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The Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

The Truth About Megan Batoon From World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you in the mood for going on a vacation like no other while you spend your nights sleeping in something that offers more flair than a Motel 6? If you answered “Yes,” to that question, you need to pay attention to one of the most anticipated Netflix reality series to debut in 2021 “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.” The first season offers a glimpse of the kinds of places you can visit, and it’s all brought to you by a trio of fun, personable hosts.

One of the people taking you through the international journey is Megan Batoon. Along with Luis D. Ortiz and Jo Franco, she tracks down some of the most luxurious rentals worldwide. Some of them even work for a budget price, so you can have a one-of-a-kind adventure without breaking the bank. Batoon is a suitable host, seeing how she knows how to have a good time, as evidenced from her past. Here’s everything you need to know about the media personality that may not receive a mention in her new series.

Mesa Studio Earthship In El Prado New Mexico

Another pet-friendly hit from Halperns cross-country travels is this curious adobe studio in the 650-acre Greater World Earthship Community of El Prado, New Mexico, the largest off-the-grid neighborhood on the planet. Plopped in the desert about 10 miles north of Taos, the solar home was hand-built from rammed earth and disused tires and bottles. This is a must-see for anyone interested in sustainable architecture and regenerative housing, says Halpern. Especially if youre convinced that off-the-grid living means no Wi-Fi, Netflix, flat-screen TVs, or washing machines. This home has all those creature comforts and then some.

Episode : American Adventure

BUDGET G Bar M Ranch Clyde Park, Montana, United States

UNIQUE Storyteller Overland Moab, Utah and Telluride, Colorado, United States I couldnt, after much searching, specifically find Tim in Moab renting a Storyteller Overland. However, you arent limited to Tim in Moab! You could rent that campervan or any similar Sprinter van in your own local area through If you search for Class B camper vans under 20-feet, you will find options. But if anyone knows Campervan Tim in Moab, send me his link, because I would love to complete my list!

As for the campsites featured in this episode, their first night was in Canyonlands National Park outside of Moab, Utah. They definitely descended the Shafer Trail Switchbacks, which has a pucker-factor in a jeep, so good-on-em for doing that in a campervan! Im guessing they camped somewhere along Shafer Trail, White Rim Road, or Potash Road. Their second night was in Telluride, Colorado but the footage was too nondescript for me to figure out, sleuthy as I may try to be. Although, it did leave me wondering if Campervan Tim was really in Colorado and not Utah, and my Google-efforts were covering the wrong state.

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Cuves Royal Island Featured On New Netflix Show The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

The world is filled with unique sights, sounds, tastes and feelings. Together, those senses can form truly extraordinary experiences and life-changing vacations. But with a world of options, whats the formula for finding the best adventure possible? Netflixs unscripted docuseries, The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, aims to find out.

The shows three hosts: Million Dollar Listing New Yorks Luis D. Ortiz and content creators Megan Batoon and Jo Franco experience three destination vacation rentals per episode, including budget-friendly, exceptionally unique, and over-the-top luxurious.

One of the shows most highly anticipated episodes features private island vacation rentals. This episodes ultra-luxury destination features Cuvées Royal Island, an exclusively private, 430-acre island off the coast of North Eleuthera in the Bahamas, as Ortizs ultra-luxury selection.

The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals Netflix Locations


The Netflix series, The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, not only boasts getaways for sun seekers, but jaw-dropping locations in colder climates too.

Netflix states that the team show viewers around affordable treehouses to exclusive private islands, from unforgettable igloos to gourmet getaways.

The shows trailer shows the trio of travellers in tropical locations, snowy landscapes and desert settings.

The episode locations include Bali, Alaska, Montana, Miami, the Caribbean, Finland, Mexico City, the Bahamas, Japan, the Berkshires, Hawaii and more!

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The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals | Official Trailer

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Historic Beach House In Mokulia Hawaii

When Birchbox cofounder and brand consultant Mollie Chen took a big trip to Oahu with her extended family, they lasered in on this sprawling five-bedroom, five-bath house on the North Shore. Its built in traditional Hawaiian country style, meaning lots of rooms to spread out and take lazy afternoon naps, says Chen of the historically registered property surrounded by coconut trees. The 1.25-acre parcel is fully fenced and gatedso big, in fact, Chens kids thought it was their own personal park. Indeed, it comes with a play set, tree swings, oceanfront gazebo, and extra-long picnic table.

La Valise In Tulum Mexico

Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett premium aprons, and her husband Casey Caplowe holed up in a private oasis at La Valise three years ago. We wanted to take a breather after our wedding in Mexico City but werent ready to do a full honeymoon, so we went for a few days and had the best, most relaxing experience, she recalls. The space was so cozy and homey while simultaneously looking incredibly modern and beautiful, which is a hard blend to accomplish. The second-story villa sat right on the beach, so they slept with the doors open and the sea breeze blowing in. It felt like our home away from home and it was extremely private. I also loved the thatched roof, which made it feel like we were in the middle of the jungle.

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Quetzalcoatls Nest In Mexico City

And since were talking unique vacation stays, nothing beats sleeping inside of a snake. Set the outskirts of Mexico City, in a 50-acre nature-inspired sculpture garden with impeccably landscaped grounds, a reflecting pool and a greenhouse, we find this unique apartment building in the shape of a snake. All in all, there are 10 apartments at Quetzalcoatls Nest, two of which happen to be vacation rentals.

The architect behind the unique project organic architect Javier Senosiain, whom the team actually gets to meet during their stay here was inspired by the work of Anthony Gaudi, and the end result is striking, giving out a vibe of Salvador Dali meets Tim Burton. Senosian named it after a serpent god with wings in Mexican culture.

The apartment the Most Amazing Rentals crew stays in has 2,200 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, sleeps 8 guests, and has prices starting at $325/night. With its unique architecture, round windows, curved features, and the mesmerizing sculpture garden outside, Quetzalcoatls Nest makes you feel like youre in a storybook. Plus, how many people get to say theyve slept in the belly of a snake?

The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: Netflix Cast And Locations Explored

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is a brand new addition to Netflix in June 2021. Heres a look at the shows glorious locations, plus, get to know the cast involved in the show!

Netflix is teeming with all kinds of content in 2021. From blockbuster movies to awe-inspiring docuseries and everything in between, theres always something to get stuck into on the popular streaming app. After years of restrictions on travel all around the globe, The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals gives viewers an insight into some incredible places to go.

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Designer Ranch House In East Hampton New York

When celebrity stylist Micaela Erlangers then-boyfriend wanted to impress her with a weekend in the Hamptons, he picked this four-bedroom, three-bath house: a cozy, clean, modern getaway right down the road from Sammys Beach. It was nice and private for city slickers like us, but not too remote, she recalls. It had little luxuries like a Sonos sound system, an amazing master bath, wood-burning fireplace, and a beautiful kitchen. Two years after that first getaway, he proposed to Erlanger here. Their wedding is scheduled for 2022 and the couple is already counting down the days before they can return to the ranch house.

Kempa Villa Compound In Palm Desert California

Kathryn Romeyn, a travel writer and co-host of the Conscious Traveler podcast, stayed at the luxe Kempa villa with her husband, nine-week-old daughter, and in-laws last April. To say we were blown away is an understatement, she says. Upon entering the five-acre estate, they were greeted by a large fountain, lion sculptures, and a grand white staircase where their hosts waited with chilled, scented towels. More wow moments followed, she says: the dining room surrounded on three sides by glass and birds-of-paradise, the worlds largest daybed by the marble bar, a spiral staircase and lofty living room with its seemingly infinite sofa, and the long saline pool with an infinity edge that disappeared into the mountains in the distance. It was a heavenly environment in which to spend quality time with our familylike a miniature Four Seasons that we had all to ourselves.

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Is There Going To Be A Season 3 Of The Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Unfortunately, there hasnt been any official word yet if there will be another set of episodes. But it is also very important to understand that the series has not been officially canceled. Hence, the door is still very much open regarding the possibility of The Most Amazing Vacation Rentals season 3.

Stylish Flat In Copenhagen Denmark

The World

The dream of Copenhagen is to imagine oneself living there, surrounded by incredible coffee, effortless design, open spaces, and incredible light, says digital strategist and former travel writer Matt Gross. This Airbnb fulfills that fantasy: Such clean lines! So ideally placednot in a hipster-hotspot neighborhood but in calm Frederiksberg, near parks and public transit. Even the little foibles like a complicated washer-dryer felt charming, like things wed adapt to and eventually master if we lived there. And again, that endless summertime light flooding in through so many windows. Is it too late to move back there?

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Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals Cast: Meet Jo Franco

With experience under her belt of travelling to over 50 countries, Jo Franco is certainly the woman for the job when it comes to finding the Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

Jo is searching for the most unique rentals she can find during the show.

The travelling connoisseur can be found on Instagram with 140k followers. Shes the CEO of her own companies and is an avid journaler!

Here’s Every Featured Location In Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals series should come with a warning label since it’ll give almost anyone a serious case of wanderlust. From $20 beds in Bali to a five-digit luxury stay in Hawaii, hosts Megan, Luis, and Jo travel all over the world showing viewers incredible properties you can rent for a relaxing vacation.

Whether you’re looking for a unique experience, or a luxury getaway, many of these places come with an added bonus like water sports or cooking lessons, making them totally worth their price. If you are itching to try out some of these yourself, then you’re in luck you can actually stay at all 24 of the places featured in the show! Learn more about each property in the slides ahead, then be sure to make your reservation ASAP.

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The Truth About Jo Franco From World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

When most people plan a vacation, they do a Google search for whatever Motel 6 or Quality Inn happens to be closest. However, for those with a little more money to blow, you can have a truly extraordinary experience by checking out some digs located off the beaten path. You can find incredible rentals all over the globe, and now, you can learn about many of them like never before, thanks to the latest Netflix reality series, “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.”

The first season takes you to various corners of the world to show you how to live the high life while on vacation. Along the way, you’re guided by three extremely personable hosts to take you through every nook and cranny of your next potential vacation spot.

Megan Batoon is a dancer-turned-influencer. Luis D. Ortiz earned a fortune in real estate. And when it comes to having experience finding the best spots to kick back and relax, Jo Franco has a leg up on everybody. A lot of people may not know much about her outside of the show, but here are some fun facts about Jo Franco to make you enjoy “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” even more.

Garden Cottage In Hafnarfjrur Iceland

Discover the world’s most amazing vacation rentals | FOX 5 DC

When Helgi Rúnar Óskarsson, owner and CEO of 66° North, has friends visiting Reykjavík, he often recommends this quiet two-bedroom cottage just 15 minutes from downtown. Built in 1884 and lovingly operated by California-born artist and actor Anthony Bacigalupo and his wife Ýr Káradóttir, its one of the oldest properties in the harbor town of Hafnarfjörður and was the first property in Iceland to earn the Airbnb Plus distinction. Of special note, says Óskarsson, is the hidden botanical garden filled with trees and flowers that typically cant grow in the harsh Icelandic landscape.

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She’s Now Sharing Travel Tips On Tiktok

Jo Franco has had quite a life, but it took a while for her to end up as the traveling enthusiast we all know and love. According to her profile, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Communications from Pace University. One could argue she put her degree to use because, as an influencer, you have to know how to market yourself. But in an interview with Babes Who Hustle, she bluntly said, “My degree definitely didn’t help with what I do, and the debt made it even harder.”

She went on to say, “But, my internships helped a lot. I interned everywhere, from a marketing agency, to a PR firm, as a video editor, to being the person creating pitch decks. It all gave me skills I use until today.” Sweety High reports she had more than 30 jobs and internships before deciding to develop Shut Up and Go. It’s a long journey, but as the first season of “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” proves, it was all worth it. And she ended up exactly where she needed to be.

When Is The Most Amazing Vacation Rentals Season 3 Filming

A production timetable or shooting schedule has not been put out as of writing this post, but it could be pretty easy to guess a return date if the show is set to continue. The first outing came out on June 18, 2021, and the second premiered months later, on Sept. 14, 2021.

If they keep up this way of doing things, it wouldnt be crazy to speculate that they may be gearing up to make more episodes sooner than later. Of course, its hard to tell exactly when the Netflix series will return, but it seems it doesnt take long to produce, so fans may not have to wait too long for new episodes.

This is just pure speculation and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt at this point. For more information on The Most Amazing Vacation Rentals season 3 release date as it comes out, make sure to follow Netflix Life!

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She’s The First Youtube Star To Partner With Nike

From all of this, it’s clear Megan Batoon is a woman of many talents. However, she also holds a unique distinction in the legacy of YouTube-based ad campaigns. Specifically, she’s the first content creator to land an endorsement deal with Nike . She partnered with the shoe manufacturer in 2017 to promote its new line of Nike Air VaporMax. As a dancer, it makes sense she’d need a solid pair of shoes to keep her comfortable while performing. Batoon also ran a half-marathon in the promotion of the footwear.

In an interview with Mediakix, she spoke about the journey from making little videos on YouTube to landing sponsorship deals: “I learned that being loyal and staying true to who you are will always result in long-lasting and genuine partnerships.” With all of these opportunities, Batoon’s next endeavor could be something we don’t see coming, and we’d be ecstatic about that.

The Abby In Marigot St Barts

Royal Island Featured on

Perched atop the steep slopes of Morne du Vitet, this spacious three-bedroom villa has a private pool, manicured gardens, and dramatic ocean views. Location-wise, it is a bit more on the remote side, but thats what we wanted, says Melanie Brandman, founder of the Travel Curator. Done up with wall-to-wall white tile and contemporary furnishings, she says the house is beautifully designed and really well-stocked. Housekeeping and airport transfers are included in the price childcare, chef and spa services, and car rentals are add-ons. And hey, as far removed from civilization as it may feel, you still have half a dozen knockout beaches within a three-mile radius.

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