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David’s Vacation Club Rentals

Can You Add The Disney Dining Plan If You Rent Davids Dvc Points

BEACH CLUB RESORT & VILLAS Comprehensive Tour – Walt Disney World Florida

Yes, you most certainly can.

When staying as a guest of a DVC Owner at a Disney Vacation Club Resort in Walt Disney World, you can choose from any of the three free dining plans that Disney offers to its owners and guests. Of course, you will need theme park tickets if the restaurant you wish to dine at is inside a theme park.

If a dining plan is selected, it must be applied to all persons on the reservation for the total number of nights. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Davids Vacation Club Rentals

Years ago we learned about a great way to save on deluxe accommodations at Walt Disney World : renting Disney Vacation Club points. DVC members own timeshare points that they can use for stays at Disney Vacation Club resorts. Sometimes owners are unable to use the points before they expire, so they will rent them to others. Using DVC rentals could save you hundreds of dollars compared to booking the same deluxe accommodations through Disney directly!

The DVC resorts where you can stay on rented points include:

  • Eleven resorts at Walt Disney World in Florida: Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort, Disneys Beach Club Villas, Disneys BoardWalk Villas, Disneys Villas at Grand Floridian, Disneys Old Key West Resort, Disneys Riviera Resort, Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort, Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge and Disneys Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.
  • One DVC resort at Disneyland in California: Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Resort & Spa
  • Two DVC Atlantic Coast beach resorts: Disneys Hilton Head Island Resort and Disneys Vero Beach Resort
  • One DVC resort on Oahu, Hawaii: Aulani Resort & Spa

However, there is a very easy way to rent DVC points that protects you from fraud and mistakes by the other party: through Davids Vacation Club Rentals.

Here are some examples of the kinds of savings available:

  • Old Key West, Deluxe Studio, 7 nights from September 10-17, 2021:
  • The Main Street Mouse

    Since people have been asking how DVC Rentals work, I thought Id re-post this informative article, from one of our writers who used those services, Susanne! Hope it helps! ~M

    Weve seen a lot of questions regarding the process of buying Disney Vacation Club points from third party vendors. I recently went through the process with Davids Vacation Club Rentals and wanted to give a bit more explanation on how the process works so our fans will have a better understanding.

    The first step is to visit the website,, and use the cost calculator. This is a really handy mousekatool that lets you select your vacation dates and gives you the cost of all Disney DVC resorts . Once you have established the resorts that fit into your price range, its time to fill out the reservation form.

    The form asks for standard information and asks what property you are looking to reserve. It also gives you 2nd and 3rd, and 4th options in the event that the first choice property is not available. There is a $98 payment due at the time. This is not a fee, it is means of securing your reservation in the event that your request is immediately available. It is refundable if your request is not available.

    If your request is available, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will contain your confirmation number and links to your full reservation details and payment. At that time, the remaining balance is due, minus the $98 you already paid.

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    Davids Dvc Review: The Final Verdict

    If you are renting DVC points and are available to be flexible with your dates and even your resort choices, we highly recommend Davids. Thats why we wanted to write this Davids DVC Rental Review! This is a superior experience you wont regret.

    We are, honestly, so obsessed. Davids is what I recommend to my out-of-town friends or to anyone who wants to stay on a budget. So, please dont have any doubt and at least give Davids a shot!

    If you arent sure about your Disney vacation, want mousekeeping every day, and are scared about the cancellation policy, I understand.

    But I will promote the concept of renting DVC points until I am done going to Disney because I love saving money and love staying at the fancy resorts for an affordable rate!!!

    Can We Still Get A Dining Plan When Renting Dvc Points


    Sadly dining plans are not currently available but if and when they do return the answer will be, Yes. You can check Disneys website for updates on dining plans here.

    You can add the Disney Dining Plan by having the owner of your rental secure it for you. When using Davids Vacation Club they can handle this for you. They recommend that you make this request at least 30 days before your stay.

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    An Alternative Option Dedicated Reservations

    Okay, at this point lets step aside. So far weve planned our dates and hotel, submitted a request, gotten alternative options, and settled on a room type for our dates. Theres another way to complete those stepsdedicated reservations .

    A dedicated reservation is a DVC reservation that has already been made at a specific hotel in a specific room type for specific dates. For whatever reason, the member cant use it and is trying to sell it as-isthat is, you cant change the resort, room, or dates.

    A dedicated reservation can be a good option if it is for a hard-to-book resort / room type / date range, or if it is offered at a discount compared to how much a rental might otherwise cost. In our first experience with Davids, we booked a room at Aulani, Disneys resort in Hawaii, via a dedicated reservation.

    Whether you submit your unique request or select a preset dedicated reservation, youll wind up with a Disney reservation in your name and a confirmation number to go with it. Once that happens, you should be done with Davids and the member who made the booking.

    Dvc Rental Type : Rent Points For Stay Of Your Choice

    The more customizable way to book a DVC rental is by finding the room and dates that you want, and then sending a request to get matched with a DVC member with the appropriate number of points. Once identified and matched, that member will make the reservation of your dreams on your behalf. This requires a little more legwork since you have to see if your ideal room is actually available , then have to wait to see if/when someone matches with you before you can rent the points and then have them make the reservation.

    Pros and Cons of a Point Rental

    • Pro: You pick your dates and location instead of only browsing existing reservations
    • Pro: You still save a ton of money compared to booking directly
    • Con: You have to check availability yourself to get an idea of your options
    • Con: You have to wait to be matched, rent, and then make the reservation and availability could be changing during that time
    • Con: You typically wont get super-rock-bottom prices because there are plenty of members trying to unload points, compared to existing reservations that need to be taken.

    How to Book a Point rental

  • Find a tool that will let you check availability note: is great for this because you can check availability there even if you book somewhere else.
  • 2. Enter your information into the search tool to get availability for your party during your travel dates

    3. Check out the results!

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    Complete The Online Reservation Form +

    When you want to book your Disney Vacation Club room, you will need to provide a small deposit currently $133.00. This small deposit goes towards your room and is just there to secure your reservation because these rooms sell out so fast.

    Information you will need for Davids DVC rental before starting the reservation process:

    • Dates of travel
    • Details for all of your traveling party

    Can You Do Last Minute Bookings With Davids Vacation Rentals

    DVC Rentals Made Simple – Animation of David’s Vacation Club Rentals’ Process

    Timing means everything when making these bookings! You truly want to book as far in advance as you can. You can start booking at 11 months out, and we highly recommend doing so. This way you have a higher chance of getting your most desired dates and resort of your dreams!

    Please remember that when using Davids DVC Rental, this is not like booking a regular hotel room. The booking systems wont always reflect open inventory, so dont delay!

    And in this Davids DVC rental review we want to reiterate what they say about booking: for popular breaks, dates and holidays, it is best to book on the recommended time line of 11 months in advance. For summer and winter , book 8 months in advance. And if you are looking at beach resorts, definitely book 9-11 months in advance for peak summer seasons! And please remember these are just guidelines: they do not guarantee actual availability.

    What you do want to do is head to the Davids Website and look under Dedicated Reservations. This is where you go if you want to see what inventory has already been booked, but people cannot take. Owners try and connect with someone else to buy the points for their stay.

    This is what we have done many times and is great for last-minute bookings! Of course, you can always live chat or call Davids and ask any inventory questions you may have. There are often last-minute bookings that are open!

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    Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

    Located in Orlando, FL

    Settle into a peaceful country retreat that pays homage to the historic spas and pampering atmosphere of America’s first grand resort destination in upstate New York. Relax and rejuvenate among dazzling fountains, lush gardens, recreation for the entire family and a nearby spa and fitness center.

    Cons To Renting Dvc Points

    Most importantly, renting DVC points is very restrictive. For all intents and purposes, once you make the booking, youre locked into it. Davids recommends getting travel insurance for this, though weve never done this. Other limited options might exist for cancellationslike finding someone to take over your reservationbut you really have to be careful going into one of these bookings.

    Also, you have to stay at a DVC property. For the most part this isnt a huge change from staying at the deluxe resorts. Each deluxe resort has one accompanying DVC property, so if its amenities / location you care about, this wont be a problem.

    It will be a problem if you want a specific room type. A good example would be the new Moana-themed rooms at Polynesian. While the hotel has these new rooms, the DVC property does not.

    Another notable difference is that DVC rooms, when renting or using points, dont get the same housekeeping treatment as a regular hotel room. Since the closure, everything has been in even more flux, but you shouldnt expect your room to get a full cleaning most stays.

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    Before You Travel To Your Disney Points Rental You Should

    There are several things that will make your Disney vacation go smoother. After your reservation confirmation use this checklist.

    • Connect your My Disney Experience account to your reservation. Weve got a whole rundown on MDE here.
    • Book your park tickets and park reservations!
    • Put in your MagicBand order so they are waiting for you when you arrive. You can also set up your passcodes for charging if youd like to pay for things like food with your MagicBand.
    • Book your Disney Dining Plan.
    • Make dining reservations.

    Renting Disney Vacation Club Points


    AllEars® is pleased to partner with the largest and most well known DVC Rental company, Davids Vacation Club Rentals. David has been in the business providing both members and non-members the opportunity to rent Deluxe Disney Villas at great savings.

    DVC is an acronym for Disney Vacation Club. The Disney Vacation Club is the Disney version of a vacation ownership program and was created in 1991 by Disney Vacation Development, Inc., a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company.

    Unlike a traditional timeshare where owners buy a specific size unit in a set time of year, the DVC works on a point system giving owners the flexibility to travel when they want, as often as they want, for however long they want, and in whatever size unit they choose.

    If a DVC owner is unable to use their alloted points before they expire they sometimes will rent them out. That is where Davids Vacation Club Rentals comes in. The company will assist owners with DVC rentals matching up the guest date and resort requests with the members available time.

    Renting points from Davids Vacation Club Rentals for stays at a Disney Vacation Club property can save you hundreds of dollars off the regular rack rates.


    The following example is for a stay at Disneys Old Key West Resort with a check in date of July 9, 2017 checking out July 14, 2017. It is a Sunday to Friday stay .

    Room Type
    $5,696 $4,420.00

    Disney Vacation Club Members With Extra Points

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    More Dvc Rental Resorts

    In addition to the long list of Disney Vacation Club options at Walt Disney World, you can also use timeshare points for a stay at the following properties:

    • Grand Californian- at Disneyland Resort
    • Aulani- beachfront resort in Hawaii
    • Hilton Head Island Resort- in South Carolina
    • Vero Beach Resort- beachfront hotel in Florida

    Just like the DVC rentals at Walt Disney World, the resorts listed above offer REALLY cheap rates when using timeshare points.

    Dvc On The Resale Market

    Once you have made the decision to sell your DVC points, make sure you manage your expectations. While the resale market is growing, it is important to note that no one can promise you how long it will take or when your timeshare will sell. Additionally, keep in mind that timeshares are not investments, so you may not make back what you originally purchased your DVC points for.

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    What Is Davids Dvc Rental

    Looking at this Davids DVC rental review, youll learn exactly everything you need to know about Davids! First and foremost: what is it? For over 16 years, Davids DVC Rentals has been the oldest and largest source for rentals of Disney Vacation Club Villas.

    In case you didnt know, DVC is quite expensive to buy into and it is essentially like a Disney timeshare. I know tons of people who LOVE being a DVC member, so if that is your thing, great!

    If you are like me and you dont want to buy into DVC but still want the points, then that is where Davids DVC comes in!

    Youll also learn through this Davids DVC rental review that Davids has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied guests since 2005! Better yet, there is no membership required to make full use of Davids DVC Rentals. Here you just pay a slight premium for using Davids, and Davids does all the work! You never have to deal with the owner yourself.

    This way you dont have to book directly and can save money! Overall, through this Davids DVC rentals review, you will learn that this is a secure, professional and well-established service.

    Essentially, Davids connects DVC owners who want to sell their timeshare points to people like you and me who want to buy the points for a cheaper rate. Of course, being a DVC member gives you perks such as a severely reduced rate, which is then turned over to the buyer, aka you and me, so we can stay at deluxe resorts for a moderate rate too!

    Is A Dvc Rental Worth It

    WILDERNESS LODGE RESORT & VILLAS – Comprehensive Tour – Walt Disney World Florida

    My family and I TOTALLY believe DVC rentals are worth it! In fact, Davids Vacation Club Rental site is the FIRST place I shop when looking for a room at Disney World.

    The price you end up paying with Daves website is usually the rate for a moderate hotel on WDW property.

    Who wouldnt want to pay moderate prices for a deluxe experience?! Plus, we find the deluxe resorts are better for catering to toddlers since they provide easy dining options, balconies, and convenience.

    If you are looking for tips on choosing the right Disney World hotel, join our for personalized help on finding the best resort for your family!

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    How Do I Know My Reservation Is Secure

    Now that I am a Disney Vacation Club Owner, I have actually rented out my own points through them twice now. Davids Vacation Rentals has a contract in place to make sure the owner does not cancel the reservation, plus Davids holds 30% of the fee owed to the owner until the reservation is complete. This guarantees the room will not be canceled for the guest booking.

    When Is The Best Time To Go To The Disney Parks

    A tricky question to answer definitively because Disney World parks draw large crowds. Consequently, here is my advice based on my experience.

  • Go when children are globally in school. Due to this, we let our kids take a day off school to capitalize on our trip.
  • Visit through the week vs. the weekend. For example, try a long weekend that starts on Thursday.
  • Do not go in the summer unless you have to. First of all, its scorching hot. Secondly, all the kids are off school. As a result, the parks will be at capacity, and no way to come around this.
  • Stay away from mega holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve or New Years Day.
  • We will only go when its cooler, so our choices are January through March. Historically, September is considered the slowest month.

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