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How To Get Vacation Packages Donated

How To Get Your Charity Raffle Prizes Donated

How to get the best Travel deals.

Start by coming up with a list of raffle prize ideas. Your efforts will be far more fruitful if you have plans laid out for what raffle prizes you hope to procure. Having everyone on the same page will allow more ideas to flow as to where to acquire these types of raffle items.

Getting together with your friends and fundraising group to brainstorm ideas for raffle donations ahead of time, ensures that everyone is on the same page and that you have enough time to procure these items. Setting up this wish list early can help you in your brainstorming sessions.

Your aim is to raise as much money as possible for your charity, so why not save money on your raffle prizes by getting them donated from local businesses? Check out our charity prize donation letter template to help you write a killer letter to local businesses and get tips on how to obtain donated items for your raffle prizes.

Airlines Donate 20000 Flights To Afghan Refugees

Airlines & AirportsUnited AirlinesLacey Pfalz October 27, 2021

Major airlines and their executives announced plans on October 26 to donate 20,000 flights to help resettle Afghan refugees to their new homes in the U.S.

According to The Hill, the airlines include United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada and Frontier Airlines, as well as Boeing and the TripAdvisor Foundation. The organizers of these donations are Welcome.US and Miles4Migrants.

Delta Air Lines Expands into Panama CityAirlines & Airports

The official press release announcing this donation also revealed that the number of flights donated matches the number the American people have already donated through Miles4Migrants or Welcome.US using their frequent flyer miles and credit card points since August.

While refugees typically fund their own transportation, oftentimes they need to take out interest-free loans to pay for their travel expenses. Freeing up this burden can allow for the refugees to pay for other essentials like housing, school supplies and medical care.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporterst in a statement on October 25 that there are currently over 53,000 Afghan refugees in the U.S. Only 6,700 have been relocated thus far, with Miles4Migrants helping to fly 3,000 of them. Welcome.US and Miles4Migrants are looking to reach 70,000 flights donated, or 1 billion airline miles, to help them relocate.

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Regional Food & Wine Basket

A classic item idea for charity auctions, wine is an old stand-by for a few reasons. You can find nice wines that suit a wide range of budgets, tastes, and audiences, but competition will really kick into high gear if youre able to secure a particularly rare vintage.

Charcuterie goods and local food plus fine wines make for an extremely appealing basket.

For live auctions, creating a package of several bottles can be a good idea, and including wine in one or two of your themed baskets or food-related packages is an easy way to boost their value and appeal. Especially valuable bottles can typically stand on their own for bidding, though.

If you have enough bottles on hand, you might even create an additional activity for your accompanying silent auction event.Theyre called wine walls or wine pulls, and theyre one of our favorite ways to increase revenue and guest engagement at events. Learn more about wine wallswith our guide.

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Skip The Donation Request Forms

Business owners value the promotion they receive at benefit events. TravelPledge helps these generous business owners connect directly Create your risk-free account to see which experiences your nonprofit already qualifies for based on our partners’ donation settings. No more rejections!

Virtual ExperiencesLocal Golf

Managing Raffle Sales And Donations Online

How to Get Maldives Holiday Packages

A successful fundraising raffle has the capacity to produce high-profit margins with few upfront costs making raffles a popular nonprofit fundraising strategy. Fundraising raffles are a great option for a group of any size and our raffle platform even allows organizations to sell raffle tickets with peer to peer functionality. One of the most important considerations when planning a raffle fundraiser is how to securely manage the money raised through raffle ticket sales and donations. Online raffle sales are a great way to spread the word, plus, accepting credit cards makes it easy for your constituents to participate and less hassle for your ticket sellers to collect cash and checks. Who has $100 to spare in their wallets, after all?

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Drawing The Charity Raffle Winners

Its a must that the raffle drawing is fair, transparent and well managed. Our raffle platform can manage this for you, too. There are two options when drawing raffle winners:

  • Configure the raffle system to automatically draw random winners.
  • Run a live stream video on your fundraising raffle website, and/or draw the winners on a live stage so everyone can see the action.

Traditional nonprofit raffles occur in a public setting where everyone is invited to attend. Why not create a great gathering or event where you can raise more funds? Ticket holders are invited to the event and refreshments can be purchased. Host a silent auction or other means of raising money while everyone is gathered together.

We Have A Solution Thats Perfect For You

Imagine that at your next charity auction, your attendees have the opportunity to bid on bucket list trips, luxury vacations, and trips to exotic locations like India, Croatia, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Argentina, Morocco, Ecuador, Thailand and the Galapagos Islands. However, we suggest having these amazing packages be on a FINAL BID OFFER these packages are what people tend to go on when they make their vacation plans to destinations such as Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and more for 4 day stays. As per our Power Point Presentation we have attached, we can sell an unlimited amount, there are very little if any restrictions and you make the profit that is shown for your charity.These vacation packages have been a big hit at all the events we have done because who doesnt want to get a great deal to a great destination somewhere in the world on a vacation they were already planning.

Its simple. The non-profit presents the trip on consignment at the event, website, gala or wherever you will have it promoted. Then, the prize is put up for auction or we suggest a FINAL BID PRICE, whereas everyone can purchase it. You do not pay for the trip until it is sold and then you keep the difference between the purchase price and the winning bid. Since you are only purchasing the packages that are sold, theres no cost to the non-profit unless someone actually wins.

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How To Get A Donated Car From Goodwill Or Salvation Army

When youre in dire financial straits, digging yourself out of the hole can seem impossible. In order to get a job, you have to have access to reliable transportation for most of us, that means buying a car. But in order to afford a car payment, you have to have the paycheck from the job you cant get.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, you could be eligible to buy a donated car from the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Read on to learn more about how to get one of these cars and start getting your financial life back on the right track.

Arts Culture & Entertainment

How to get the BEST cruise DEAL Cheap vacations

Silent Auction Donation Overview

These silent auction donations will be a dream come true for your audiences artists and creative types. From concerts to art showings, these packages will give your winners the ultimate entertainment experience. These auction item ideas are especially great for arts nonprofits to auction off at events.

Featured Package

OneCauses featured arts, culture, and entertainment donation is the Ultimate Broadway experience. Your winner and three guests will pick tickets to one of five shows: Aladdin, Anastasia, Cats, School of Rock, or The Lion King.

In New York, your winners will have a private meet-and-greet with 2 cast members at a pre-show, 3 course dinner and an in-theater meet and greet with another cast member following the show.

Plus, youll have a 3 night stay in a standard guest room at the Hyatt, Hilton, or Marriott and of course, airfare for 4 individuals.

Estimated Cost of This Silent Auction Donation

Price ranges will vary based on where you send your guests and which activities you include in the package. OneCauses Ultimate Broadway package runs at $6,495, a riske-free price for nonprofits, and will be a priceless experience for your winner and their guests!

Pro Tips from OneCause

Because this category can be very broad, be sure to select popular activities that many can enjoy. For example, while perhaps only a few donors feel extremely passionate about a renaissance art museum, many might enjoy a pop concert.

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Features Of Our Raffle Fundraising Websites

Our raffle fundraising software offers the most functionality in the marketplace. Raffle software features include:

  • Ability to include free merchandise with raffle ticket purchases
  • Add one raffle prize or multiple prizes
  • Fundraising thermometer to track online fundraising progress
  • Live streaming platform for virtual fundraising events
  • Sponsor promotion via sponsor logos and links to website and social media
  • Easy social media share options
  • Ability to incorporate peer to peer fundraising, where fundraisers sell raffle tickets via personal fundraising pages
  • The system can automatically draw winners from all entries or the administrator can draw winners
  • Include Social Media sharing options to reward supporters who share links and bring in other donors with more raffle entries
  • Text to Give and mobile giving features to make promoting the raffle easy
  • Great technical support
  • Pricing flexibility pay a percentage of credit card sales or use the platform for free with our optional tipping model

Childrens Toys Donation Requests

Brilliant Sky Toys and Books Brilliant Sky Toys and Books accepts in-kind donation requests from organizations for events and projects. Your nonprofit can either apply online or in-store.

Mattel Mattel accepts toy donation requests from January 1 to September 30 every year. Eligible organizations must serve children in the US. However, Mattel doesnt accept requests from schools or universities, daycares, or religious organizations.

ToysRUs The ToysRUs Childrens Fund provides support to organizations in the communities that they service. They offer in-kind donations, as well as monetary contributions.

LEGO LEGO supports organizations and projects that promote childrens play, learning, and creativity and support marginalized and vulnerable children. LEGO doesnt give financial contributions all their donations are in the form of in-kind gifts.

Crayola The Crayola Cares program helps fund organizations that serve arts, education, health and welfare, and civic affairs. Organizations must be located in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Build-A-BearThe goal at Build-A-Bear is to inspire kids to be helpful, empowered, accepting, and respectful team players. They give in-kind donations and grants between $5,000 and $50,000.

JAKKS The JAKKS Cares Foundation focuses on contributing to organizations that serve underprivileged children, families following natural disasters, and holiday and back-to-school giving programs.

Make an online donation request right now!

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Local Business Spotlight Basket

Silent auctions offer a great way for your school to get involved with yourlocal business community.A great way to qualify potential leads here is to ask yourself which local businesses would be connected to your cause and eager to increase their awareness with the demographic that will be attending your event.

Then ask if theyd be willing tomake a donation! When looking for local businesses, think about:

  • Restaurants
  • Auto shops
  • Breweries & wineries

Its a win-win for all parties involvedthe local business builds community awareness, you increase fundraising dollars, and a luck guest will be the winning bidder!

Travel Providers Limit Your Risk

How To Get Deals on Myrtle Beach Hotels &  Avoid Tourist ...

Trying to assemble a fully-donated travel package is, in a word, tough.

A committee or nonprofit staff member will need to devote countless hours to procuring donated travel components – lodging, airfare and exciting excursions. Then, after the event, your organization is on the hook for playing travel agent and fulfilling the trip for the winning bidder.

It’s important to acknowledge the opportunity cost as well: This time and effort could be spent procuring other donated items, networking with potential sponsors, or improving other aspects of the event.

With no-risk travel, incredible vacation packages are already put together with no procurement effort needed on your part. You only pay for a package if it sells for the minimum profitable price you set, meaning a guaranteed return on your investment, or no transaction occurs.

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Simple Steps To Offer Travel In Your Fundraising Auction

One of the most common challenges we hear from event fundraisers is ever-increasing revenue goals.

Sound familiar?

It is very rare for a fundraising events revenue goals to stay flat. In fact, the revenue goal almost always increases next year… while new resources, budget and strategies are rarely deployed. Soon after you experience the high of reaching your goals, reality sets in, and the stress starts all over again.

Break the cycle with a fresh, emerging revenue strategy.

Have you tried redirecting donor travel budgets to your cause using big-ticket travel packages?

Surveys show two-thirds of winning bidders take 3 or more trips per year. Almost half take 4 or more trips, and nearly 20% say they take 6 or more trips annually!

People want to experience life through travel. It just so happens the type of high-net worth individuals you are trying to identify and develop into major donors travel a lot.

Is It A Good Deal

It depends on your luck. The experiences are high-end and exclusive many of which you couldnt arrange at any price.

For instance, the Omaze travel section currently offers a double lunch date with Nicole Scherzinger and rugby player and model Thom Evans. The deal includes round-trip airfare for two people to London and accommodations at a four-star hotel. The package supports the charity Arms Around The Child UK dedicated to building better circumstances for children around the world who are experiencing extreme adversity.

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United Oneheart Charitiesa 501 Public Charity

How would you like to receive an awesome Vacation Package and not even have to pay a luxury surcharge or income taxes to the IRS on this award?

You receive all of the amazing vacations and bonuses listed, plus so much more!

Many of the vacations you receive are valued at over $1,000.00 each, and YOU GET THEM ALL over a $15,000 value!!

You can receive all these luxury vacations for less than 7 cents on the dollar!

Typically how the government works is, if you were to win the lottery or new car, or a major award like this, by law, you would have to pay an income tax of up to 35% or more on the entire value of the prize.

Because United OneHeart Charities, Inc., is a public charity organization pursuant to Title 26, Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code, you dont pay the 35% taxes, and you dont pay 25% taxes, you dont even pay the government a dime! With this award-donation program, the government pays you!! Would you like the government to help pay for your familys next or maybe first dream vacation? Who wouldnt?!? You see, the beauty of this program is, that is exactly how it works. United OneHeart Charities works with major corporations who help sponsor these awards for our National Fundraising Campaign.

Do You Need A Charity Fundraising Idea

How to Collaborate with Brands + Hotels (& Get Paid!)

Maybe youre still brainstorming ideas for your next fundraiser or youre looking for new and creative ways to raise money. We have a great team that can help you figure out all the details including a variety of different products to choose from and not just vacation packages! Our #1 goals is to give you what you need so you can raise the most for your cause.

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Setting Raffle Ticket Prices

The raffle ticket price should be high enough to reflect the value of the prize and raise the funds needed, but shouldnt be so high that few will buy a ticket. You have to know your audience to know what the market can bear in terms of raffle ticket pricing. Keep in mind that if students are participating and purchasing tickets, youll want to have some low price point items and plan to sell more tickets. Remember, you can charge higher ticket prices for the larger prizes. Many organizations have a single raffle ticket price , as well as a discounted rate for multiple purchases .

Hotels And Resorts Donation Requests

Best Western Best Western focuses on three areas of philanthropy: poverty relief, education, and disaster relief. They work with networks like World Vision and Kiva to help families and kids in underprivileged countries and communities around the world.

Choice Hotels Choice brand hotels have partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to help young people across the country enhance their local communities. They also distribute financial matching gifts via the Choice Hotels International Foundation.

Disney Last year alone, Disney donated more than $330 million to nonprofits that assist children and their families. Disney demonstrates their support through cash grants, in-kind donations, and public service announcements.

Hilton Worldwide Nonprofits can submit their grant applications to Hiltons Contributions Review Committee. The application requires basic information, a project budget and timeline, and details about the projects expected achievements.

Host Hotels Host Hotels allows their employees to choose which charity they would like to donate to each and every month. They also support over 125 community investments that are also selected by their employees.

InterContinental Hotels Group InterContinental accepts donation requests from nonprofits that focus on environmental sustainability, economic opportunity, and disaster relief. The IHG Foundation also helps local communities and focuses on sustainability.

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