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How To Secure A Vacation Home

Better Options With A Budget

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Conspicuously mounted outdoor cameras, such as the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera, do a great job of dissuading potential burglars . I have the Nest Cam Outdoor set under our front stoop that sends a notification and a video clip if someone approaches the basement door.Mounted on your house, a camera also lets you check on your property after inclement weather, a huge help if you have large trees or suffer from flooding. And as a little pro tip, Corey strongly advises against mounting fake cameras: If youre going to mount a camera, get a real onedummy cameras give you a false sense of security.

You can install a low-cost motion-sensing camera inside your home as well, which will send word whenever anyonea house sitter, dog walker, repairperson, or potential burglarcrosses its path. It also lets you see live video and even communicate walkie-talkiestyle, if need be.

Along with wind and hail, water is one of the most common sources of damage for homeowners. Tiny battery-powered moisture detectors such as the D-Link DCH-S1621KT Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor Kit, placed near a water heater or sewer drain, connect to your homes Wi-Fi and send an alert to your phone if they sense a leak or flood.

Make Your Vacation Home Look Lively

Turning on lights and blasting the television isnt an effective way to deter burglars. Make your home look lively by holding your mail at the post office, hiring an occasional house sitter to check-in on your property, and getting creative. Readers Digest suggests asking a neighbor to park in your driveway or leave tire tracks in fresh snow to deter burglars.

Keep A Car In The Driveway

Unless you have to use your car to get to your vacation destination, leaving it parked in the driveway can be a a great option for increasing your homes security while youre not there. Its all about creating the illusion that someone is home, even when thats not the case, and having a car parked in the driveway is just another way to do that.

The obvious issue that you may run into is that you might be planning to use your car to drive to where youre going. If thats the case, a good alternative is to ask a nearby friend or neighbor if they would be willing to park their car in your driveway while youre away. To sweeten the deal, offer to pay for their next carwash when you get back.

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Install An Automated Home Security System

You can install motion-sensor lights to illuminate various walkways, windows and entryways. This will act as a highly effective deterrent, because most thieves will decide to go elsewhere if your house lights up upon their approach. You can also install timers for indoor lights to give the impression that there is activity in the house, even if youre far away. Automated home security systems such as BeHome247 enable you to control all kinds of home devices including door locks, lights, cameras, etc., by way of your smartphone or computer. In addition, something as simple as cameras mounted on the outside of your home can discourage most would-be intruders, even if you use fake or imitation security cameras.

Get A Programmable Or Smart Thermostat

How to Protect Your Home and Your Valuables During a Hurricane

When youre gone, theres no use heating or cooling an empty house to a comfortable temperature, but you dont want to turn your system off entirely, either. A good rule of thumb is to set your thermostat to four degrees above or below your normal setting when youre away. In the winter, this should never be below 50 °F so your pipes dont freeze. With a programmable thermostat, you can set a schedule ahead of time so your house will be back to a comfortable temperature by the time you return home.

Even better, get a smart thermostat so you can check in on your homes temperature from afar and make adjustments if needed. We recommend the Nest Learning Thermostat because it learns your temperature preferences, uses geofencing, and is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home. Check out the table below to see some of our favorite smart thermostats and which smart home brands you can pair them with.

Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, Wink, Samsung SmartThings Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit

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Tips For Better Vacation Home Security

As summer turns to fall, people with vacation homes begin to pack up and head back to their full-time residence. Our Vacation Security Checklist pointed out some unique security needs that come with leaving your home empty during vacation season. Likewise, leaving your vacation home empty as vacations wind down also creates security issues that require addressing. In this post, we share some valuable ideas for improving vacation home security.

We will begin with some tips on involving friends and neighbors in your security plan. The more eyes you have on your vacant vacation spot, the better. Community involvement can go a long way towards providing a measure of security and peace of mind. From there, we will share some tips on making your absence less conspicuous. We will also take a look at some security equipment that you can install to monitor your vacation home in your absence. Finally, well take a look at sensors that alert you to potentially damaging environmental conditions in your vacation home. Lets begin by exploring how your neighbors and community can help monitor your vacation home.

Have A Monitored Security System Installed:

Installing a regular CCTV camera can seem safe and secured to look after the home. After installing a security camera, the security company must pay regular visits to keep a check on the cameras functioning. With full monitored security systems, its like someone is looking out on the property like a guardian or security guard.

With monitored security, you can get real-time footage whenever and anywhere you want. With the help of smart applications, you keep a check on vacation homes.

With this facility, you even get a notification when someone is trying to attempt forceful entry into the house, and the alarms then go off, which alerts the neighbors. One of the key benefits of a security system is that it works all time and keeps us updated.

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Is It Legal To Install Vacation Home Rental Security Cameras

The short answer is yes, but its considered as a violation of privacy if you place holiday surveillance cameras in the areas where people expect a higher degree of privacy, such as change room, bathroom and bedroom. So if you want to get vacation rentals in Safety Harbor Florida, do make sure that your security cameras be placed in the right way and area.

Secure Windows & Doors:

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Often, it is observed that vacation homes have a lot of small windows that remain open for ventilation keeping the guests reminded that they would not be visiting the house for another few days.

Most of the burglaries are done through unforced entries, especially through windows and sometimes weak door locks. When burglars look into houses, they know they dont have to put too much effort and enter the house quickly without getting noticed or being alarmed about. By securing windows and doors, we can skip these mishappenings.

The best way to avoid such mishaps happening to the house is by installing secure smart locks on the windows and doors with passcodes and alarm systems.

Then if someone tries to forcefully enter the house, the alarms start ringing, neighbors get alert, and notification is received. Individuals must lock all doors and windows properly before leaving.

Even the slide doors must be locked with security bars. Individuals must lock the basement or back doors and install deadbolts at the external doors.

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What To Do When You Get To Your Southern Home

  • Open all windows to let your Southern home air out and plug in kitchen appliances as soon as you arrive.
  • Inspect the home to make sure that everything looks good and that its free of damage.
  • Contact the utility companies before you get to your Southern home so that the power, cable, etc., are turned on when you arrive.

Make It Seem Like Youre Still Home

Thieves, vandals and other criminals looking to take advantage of your property are if they think youre home. Use these tips to give the appearance that your vacation home is still occupied:

Take care of the mail. Rerouting your mail makes sure you dont miss anything important and keeps mail from piling up on the doorstep of your vacation home. If you dont want to have your mail forwarded, ask a neighbor if they would mind keeping it from filling up your mailbox and giving the appearance that no one is home.

Suspend services. Suspending cable service, trash pickup, newspaper and other services will not only help you at the end of the season but help you get a jump on scheduling for your return. Making sure newspapers arent piling up at your door is crucial for appearances plus, youll save money by cutting back on services you wont need.

Dont advertise your departure. Posting on social media that youre returning home for the colder months might seem inconsequential, but you never know whos watching. Refrain from indicating that your home will be empty for the foreseeable future.

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Install Light And Motion Detectors

Its best to deter burglars right from the start so that they wont even consider your vacation rental home as their next project. The majority of thieves operate at night time, as they can easily go unnoticed in the dark. By dressing in all black, they can camouflage too.

So how can you spot these unwanted chameleons? Prevent them from going anywhere near your rental at night by installing floodlights, light and motion detectors. As soon as any type of movement is sensed, the lights will turn on straight away and expose the robber.

These detectors arent limited to the exterior. You can also install wireless motion sensors inside the property. Once movement is registered, youll also get notified straight away on your cell phone. Its especially useful for those managing their rentals remotely! Luckily these sensors dont cost a fortune, you can get one for a low as $17.00.

Have Someone Take The Trash Out


When trash sits in a garage or outside for a week or more, it not only stinks up the joint , it can attract bad guys. If they catch wind , theyll be suspicious and more prone to snooping around. If your trash is visible from the curb, its also a visual cue to burglars if everyone elses cans are empty in the neighborhood and yours is stuffed to the brim.

If trash day comes while youre on vacation, ask a neighbor if they can pull your cans out and bring them back in after the trash is taken. Since theyre already doing it themselves, its generally not too much of an inconvenience.

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How To Secure A Vacation Home And Safeguard Your Guests Even If Youre Miles Away

Home safe home. The safety and security of your vacation rental means everythingto us, to you, and to your guests. The first rule to keeping your vacation home secure ? Doing what you can to prevent incidents in the first place.

Taking precautions and having the right security essentials in place will go a long way in warding off potential risks. Plus, this will help ensure a smooth and safe stay for your guests.

Here are vacation home security tips to safeguard your home, while also helping to keep your guests feeling secure and protected.

Home Security Tip #: Install A Home Security System

Another way to protect your home is with a home security system. In addition to reducing the chance your home will be burglarized , many leading home security systems offer remote access and allow you to check up on your home right from your phone. You can even use your device to lock/unlock doors or check on pets in real-time via security cameras. Plus, your insurance provider may discount your home insurance premium up to 20 percent when you install a security system and those savings could help pay for your vacation.

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Home Security Tip #: Avoid Garage Break

Many homeowners focus on the main body of their home and forget to secure the garage. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to help protect your home from a garage break-in. These include installing motion detector lights on the corners of the garage, ensuring the garage service door is locked, and hiding valuables out of sight. If you leave a car in the driveway, be sure to remove the garage door remote so a burglar wont think twice about breaking into your car and using the remote to access your garage.

Have Someone Mow The Lawn/shovel The Driveway

portable door lock | DIY gadgets | (part:- 13) #shorts

Two of the biggest giveaways that someone is away from home are an unkempt lawn and a snowy driveway with not the slightest hint of human movement. So in the summer, find a neighbor kid, family member, friend, or landscaping company to mow your lawn , and in the winter do the same with clearing your driveway and sidewalks of snow.

Also, asking someone to take care of any other outdoor chores that might arise is a good idea. For instance, if a storm comes through and knocks some branches down in everyones yard, and youre the only house that hasnt picked them up, its clear you arent home. Hopefully these incidences are few and far between, but they do happen. Neighbors are probably your best bet here, as theyll be the ones to know if something has happened on your street.

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Implement A Home Security System

Having a home security system installed, or opting for the DIY installation route, is the best way to keep your home secure while you are away. As there are quite a few varying types of security systems readily available on the market, it would be worth your while to research security systems to evaluate which would be best for your home.

There’s no doubt your home is as unique as your security needs, so you should opt for a system that will maintain safety even after you return from your well-deserved vacation. From smart home security cameras that boast remote access to smart locks for your doors, you will be able to find solutions for your needs.

Maintain Maintenance For Your Vacation Home

Your vacation home will still be susceptible to environmental factors, minor breakdowns and wear and tear while youre away. Heres how to make sure your home stays in good shape while youre gone:

Check your circuit breakers. Its a good idea to turn off the circuit breakers for all nonessential outlets, excluding the security alarm, furnace fans, air conditioner, sump pump, smoke detectors and emergency lights.

Get a service checkup. You can get a heads-up on any potential problems by having an appliance service person come out and identify potential issues.

Maintain your drains.Pouring water mixed with baking soda down your drains will . Dont ever leave a clogged or leaky pipe unattended it will only allow the problem to worsen and cause more headaches for you when you return.

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Keep Personal Info Off Social Media

Resist the temptation to post personal details about your vacation home, location or schedule. Burglars scour social media to find out who is home and who is not, and can gather personal information to hack alarm codes and online passwords. Its also wise to check your social media photos and remove anything with metadata and geotagging information. You can turn this feature off in your smartphone for future photos. And if you must share some photos and vacation updates, change your Facebook settings to only show your posts to close friends and family.

Make Sure It Looks Like Someones Home

How to Protect your Home While Traveling for Vacation

To avoid becoming another crime statistic, take steps to make sure it looks like someones still at home. Set timers on lights, radios, and televisions so theyll automatically turn on at varied times during the morning and evening. Make sure your grass is freshly cut. Have someone park their car in your empty driveway. Position window blinds and curtains like normaljust make sure they arent exposing expensive home furnishings or appliances. And while youre at it, ask a neighbor to collect your mail for you, and arrange to stop your newspaper delivery.

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How To Secure Your Vacation Home: 5 Tips

A vacation home is a wonderful place where you can escape from everyday routine, and keeping them secure is very beneficial. Unfortunately, vacation homes are often subject to burglary, vandalism, and trespassing due to being vacant for a long time span.

Staying in a vacation home is preferred by everyone, but people are a little scared of the thought of being robbed or broken into. There are millions of things that people will tell and scare you with but dont worry, every vacation homeowner incorporates some safety measures for travelers.

Vacation homes are a great alternative to hotel rooms. They provide all the benefits such as Airbnb cleaning services and cooking facilities from Vacationhomehelp, i.e., all this is at home, and these are comfortable enough. Leaving the vacation home empty as vacation winds down also create security issues that require proper addressing.

Below are some simple tips which you can incorporate to ensure that the vacation homes & valuables are kept safe from unwanted visitors while you are away. These includes:

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