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Orlando Vacation Rental Management Company

Real Owner Reviews Dont Just Take Our Word For It

Buying A Vacation Rental Management Company in Orlando Florida

For several years now I have been taken advantage of by a management company, which came highly recommended and represented themselves as the best in the business. It took me a while to realize that their many promises in terms of expected return on investment were just empty promises, and that they were only interested in making a profit at my expense. The staff was for the most part inept and incompetent, but they knew how to talk a good talk. Dealing with Eagle Management has been a breath of fresh air. Rebecca has shown herself to be knowledgeable, honest and approachable, and I am grateful to her for the efforts she has made to upgrade our villa and make it more marketable than it would otherwise have been. In the space of just a few weeks I have had more bookings than I have had in an entire year with my previous management company. Having only been with Eagle for just a month or so, it is still early days to prejudge the final outcome. But based on our interactions to date and the number of bookings achieved in the space of just a few weeks, I am confident that Eagle can deliver results which would have been unthinkable under my previous management company.




Jorge G

Thank you all for helping make our vacations worry free Henry & Beth March 24, 2017 Solterra Owners

First class Jonty in West Haven

Gibbons Family, owners in West Haven since 2005

Regards, Mark Owner in Solana since 2010

Wilcox Family

Graeme Owner in West Stonebridge

Vacation Home Operation In Orlando

In 2001, one of the hotel general managers we work with left to become a general manager of a very large vacation home operation here in Orlando. He talked me into offering his Orlando vacation homes to our clients. I sure am glad we did as today over 65% of our sales are in our large product category, which consists of vacation homes, condos, and townhouses.

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Making The Most Of Marketing Platforms

Our longevity in the industry gives our team access to the most renowned and successful marketing platforms in the business. This means that homeowners working with us can rest assured that their rental will show up everywhere from VRBO, Airbnb,, and Marriott just to name a few! This type of high-end visibility is ideal for the homeowner looking to grow their rental business amongst a clientele list with a high probability of returning to stay time and again.

Cleaning & Inspection Services

Orlando Vacation Homes  Great Service

A 2015 survey by Wyndham Vacation Homes and found that one of the biggest concerns that vacationers have about renting a vacation home is an unclean unit. Here at Magical Stays we knew this intuitively and thats why we have invested a great deal of time and money in employing only the best cleaners. Magical Stays is synonymous with clean, well maintained Orlando vacation homes.

Regular inspections form the core of success in setting us apart from our competition. We ensure that cleaning is of the highest standard and routine quality checks ensure all fittings and furnishings remain in top condition.

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Why Choose A Florida Vacation Home

For a less expensive but still unique experience, visitors staying in Orlando vacation rental homes can create their own personal experience. A Vacation home will cut down on the biggest cost of your vacation – Eating out, not only do you have the availability to self cook but you will be in proximity to many various restaurant, with a diverse range of culinary tastes. You’ll have your own pool, Florida is known for the amount of sun it gets, relaxing by the pool is a certain option. Most importantly, a villa is like home from home. After a long day at the attractions, you can kick your shoes off and relax with your family.

  • 2 BedroomCondos

Choice For Vacation Rental Property Management

As one of Central Floridas leading property management companies, we work with property investors and homeowners across Orlando and the globe to create a property management plan that is tailored to meet their needs.

When you partner with Global Resort Homes for property management, youre partnering with a team of property management veterans who know exactly how to tailor our service around your needs and ensure that you get the most out

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Get Our Educational Guide Capitalizing On The Vacation Rental Boom: 8 Keys To Success Free

Find out why its surprisingly easy to turn Orlando vacation rentals into a sizable income source using Airbnb and our vacation rental property management company. If youre already renting to Orlando vacationers, discover how to optimize your income. Send for our FREE guide, Capitalizing on the Vacation Rental Boom: 8 Keys to Success, with invaluable tips on Airbnb vacation rental property management and details on growing your income with One Fine BnB.

Welcome To Orlando Vacation Villa Rentals

Disney Vacation homes & Short Term Rental Property Management

We specialize in the rental and property management of superb Orlando Vacation Villas located in and around the Disney area of Orlando, Florida. Whether you are looking to rent Orlando Vacation Villas or you need a property management company to look after your Orlando Vacation Villa then look no further as Orlando Vacation Villa Rentals USA can cater to your needs.

You can take a look through the site to see what our Orlando Vacation Villa Rentals look like and we can then assist you in finding your perfect Orlando Vacation Villa. The reasons are simple, renting an Orlando Vacation Villa gives you the freedom to come, go, eat, drink and sleep when it suits you not someone else. Get up early, get up late, eat in the villa, order a takeaway or eat in one of the many fabulous family restaurants in the Orlando area. Whatever you decide we guarantee you will want to return again and again once you have visited one of our Orlando Vacation Villas. If you are looking to rent a Orlando Vacation Villa, then you need look no further!

Orlando Vacation Villas

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Discover The Potential In The Details

Making the most of your vacation rental experience begins with selecting just the right property management team. Knowing your home and business are in good hands comes down to partnering with a team with a proven record of success. At Global Resort Homes, weve been helping homeowners succeed since 1993 on a platform of integrity and passion for the people and destinations we serve. Our property management in Orlando, FL is designed to pave a successful path for homeowners and their guests alike!

Ner With Pmi Orlando & Stay Ahead Of This Evolving Industry

PMI Orlando makes vacation rental management in the Orlando area a breeze. We do 100% of the work for just a fraction of the proceeds from your bookings – from booking to housekeeping – from maintenance to concierge, lift tickets to changing out smoke detector batteries.

We do it all. Managing your vacation rental shouldnt be a second job.

PMI Orlando works with the finest vendors to bring you the most advanced services in the industry, each of which offers unique advantages for your listing, guest and most importantly your Vacation Rental Investment our second home.

Vacation property owners can rest assured knowing that their vacation homes are completely protected while increasing the profits of their rental income. We are 100% locally owned and operated by Orlando locals. We know Orlando and pride ourselves on being hyper-local vacation rental experts.

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What Should I Consider When Hiring An Orlando Property Manager For My Vacation Home

Hiring a property manager to oversee your Florida vacation rental home can be challenging because youll need to consider lots of different points to ensure you find someone whos a good fit.

What is the property management fee? This is a key question and a primary point of concern for many owners who are considering a property management firm for their Orlando vacation house. Most rental property managers charge a fee thats based on a percentage of the rental fee.

Generally, this fee is between 25% and 45%. On, you can get several price quotes from local property managers for free. Some offer a traditional percentage-based split of the rental proceeds, while others offer a flat monthly rate that remains stable regardless of actual occupancy part of a guaranteed income model many property managers that works with employ.

Notably, property management fees for vacation rentals tend to be slightly higher than those for traditional rental properties due to the greater workload associated with vacation rentals.

See below some examples of property management offers recently made for Orlando rental properties on

  • Cleaning costs.
  • Home repairs and maintenance fees.

Typically, the property owner is still responsible for paying expenses, such as major home repairs, property taxes, homeowners insurance premiums, homeowners association fees, and mortgage payments.

Choice For Orlando Property Management

Tuscana Resort Vacation Home Rentals

When it comes to property management, choosing the right company can make all the difference in the world. At Global Resort Homes, we pride ourselves on offering homeowners a comprehensive property management service that includes high-end marketing, excellent guest services, and design-focused property management.

When you partner with Global Resort Homes for your property management needs, youre not only partnering with a team of property management veterans with a long list of success stories, but youre choosing to have your own success story in the making. Our team will work diligently to ensure youre getting the most out of your vacation rental property whether that means handling upgrades, marketing, and design consultation, or comprehensive guest service to make your property a unique experience for guests from across the globe!

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Vacation Home Management Faqs

Easy Choice Property Management pride ourselves on total transparency, allowing our owners to be able to add their own bookings, view their property calendars, view statements and print them off for accountancy requirements and generally be well informed of what is going on in your home using the internet and our state of the art owner interface system.You can access these details from anywhere you have internet connection via our website and using the unique log-in details we provide you with when joining our property management program.

Easy Choice Property Management have a state of the art software system that was designed by the owners of the company and is constantly being improved and updated to provide the best possible service to our home owners. Our newest tool, the automated work order system, offers owners more piece of mind by being e-mailed as soon as a maintenance request for your home has been requested on our system.

What Can You Find On Globalrentalsite

In order to support the information searching and scanning of customers, we do provide several useful tools to assist on our platform. On the main page, you can find different areas where we set up recommended searching forms like Top Trending Rental Searches, Recently Searched, Rental Categories and so on. For faster and more convenient service experience, we suggest our clients use those functions. We also release our own Blogs Post section specialized for distributing tips, advice and reviews on different rental services so that customers can make their rental choices better.If you have any trouble using our service, please refer to the section for a quick response. We also love to receive feedback, suggestions, etc. to improve our service in a better way. View more

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What Does Globalrentalsite Provide

Taking advantage of this new trend, GlobalRentalSite was established as a multi-functional channel of providing users everything they need to know about different available in the market. From daily items like electronics, home equipment, necessary tools, etc. to more valuable & priceable things like a car or house, you can find any details related to those rental services on our site. What makes it special is that we schedule a daily update to our entire database so that all the expired news are replaced and updated with the latest, hottest piece of information released in the market. On the whole, fast and efficient is our target when providing this service to our users. View more

Orlando Vacation Home Management Services

Vacation Rental Management Company for Sale #2301-529245

As former Orlando vacation home owners, we know just how important it is to appoint an honest, trustworthy and professional company to look after your villa and provide you with first class Orlando vacation home management services.

This is especially true if you are an out of state or out of country owner because you are relying on your management company to be your eyes and ears and to take care of your short term rental property in your absence. Short term rental property management services are designed to achieve 2 main objectives:

  • Present your vacation home in the best possible light to your guest and
  • Preserve the value of your investment.

With the decline in customer service in the property management industry, we believe there is a strong need to take the time to listen to our owners and deliver to their needs.

At Magical Stays we pride ourselves on providing our owners with the highest quality personal service and attention that they need to make their investment a success.

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Will I Lose Money If I Hire A Property Manager For My Orlando Vacation Rental

Many property owners are very hesitant to hire a property manager because they assume theyll be spending more out of pocket without seeing an increase in the amount of income that they earn from the property. But this isnt always the case. If you hire the right property manager for your home, then you can see a win-win, where your income level either remains the same or increases.

Due to the aforementioned factors such as improved guest experience, closer attention to detail, expedited home repairs that prevent collateral damage, and more effective marketing, you can see more bookings and for a higher booking fee. This can cover the cost of your property manager and even increase the income from your vacation home.

What Our Owners Say About Us

Reference IWe have been using this company to manage our home that is located in Kissimmee, Florida. Since April of 1999 they have provided absolutely perfect care of all the responsibilities that a management company should provide for their customers. We feel very fortunate and proud to have found Florida Dream Homes and plan on staying with them as long as we can. I am happy to recommend you and wish you continued success. Sincerely, Steve and Doreen Rivera

Reference IIDear Lance: Carol and I are very appreciative of the excellent service we have received from Florida Dream Homes. We have been extremely satisfied at the high rate of bookings you have obtained for our home ensuring that our business investment in a second home is well worth it. Additionally, your personal attention to our home has given us peace of mind knowing that if any problems arise Dream Homes is there to resolve them immediately. Again, thank you very much. We look forward to a great year with the excellent support of DREAM HOMES. Best Regards, Carol & Marco Martinez

Reference VIDear Lance, Thank you for the excellent service that you have provided, since we bought our home in Orlando. We greatly appreciate the professionalism shown by you and your staff. All promises and predictions have been fulfilled and we feel that our interests are well looked after. We look forward to a long association with Florida Dream Homes. Phil and Carole Goddard

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Local Management For Global Investors: We Protect Your Property

We manage properties for clients spanning the globe, from the United States to Europe, Asia, and beyond. Our property management services are tailored to meet the specific needs of property investors and homeowners with a property in Orlando. When you partner with Global Resort Homes for property management, youre partnering with a team that understands property investment both locally and abroad.

In addition to our expansive knowledge of property management, we have an extensive network of local service providers who can assist with any issues that may arise while away from Orlando. From handymen to cleaning staff, we have a wide range of trusted professionals who are available 24/7 to help you maintain your property while youre away.

If youre looking for a property management company that can provide expert care for your investment property then youve found the right one.

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