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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Phone Number

Royal Holiday Timeshare Complaints

Royal Holiday: Getting more credits

The Royal holiday does not have a good reputation as a timeshare management company. Most of the sales are made under very high-pressure sales tactics therefore, many members at the Royal Holiday Club feel like they are being lied to and scammed. Most timeshares who own with the Royal Holiday Club have been misrepresented.

You may fall victim to many scams when it comes to timeshares. One of these scams is a verbal promise you receive that later on may prove to be a false promise to convince you to sign their contract. Sometimes your agreement may clearly state that it does not believe in any verbal promises you must read through your contract before signing to protect yourself from any scams or lies.

Royal Holiday Club promises they have the best customer service for their timeshare owners. In reality, most people leave their memberships just because they are not satisfied with their experience with customer services.

Booking with the Royal Holiday Club is another issue which most of the members face. When you are buying a timeshare, they promise you that you can travel anywhere at any time.

This is a lie they will sell you the same timeshare every time, rather than the location you want. To get your favorite location, you will have to upgrade your package and pay more money.

You do not own the entire hotel. It is not an investment at all because there is no market for the resale of the timeshares. This means you may not earn the right profit margin at the resale

What Is The Royal Holiday Vacations Club

If you enjoy traveling, you know that it is hard to control your itinerary. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is changing how individuals go on vacation. This program gives you the freedom, convenience, and flexibility you need to travel on your terms.

Sample destinations include Acapulco, Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentina Orlando, Florida San Juan, Puerto Rico and Paris, France.

The program works by assigning credits, or CV, to every member based on their membership level. The lowest tier, Bronze, includes 10,000 credits per year. That’s enough to book a week-long vacation or two separate trips of shorter duration.

The premium Royal tier gives you 75,000 credits, enough to make all of your travel dreams come true. You may spend these CV on any number of Royal Holiday Vacations, including the finest hotels across the globe, world-renowned cruises, and a Timeshare program that does not limit you to the same destination every time.

If you can’t travel one year, that’s fine. One hundred percent of your unused credits will roll over into the next year. This is a great way to save up for a vacation that costs more than your membership level provides, as you’ll still receive your annual allotment.

For example, a Bronze member who did not travel in 2016 would have 20,000 credits in 2017, 10,000 from 2016 and another 10,000 for 2017.

You can also have Royal Holiday rent out credits you are not currently using, generating a little extra money with no cost to you.


How To Get Rid Of Royal Holiday Club Vacation Club

If youd like to exit Royal Holiday Club timeshare / vacation club and youre unable to sell and the company did not offer you any options to get rid of the timeshare, you may want to seek the services of a timeshare exit company. Timeshare exit companies typically work with lawyers to attempt to get your timeshare cancelled. There are various timeshare exit companies available, and we can help you choose the best one for your situation.

Our #1 recommendation when choosing a timeshare exit company is to find one that offers an escrow payment option. When you pay with escrow, the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after the timeshare is cancelled. This means the timeshare exit company has an incentive to complete the work it was hired to do.

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Cmo Cancelar El Tiempo Compartido De Royal Holiday Club Con Rescisin

Si usted es un propietario del tiempo compartido / club vacacional Royal Holiday Club y está buscando salirse, el primer paso que debe tomar es contactar a la empresa y ver si ofrece y tiene programas para dejar que usted salga del contrato.

Si usted compró el tiempo compartido dentro de los últimos 5 días, usted puede legalmente rescindir el tiempo compartido para un reembolso completo, sin hacer preguntas. Las leyes de protección al consumidor en México permiten que todas las compras de tiempo compartido/club vacacional sean reembolsadas en su totalidad dentro de los 5 días siguientes a la compra. Debe haber más información sobre la rescisión y cómo funciona en los documentos que recibió cuando compró el tiempo compartido.

Royal Holiday Club Timeshare

Park Royal Homestay Club Cala

Royal Holiday is a beautiful place for travelers to make their vacation trips more memorable. The company owns and operates the top travel destinations located in 52 different countries. Members can select their destination from hundreds of resorts using the Royal Holiday Club Membership.

The members have to pay a minimal amount as the membership fee to enjoy an affordable vacation trip. Members can visit some of the most exotic places from the Bahamas, Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Rico, or San Juan.

The clubs goal is to create a luxurious lifestyle experience for timeshare owners during their vacation. Therefore, the club offers new travel packages, group tours, and cruise tours to make the journey more fun and exciting.

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Travel Around The World

Imagine being able to jet off to Puerto Vallarta on one vacation and to Tenerife the next. Perhaps you’ll spend a luxurious week in the Caribbean and then explore Whistler, Canada to enjoy some of the best skiing in North America. From the theme-park excitement of Orlando to the big-city elegance of San Francisco, you’ll have the world at your feet with this vacation club.

Members of Royal Holiday Club vacation how and where they like. They might enjoy a skiing adventure on one trip before escaping to a tropical isle on a subsequent vacation. Regardless of where they explore, guests can be confident that they will enjoy the best that accommodations in the region can offer. Families can choose their membership level, which in many ways determines the type of accommodations that will be available to them. Everything from cozy and efficient studios to charming, multi-bedroom cottages are possibilities. Guests only have to choose what they prefer.

How To Cancel Royal Holiday Club Timeshare / Vacation Club


Royal Holiday Club is a vacation club membership program based in Mexico. Customers that sign up to become members of the club are supposedly given exclusive access to special offers at more than 180 resort properties in the USA, Mexico and Caribbean. The company may have as many as 80,000 members in its club.

This particular timeshare / vacation club company has an interesting backstory. Back in 2008, ABC News did an investigation into the companys sales practices. According to the ABCnews investigation, Royal Holiday began offering customers free meals and special offers at the airport to reel customers in to the timeshare presentations at the resorts. When at the timeshare presentation, some customers were told they only had one day to sign up for the program before the offer wouldnt be available tomorrow. One couple that purchased the vacation club membership, Doug and Karin LaClair, said they were shown a beautiful suite in the presentation, but when they went to use their membership for the first time, they only received a regular Motel 6 kind of room.

Although the company has more than 90 complaints on the BBB, it somehow holds a B+ rating. The consumer protection agency in Mexico similar to the BBB, Profeco, reported more than 1,800 complaints back in 2008.

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Cmo Cancelar El Tiempo Compartido / Club De Vacaciones Royal Holiday Club

Royal Holiday Club es un programa de afiliación a un club de vacaciones con sede en México. Los clientes que se registran para ser miembros del club, supuestamente tienen acceso exclusivo a ofertas especiales en más de 180 propiedades de complejos turísticos en los Estados Unidos, México y el Caribe. La empresa puede tener hasta 80,000 miembros en su club.

Esta empresa de tiempo compartido/club de vacaciones tiene una historia interesante. En 2008, ABC News realizó una investigación sobre las prácticas de venta de la empresa. Según la investigación de ABCnews, Royal Holiday comenzó a ofrecerles a los clientes comidas gratuitas y ofertas especiales en el aeropuerto para atraerlos a las presentaciones de tiempo compartido en los complejos. En la presentación de tiempo compartido, a algunos clientes se les dijo que sólo tenían un día para registrarse en el programa antes de que la oferta no estuviera disponible mañana. Doug y Karin LaClair, una pareja que compró la membresía del club de vacaciones, dijo que les mostraron una hermosa suite en la presentación, pero cuando fueron a usar su membresía por primera vez, sólo recibieron una habitación normal del tipo 6.

Aunque la empresa tiene más de 90 quejas en el BBB, de alguna manera mantiene una calificación B+. La agencia de protección al consumidor en México similar al BBB, Profeco, reportó más de 1,800 quejas en 2008.

Selling Royal Holiday Club Timeshare / Vacation Club

ROYAL HOLIDAY Destinations, Hotel Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe

If youre past the 5-day mark and youve tried to contact Royal Holiday Club about getting rid of the timeshare and no options were given to you, you may want to try and sell the timeshare / vacation club on the resale market. The Following websites can help you advertise the Vacation Club for a low fee:

  • Ebay
  • Craigslist

However, be warned that it can be extremely difficult to sell any timeshare or vacation club on the resale market, even for $1. Beware of timeshare resale companies that say they can sell your timeshare, but ask for an up-front fee first before doing so. Typically, youll pay the up-front fee and the vacation club wont sell.

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What Is Gethuman’s Relationship To Royal Holiday

In short, the two companies are not related. GetHuman builds free tools and shares information amongst customers of companies like Royal Holiday. For large companies that includes tools such as our GetHuman Phone, which allows you to call a company but skip the part where you wait on the line listening to their call technology music. If you look at our GameStop Phone Number page, you can see an example of those free calling mechanisms and tips shared by other customers. Or take a look at the DISH Phone Number page. We’ve created these shortcuts and apps to try to help customers like you navigate the messy phone menus, hold times, and confusion with customer service, especially with larger companies like GameStop or DISH. And as long as you keep sharing it with your friends and loved ones, we’ll keep doing it.

Royal Holiday Contact Info

How To Cancel Royal Holiday Club Timeshare With Rescission

If youre an owner of the Royal Holiday Club timeshare / vacation club and youre looking to exit, the first step you should take is to contact the company and see if it offers and programs to let you out of the contract.

If you purchased the timeshare within the past 5 days, you can legally rescind the timeshare for a full refund, no questions asked. Consumer protection laws in Mexico allow all timeshare / vacation club purchases to be fully refunded within 5 days of purchase. There should be more information about rescission and how it works in the documents you received when you purchased the timeshare.

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How To Cancel Royal Holiday Club Timeshare/ Vacation Club

The members of the Royal Hotel Holiday Club can enjoy the best services offered by the club, like discounts, vacation protection, summer camps for the kids, and cash credit. Indeed these are excellent opportunities to enjoy and spend the vacations at a peaceful and stunning location.

However, all that glitters may not always be gold. There are many reasons why timeshare owners try to disown their property. If you are trying to exit from a Royal Holiday Club Timeshare, continue reading to learn more about which option works best for you.

Royal Holiday Timeshare Membership How To Cancel It

Royal Holiday Vacation Club

If you unfortunately enter into a timeshare contract with Royal Holiday as a result of high pressure sales tactics or misrepresentation of information you have rights and you are able to cancel your timeshare contract if you act quickly.

Is well known that Royal Holiday doesnt have the best reputation in the timeshare industry. A lot of timeshare members at Royal Holiday feel like they have been cheated and deceived because most of the timeshare contracts are being misrepresented and could also be stated as one of the worst timeshare companies as mentioned before in:

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Why Royal Elite Vacation Club

A very important aspect of Royal Elite is flexiblity, as such we are affiliated with the most remarkable exchange company in the market.


Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions, and if you can´t find what you are looking for there then feel free to contact us via the Live Chat or by one of the methods listed at the bottom of the page.


Choose from 09 different all inclusive resorts in Mexico , or Spain


In order to reassure our valued Members and those who are interested in becoming a part of our big family, we are proud to inform you that Royal Elite Vacation Club has a legally registered development certification awarded by the Vacation Club Association in Quintana Roo

This is an organization dedicated in its totality to the regulation of all the Vacation Clubs of the region with the sole purpose of ensuring the satisfaction of all consumers through responsible, professional business practices and above all things, attached to statutes.


Royal Elite is fully regulated and certified, if you would like to know more about our certifications feel free to contact us.


As a Royal Elite Vacation Club member you will stay in the most luxorious suites in whichever resort you choose for your vacation.


Why Cancel Royal Holiday Timeshare Membership

  • Most of their sales are done under high pressure sales tactics.

  • At the moment of the purchase, the timeshare salesperson will make any verbal promise to get the contract signed. Those verbal promises are not stated in the contract.

  • Customer service at Royal Holiday is only good if the member is calling to make a payment.

  • Royal Holidays salespeople tell you they will send you all the information about your contract via email, but this email will never arrive.

  • Booking with Royal Holiday is very difficult, almost impossible. They tell you need more points, and you will need to upgrade and pay even more.

Same thing applies to giving up on your Park Royal timeshare membership, as you can see in the blog reviews, the complaints are similar to the ones above. People reporting the same issues with deceitful salesperson and the resort staff not being nice as they were before the clients denied the assitance to a timeshare meeting.

Also, after being convinced and buying a membership, clients report being forced to upgrade it in order to enjoy the benefits they were promised at first. Besides, other clients finding out their timeshare was never available for the dates they wanted to reserve sometimes they had to pay even more money to book rooms they already “owned”. Leaving them feeling furious and cheated even when online, the suits are available for non-members and for a lower price.

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Cancellation Of The Timeshare

Royal Holiday Clubs can grant you travel opportunities to over 180 different destinations. With flexible and convenient travel options, the timeshare company gives you a chance to collect memories with your family members.

However, the maintenance fees, customer services, or lack of visits to other locations may lead to the owner wanting to exit their agreement, as seen here with Royal Holiday Clubs.

You can cancel your timeshare agreement if you act quickly, especially since the timeshare company does not hold a good reputation in the industry. An average rescission period can range from 1-2 weeks, depending on the rescission laws of the state you made your purchase. Determining the rescission period will help our team narrow down the best option for you during your cancellation process.

You can also try selling your timeshare, but various websites such as that have numerous timeshares listed for $1.00. Unfortunately, there is zero to no resale market.

How To Cancel Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership

ROYAL HOLIDAY destinations, Hotel Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe

If you are stuck with a timeshare at Royal Holiday you dont want and you are within the rescission period, and you are wondering how to cancel you Royal Holiday membership you must follow the next steps to successfully rescind your timeshare contract:

  • Read very carefully your timeshare contract with Royal Holiday and look for the clauses about the cancelation of the contract.

  • Write a cancellation letter and send it to the resort via certified mail to Royal Holiday and keep the evidence that you cancel on time.

  • If you already sent a letter, you should receive a refund of the money you paid. If Royal Holiday doesnt agree to do it, you probably need to hire a timeshare attorney to help you finalize the cancellation process.

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Vacations By New Dimensions Marketing Group

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, but not everyone has the resources or the know-how to get a place in their ideal destination.

Thats where we step in.

New Dimensions Marketing Group provides timeshare rental and resale services for individuals and families. We present you with an extensive array of timeshares you can use to find accommodations that meet your needs. Then, well rent it for you, guaranteeing you the ideal place to stay and unwind in on your own or with loved ones.

Live unforgettable moments! As a Partner you can choose from more than 180 destinations around the world in 52 countries. We freeze the cost of your vacations, with what you will save traveling.Discover Paris, New York, Orlando or Cancun. With Royal Holiday, exploring the world is at your fingertips more than ever.

  • Bedrooms: Points

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