome. They offer vacation planning assistance if you need it, to include help with flights, car rentals, room requests and priority seating for meals. I consider myself as very knowledgeable on all things Disney but the DVC Members Services peeps know way more than I do and theyre able to answer questions or make suggestions that can help me plan my best trip.

You can also arrange for groceries to be delivered to your room via Member Services, although in this day and age, most people use Shipt, Instacart, or Amazon. Ordering through the DVC gets your food IN to your room. Ordering through other delivery services get your food to the concierge and you have to arrange for them to deliver itwhich isnt a difficult process at all. Still, if you want to walk into your room and have milk in your fridge, as a DVC member, you can.

One of the things I love most is having a full kitchen. Now, I dont love the idea of cooking on vacation. However, its nice to be able to make sandwiches and simple breakfasts. We also love doing things like baking cookies or making popcorn on vacation.

Disney Vacation Club Benefits You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Disney Vacation Club is one of the best vacation clubs for families, adults that love Disney, and frequent travelers. With fifteen resorts around the United States, each with a sparkle of Disney magic, DVC members love the additional benefits that come with being a Disney Vacation Club owner. This points-based vacation club is more than just timeshare vacations. Dining, shopping, and park perks make Disney Vacation Club benefits some of the best.

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How Does The Disney Vacation Club Work

The Disney Vacation club operates on a points system. You purchase a certain number of points a one-time buy and then use them at DVC resorts. If you purchase points directly from Disney you can also use those points at Disney Resort Hotels in California, Florida, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the Disney Cruise Line, and other non-theme-park vacations.

You can buy out someone elses DVC membership which also means that if it ends up not being a fit for you, you can sell it but to get the very best of the perks, its best to buy directly from Disney.

We are newish DVC members and, while we appreciate the flexibility, were seeing that the most bang for our buck is using our points toward trips at actual DVC properties at Walt Disney World. We recently took a Disney Cruise and although it was tempting to use some of our points to shave some pennies off our travel costs, we decided it wasnt the best fit for us to use our points on the cruise.

I would definitely recommend number crunching each time youre planning a vacation. There are lots of variables and I always find it worth my time to do a little bit of legwork to ensure we get max benefits. I havent researched using DVC points for Adventures by Disney but I think it would probably be similar to cruises probably not a smart use of DVC points. But if you are a DVC member planning an Adventures by Disney vacation, it is definitely worth doing some cost comparisons.

Disney Vacation Club And Interval International Announce New Affiliation Agreement

Disney Vacation Club Member Tips – Shopping Discounts

Miami, Florida, December 6, 2021 Disney Vacation Development, Inc. the developer of Disneys vacation ownership program, Disney Vacation Club and Interval International, a leading provider of vacation services, have signed an agreement to affiliate 15 Disney Vacation Club resorts in Florida, California, Hawaii, and South Carolina. The agreement reinstates a relationship that was first established in 1995.

Effective January 1, 2022, Disney Vacation Club Members will enjoy access to a variety of travel and leisure benefits. This includes the opportunity to exchange their vacation points for stays at resorts in Intervals global network of more than 3,200 properties.

For the past 30 years, Disney Vacation Club has been a leader in vacation ownership and has provided its Members and guests with exceptional experiences. We are delighted to welcome them back to the Interval network, said Jeanette Marbert, president of Interval International. Our companies have always shared a strong commitment to customer service excellence. This common vision, along with the superior quality of Disneys world-class resorts, make this affiliation an ideal match for our members.

The agreement comprises the following Disney Vacation Club properties:

Ko Olina, Hawaii

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Anaheim, California

The Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Disneys Boardwalk Villas

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Dvc Member Annual Pass Discount:

Note: Currently Annual Pass sales are paused.

In 2021, Disney overhauled the Annual Pass program. The only option specifically for DVC Members is the Sorcerer Pass. This pass costs $899 plus tax and includes being able to hold up to 5 park pass reservations at one time and blackout dates during select holiday periods. The only other Annual Pass DVC Member can purchase is the Incredi-Pass at $1,299 which includes up to 5 park pass reservations and no blackout dates.

Below were some frequently asked questions regarding the oldAnnual Pass system and may not apply to the current one.

DVC Members are entitled to a discounted rate on Annual Passes. For more information, here are some FAQs:

Who can get these discounted passes?

Disney Vacation Club Members and their immediate family living in the same household will receive discounts on select new and renewed Walt Disney World Annual and Premium Annual Passes. Limit 8 purchases per household.

Are all members of the DVC Members immediate family included in the offer?

The discount is available to DVC Members to purchase Passes for themselves and their immediate family living in the same household.

Who is defined as immediate family?

Immediate family is defined by WDW for discount purposes as:

  • Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Brother-In-Law/Sister-In-Law
  • Grandparent Grandchild

Can I use my discount to buy an Annual Pass or Premium Annual Pass for someone other than myself or my immediate family residing in the same household?

What Is Disney Vacation Club And How Does It Work

Make no mistake, though a Disney Vacation Club membership is a significant commitment, both financial and otherwise. In this article, well give an overall honest assessment of DVC, including what it is, how it works, how much it costs, where you can use your points, and so much more.

  • In Conclusion
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    Disney Vacation Club Is It Worth Your Time Pros & Cons

    So is Disney Vacation Club worth it? We dive into the pros and cons of membership to find out. Includes cost, resale by owner, reviews and rentals.

    Disney Vacation Club is a Disney time-share program that comes with a ton of perks, including the ability to rent out your timeshares when you arent visiting a Disney property. Today, we are looking into the pros and cons of purchasing Disney Vacation Club points.

    If you plan on visiting Disney more than once a year, and for a substantial amount of time with your family, Disney Vacation Club has probably come across your radar once or twice.

    Pete Docter & Michael Giacchino: From Scene To Score

    More benefits for Disney Vacation Club Members now ...

    The legendary director and composer of Pixar Animation Studios Up and Inside Out, Pete Docter and Michael Giacchino, reunited to reveal how these Academy Award-winning films developed from scene to score. Pete and Michael were absolutely hilarious and had such a great rapport. Up is one of my favorite movies of all time so it was particularly interesting to see scenes from the movie with their original scores, compared to where they ended up in the final film, and learn how they got there.

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    Member Magic: Kicking Off Mickeys 90th

    One of our favorite surprise nights was the Member Mouse Party on the pool deck. This event kicked off Mickeys 90th Birthday celebration!!!! We danced and sang under the stars in the Bahamas, and our night concluded with cast members passing out Chef Art Smiths celebratory Hummingbird Cupcakes and the largest fireworks display at sea ever.

    Discount On Ukulele Purchase

    Want to learn how to play the ukulele? Sign up for a 45-minute class and learn how to play a few chords from a talented Cast Member.

    Purchase an adult size or kid size ukulele at 10% off and also receive a free set of replacement strings! Just show your Membership card to receive the discount.

    Ukulele lessons are held in the Pau Hana Room. Check the Daily Iwa for schedule of dates and times for classes and other activities.

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    Dvc Cost Vs Paying Cash For Your Resort Stay

    Lets say you buy 160 points at Saratoga Springs Resort. For purposes of this example, 160 points would cover 11 nights of vacation in a Saratoga Springs Studio unit: a 6-night stay in Magic Season and a 5-night stay in Choice season. These roughly correspond with regular season for cash pricing of resort rooms.

    • Your dues for 160 Saratoga Springs Resort points are $1,083 in 2020, which pays in advance for points that straddle 2020 and 2021.
    • If you rented points from an owner to stay in a Saratoga Springs studio for the same dates at $19 a point, it would cost you $3,040.
    • Maybe youd be just as happy staying in the least expensive Disney Deluxe hotel room, and youre able to get a modest discount on the hotel room. If you stayed at Wilderness Lodge in Regular Season with a 25% discount, 11 nights would cost you $4,592 with tax in 2021.
    • If you paid the full rack rate charged by Disney to stay in a Saratoga Springs studio for 11 nights in Regular season, it would cost you $5,687 with tax in 2021.

    All told, the $1,083 in dues compares pretty favorably to the much higher cost of $4,500+ to stay in a discounted cash room, or even the $3,000+ it would cost to rent the points from an owner.

    Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

    Disney Parks Moms Panel | Benefits of Being a Disney Vacation Club Member

    Like Key West, Saratoga Springs is an all-DVC property. The themeing is inspired by the Saratoga Springs in New York famous for horse racing. One of my favorite things about this resort is the artwork in the lobby of all the different horses that have been featured in Disney movies over the years.

    What we liked best about Saratoga Springs is the pools. There are five pools total and two of these are feature pools with great waterslides, whirlpools and available poolside dining. My advice for anyone booking at Saratoga Springs is to check out where your villa is located on a map and see where you are in relation to pools and the bus stops. We had very long treks to get from our villa to the pools and the bus stops. If you have very young kids or any mobility issues, the amount of walking you have to do to navigate the resort might be a detractor.

    Both Key West and Saratoga Springs are larger resorts. I mention this because if you want to book last-minute trips, youre likely to find availability at one of these two properties because there are more villas in these two resorts.

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    What If You Want A Larger Room

    If you need more space than a studio, look at the one and two bedroom villas. Most one-bedroom villas sleep four with a king bed and a full-size pullout sofa in the living room. My family of four is very comfortable in a one-bedroom villa. If you need more room, check out the two or three bedroom villas or the bungalows, cabins, or treehouses available. The idea behind Disney Vacation Club is for you to truly feel at home.

    Obviously, the larger rooms are going to require more points. Were able to make the points in our contract go further by staying in the smaller units. We love the one-bedroom villas for now. As our kids get older, we know well need more room and more privacy so we know were looking at purchasing additional points in the future.

    One thing to note is that housekeeping services are a little different at DVC properties. You dont get the same daily mousekeeping service that you do in a hotel room. You get a trash and tidy every four days, which is fine with us. Since youre in an apartment/home-like setting, you dont really need housekeeping service like you would in a hotel room. There also are washers and dryers in all units except for the studios so you can wash your towels if you need to.

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