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Rci Extra Vacations Guest Certificate

Take Your Rci Benefits To An Even Higher Level

RCI Last Call and EXTRA Vacations Demonstration for Timeshare Owners

RCI Platinum members receive a host of benefits that provide a higher level of servicing, more discounts and more flexibility. Best of all, there is nothing you have to do! RCI Platinum is included automatically as a member of WanaGetAway!

RCI Platinum membership offers the following benefits:

Priority Privileges
  • Priority Answer – RCI Platinum members benefit from a priority phone number, providing them with faster access to our experienced vacation guides than standard RCI members.
  • Platinum Previews – RCI Platinum members receive access to Extra Vacations getaways sales one day in advance of standard RCI members.
  • Priority Access – RCI Platinum members receive exclusive access to Exchange vacations at select hotel and resort accommodations before they are made available to standard RCI members for exchange.
  • Unit Upgrades – RCI Platinum members with a confirmed Exchange vacation have the opportunity to receive Complimentary Unit Upgrades within two weeks of check-in if a bigger unit at your confirmed resort becomes available.
  • Point Extensions – As an RCI Platinum member, you can now extend your unused Points for two use years as compared to a standard member who can extend for only one use year when they pay the same applicable fee. While extended Points expire at the end of a third year for standard RCI members, RCI Platinum members will enjoy a fourth year with no additional fee.
Extra Savings
RCI Platinum Travel

Do I Really Need An Rci Guest Certificate

reparker56 said:My wife and are planning on letting some friends use a banked week we have with RCI to go to our home resort . Times being what they are we would like to avoid th $59 charge for an RCI Guest Certificate . Is this Certificate mandatory, or just good to have? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.Thanks

They need it…

Buy ItOpinions are like elbows – everyone has one or two. This applies to Moderators also, and unless clearly stated this post is my personal opinion.

Exchange Vacation Rci Reservation

This search is based on points. You merely search a region and dates. The system will show whats available and the number of points needed. I strongly advise you to take advantage of whats available vs. a specific location on a particular date. Book as far ahead as you can. If you are married to July 4th in Key West this year, its not going to happen. We used our timeshare in Key Largo to take a group of friends. I booked two years in advance by searching what was available and when. Just know the points booking is the premium route. In my experience, there are more options with point usage. We have also scored some super fancy digs using points! Four of us went on this trip, and all we paid for was flights.

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What Is Rci Vacations

RCI vacations offer incredible experiences to their members. RCI Vacations is a term members use to describe and search for vacations offered through RCI. Interested in taking your holidays to the next level? RCI offers cash-only booking options for exclusive trips, great pricing, and member-only travel benefits.

Rci Guest Certificate And Five Year Guest Pass

Rci Last Call : Canadian military testing new camouflage ...


We have done more than 150 exchanges, but I now do more with RCI for others than for us. I have three couples on the Five Year Guest Pass, and do an occasional single Guest Certificate reservation. I’m looking for one right now for a friend of a Five Year Guest Pass holder, and this is what he told her:

” knows the properties out there well. You might consider giving him all your info and he can call/text you when he sees inventory open so he can reserve it for you on the spot!

I can fill you in on the guest certificates and how they work. Ive enjoyed the fire out of my 5 year pass!”


I did another one this morning, $400-ish, including the $89 Guest Certificate Fee, for a 2-bedroom Gold Crown Mid South lake resort during a prime Spring Break week.

That was for a guest of one of my Guest Pass Holders.


Looking at our Vacation History on RCI, all that they show, the last 24, have been for someone else. 168 total now, but I don’t think that’s all we’ve done.

Is there anyone else here that does that, get stuff for others, mostly, but does not get anything for themselves?

Oh, did I do one for you?


How much is a 5 year guest pass for platinum members? Is is just for 1 person during that 5 year period.

david3186 wrote:How much is a 5 year guest pass for platinum members? Is is just for 1 person during that 5 year period.

A 5 Year Guest Pass is $179, which is hard to find on RCI, so figure 10-25% less on Platinum.

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Extra Vacation Week Rci Certificate

Tamarac, FL
Resorts Owned
Wyndham Presidential Reserve at Panama City Beach, Wyndham Grand Desert, Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk, Wyndham National Harbor, Club Wyndham AccessGrandview Las Vegas and Discovery Beach Resort – Both in RCI Points

Kls2286 said:when we purchased from the developer this summer we were given 2 free weeks through RCI. I just called RCI To inquire about how they work and the girl could give me no information other than you dont have to use your trading power to purchase an extra week… you can pay cash I thought I could purchase extra vacations with cash through RCI anyways… so what are these certificates for?? Anyone use one???

Opinions are like elbows – everyone has one or two. This applies to Moderators also, and unless clearly stated this post is my personal opinion.

Resorts Owned
A few in S and VA, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, and UT, plus Jamaica and the Bahamas

How Much Are Rci Exchange Fees

The number and amount of fees you pay with RCI depends on your membership package. RCI refers to its membership fees as Network dues. RCI reserves the right to change fees at any time at their own discretion. According to RCI, the fees below are the most current . Since owners use their timeshares year after year, RCI gives the option to purchase your membership for future years at a discount. By subscribing ahead of time, you wont have to revisit your subscription year after year.

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What If The Week Can Not Be Used Before It Is Due To Expire

A week can be exchanged from one year prior through two years after the week’s date that was deposited. The owner has through the end of the month, regardless of the specific date of the deposited week.

If the owner cannot confirm an exchange before the deposited week expires, the owner may purchase time extensions, the fee stated.

Video Result For Rci Vacation Certificate

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Rci Resorts: All You Need To Know About Rci Timeshare

RCI, formerly known as Resort Condominiums International, is the largest vacation exchange company in the world for timeshare owners. In this blog, well break down RCI timeshares, how RCI works and other frequently asked questions. In short, timeshare owners that have an affiliated RCI resort are able to become members on the exchange platform and trade their points or weeks for thousands of other vacation destinations.

How Do Owners Deposit Weeks

Owners can deposit their vacation weeks by contacting Roger Eggett from The Cabins at Bear River Lodge. Roger is our RCI representative. He can be reached at or . Once the deposited week has been processed, 5-7 business days, the owner will be able to use or call RCI, as explained in the New Owner Manual.

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Rci Timeshares To Exchange For Now

RCI has a catalog of so many beautiful resorts, so its quite a tough decision choosing which one you want to vacation at. Here are a few of our favorites that all just so happen to be RCI Gold Crown resorts! RCI Gold Crown resorts indicate that the resort has been deemed as excellent in many areas. Whether thats for unit housekeeping, concierge procedures, or resort amenities, you can be confident that your stay will be of superior quality. Gold Crown Resorts arent necessarily always at the higher end of the price scale and can often be of great value! Its always a good idea to pay attention to sales and for points discounts so you dont miss out on the opportunity to book a Gold Crown resort at a reduced rate.

Rci Gift Certificate Fee

Give the gift of vacation. ONLY $59USD*.

For years youre not using your timeshare, you can use Guest Certificates through RCI to gift it to a family or friend. By doing this, you can give the gift of travel to any resort in the RCI network. There is a Gift Certificate fee for transferring your membership for the year. This fee is applicable to both points and weeks members. The guest certificate allows a friend or family member the ability to check into your timeshare after you have booked your vacation through RCI. This is a great option if youre looking for a gift for someone, or if you arent going to be taking a vacation this year.

Guest Certificate Type

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An Alternative Way Of Experiencing Our Resorts

If you want to go on vacation to a specific resort but there’s no Exchange Vacation availability for your preferred dates, you may find space as a Extra Vacation.

Already own timeshare?

If you already own at one of our affiliated resorts, you could make your timeshare work harder! Join RCI to exchange your timeshare for vacations worldwide.

Rci Reservation How To Make One

RCI reservations and timeshares, a widely misunderstood concept for those that own a timeshare.

You own a timeshare now what? The now what is tied up in how you will use it, or more specifically, how can you use it? The most common complaint people have with their timeshare is frustration making reservations. Ive previously written an article about why I think everybody should purchase a timeshare resale. However, there are tons of people out there that have a timeshare and are not using it. I am going to explain how to make an RCI reservation and maximize your investment.

I use my timeshare at least three times a year, often more. For example, next year, I have Bali and Germany booked using points! Ive also made reservations for friends and family, further maximizing my investment.

If I got a dollar for every time I have explained the different ways to make reservations through RCI, I would have retired some time ago. I do not work for RCI, a timeshare company, nor do I work for a company that sells or re-sells timeshare.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure and privacy policy for more information.

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Extra Vacation Rci Reservation

You can be out of points or not want to use points and pay to stay at a resort. We did this in Vermont. We got a 3-bedroom 2-bath townhouse with a sauna for $500 for seven nights. Cheaper and more extravagant than any deal you will find online. This option does help with going to a specific location on a particular date but only marginally. If you are set on a particular time or place, it can get expensive.

How Does Rci Work

Benefits beyond Exchange Holidays for RCI Weeks members

So, if youre new to the vacation exchange realm, you may be wondering how does RCI work? Well, simply explained, members deposit their Points or Weeks and can then choose between RCI timeshares that are available at other resorts. The type of timeshare you can exchange for is dependent on the Trading Power of your ownership.

Generally, larger units at popular destinations will have more Trading Power than others. However, you can always pay the difference or buy more points to garner the vacation you want in the event you dont have enough Points from your membership.

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As A Family Share Member Will I Have Access To The Rci Subscribing Members Account

Once your friend or loved one shares their Week/Points with you, youll have the ability to view the information on your own account. Because they may have multiple ownerships, you, as the Sharee, will only be able see and have access to the specific Week/Points details they shared with you.

For further questions please call us toll free at:844-724-2002|Local: 317-805-8303

What Is Rci Trading Power Protection

RCI Trading Power Protection is a fee you can pay that locks in the value of your week upon booking. By having the TPP, RCI will not recalculate the weeks value. This comes in handy only when you exchange your week for another week and then cancel the trip or want to re-book it.

Trading Power Protection Price
TPP Purchased 30 days or less from date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date $89
TPP Purchased 31 days or more from date of vacation confirmation OR 14 days or less from check-in date $129

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Rci Last Call / Extra Vacation

Howdy_TX said:I have RCI account via Worldmark, but can I book multiple rooms for friends/family ? They will have to check in themselves? thank you.

Paying It Forward

cousins StudioStudiocousin,

before you take any actioncousins


What Are Rci Extra Vacations And Bonus Week Getaways

RCI Extra Vacations

Extra Vacations and Bonus Week Getaways are ‘cash’ bookings for vacation accommodation at RCI-affiliated resorts.

You pay for the accommodation – not per person – making Extra Vacations and Bonus Week Getaways great value for money.

RCI Extra Vacations prices start at just SGD169 per week for a studio or hotel room. Bonus Week Getaways are Extra Vacations with a travel date within 45 days of booking and start at SGD219.

Why book an RCI Extra Vacations or Bonus Week Getaways?

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Rci Extra Vacation Getaways

Did you know as a member of RCI, you may be able to take week-long vacations without exchanging your week? Thats what Extra Vacation Getaways offer. You can book these getaways with cash similar to the way you would book a hotel. The great thing about these trips is that there is no limit to the number of them you can take a year. Whats more, you can book an Extra Vacations Getaway and give an RCI Guest Certificate with it, so your loved one can have a nice vacation.

Anyone Ever Make A Profit From Selling Last Calls/extra Vacations

Cpanzi said:Hey all, Newbie here. Pondering my newly found access to RCI was just thinking if anyone had actually “rented out” a last call/extra vacations using a guest certificate. Seems like if you can find interested people and charge a few bucks over what the actually charge you, could be a way to make a few bucks here and there ?Thanks!

Cpanzi said:Bit confused. Perhaps my wording is incorrect. I thought you could use a guest certificate for an exchange/last call/extra vacation. So say I got a last call for $209. Then found someone interested in it. And charged them $209+$59 then + $50 for profit….that would not be allowed?

Cpanzi said:Bit confused. Perhaps my wording is incorrect. I thought you could use a guest certificate for an exchange/last call/extra vacation. So say I got a last call for $209. Then found someone interested in it. And charged them $209+$59 then + $50 for profit….that would not be allowed?

spaulino said:I’m all new to TS world too but from what I’ve read and learned here, anything retrieved from an exchange/trade from II or RCI CANNOT be rented out. Only thing that can be rented out is if you’ve booked it directly through your TS owned property.

ownPay attention and drive the car. Chat on your cell phone later, when you’ve finished driving — and don’t even THINK about texting until then!


Resorts Owned
A few in S and VA, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, and UT, plus Jamaica and the Bahamas

RCI and II

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