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How To Plan A Solo Vacation

Why Go Solo Or Have A Singles Holiday In Crete

TIPS FOR PLANNING A SOLO TRIP ABROAD – How To Travel Alone For The First Time

Travelling solo to Crete is a breeze. If youre in need of some well-deserved sunshine but youre travelling solo, theres nothing much to worry about if youre travelling to Crete.

There is a wide variety of accommodation to opt for: there are social hostels where you can get to know other travellers, family-run guesthouses where youll feel supremely welcome, and fully-fledged resorts with security and all-inclusive packages.

Its a well-travelled island, and theres something for everybody whether youre a solo traveller who likes to party or if you simply want to kick back on a beach with a book. Crete has it all.

Top 10 Tips To Prepare For A Solo Road Trip

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Road trips are often taken in pairs or big groups, but going for long drives alone can end up being even more fun. When you’re on a solo adventure, you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s agenda or expectations. You’re the driver, the navigator, the DJ, and the only one eating all those road trip snacks. And while it may get lonely at times, traveling alone has a way of pushing people out of their comfort zones. However, it can also be dangerous. Anyone planning a solo road trip should take extra steps to prepare and keep safety top of mind.

Things To Do In The Ionian Islands

Theres plenty to do on any one of the Ionian islands.

The relaxed Lefkada, connected to the mainland via a narrow isthmus, has a wide selection of beaches.

So many that it is most certainly a destination for beach-lovers. The town of Vasiliki, with its relaxed atmosphere, is all about eating delicious food along the seashore. Theres also the popular Porto Katsiki Beach, only reached by descending one hundred steps.

If youre thinking of heading to Corfu, on the other hand, you must make sure to explore beautiful Paleokastritsa which is made up of a series of bays and coves full of lovely beaches and sae caves.

Ithaca is another beautiful and quite fascinating island and is very close to Kefalonia. Thought to be the home of King Odysseus the hero of the Trojan War, this picturesque town also boasts a monastery dating back to 1226.

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The Shortlist Of Destinations For Solo Travelers On A Budget 2018

Note: In doing the research I wanted to offer apples-to-apples comparisons. So, all the flights I checked leave on February 28th with a return date of March 14th. The room rates I found are for the 28th of February. All were checked during the week of this posts publication. The hotels and hostels are NOT recommendations. They were chosen based on their price and review scores and are intended to give you an idea of what you can get for your money. Also, Ive used Toronto and New York City as points of departure to keep the numbers consistent. Use your own home airport to see what rates youd have to pay.

Top Budget Destination For Solo Travelers Europe: Tirana Albania


Declared The City Poised to Become Europes Next Affordable Creative Haven by The New York Times, Tirana is the capital city of Albania. Art galleries and museums, including the intriguing House of Leaves Ottoman, Fascist and Soviet-era architecture along with modern glass structures the 289 hectare Grand Park and bars and restaurants featuring a mixture of Greek, Turkish and Italian along with traditional Albanian cuisine are just some of the reasons to visit this fascinating city surrounded by castles, ruins, and Mount Dajti National Park.

Affordability: One US dollar will buy you about 101 Albanian Leke. A basic lunchtime menu in the business district will cost about $8.92. A cappuccino in an expat area, roughly $1.56. A monthly ticket for public transportation runs around $16.70.

Here is a boutique hotel for US$43.00, including breakfast, within walking distance of downtown. Here is a hostel for $12.00 in a 4-bed dorm or $43 for a private room, with breakfast available for $3.00.

Cost to get there: From Toronto, return flights start at C$1,135.00. From New York City, return flights start at US$904.00


  • US Government: Exercise normal precautions in Albania.
  • Canadian Government: Exercise normal precautions in Albania.
  • Both countries advise avoiding travel to the southern city of Lazarat due to crime.

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Dining As A Party Of One

Eating alone doesnt have to be a lonely affair.

You were brave enough to head to Moscow mid-winter or hot air balloon over Cappadocia in Turkey, but the thought of taking meals solo terrifies you. Youre not alone, even if youll be dining that way. Ease into things with a sandwich by the Yarra River in Melbourne, tacos from a food truck in Austin or coffee at an espresso bar in Venice. In many countries, breakfast and lunch tend to be more casual events, so dip your toe into the water with a simple, rustic meal.

When dining in the evening, avoid peak times and consider taking a seat at the bar or the sushi bar, if youre in Japan. Some restaurants have communal tables as well. If you can, peruse the menu ahead of time so that youre confident about prices, ingredients and specialties. Bring a book or a journal to keep yourself occupied while you wait.

If dining alone just isnt your thing, look into local meetup groups: many cities have groups who enjoy foodie outings. Alternatively, if your accommodations have a kitchenette, shop for some local ingredients and cook up a storm in private.

How To Plan A Vacation

This article was co-authored by Greg Guiteras. Greg Guiteras is the CEO of Lorraine Travel, LLC, one of the largest privately-owned travel management companies in Florida founded in 1948. With over 34 years of experience, Greg’s specialties are in corporate travel management, sales and marketing, contract negotiations, strategic partnerships, and luxury hotel sales. Greg holds a BS in Marketing from Florida State University. Greg has also created WhataHotel!, a website offering exclusive perks on hotel bookings, and CabinMate, an app that matches single cruise travelers with potential cabin matches “in the same boat” to avoid traveling solo on a cruise.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 93% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 345,385 times.

A vacation is supposed to be a fun and relaxing break from your everyday life. However, a poorly planned vacation can end up being a major headache. Be ready to enjoy your time off by planning your travel, accommodations, and activities ahead of time. Giving yourself plenty of time to plan can be a fun way to build up excitement for your vacation.

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Hmm Something Didnt Go To Plan

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Secret Escapes

Take The Offbeat Tracks

How to Plan a Trip for Solo or Group Travel

Traveler on Off Beat Trail

One of the best means to meet an offbeat traveler like you is to go on the road less traveled. Itâs not the common tourist spots hoarded with tourists, but the distant off beaten paths with less number of travelers that witness travelers looking to explore places by themselves.

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How Does The Booking Process Work

Booking your trip is a snap:1. Pick your destination and departure date among the ones available on the website 2. Select the number of participants and specify if you want a single room 3. Enter your personal data needed for the reservation 4. Pay a deposit or the full amount Youre done: get ready for your adventure!

How To Make Friends

One of the biggest benefits of solo travel is having the opportunity to meet people from all corners of the globe. Here are some tips on making pals wherever you are:

  • Go to traveller-friendly places in every town or city, there are usually spots where travellers and backpackers like to go. If you havent met a bunch of people at your hostel already, head to well-known traveller cafes, bars or restaurants. There are even apps that can help you connect with others on the road.
  • Volunteer on a project volunteering work is the best way of meeting people who share the same values and goals as you. Whether you want to get involved in animal welfare and wildlife conservation or you have dreams of teaching abroad, there are so many ways you can make friends.
  • Be flexible dont stick to your travel plans religiously. Be adaptable so you can make deep and meaningful connections with others. Its likely youll meet likeminded people along the way, and you may decide to bring your journeys together. You shouldnt feel tied down to one group either. The world is your oyster and there are so many people left to meet, so its okay to part ways when youre ready to move on.
  • Find work abroad working as you travel not only pays your hotel bills, but it gives you access to large social circles. The hospitality sector is a great place to start for part-time, weekend or gap year jobs.

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Toprecommended Experiences In Germany

Average daily budget

Often ranking high in the list of best solo travel destinations, Iceland is the perfect place to visit on your own. Boasting an intoxicating blend of the adventure associated with the wilds and our peaceful connection with nature. The island destination is home to calming hot springs, waterfalls adorned with rainbows, glorious wild horses, and a general sense of wonder encapsulating everything you set your eyes on. Apart from its many natural treasures, what makes Iceland the perfect solo travel destination is the people. According to numerous reports, Iceland is home to some of the friendliest people in the world and they do great work to offset the cold temperatures with their warmth and kindness. You can also meet loads of fellow solo travelers in Iceland and form genuine connections with like-minded people. Iceland also features a Ring Road which connects to most of the spots in the country, making travel seamless.

Some Final Travel Budget Considerations

How to Plan the Ultimate Solo Vacation

A word of warning: In some places these travel costs will be way off for safety reasons. This is especially true where being a solo woman is difficult, for example in a low-end hostel in a riskier part of town. Most often this is not the case, but be forewarned if the region youre visiting on your own is unsafe, plan to stay in more secure and therefore more expensive accommodation.

Youll also have to contend with additional costs safari entrances, canopy tours, cookery courses and the dreaded single supplement. You may not know how much each of these activities will cost, but I tend to budget $100 per activity. They may be cheaper but this keeps me in the ball park.

Once youve figured out how much to take with you, youll have to decide how to take it with you. There are plenty of ways you can carry your money but I also carry cash. Remember to hide any money, cash or otherwise, in a travel money belt, an infinity scarf with a secret pocket or an anti-theft travel handbag.

Remember, you might be able to stretch your money You could find a job or work online or teach English to earn money on the road. You could sign up for volunteer work: not only will you be doing some good and making a difference, but if you volunteer locally, chances are youll be able to stay with a family in the longer term at very little cost. If you do continue to be a paying traveler, there are plenty of travel accommodation options along the way.

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Things To Remember During Your Solo Trip

Thats about the planning part of your first solo travel. Now, there are a few things you should pay attention to during the trip as well. Heres a quick guide from us:

Have you ever walked into a place and felt eerie for no apparent reason? Ever met a person who looked and sounded just fine, but who gave you very strong uncanny vibes? Ever been in a situation that didnt feel right? That, my friend, is called a gut feeling. If something a place, person or situation doesnt feel right, it isnt probably right. Its as simple as that. And when you are on your own and exploring the world, theres no better friend you can trust than your own gut feelings.

So, get, set, SOLO!

Not Meeting New People Along The Way

Following the advice above, this may be confusing. But there are tons of travel groups dedicated to solo travelers.

Ive had the most success using Female Travel Buddies via Facebook. Travelers often post an open invitation for fellow travelers who may be in the same area at the same time to join them for brunch, sightseeing or a show! This is a great way to connect with people who share your direct interest but gives you the flexibility to still do your own thing.

You can join one a few months ahead of your trip to get familiar with the members. Try searching for a group using your specific interest or the types of people you want to be surrounded by. For instance, if youre a parent and want to go hiking, search for Moms That Hike and explore the options that come up until you find a group you like.

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Know What You Want Out Of The Solo Trip

Every trip you take feels unique. Ask yourself what you need from this trip: is it rejuvenation and relaxation after a busy time at work or a deep dive into an ancient civilization that has caught your imagination?

If youre looking for beaches by day and clubbing by night, destinations like Ibiza and Miami are ideal. Your passion for fine art might take you to Florence or Paris, while a desire for earths natural wonders could lead you to the Californian coastal forests or the Costa Rican jungle. Decide on whats right for you.

Where To Stay In The Ionian Islands


All the Ionian islands are lovely but most are spread far apart and require a bit of effort to island-hop. As several are very big, most people choose just one or two and perhaps do day trips to others.

For solo travellers, Corfu Town is very interesting and affords day trips to the mainland, Paxos and Anti-Paxos as well as Albania. Book a studio with a magical view over the old town or with a stunning view of the sea for a holiday to remember forever.

On Kefalonia, the northern town of Fiscardo is one of the prettiest and is a magical summer holiday destination all on its own. Stay at these lovely waterfront suites for beautiful water views, right next to the tavernas and shopping and all the creature comforts.

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Nine: A Few Things To Organise Before You Go

Right before your trip, run through a mental checklist of everything that needs taking care of while youre away. Make sure you have considered automating bill payments while youre away or have someone checking your mail if theres no one at home. Leave a rough itinerary with your parents in case they ever need to reach you in an emergency, plus a photocopy of your passport in case anything bad happens.

And last but not least enjoy yourself! Solo travel is truly one of the most rewarding experiences to have in your lifetime, so get ready for the journey.

Tips For Traveling Solo

Solo travel has huge upsides independence, introspection, cultural immersion and is usually easier and more fun than many imagine.

I’ve talked to too many people who put off their travel dreams because they don’t want to do it by themselves: The prospect of going alone sounds either too daunting or just not all that fun. If you want to travel overseas but don’t have a partner, consider gathering the courage to go it alone. You’ll meet plenty of people as you travel: Think of them as a montage of fun, temporary travel partners.

Traveling solo has its pros and cons and for me, the pros far outweigh the cons. When you’re on your own, you’re independent and in control. You can travel at your own pace, do the things that interest you, eat where and when you like, and splurge where you want to splurge. You don’t have to wait for your partner to pack up, and you never need to negotiate where to eat or when to call it a day. You go where you want, when you want, and you can get the heck out of that stuffy museum when all the Monets start to blur together. If ad-libbing, it’s easier for one person to slip between the cracks than two.

Traveling Alone Without Feeling Lonely

For many people contemplating a solo trip, loneliness is their biggest fear. Big cities can be cold and ugly when the only person to talk to is yourself. And being sick and alone in a country where no one knows you can be a sad and miserable experience.

Meeting People
Eating Out

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