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How To Lose Weight After A Vacation

& 8 Restart And Amp Up Your Exercise Routine

Losing Weight After Vacation (or Holiday Eating!)

Resuming your exercise routine will be a big help in getting rid of those unwanted post-vacation pounds.

A lot of us dont remember to take our gym clothes and sneakers along when going on vacation, which leaves us with few options for continuing our daily exercise routine. While taking a week break from exercise will not make you lose all your strength and endurance, it can reduce 50% of the improvements you have made in the previous weeks, making it appears like you have reached your weight-loss plateau.

To avoid this, make sure you return to the gym and start with more intense workouts than you were previously doing to gain new muscles and burn more calories.

According to fitness experts, the most effective workouts are those that are highly intense and combine a bit of weight training and cardio.

Consider classes such as boot camps or cardio-boxing, which are usually held at gyms, although you can also find them in online videos.

Keep in mind that, even though no amount of fitness exercise will undo an unhealthy diet, resuming your weekly exercise routine and incorporating in more intense drills will help fuel your diet-centric weight-loss efforts.

Introducing new, high-intensity exercises in your fitness routine is also an essential step in ensuring that you dont gain back the weight you have already lost.

Cut Out The Sweet Stuff

Research shows that sugar intake can be addicting and can lead to an unhealthy cycle of cravings and binges. This is largely due to the insulin spikes that accompany foods with high sugar content. Insulin drops blood sugar and causes storage of extra calories as fat, and causes a sugar crash later, making you irritable, sleepy, and is responsible for food coma. The sugar crash also causes further sweet cravings in order to raise your blood sugar level, but inevitably results in another crash, causing a snowball phenomenon which can be hard to escape from.

With those many holiday parties ending in sugar cookies and other sweets, tis the season of high levels of sugar and fat! After your last holiday dinner, make a vow to eliminate ALL desserts for four to ten days. Although it wont be easy, this amount of time will cause any cravings that your body has begun to experience to be relinquished. While cravings decrease, your body will begin to prefer naturally sweet foods, including fruit and vegetables.

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A Short Period Of Indulgent Eating Won’t Make A Huge Difference

“We actually have much more flexibility and much more wiggle room than we’ve been taught to believe,” Fonnesbeck said. “One meal, one snack, one day, one month, isn’t going to make that big of a difference.”

Even if you do eat extravagantly on vacation, you might find that you want to eat lighter meals once you get home, without even thinking about it. Fonnesbeck said she’s seen it happen with her clients and if you’ve ever craved a salad after a few days of fried food and pizza, maybe you’ve experienced it, too.

“I think the real a-ha moment for is when they experience this for themselves,” she said. “They have a week or more of indulgent meals, they come home from vacation and they find themselves naturally gravitating toward foods that may balance some of those choices out. Without having to put too much thought and effort into it, they find that they naturally self-moderate.”

But the key to this type of self-moderation, Fonnesbeck added, is actually listening to your body’s internal cues to decide what and how much to eat as opposed to obeying diet rules that you’ve picked up from the outside world.

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Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

Just because you’re trying to maintain a weight loss doesn’t mean you need to turn into Jillian Michaels while you’re on vacation. Remember tip #1: You’re on vacation. That doesn’t mean you have to say no to every single opportunity to eat dessert, or that you need to wake up at dawn and run a 5k. You know yourself better than anyone, so don’t assume that vacation is the perfect opportunity for you to set unrealistic expectations just to maintain weight loss.

I Gained 15lb On A Weekend Vacation Heres How I Lost It In 3 Days

How to Lose Weight on Vacation: 5 Simple Tips

I drove from West Chester, PA to Marthas Vineyard and back in 3 days, and all I got was 15lb added to my bodyweight.

Were in peak vacation season folks, and with vacations usually comes bloating and weight gain Im here to tell you how you can rebound from vacation weight gain faster than ever.

First- heres what happened.

The GST Team took a long weekend up in Marthas Vineyard and ate junk food, tons of carbs and drank plenty of adult beverages and when I came back to work, I was up 15lb on the scale!

15lb of weight GAINED in only 4 days

Maybe your weight gain isnt as dramatic as 15lb, but weve all returned home from a weekend trip after eating and drinking a bit too much and felt more bloated and packed on a few pounds.

Did you just throw all of your hard work, diet and training out the window? NO!

The truth is, that almost all of that weight gain is only water weight and NOT bodyfat.

Let me repeat. You did not gain a significant amount of body fat while on vacation.

Changes in diet, routine, travel, alcohol consumption, and sleep all change water retention in your body, and cause that bloating and weight gain that we all come to expect.

Lucky for you, Ive broken down exactly how I dropped 15lb in 3 days without diets, crazy exercise routines or sweating it out in a sauna.

Step 1: Dont freak out.

Step 2: Keep your workouts LIGHT!

Next, you want to get back to the gym right away But its important NOT to overdo it and drop all that weight in 1 workout.

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Ways To Avoid Weight Gain On Vacation

It may not be realistic to expect that your weight loss will continue while youre on vacation. But that doesnt mean you have to erase lots of good work. Think about what will be an acceptable result for you, whether thats staying the same or even a minor, but manageable, gain. Adjust, if you need to. If you think you can continue to lose weight while traveling, great. But if youve struggled to stay on track while traveling in the past, it may be more realistic to maintain your weight during your trip.

Your vacation action plan

  • Hit the local market for fresh produce and grocery items. Then stash them in the in-room fridge for healthy options, 24-7. No fridge? Most fruit, along with many whole-grain foods like cereal, are fine stored at room temp.

  • Long airport layover? Do some warm-up stretches at the gate, then pop in some earbuds and walk the length of the terminal at a fast clip. Working out while you wait has the triple benefit of reducing stress and keeping you away from the cinnamon buns in the food court. Checking bags? Keep a comfortable spare outfit in your carry-on, so that even if luggage gets waylaid, you can hit the ground running .

  • Make a special effort to move more. The feeling of wellbeing that activity gives you can help you make better food decisions and that can be a huge help when youre stressed from traveling.

  • Prepare breakfast in the room. A homemade meal nearly always has fewer PersonalPoints values than a restaurant meal.

  • Monday Motivation: How To Lose Weight After Vacation

    Im often asked about what I do when I come home from vacation.

    For years weve travelled a lot and I have it down to a science.

    A solid re-entry plan back to real life is KEY!

    I drop the boys off at home and go STRAIGHT to the store. We all deserve healthy, quick foods so we can get back to regular life without a fast-food hangover.

    Things you can buy at the store and make easy meals from

    • Rotisserie Chicken: Pull off the bone and put on salads or use as protein.
    • Potatoes: I buy baking and sweet. Microwave for 5 minutes and you got your carb.
    • Vegetable Tray: Its all done!
    • Bagged Salads
    • Hard-boiled Eggs from the deli.
    • Frozen healthy dinners to eat with a pre-cut fruit bowl.
    • Canned beans for the salad.
    • Guacamole packets and a bag of baby carrots.
    • Oatmeal cups and mix in chia seeds and nuts.
    • Eggs and bacon for brinner with fruit or whole grain toast.

    Is it fancy? Nope.

    But it does the trick! Its a quick re-entry plan that helps you remove your excuses.

    No time for that?

    Go to Subway. Buy some subs, cut up, and buy a veggie tray. That has lasted us two days before.

    And, call your local Mexican restaurant. Ask them to make you two orders of fajitas and keep the chips. Grab bagged salad and you have a taco salad.

    If you want it and quit making excuses, your brain can get super creative!

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    Vacation Diet Tip No : Go For Zero

    You don’t need hundreds and hundreds of calories from beverages on top of the extra calories you’ll be consuming from food. The good news is there are usually plenty of no-calorie drink options at most restaurants. Ask for lemon or lime for your glass of ice water or order unsweetened hot or cold tea, coffee, sparkling water, club soda, or diet soda.

    The bad news is that alcohol can be a diet disaster when you’re on vacation. Many of us tend to drink more while on vacation — perhaps frozen margaritas by day and a few glasses of wine by night. Each alcoholic drink can tack on about 150 to 450 calories.

    What Are The Best Ways To Decrease Your Calorie Intake

    How to lose vacation weight gain quickly

    – Make your smoothies with almond milk or water instead of full cream or lite milk

    – Dont use cooking oil if you dont have to

    – Choose lighter snacks

    – Use an alternative for dense foods like Konjac noodles or cauliflower rice

    – Cut sugar out of your tea/coffee and substitute with stevia if needed

    She didn’t stop going out for dinner or eating chocolate and instead ‘lived through it and enjoyed it’.

    ‘Make it enjoyable! Don’t destroy yourself trying to lose 2kg a week. 700g is the magic number! That’s still 36kg a year, who wouldn’t be happy with that?’ she said.

    Now 73kg, Cicily is the lightest she has been since she was 13 years old.

    She had a ‘toxic relationship’ with food for years and always had trouble losing weight despite trying countless diets each year.

    ‘I didn’t care if I ate healthy because it didn’t seem to matter. I think that’s where a big part of my health issues started,’ she told FEMAIL.

    In 2016, Cicily stumbled upon leading Australian weight loss program The Healthy Mummy when she was researching weight loss online.

    She soon started drinking the company’s smoothies twice a day and coupling these with healthy versions of her favourite meals including lasagne.

    Within a few months, Cicily lost over 20 kilos without spending any time in the gym she stuck to hour-long walks when she had the time.

    For those looking to overhaul their health in 2022, Cicily has a simple checklist that she swears by.

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    Sleep In Your Workout Clothes

    When I was trying to lose weight , a personal fitness trainer told me to sleep in my fitness clothes. Sounds crazy, but in winter I wear my sports bra and workout T-shirt to bed so its super-easy to get out the door on cold dark mornings, she said. I tried it, and I love it! I dont wear Lulu Lemon workout clothes, I just wear an old T-shirt and leggings when I walk/jog. Theyre comfortable to sleep in, and I dont have to force myself to get dressed when I get up.

    Do you wear tight-fitting fitness clothes or baggy T-shirts when you feel fat and constipated? Some women dont like the sloppiness of baggy workout clothes theyre more motivated to lose weight after a vacation if they were fitted fitness gear. This is another reason its so important to know yourself. What helps you get your body moving? Pay attention to what feels good and right to you. You may feel constipated and fat, and you may even regret everything you ate on your holidays because of the weight you gained. Let it go. Its time to listen to your body and give her what she needs now: TLC . Listening to your body isnt just about vacation weight loss, its an important sign of self-care and self-love.

    Avoid Vacation Weight Gain: 5 Simple Rules

    You can enjoy your vacation without packing on the pounds.

    When you’re on vacation, it’s all too easy to abandon everything you know about eating healthfully — and then return home unable to button your pants. But, experts say, it is possible to indulge in your favorite foods and beverages while on vacation without the resulting weight gain.

    It’s true that vacations are no time to try to lose weight — but they donât have to put an extra notch on your belt, either.

    “Maintaining your weight is a realistic goal during your vacation getaway,” says Dawn Jackson-Blatner, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

    So before you order that extra pina colada at the swim-up bar, consider these five simple strategies to avoid vacation weight gain:

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    Nix Empty Calories And Simple Carbs

    When choosing post-holiday foods, Shapiro says to stay away from items that have low nutritional value like simple carbs and empty calories. These types of foods include cookies, cakes, bagels, baked goods, breakfast cereal, syrups, and soda. Instead, Shapiro suggests focusing on complex carbs and “brown foods” like whole wheat, farro, quinoa, and brown rice.

    Working Out A Lot More

    15 totally realistic ways to lose weight on vacation ...

    Isnt the hardest part about working out just getting the motivation to start a fitness regimen? Gosh, it sure is for me. Once Im in it, its easy to keep going. I come to adore the endorphin rush and I love the body changes too. I like getting stronger and finding exercises that are fun for me.

    The most crucial part is finding an exercise thats fun for you rather than a chore. For me thats spin classes, dancing, and Pilates. Since Im on the move a lot, I do the following:

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    Ensure You Get The Right Nutrients

    Losing weight can mean limiting caloric intake. To ensure youre getting enough of the right nutrients each day, try using a nutritional supplement. If youre maintaining a good workout routine, a nutritional supplement can also enhance your athletic performance. TravelingMom founder Kim Orlando likes Elevate Nutrition, a high-performance nutritional supplement thats made solely from plants.

    I use Elevate as a meal replacement, to get me back on track after a trip, and my son uses it to add protein to his daily diet, Kim says. We both like that it is low carb and plant-based and most importantly for me, it tastes good. I can drink it mixed with just water and ice or I can add it to one of my full-blown veggie smoothies.

    Exclusive Coupon Code for 15% off one-time use at ElevateNutrition.com: TRAVELINGMOM15

    If youre looking for a nutritional meal replacement check out the Chocolate and Vanilla protein powders from Elevate. All of the companys products are plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and certified vegan. Its a great option regardless of your dietary restrictions.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, check out this incredible transformation photo of the Elevate Nutrition founders Paul and Jillian Salomone. Their wellness journey is truly incredible, read more about it here.

    Learning To Lose Weight After Summer Vacation

    13 August 2021

    Health & Fitness, Beauty & Grooming

    It is not uncommon when, returning from your summer vacation, it is scary to go to the mirror you will not see anything good in your reflection. If this happened, and you did not recognize yourself in the mirror, then the vacation was a success.

    Very often we come back from vacation with extra fat returns and gained pounds. The first week, which is devoted to adaptation after the vacation, does not teach anything, but on the contrary, you regularly continue to adhere to the line of your usual summer behavior. But, sooner or later, that longed-for moment will come when you realize that this cannot go on any longer. And therefore, there is an urgent need to get rid of the physical condition in full combat tone, in which it before the onset of the summer vacation season.

    As a rule, while on vacation, we can imagine a lot of interesting, spicy, high-calorie and excessive things. So, for example, at lunch we drink a glass of red or white wine, or stronger alcoholic drinks. This continues until the head touches the cherished pillow. But the next day the situation will certainly repeat itself. Correctly, why, any worries, since office work remained far away? Remember, excess alcohol is a direct consequence of your pounds.

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    You Are Always On The Go

    Perhaps its not the kids that keep you moving. Perhaps you have a travel partner whos vacation idea is constant sightseeing and hiking. Or perhaps thats your idea of holidays. When you are travelling the majority of your time is spent seeing the sights, or doing the sights and then getting up to do it all over again.

    Sunrises, sunsets, views for miles usually all require a certain amount of exercise. Want to see a waterfall? Thats a good hike. Want to ride a slide? Then start climbing those steps. What to be on the river, hop in your kayak.

    I mean you can cheat in Paris and take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but dont let the lack of elevator stop you from seeing Batu Caves in Malaysia. And certainly, dont let your lack of fitness stop you from doing yoga in Bali.

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