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Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Resale

How To Get Invited To A Timeshare Presentation

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Resales – DVC Videos

Many of the major hotel chains, like Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG, offer some sort of timeshare brand. If youve ever stayed at these hotels, you could be targeted either by phone or mail. Being a member of the hotels loyalty program could also get you targeted at some point.

If you end up staying at one of their timeshare brands on a trip, you may also see some promotional materials around the hotel, so keep your eyes open! For instance, team member Meghan took advantage of this on a trip to Arizona. When she was checking in at the Hyatt Residence Club Sedona, Pinon Pointe, she saw a sign in the lobby that mentioned something about a $100 gift card in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation!

The most direct way of getting an invitation though is to simply call the general number of the hotel chain youre interested in, and asking about timeshare ownership. Theyll transfer you to the right department at which point you can ask if they have any presentations available in your area, or if there are any promotions you might be eligible for.

Make An Informed Decision

As the session comes to a close, the final step, of course, is the pitch. And whether youre considering timeshare ownership for the first time or upgrading, if you feel you need more time for this decision, thats totally fine. You might be told this is a same-day-only offer. This is more than likely not the case. And your agent should understand why you deserve more time to consider a purchase like this one carefully. That said, if youre really interested in making a purchase, there may be ways to leave a good faith deposit to hold the deal in place dont be afraid to ask!

A 2018 study found that 78% of recent timeshare purchasers attended at least one presentation at the resort where they now own, with 21% attending two or more. So take the time to further explore the resort and do any necessary followup research. If vacation ownership is a lifestyle purchase youre ready for, making a thoughtful and informed decision is key to starting your vacation ownership journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Your Disney Resale Opens The Door To More Than Theme Parks

Vacation at Walt Disney World Orlando and you can splash it up at Blizzard Beach Water Park, Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, or pool hop from one amazing resort pool to the next. When you choose to vacation at the Orlando Disney resorts, you can rent bikes, canoes, kayaks, or paddle boats watch movies under the stars and listen to skilled storytellers spinning their tales around the campfire. There is even the chance to take off on a hot air balloon ride, a pony ride, or a romantic carriage ride – and this is only a tiny snippet of all the vacation fun you can choose in addition to the theme parks.

Both Walt Disney World Orlando and Disneyland Anaheim have an area known as Downtown Disney. With plenty to interest the kids and even more fun for adults, Downtown Disney offers clubs, shopping, dining, special events, and a diversity of entertainment options. Although there are activity or event fees for select parts of Downtown Disney, general admission and parking at both Downtown Disney locations are free.

At Disney’s three beach destination DVC resorts, you’ll enjoy spectacular pools, water sports, cook-outs, luaus, and other beach vacation fun. Each of the beach properties offers special kid’s programs, family entertainment, and of course, miles of beautiful beaches.

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Why Doesn’t Everybody Buy Resale Timeshare

Disney does reserve certain extra perks for those who buy their ownership through Disney Vacation Club directly, However, many Disney owners who live in the U.S. do not consider these restrictions significant. For example, your resale-purchased points cannot be used for Disney Cruises, nor can they be used for stays at Disney properties with no timeshare units. That includes all Disney properties outside the U.S.

What Are Disney Timeshare Resales

Aulani Disney Vacation Club Villas Timeshare Resales

In timeshare purchasing, there are two ways to enter the market. In the case of Disney timeshare, you can buy directly from the developer or, alternatively, you also can choose to buy resale, which means that your purchase is made from the private owner of that timeshare deed or those club points. For example, in DVC resales, youâd be purchasing another ownerâs Disney points and contract. This could represent all the points that they own or only a portion doing either is entirely legal. Most important, it can represent significant savings compared with buying DVC points directly from Disney.

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations For Sale

Selling your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare might sound fine on the surface, but in time you will see it can entangle you into even more problems if youre not careful.

The resale market can be exceptionally challenging to navigate. Timeshare resale scams are widespread throughout the entire cancellation industry. Its full of numerous listing companies that all claim they can sell your timeshare fast. Or that they have interested buyers now. These are all poor attempts to pressure you into another timeshare scam. If you havent read through the Holiday Inn Club Vacations FAQ section, then you may have missed that there are 2 requirements for an owner to be able to sell a Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare.

First, your ownership must be paid off. If you havent paid off your timeshare, this automatically disqualifies you from having your Holiday Inn Club Vacations for sale. Most timeshare developers require your timeshare to be paid off otherwise, they will list your timeshare as encumbered. In addition to your timeshare is paid off, you must be current on all your maintenance fees.

Dvc Timeshare Resales What Does Not Transfer

With DVC, there are a couple benefits that do not transfer on the resale market one of them being use of the following collections of the Member Getaways Program : Adventurer, Concierge, or Disney.

In other words, if you purchased a Disney timeshare resale after March 21, 2011, the only collection in the Member Getaways Program you’ll be eligible to use is the World Passport Collection. .

The second restriction is the transfer of DVCs Membership Extras benefits package, which took effect April 4th, 2016. This includes discounts on restaurants, shopping, excursions and tours, discounted passes to Disney parks, and member-only events.

Another restriction added on January 19, 2019, is that those buying DVC timeshares on the resale market are only allowed to visit the 14 currently existing DVC resorts. Meaning, resale owners are able to book a stay at any of the already existing 14 DVC properties, but will not be able to visit Disneys new Riviera Resort or the new Reflections A Disney Lakeside Lodge at Walt Disney World once completed. In the same way, those who buy resale at those new resorts will only have access to their home resort and not any of the other DVC properties.

Regardless of the resale restrictions, buying a DVC timeshare resale will surely save you thousands of dollars while still enjoying many of the magical Disney perks that make the DVC vacation experience a memorable one.

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Why Buy With Dvc Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is the prem-EAR DVC resale company based in Windermere, FL steps from Walt Disney World Property.

With over 90 years experience with the Walt Disney Company, helping families create memories and achieve their travel dreams, and over $300 million in sales, DVC Resale Experts is the premier choice in assisting you with your DVC Resale needs. Not only do we have knowledge of the DVC market, current trends, and the latest happenings at WDW, we have extensive direct DVC experience and a proven track record of helping our buyers experience Disney magic year after year, while saving thousands of dollars.

At DVC Resale Experts, there are no hidden costs, such as admin, transfer, or transaction fees.

Our knowledge and experience working directly for DVC is your competitive advantage!

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Use Your Disney Vacation Club Points And Hop To Your Favorite Pool

Buying A Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Resale

Pool hopping is one of the many special perks you enjoy when you own Disney Vacation Club points. Most of the on-property pools at the Walt Disney World DVC resorts are yours to enjoy, no matter which resort you are currently staying at or which resort you own as your home property. From spectacular kiddie pools to serene lagoon pools to pools that rival those found at most water parks, the on-property swimming pools at the Disney Vacation Club resorts make for incredible vacation fun and dont add a penny to your vacation cost.

When you pool hop, always check for the current pool rules in effect on that date, but generally, here is what you should anticipate:

  • A few of the Disney pools are off limits,
  • There are also some blackout dates when you cannot pool hop, which are typically during the Christmas and Spring Break holidays.
  • For everyones safety, you will be asked for identification to be in the pool area, and pool capacity limits are observed.

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Disney Vacation Club Resales What Does Transfer

When you buy Disney Vacation Club resale, select aspects of the previous owners points package transfer to you. This includes:

  • Access to all resort amenities and entertainment
  • Free shuttles to Disney Parks
  • FastPass+
  • Top of the World Lounge Fireworks
  • Free nightly DVD rentals
  • Parking at the resort and parks
  • Home Resort Priority
  • Use of all 14 original Disney Vacation Club resorts
  • Ability to book vacations through RCI& Buena Vista Trading Company

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

With over 190,000 members worldwide, Disney Vacation Club timeshares have become a favorite family vacation purchase. Disney timeshare resorts are located in some of the most popular travel destinations in the U.S., including Florida, California, South Carolina, and Hawaii. Youre never far from Disney magic at Florida and California resorts, with upscale accommodations right on the Disney World and Disneyland theme park properties. If you seek more comfort and seclusion on your annual retreat, DVC also offers more tranquil, beachfront properties to choose from. With a DVC timeshare, you will find excitement, relaxation, and comfort at every lavish, Disney-inspired resort.

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Dvc Cost Vs Paying Cash For Your Resort Stay

Lets say you buy 160 points at Saratoga Springs Resort. For purposes of this example, 160 points would cover 11 nights of vacation in a Saratoga Springs Studio unit: a 6-night stay in Magic Season and a 5-night stay in Choice season. These roughly correspond with regular season for cash pricing of resort rooms.

  • Your dues for 160 Saratoga Springs Resort points are $1,083 in 2020, which pays in advance for points that straddle 2020 and 2021.
  • If you rented points from an owner to stay in a Saratoga Springs studio for the same dates at $19 a point, it would cost you $3,040.
  • Maybe youd be just as happy staying in the least expensive Disney Deluxe hotel room, and youre able to get a modest discount on the hotel room. If you stayed at Wilderness Lodge in Regular Season with a 25% discount, 11 nights would cost you $4,592 with tax in 2021.
  • If you paid the full rack rate charged by Disney to stay in a Saratoga Springs studio for 11 nights in Regular season, it would cost you $5,687 with tax in 2021.

All told, the $1,083 in dues compares pretty favorably to the much higher cost of $4,500+ to stay in a discounted cash room, or even the $3,000+ it would cost to rent the points from an owner.

Disney Vacation Club New Vs Resale

Aulani Disney Vacation Club Villas Timeshare Resales

When you buy DVC direct you are entitled to certain benefits like discounted park tickets, exclusive events, Disney Cruise Line, etc, but when you buy resale a lot of those benefits are not transferred, However certain hotels around the world are available to resale purchasers, as is access to the exclusive Top of the World Lounge on the Bay Lake Tower. Although certain benefits are withheld when you buy resale, that doesnt make it a bad deal.

Buying DVC through the resale market can save you thousands of dollars. There is often a difference of over $80 per point that you could save when you purchase resale. You still get to enjoy the benefits of your home resort and many of the other resort properties, though you may be excluded from newer Disney Hotels. You can determine the final price point of resale and determine if it is the right deal for you by comparing the quotient of the contract price and the price of points for the duration of the contract.

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Magical Options With Each Vacation

With DVC, every vacation can be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Members not only can stay at different resorts but they can go at various times of the year and stay in different sizes of accommodations as well. From a DVC point chart you will see that quieter times of the year require less points and busier times of the year require more points. Also, smaller rooms will require less points and bigger rooms will require more points.

Why Current Dvc Members Buy Disney Timeshare For Sale At Buyatimesharecom

Disney timeshare resales are available now, but they dont come on the market every day and when they do, they are grabbed up quickly. Joining the Disney Vacation Club is one of the most popular ways to vacation, a fact proven through DVCs high vacation ownership satisfaction rate.

Buying Disney points as resales makes good sense in every way. Many of the couples and families who buy Disney timeshare as resales first become DVC members by paying full price for points at the Disney Vacation Club. Through their membership, they realize that being a Disney Vacation Club member is even better than they expected and they want to buy additional Disney points and expand their vacation options.

As seasoned DVC members, who now understand the timeshare product well, they recognize that buying resale Disney points is the best value available in Disney timeshares.

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How Do I Prepare To Sell My Dvc Membership

To get started you can complete and submit a listing agreement and resort release. This will allow DVC Shop to get all pertinent information about your ownership and consult with you on the next steps. We may also ask you for a screenshot of your point activity statement which will expedite the listing and selling process. Fill out this form to get started.

Our knowledgeable agents will walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions along the way.

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See The Savings Ahead

Disney DVC Timeshare Resale Scam

Depending on how you use it, in as little as 3 years, your Disney Vacation Club resale Membership can pay for itself, and youll still have years of vacations left to enjoy. Throughout the years of your Membership, you can save as much as 50% on future Disney Vacation Club Resort accommodations.

  • You can even transfer your Membership to family, loved ones, and friends.

  • With Flexible Vacation Options, You Can Go Where The Magic Takes You

    The where, when, and how is up to you. Disney Vacation Club is designed to be flexible, so as a Member, you can vacation differently each and every year.

    Youre never locked in to a specific Resort, time of year, type of accommodations, or length of stay. You can vacation more than once a year, get away every other year, or even stay during the holidays.

    The World Collection

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    Saying No To The Hard Sell

    I thought the new points structure was pretty cool, but I was immediately turned off by the next segment of our presentation pricing. We sat and listened while Darren explained our options, noting that you pay an up-front price for your timeshare, but are also responsible for property taxes and annual maintenance fees that varied depending on your package.

    While there were several levels of pricing and point accumulation, by and large, the timeshares we looked at started at around $17,000.

    My husband and I braced ourselves for the hard sell. Because, as we all know, high-pressure sales tactics dont necessarily ramp up until you actually say no.

    When we finally got the point across that we were absolutely, unequivocally not interested, Darren seemed to take the hint. He still came back with a few zingers and follow-up questions, but he eventually relented and let us move on.

    Of course, he was only the first sales person we would have to turn down. A few minutes later, Darrens manager showed up to find out how we could possibly turn down their offer.

    We already travel a lot on our own, we explained, and we do so rather frugally. I was honest about the fact that I liked their product, but also that it wasnt for us. Darrens manager seemed to understand and let us move on again to our last and final salesman.

    My husband firmly told him no, this time, and he seemed fine with it.

    Then he drove us to our car and that was that.

    The Dvc Advantages Difference

    Our 80 plus years of professional Disney and DVC experience, along with our personal knowledge of the sales process, means weâll make buying or selling your DVC resort a smooth and stress-free experience.

    No longer do you have to put your vacation plans on hold. Make your reservation at the resort your family wants before the 7-month window. Go where you want, when you want!

    Protect your time and investment by renting your DVC points. Youâll have access to families looking for what you have.

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