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Average Cost Of A Vacation To Italy

Car Or Public Transportation

TRIP TO ITALY COST – Itinerary and Travel Expenses Vlog

Car or Train? If you’re planning to get out into the Italian countryside you’ll want a car, although maybe not a Ferrari. You can rent a car for short trips. We find that AutoEurope offers the best customer service along with reasonable prices from your choice of providers. For a two week trip starting a Fiumicino Airport in Rome, prices start at around $300 for an October, 2017 vacation. For longer trips you may wish to lease a car. This is a special French program in which you get a brand new car of your choosing, great insurance and don’t have to return the car full of fuel. Our leased Peugeot cost us around $1600 for eight weeks. There’s no added cost for a second driver. Check out Peugeot Open Europe Leasing.

We find that the cost of an Italian regional train for two people is about the same cost as driving if you use the autostrada. The car will cost more if you pay for parking.

Italian Trains are an efficient way to move between large cities. If you dread the thought of driving, parking, and paying autostrada tolls, taking the train is a relaxing way to see Italy, and despite what people say, you can get to smaller places on the train. Rome to Florence, then Venice and back to Rome should cost $127-190 per person depending upon the speed of train and class . The trip from Rome to Venice takes 3 hours and 36 minutes.

Cost Of Vacation In Southeast Asia

The average cost of a long weekend trip within the ASEAN region is S$250 to S$620 per person. For week long trips, you can expect to pay an average of S$128 to S$1,476. The main reason why the cost differs so much is due to your choice of accommodations. 2 star or budget hotels can cost between S$13 to S$17 per night, whereas 5 star resorts cost upwards of S$140 on average. For luxury seekers, the most expensive portion of the trip will be 5-star hotels, which will make up up to 65% of the trip’s expenditure. On the other hand, food costs are some of the cheapest, with a cheap meal costing less than S$4. This region is affordable for the majority of Singaporeans, as total costs can be as low as S$140 per person for a 4 day stay in Batam.


What Can I Expect To Spend On My Trip To Italy

The real question is, what do you expect to spend on your trip to Italy? When asking how much does it cost to go to Italy, we recommend figuring how much you can and/or want to spend.

For the sake of this article, we are going to break it down by cost per day.

When we went to Italy on a very tight budget $50-$75 a day was a good target for us. You can absolutely have a fantastic trip to Italy on this budget! We had so much fun that we have gone back several times since.

A good mid-range budget is $75-$150 a day. With this budget, you do not have to be quite so frugal, but you also do not run the risk of feeling like you have wasted your hard-earned cash.

We consider a lux budget to be around $200+ a day. With this kind of budget, there is not much that you will not be able to do and see while you are in Italy.

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Driving Instead Of Flying To Save Money

$2.39 per gallon of gas

If you do choose to drive instead of flying, AAA has the current gas price averaged at $2.39. Keep in mind that the west coast will be higher, and many larger cities will have higher gas prices.

To calculate your gas costs use this formula: total distance of your trip and divide it by your miles per gallon to get the number of gallons of gas you will need on your trip. Then multiply that number by the current price of gas , and the result is your estimated cost of gas.

x Gas Gallon Price = Cost of Gas

Average Cost Of A Vacation For Family Of 6

Italy Travel Cost

For larger families, youre going to need to budget more money. Beyond the standard increases for airfare and food, youre also looking at an increased cost for the hotel.

You might need to book two connecting hotel rooms, which will double the cost of the hotel. Or, you could book at a suite hotel that has rooms that accommodate six people. Id estimate a one week vacation would cost a family of 6 about $5,500.

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When To Go To Italy

Theres no wrong time to visit Italy! Peak season is July and August, but June is also busy. Temperatures can soar as high as 36°C during this time, and popular cities like Rome and Florence experience a huge influx of visitors. Prices increase during this time as well but the overall atmosphere is great so its still worth visiting during peak season.

Personally, I think the best time to visit Italy is during the shoulder season . Its still warm but there arent as many crowds and prices are lower. This is a particularly great time to hang out on the Mediterranean.

Winter is from November to February. It gets cold, and tourist crowds thin out considerably. Temperatures vary quite a bit from north to south, with it sometimes dropping to 2°C in Milan and 4°C in Rome. On the other hand, November to December is fantastic youll find Christmas markets and festivals galore!

Average Total Trip To Italy Cost: $12150

Bottom line, a trip to Italy costs about a $1,000 per day for a family of four Keep in mind that there are ways to do this for less including: using points for airfare, staying in Airbnbs/vacation rentals, taking small group tours, cooking your own meals, and limiting your extra spending.

Of course, if you have champagne tastes, you can easily triple this cost with luxury accommodations, private transportation, and fine dining. We try to land somewhere in the middle between budget and super-luxe and that is what this budget is based on.


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Souvenirs & Miscellaneous Expenses

While we would rather spend our travel budget on experiences versus things, there are some items which make perfect souvenirs from an Italy trip. These include: wooden toys, leather goods, purses/bags, painted ceramics, blown glass, lace and linens, wine, and olive oil.

You will also want to set aside some budget for the little things including: tips for your tour guides, parking , gas, and taxis. I generally use a rule of thumb of $50 per day.

Total miscellaneous: $600

How To Save Money In Italy

How much does a 2 week trip to Italy cost?

1. Eat outside of the tourist zones. It can be hard to find local places in Venice or Florence. But there is a big tourist zone in each of these cities. And so we usually went outside of it. That can definitely help if you want to lower some of your food costs.

2. Grab a small breakfast and lunch. This is a big thing we tried to do. We ate very light for breakfast and lunch. A cappuccino or espresso and a pastry. Then we were out and about. For lunch we sometimes just grabbed some cheap pasta or a sandwich to hold us over.

3. Stick to the first courses. These will be cheaper than the second courses. We liked to share an antipasti and then each get our own first course. Plus some house wine.

4. Dont go out drinking every night. I think this should be fairly obvious. Alcohol is expensive. If you drink a lot, then you should put this in your budget.

5. Bring a reusable water bottle. Especially one that fits in your purse. Buying a plastic water bottle here or there will definitely start to eat into your expenses. Plus its better for the environment.

6. Buy your train tickets ahead of time. We did not do this. Since we were traveling in the winter we could just go to the station and get on a train within the hour. But doing this meant that we were definitely paying a bit more for tickets. Buy them ahead of time.

Planning your trip to Italy?

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Monthly Cost Of Living In Italy


Housing is by far the largest expense for any household, usually taking up a quarter of an expats monthly budget. Prices vary greatly depending on where you choose to live. For instance, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Naples costs about 545/month. The rent is nearly doubled in Milan at around 1,065/month. A small apartment in Rome might cost you three times what youd pay in a rural area. If you choose to buy, note that real estate prices vary just as much. You can find everything from a multi-million villa in Tuscany to a 20,000 village home in the north. Italian mortgages are available to expatriates with interest rates ranging from 1.60-3%, yearly.


Groceries can be bought at reasonable prices, which are similar to most western European countries. A single household spends about 160-200 on monthly groceries. Be sure to visit local supermarket chains or food markets to get cheaper products. Eating out, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. For instance, a basic meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs about 15 per person. Eating in high-end restaurants in big cities can cost as much as 200 per person. Since Italy produces a lot of wine, it is quite cheap.



Additional costs

Heres a side by side comparison of monthly expenses in different households:


How Much Does Transportation Cost In Italy

When looking at how much does a trip to Italy cost, something you will want to keep in mind is how you will be getting around once you are in Italy.

As with many European countries, Italy has a lot of options for transportation. You can rent a car, take a train or bus, or even hire a private driver.

With so many options, it all comes down to how much you want to spend and what your preferences are. If you do not mind public transportation, this could be a way to not break the bank. But if you hate driving in new places it may be an area where you want to spend more money.

We are going to break it down according to budget, but feel free to choose according to preference as well! This is your trip, you are in charge. We are just here to help.

Transport in Italy on a Budget

If saving as much money as you can is your primary goal for transportation, we highly recommend using public transportation or renting a manual car.

We also highly recommend figuring out which one you want to do as soon as possible because, like flights, booking transportation always costs less money if you do it in advance.

While there are automatic vehicles that you can rent in Italy, manual vehicles are so much less expensive! If you do not know how to drive stick-shift, either find a friend to teach you or bring that friend with you so that they can drive. It will save you some serious cash!

Mid-Range Transport in Italy

Luxury Transport in Italy

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Cheapest Time To Fly To Italy

Italy is an intriguing destination, no matter the purpose of your trip. Filled with exotic cities, beautiful and historic monuments, buildings, attractions, wineries, shops, and restaurants, traveling to Italy is on almost everyones adventure wishlist. Unfortunately, airline tickets for international flights can get pretty pricey.

Money-saving travel tips can help you cost-effectively make the most out of your adventure. If you have the flexibility in your schedule to choose anytime to make the trip, there are times throughout the year where tourism is low, and the price to travel decreases. Comparing different cities to fly into can also make an impact on the price you pay to get there.

Italy is full of desirable destinations and with some smart planning ahead of time, you can really take advantage of all the country has to offer. Failing to plan well can cost you literally and figuratively.

How Much Does An Italy Trip Cost

Italy Travel Cost

No other romantic experience is quite like visiting Italy. Well, traversing the streets of Venice on gondolas, looking up at paintings and sculptures of churches, sipping great wine, and enjoying pizza fresh from the wooden stove are activities in the country that scream romance.

In addition to that, capturing the Italian experience with your camera would yield outstanding results as there are so many picture-perfect spots in the country. The locations are brimming with aesthetics that it would make you think youre inside a painting!

Before the romance, though, you should create an itinerary and a budget plan to make the best out of the tourist destination. With that said, just how much does it cost to go to Italy?

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The Further South You Go The Cheaper Italy Is

Bottom line: your cash will stretch much further in Puglia, Sicily, or Campania than in Lombardy, Veneto, or Trento-Alto Adige.

If you want to plan a low-cost trip to Italy and dont mind missing the most famous sights in favor of lesser-known but still incredible ones, consider sticking to the lower half of the bootthe further south the better.

Getting To Italy On A Budget

How much a trip to Italy costs before arriving on the ground varies dramatically depending on where you are coming from, of coursebut where you arrive can significantly change how much your trip to Italy costs.

If youre coming from Europe, be sure to check budget airline flights to and from Rome, Pisa, Bologna, Milan, and Venice in the north/central regions, and Bari and Palermo in the souththese destinations tend to have quite a few low-cost flights available.

Regardless of where you are coming from, be sure to compare the cost of a roundtrip ticket as opposed to two one-way tickets that will allow you to avoid backtrackingsay, flying into Rome and out of Venice.

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Cost Of Vacation In East Asia & Oceania

An average one-week vacation to destinations in East Asia & Asia Pacific cost between S$736 and S$3,590 per person. Flights can cost anywhere from S$260 for a roundtrip flight to Hong Kong to almost S$800 for a roundtrip flight to Sydney, Australia. If you choose to stay in 5-star hotels, accommodations and eating out can take up up to 85% of your budget. Alternatively, if you spend your time in budget hotels, your highest expenditure will be the flight, constituting less than 40% of your overall trip cost. Food is generally inexpensive, costing less than S$15 per person for a cheap meal. Singaporeans who make around S$6,000 or more per month will be able to enjoy a trip a year to this region.


Italy Gear And Packing Guide

Cost of Living in Italy: An Expatâs Monthly Budget

If youre heading on the road and need some gear suggestions, here are my tips for the best travel backpack and for what to pack!

The Best Backpack for Travelers


If you want something different, refer to my article on how to choose the best travel backpack for tips on picking a pack and other backpack suggestions.

What to Pack for Your Trip


  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 bathing suit

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Cost Of Internet In Italy

  • 37 euros/month
  • Router + installation: 50 euros + 25 euros one-off payment.

There are mainly 4 major mobile companies over here:

  • Vodafone
  • Three
  • Wind

We heard that Tim and Wind have really poor signal, still we chose Wind for our home internet and we are quite satisfied.

*Update: after six months with Wind, we went to cancel our contract and they are charging us 80 euros to do it. Our contract specifically says that we could cancel the contract free of charge after three months, but still, they want us to pay a fine. After talking with other people, we found out its common for Wind to play this kind of trick, so stay aware.

Italy cost of living

The Bottom Line: How Much Does A Good Vacation Cost

I estimate that $5,000 is how much you should save for a one week vacation for a family of four. Are you a bit surprised? I know I was when the numbers all came together.

As Ive said before, this is just an estimate. Im sure many families can travel for less, and there are plenty who travel for much more, too. The goal is to help you have an idea of the cost so that you wont be surprised and stressed when the trip is over and the charges start piling in.

Although no two vacations are alike if you take the time to plan & budget you can take a cost-effective vacation that can surpass average in the fun department and come in below average in the cost department.

Now that you know how much a vacation will cost, check out these fun ideas to help you save money for your vacation!

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Great, Mary! I’m glad it was helpful and hope you have a wonderful trip!

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Honestly, I always assume $5000, especially when we go abroad. In the US, we will do it a bit cheaper, but mostly because we drive a lot of places.


Friday 13th of March 2020

This is so on point. When you think how much a coffee and lunch on the go can add up, you can soon save by taking a packed lunch.I also like the concept of ride share- we dont have that here!

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Oh wow! This vacation cost calculator is seriously cool. I will have to remember this for my next trip!

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