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Best Vacation Rental Investment Markets

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Vacation Rental Market Analysis in 4 Simple Steps
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Exodus From Urban Housing Markets

The trend of buyers and renters moving to the suburbs and beyond has created a surplus of apartment buildings and units on the urban markets.

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that a reverse migration back to the inner cities likely will not happen as some are hoping for. The work-at-home trend is coloring the market into 2021 and beyond. First-time homebuyers will be competing with rental property investors are looking to a whole new set of the best cities to buy rental houses and low-density units.

And houses for rent is still the biggest trend going however were seeing apartment rent prices beginning to rise as the pandemic begins to die away. And eager home buyers are heating up property prices from California, to Texas and Hawaii, to Australia to the UK.

What is the one decision that will change results for California property managers? Its the first word youll see on This Page.

How Do You Analyze Short

So, how can you make sure to capitalize on these trends for your advantage this year? Knowing what to deliver is only the first part of the process, the rest will be learning how to evaluate a great market opportunity from the get-go.

While current trends seem to have left bustling urban centers and internationally-renowned destinations behind, there are many more factors that go into analyzing the viability of the location, neighborhood, and accommodation style you’ve been eyeing.

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Selecting Your Property By Intent In The Sarasota Area

It’s also important to identify your ideal renter. If you’re focused on long-term rentals rather than a vacation property, which age group are you marketing to? Which demographic?

Retirees will be looking for different amenities in the Sarasota area and along the Gulf Coast compared to millennial renters. It’s critical as an investor to identify your target market because that can also affect the real estate investments you want to add to your portfolio and determine the neighborhoods in which they reside.

Rules And Regulations In The City

Top 10 USA Vacation Rental Investment Markets

With Airbnbs becoming popular in various cities across the world, multiple strict rules and regulations have been imposed on short-term rental businesses to avoid the downfall of the local housing market. An Airbnb business has a greater chance of succeeding in locations with few or no restrictions on the rental business. These cities have tourists and business people coming in from all over the world which increases the occupancy rates of Airbnb homes.

If you are based in the United States, letâs explore the Top 6 Markets you might want to focus your attention on in 2022.

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How To Choose The Best Place To Own A Vacation Rental

When you decide to buy a vacation rental property, and youâre looking for the best place to buy vacation rental property in 2022, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that this is a property that you might want to use as a vacation retreat occasionally, so itâs important that it is a property that you like and enjoy spending time at, and that the location is somewhere that you like going to.

Secondly, you also need to remind yourself that this isnât just a secondary residence, and while itâs important that itâs a location that you enjoy, itâs also important that itâs a profitable location in order to run a vacation rental there.

Thirdly, taking both of the above aspects into consideration, you need to find a balance between what you enjoy and what actually makes sense financially. If you think youâre going to be spending a lot of time in this property, then maybe you should prioritize a location that you enjoy over another location that promises a better return on investment but that you enjoy less.

Of course, while choosing a location based on its appeal is a matter of personal preference and is a decision that people can make on their own after researching the different locations, assessing a location based on its performance for short-term rentals is a whole different deal.

Top 7 Usa Airbnb Markets To Invest In 2022

In this day and age, running an Airbnb vacation rental business seems a surefire way to generate revenue and a lucrative business to focus on full time. The trick however, lies predominantly in choosing the right markets to invest in when you start a vacation rental property management business in order to make it profitable.

Investing in properties of your own requires significant research into market demand for locations, seasons and other factors that will draw a steady flow of guests and ensure you get a fair price on the property.

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South Jersey Shore New Jersey

In’s 2020 report on the best vacation rental properties, South Jersey Shore was listed as number 2, second only to the Florida Panhandle. Why? Jersey Shore is a hugely popular area for American vacationers. It is host to some incredible entertainment activities and a vast number of nearby beaches.

Long Beach is a particular highlight, with access to the best beaches, cafes, bars, restaurants, and nightlife. Those interested in nature can go on ocean adventures, including snorkeling and exploration of native marine life.

Jersey Shore has a bit of everything and at a reasonable price, making it a trendy destination. Some areas worth considering include Weehawken, Bayonne, Summit, and Stone Harbor.

New Apartment Stock Arriving

Now is THE Best Time to Buy a Short-Term Rental Investment

The US needs millions of new apartments by 2030. New construction has risen but is expected to slow given material costs and labor shortages.

  • growth in rental demand was largest for people with incomes lower than $25,000.
  • younger renters in the US account for 4 million new renters over the past decade.
  • rental grew fastest for household incomes over $50,000 .
  • 1.6 million more renters now with incomes over $100,000 a year.
  • the amount of rental stock also grew
  • rental vacancy rate was less than 5% in 75% of the United States largest cities
  • 89% of the biggest cities saw rents grow in January
  • smaller cities are seeing the biggest increases
  • Counter to the overall trend, renting is more affordable than buying a home in the nations 14 most populated counties and in 30 of 39 counties with a population of 1 million or more including Los Angeles County, California Cook County , Illinois Harris County , Texas Maricopa County , Arizona and San Diego County, California, including cities of Miami, New York City, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Jose, San Francisco and Boston. from Attomdata report.

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    Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental

    The single biggest purchase you may ever make in your life is where you live, but why own just one home when you can also invest in a vacation property and rent it out when youre not there?

    Thanks to hosting platforms such as Airbnb, where vacation home investors can earn on average upwards of $900 per month, short-term rentals can yield long-term profits, especially if theyre located in Americas most in-demand cities where you can charge as much as four times that amount.

    There are other perks to being a short-term rental landlord. Besides helping you pay off your second mortgage, if you rent out your vacation property for more than 14 days you can write off many of the expenses youll incur to maintain and repair it, such as hosting fees, cleaning costs, property management fees and occupancy taxes.

    Most importantly, a vacation home can build long-term wealth and perhaps help ensure healthy finances upon retirement. Sell it and use the cash to cover your future costs of living, travel and healthcare, or keep it and enjoy your retirement there.

    Here, in ascending order, are the best places to buy a vacation rental in 2021.

    11. The Catskills, N.Y.

    10. Cape Coral, Fla.

    9. Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

    8. Branson, Mo.

    A popular family destination in the Ozarks, this small town with Wild West vibes offers a variety of fun-filled, year-round entertainment options. The median rental revenue is $21,488 the median listing price is $162,496 and the estimated cap rate is 9%.

    Is There A Market For Short

    First things first, let’s answer the most burning question new real estate investors might want to ask in 2021: Is there even a market for short-term rentals when the world is at a standstill?

    While back in early 2020 the pandemic did definitely put a dent in many investors’ business goals,figures show that travelers are more eager to go out and explore new destinations than ever.

    Airbnb accommodations or other short-term rental properties, for example, have been shown to be much safer than hotels when it comes to isolating and avoiding close contact with other travelers.

    Uncontested industry giant Airbnb reached a market cap of$130 billion earlier this year–it just makes sense that newly vaccinated, conscious tourists would choose short-term rentals as their accommodation of choice this summer.

    But what other types of properties could you expect to be in demand?

    According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, around65% of all Airbnb rentals can be found in multifamily buildings, suggesting that the bulk of the market resides in urban apartments.

    That said, as travelers continue to avoid busy urban centers and prefer heading out to more secluded and quiet destinations, the supremacy of multifamily buildings is starting to waver.

    Therefore, it’s fair to assume that property managers might fare better looking at more remote,beauty spot properties instead, or even consider smaller, on-the-rise tourist hotspots.

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    Increased Focus On Frictionless Stays

    One of the biggest trends to come out of the pandemic is that guests are now preferring tech-facilitated, contactless stays over more personal human experiences.

    In order to meet the demand for a more frictionless stay, short-term rental owners are now embracing the benefits of technology by providing keyless entry, comprehensive guide books on arrival, and constant digital communication opportunities to interact with their guests and answer their questions. If social media was important before, it is now considered absolutely essential to make sure your guests are feeling well cared for, without in-person contact.

    Past Best Places To Buy

    Top 10 USA Vacation Rental Investment Markets

    Many locations disappeared from the Top 25 this year.Some ranked lower due to increased regulations in urban markets others due to increases in real estate prices.

    Eight cities, however, kept their rank in the Top 25 this and last year: Pigeon Forge, Panama City Beach, Kissimmee, Gatlinburg, and Killington.

    Heres an overview of the Top Five Places to Buy for the past three years:

    Purchasing in a stable regulatory environment makes you less likely to encounter issues receiving a return on your investment.

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    Key Profit Factors For Airbnb Renting

    As with all things real estate, its location, location, location. Some American cities are able to generate hefty profits for those who list on the site. In other places, the quest for rental income has proven a little more elusive. A number of factors account for those disparities.

    If the city has a relatively small supply of hotel rooms, for example, that tends to drive up Airbnb prices. But where hotels are plentiful and affordable, investors have little choice but to keep their rates low. The cost of housing is another big part of the equation. Places where investors can rent or buy for relatively littlebut see a steady demand from touristsrepresent the real sweet spot.

    Top 25 Best Places To Buy A Vacation Home

    Our Top 25 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home report has always sought to help potential vacation home buyers make informed decisions on where to purchase a vacation property. While we are living in a different environment in 2020, and not all destinations on our list are operating as usual, our unmatched market data remains unchanged if youre looking to maximize return on your investment. We manage more than 25,000 vacation rentals in North America, and with local teams in each market we serve, were tuned into the insights that make each destination unique.

    Whether youre looking to buy your first vacation home or your fifth, whether its an investment or for family fun, read on for our 2020 list of the 25 best places to buy a vacation home. From destinations nestled in the mountains to the sunniest spots on the countrys shorelines, youre sure to find some vacation home inspiration in unexpected places. Interested in taking the next step? Get in touch with our real estate experts, who can help you assess your goals for vacation rental ownership and find the perfect destination for you.

    We’ve also released a new version of this report for 2021read it here.

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    What Makes A Good Str

    While STRs can be found almost everywhere, there are criteria that may help to make some markets better than others. Factors to consider when choosing the best market include:

    • Rules and regulations
    • Cap rate
    • Cash-on-cash return

    For example, rental income and operating expenses affect cash flow, and the price paid for an STR and future appreciation impact potential profits when the property is sold. Overall demand in a market for STR property has a significant impact on revenues and occupancy levels, along with percentage returns and cash flows.

    The Search For Better Assets

    5 Lies About Vacation Rental Investing

    The fact that so many people want or must rent a house, condo or apartment generates strong profit potential for rental income investors. For investors, its all about finding the best cities to invest in and perhaps avoiding the worst.

    For newbies investigating rental income real estate, its an investment asset which actually pays you for owning it. Build profit, reduce taxes, and gain long term security through sustainable passive income using rental property.

    Using new Proptech solutions such as Managecasa, you can elevate your property management process. Discover how efficient modern remote property management can be. It makes all the difference.

    Enjoy this epic report on the state of residential rental property investment for 2022 and the best cities to buy rental property in the US. Australian investors, please see the reports on the Australia housing market and the Sydney rental housing market in particular. You have some particularly good long term prospects.

    Please do with your Friends!

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    Factors To Consider Before Buying A Vacation Rental Property

  • Personal use: One of the benefits that motivate individuals to buy a vacation investment property is personal use. Many individuals enjoy being able to visit the property for vacation purposes, and also to be able to lend the property to family and friends. It is important to ask yourself if the investment is more important to you personally or financially, as the answer can affect your strategy.

  • Rental income: If you own property in one of the best vacation rental markets, then perhaps rental income will be produced in a steady stream. However, not all markets will be conducive to creating an income stream that will consistently cover all expenses. If creating cash flow is your primary motivation behind investing in a vacation rental investment property, then it is worthwhile to consider one of the top vacation rental markets or to invest in a traditional rental property.

  • Appreciation: In addition to rental income, an important factor to consider is property appreciation. Although real estate market predictions are predominantly speculations, investors should keep in mind that many markets can have big price swings in correlation with the current economic landscape. Investors who carefully research markets that are conducive to property appreciation, in the long run, will be best prepared to build equity over time.

  • Now that you know the most important factors to consider before purchasing a vacation rental property, lets dive into where exactly you should be investing.

    Realtorcom: Best Places To Buy A Vacation Investment Property analyzed data from the 250 largest rental markets to locate the best places to own an STR and selected one city per state to ensure geographic diversity.

    Researchers looked at key investment criteria including the median list price for a home, average daily rental rate, how many days a property would need to be rented each month to cover the mortgage , and year-over-year revenue growth.

    These are the 10 best places to buy a short-term vacation rental, according to Realtor.coms list:

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    Best Place To Buy Vacation Rental 2022

    #1 McGahey Ville, Rockingham County, VA

    Median Property Price: $458,229

    Average Property Size: 183.37 Sq. Ft.

    Occupancy Rate: 58.62%

    Airbnb Monthly Rental Income: $4,870

    Airbnb Daily Rate: $332

    Traditional Monthly Rental Income: $1,360

    Traditional Cap Rate: 1.45%

    #2 Wisconsin Dells, Columbia County, WI

    Median Property Price: $333,960

    Average Property Size: 169.72 Sq. Ft.

    Occupancy Rate: 48.73%

    Airbnb Monthly Rental Income: $3,603

    Airbnb Daily Rate: $330

    Traditional Monthly Rental Income: $1,053

    Traditional Cap Rate: 1.06%

    #3 Penn Yan, Yates County, NY

    Median Property Price: $429,920

    Average Property Size: 288.65 Sq. Ft.

    Occupancy Rate: 58.06%

    Airbnb Monthly Rental Income: $4,519

    Airbnb Daily Rate: $332

    Traditional Monthly Rental Income: $2,019

    Traditional Cap Rate: 3.3%

    #4 North Charleston, Charleston County, SC

    Median Property Price: $346,402

    Average Property Size: 197.67 Sq. Ft.

    Occupancy Rate: 68.24%

    Airbnb Monthly Rental Income: $3,366

    Airbnb Daily Rate: $149

    Traditional Monthly Rental Income: $1,328

    Traditional Cap Rate: 2.48%

    #5 Cape Coral, Lee County, FL

    Median Property Price: $495,117

    Average Property Size: 262.27 Sq. Ft.

    Occupancy Rate: 66.06%

    Airbnb Monthly Rental Income: $3,203

    Airbnb Daily Rate: $192

    Traditional Monthly Rental Income: $1,546

    Traditional Cap Rate: 1.81%

    Consider Your Target Market

    Top 10 USA Vacation Rental Investment Markets

    The first thing you should evaluate is your target market and how your desired guests will fit into the location and type of home you want to invest in.

    Millennials, for example, are known to prefer unusual accommodation and vacation rentals with a personality, whether they’re in the heart of the big city or staying in a remote cabin.

    Millennials are unlikely to prefer a hotel-like experience but rather the small-scale feel of an independently-owned business. They will often look for plenty of Instagram photo opportunities when staying somewhere new.

    Beach lovers of an older demographic, on the other hand, might prefer luxury-style accommodation and hotel-like convenience when looking for their next getaway. They might be looking for beautiful, quiet accommodation close to the beach and be prepared to pay top dollar for a convenient location. Whatever target market you’re trying to attract with your investment choices and marketing, make sure it’s something you keep in mind when making your final decision!

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