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How To Advertise Your Vacation Rental

Social Media Marketing Gives Your Vacation Rental The Competitive Advantage

How To Advertise A Vacation Rental Property Deliciously (Website & Marketing Tips)

As a vacation rental homeowner, youre running a business. And your business is built on creating guest connections and guest experiences that are exactly what they wanted and more. Social media gives you the opportunity to accomplish this, although it does take a bit of work.

With that being said, wed recommend only creating accounts on social media platforms that you know youll keep up with. There is nothing worse than a traveler finding your page and seeing that it hasnt been updated in months. Without frequent updates, it may seem like property is no longer in operation.

If you do decide to take the plunge into the world of social media, wed love to help make your time worthwhile. Be sure to tag and comment on our Evolve social media accounts as an extra way to boost your online presence. Well be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to help share your posts and promote your property further:

We only succeed when our owners succeed, and we want to help provide the best tips to do so. Social media marketing will help you put your vacation rental in front of potential guests quickly and efficiently. If youre thinking about partnering with Evolve and have questions about this or any other aspect of managing your rental property, feel free to see if you qualify for Evolves services to learn more. Theres no pressure at all and we genuinely want to help you if we can.

Encourage Guests To Share Their Experiences

A happy guest can be your greatest ally. Encourage clients to leave a review and share their vacation photos and experiences on their social media pages, tagging yours in it. They can also link directly to your vacation rental site from their own Facebook and Instagram accounts, or other social media platforms. Word of mouth is still the most effective marketing available, which is why Lodgifys social media integration is so helpful.

Stay in touch with past clients. Building a relationship with past guests should be the goal of anyone in the hospitality industry. Use social media and your website to respond to reviews, answer common questions and thank people for their business. At the same time, remember you must do everything possible to avoid negative reviews.

What Is Digital Marketing For Vacation Rentals

Digital marketing for your vacation rental is any method, strategy, or tool for getting your vacation rental business in front of potential guests. Although digital marketing will be online, there are still some tactics that you can do off the computer.

If you have a vacation rental website, then online marketing is even more crucial for getting noticed. If you dont have your own website, and have only listed your rental on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, you can still benefit from a concerted effort to get your listing in front of people.

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Create An Enticing Title

Always fill in the rent, number of bedrooms and square footage as this gets added to your title and is used as filtered criteria for Craigslist search.

Be sure to highlight key features of your unit like a hot tub, swimming pool, or location close to key attractions. If you have a seasonal rental or availability during a popular event, include that information in the headline as well .

Try different headlines to see what generates the most inquiries. Craigslist users have the option to search the title only so experimenting with popular keywords for your vacation rental is critical.

Where Can I Post A Vacation Rental

How to advertise your vacation home rental

Top 10 Vacation Rental Websites for Landlords Airbnb. Airbnb is the leading vacation home rental site in the industry. HomeAway. HomeAway is another leading vacation rental property website, with more than two million listings across 190 countries. VRBO. TripAdvisor. OwnerDirect. Kid & Coe. HouseTrip.

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Other Sites You Should Consider Advertising On Vacation Rental

The TemporadaLivre, which is specific to the season branch and is growing in the market. It works with monthly fees with a very interesting price with the competitors in mind and does not charge a commission.

, which is starting to make room for season rentals, and has a high traffic of visitors, but still works much better with hotels and inns. The site works with instant commissioned bookings.

ZapImóveis, which has a recent vacation rental area, is expected to grow in the coming months. It is already a very profitable channel for annual rentals and has proved to be a great player in the seasonal market. Zap does not charge a commission, it charges only for the listing.

Mercado Livre, which despite being a channel to offer anything, already has many seasonal property listings and has very considerable traffic, which can yield some bookings.

And in your experience, what are the best sites for vacation rentals? Share with us here in the comments!

If you already have more than one listing channel and want to optimize your routine, we recommend reading this article on channel manager.

Facebook Is The Way Forward

Social media needs to be streamlined and effective when promoting your Airbnb listing, its an essential part of marketing your property and should not be overlooked. Facebook has a huge potential reach and so smart hosts should have a separate Facebook page for their listing and promote to friends, family and the general public.

For lifestyle, Facebook still has a strong footing when making content reach the masses, people go on to plan their leisure pursuits and see whats new in the travel world, so this should be maxed out. Provide striking photos and snappy, factual content about the listing and never forget to write a brilliant headline, like we mentioned in our previous posts.

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Vacation Rental Marketing Ultimate Guide

It can be easy to let marketing fall by the wayside when you are busy with the day-to-day operations of running a vacation rental business. But if you want to run a successful vacation rental, growing occupancy, rates, and revenue, then you canât ignore marketing. In fact, you should make it a top priority, devoting time, effort, and money to marketing your vacation rental.

Top Marketing Strategies for Your Vacation Rental

  • Determine the Right Channel Mix
  • Optimize Your Listings
  • Ask for Reviews
  • Create A Social Media Account

    How To Advertise Vacation Rental Properties

    The power of social media may be the best way to get your vacation rental out there to potential clients. Social media gives you the option to post several pictures of your property or properties all on one account. The best part about it: its free! Creating a Twitter or Instagram account just gives potential guests one more platform to check out your space. They may even see your account first on social media and use your property as the destination for their next vacation! Be sure to use several hashtags to promote your account such as #airbnb, #vacationrentalproperties, #vacation, #travel, #realestate, and #photography. If you go the Facebook route , consider creating a business account and promoting your posts to potential clients for a small fee. Youll target a different crowd, but these may potentially be the perfect clients for your property.

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    Get Social Media Savvy

    Where is the first place people around the world go to post and share what is important to them with all their friends and followers? Social media. Social media has exploded in recent years, and now, homeowners have the chance to connect with potential guests around the world through free tools such as Facebook and Instagram.

    How To Use Social Media To Advertise Your Vacation Rental

    Social media is a wealth of information, advertising, and connection. With so many people using social media for nearly all facets of life, it should come as no surprise that using it to help market your vacation rental is a smart way to keep up with the growing competition.

    To help you out, weve created a high-level guide to walk you through best practices for marketing your vacation rental property on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    How Do You Promote A Place Example

    One of the best ways to promote the town is to create radio and television ads, focusing on the slogan for the town and the points discussed in the marketing plan. Make a tourist map. Another great way to promote the town is to create a detailed map for tourists and place them in local malls, restaurants, and bars.

    How Can I Advertise My Vacation Rental For Free

    Our Marketing and Advertising Network

    Today, the internet is teeming with ways to advertise your vacation home for free. Build social media accounts for your property and start posting regularly. Offer relevant traveler tips on your blog. Write relevant keywords into your online descriptions. Answer questions travelers are asking online about your destination. Encourage your past guests to leave reviews.

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    List Your Vacation Rental Property On Multiple Sites

    Generally, more reach equals more prospective tenants. As such, for maximum visibility, market your short-term rental on as many rental listing sites as possible.

    Some of the best vacation rental sites include:

    • Expedia
    • TripAdvisor
    • HomeAway

    You should also use social media! Instagram and Facebook, in particular, can be great advertising platforms.

    This is because:

    • They allow re-targeting, which means you may be able to target people who recently made vacation bookings and,
    • You can target people from certain locations, or who are just interested in travelling.

    Other Vacation Rental Listing Websites

    With the popularity of sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, there are lots of similar sites these days. Here are some other websites for vacation rentals by owner you can look into:

    Also check out this list of niche vacation rental sites to find websites based on your location or unique characteristics of your property.

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    How To Successfully Advertise Your Vacation Rental Property

    by Nate Berger | May 26, 2021 | Owner Education |

    Short-term vacation rentals can be an exciting and profitable investment. However, as is with any other rental investment, the key to success lies in keeping the units booked.

    At Anchor Down Property Management, we have the right marketing strategies to help you have high booking rates all year-round and were here to share them with you!

    In this post, we are listing 7 tips to get you started!

    Lets get into it!

    Make A Promotional Video About The Local Area

    How to target your Facebook ads for vacation rental / promote Airbnb listing to get more bookings?

    Create a short video about why you love your local area. Include seasonal events, favorite restaurants, unique local attractions, and all of the things you like about the town/city/state. If youre not great with a camera, find an already-made video about your area online and write a description to go with it! This makes a great social media post, or a good link to include on your vacation rental listing.

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    Create A Business Website For Guests To Book Your Vacation Rental Property Directly

    Once youve got your property listing on all the popular online travel agencies and youve perfected your social media game, its time to start thinking about creating your own website.

    Having your own website opens your vacation rental business up to even more digital marketing opportunities. With a website of your own, your vacation rental has a chance to be found by more guests through search engines.

    Another added perk is that you can start attracting direct bookings for your vacation rental. This means youll be paying less service fees to third-party listing sites and taking home more profit at the end of the day.

    The best part of creating your website is that you dont need to be a web developer. There are many website builder options available, like or WordPress, to help you create your professional website in a few simple clicks. Even better, iGMS offers a website builder on the Beta version so that hosts can manage every aspect of their vacation rental in one convenient place.

    Vacation Rental Marketing Services And More

    To get the most out of vacation rental marketing, partner with a professional company who knows how to market your short-term rental and knows the industry inside and out. Grand Welcomes comprehensive management program helps you with everything from listing your property to dynamic pricing to housekeeping to marketing.

    If you are a passionate entrepreneur looking for a franchise opportunity in the vacation rental business, Contact Grand Welcome Franchise today to see how we can help you jump into the vacation rental management business and expand it through our vacation rental marketing servicesand more.

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    What Else You Should Know:

    • It has a guided step by step to publish a property, which makes the process the easiest of the sites on this list.
    • The site offers, in some capitals of Brazil, a professional photographer free of charge to take pictures of your properties.
    • It has an educational and informative area for the hosts.
    • Airbnb charges the traveler a fee of 6% to 12%, which ends up making it more expensive for tourists. You may run a promotion, for example, and it may not be attractive to tourists because of the fee, which does not happen on other sites, such as
    • It has a communication channel with the traveler, for you to combine details and explain doubts. The culture of the site encourages conversation before hosting, which can be a little tiring for those who do not like to answer questions or just want to rent quickly.
    • When placing your apartment, you determine how long in advance you need to know about a guest. This eliminates bookings at the last minute, in case you do not want them.
    • Due to the ease of advertising and the low collection rate, competition is high. There are more than 95 thousand listings in Brazil alone. We advise you not to depend only on this channel.

    Stays is:

    How Do I Advertise My Vacation Rental

    How To Advertise Vacation Rental Property

    The 7 Best Ways to Market Your Vacation Rental and Keep It Booked List on several sites. If you want more visibility, then dont just stick to one platform. Advertise on social media. Create a property website. Cultivate more reviews. Leverage local events and happenings. Invest in quality photos. Tap your past renters.

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    How Do You Market A Vacation Rental On Facebook

    There are two ways to market your vacation home on any social media channelby posting content or by paying to advertise. In both cases, always be relevant. Post your best property photos. Showcase different amenities you offer. Offer local tips on what to do, see, and eat in your town. Promote any specials. Plus, engage with other businesses in your area and link to your social media channels clearly on your site. You could also try visiting the Facebook page of your local tourism bureau and answering visitors questions.

    Advertise Sales And Other Deals

    Everyone loves a great deal. So if youre ready to offer a discounted rate for a three-day weekend, let your readers know. is a great way to get the word out quickly. Instagram is also a great tool, especially if your targeted audience is unlikely to use Facebook.

    Nowadays most travelers follow brands on social media to access promotions and discounts. So you can give your followers what they want by posting deals and special offers regularly. Take holidays and seasonality into account, like Valentines Day and plan discounts around them. The low season is also a great time to offer added-value deals.

    This can be a great free way to increase your bookings. Its true that most social media sites offer paid advertising to promote your posts, but consider that every post is, in some way, an advertisement for your vacation rental. If you plan it right, you can get free publicity from these social network sites.

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    Submit Your Property Photos To Interior Design Blogs

    If your property is popping with a fresh interior design and stellar furnishings, a design blog may be interested in featuring your property on their website. Smaller design or real estate blogs will likely be more receptive to your pitch than more prominent brands. Be sure to include why your property would be a good fit for their blog. For example, if you run an eco-friendly short-term rental, pitching to a real estate or design blog that focuses on sustainability would make sense.

    Why Should You Use Social Media For Vacation Rentals

    Vacation Rental Advertising

    Vacation rental social media marketing is an excellent way to sway new users. On some platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, when a user interacts with what youve shared , it automatically appears on that users news feed. So something as simple as a like on your page or post can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of their friends.

    As a result, it gives you further advertising and can reach people you would never have imagined. People will come across your page simply just by scrolling through their personal feed. Each post you make is an exciting opportunity to find new potential customers.

    Below are just 10 of the endless benefits of social media and ways on how you can reach out to potential guests:

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    Advertise Your Properties Offline

    It is surely extremely important to advertise your properties on the Internet but dont forget the real world! Offline advertising is not dead and here are several tips to stand out from the competition by developing an effective offline advertising strategy.

    Make Use Of Low Cost Ads

    If youre willing to spend some coins to improve your advertising strategy, you might want to use print ads. You can publish physically printed content in newspapers and magazines related to tourism or local lifestyle, for example, to reach your guests.

    Be straight to the point, include basic information about your property such as the address, the price, information regarding the number of rooms and guests allowed, services and specific features included, and of course a link to your website or to a site where people can see photos of your holiday let. Include your email address or phone number to be reached by guests.

    Start Networking And Developing Partnerships

    Networking is a fantastic way to make people aware of your business and increase its visibility.

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