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Sick And Vacation Time Tracking

Creating A Policy For Tracking Vacation And Sick Time

Vacation and Sick Time Tracking in Sage 50

Situations, where an employee takes full or partial days off without submitting an official request can disrupt workflows. Creating a policy for tracking vacation and sick days is essential to ensuring shifts are covered. A policy also governs how requests for time off is treated.

A PTO policy determines whether the time is automatically deducted even when a supervisor does not receive a leave request beforehand. When this applies to exempt employees, the policy may require deductions from accrued PTO. Written policy statements clears up any confusion for employees.

The policy should stress the importance of covering peak operation times and outline the following:

  • How many employees can be out at one time
  • Periods of time when vacation leave is restricted
  • Procedures for submitting leave requests
  • How multiple requests will be prioritized
  • Appropriately using leave without pay

Creating a policy to track vacation and sick time is relatively simple, yet can become complicated if not administered properly. Slowly changing laws regarding paid leave broadens employers options. Company culture, location and employees are contributing factors to crafting the best policy.

Pto Synced To Scheduling

When an employee vacation request is approved, the PTO tracker sends the dates to the schedule builder. If you try to schedule the employee during approved time off, it will alert you.

This is just one example of how cross-module syncing works. Consider all the connections between timekeeping, scheduling, and accruals. The level of efficiency and accuracy as compared to spreadsheets is profound.

Bottom line? You can automate 90% of PTO tracking.

Vacation And Sick Leave Have A Substantial Financial Impact On Every Business Approximately Of Employee Payroll Reflects Such Absences Costs From A Financial Point Of View Tracking Employee Vacations Is A Great Accountability Practice If We Look At The Fact That Your Employees Will Be More Effective And Productive And Manage Their Vacations Much More Comfortably That Comes As An Additional Benefit

This article will explore how to track vacation time for employees with ease using online software to get the absence recorded into a secure database and eliminate the manual work.

When we say the best way, there are practically 3 or 4 ways to track vacations: no tracking , tracking using paper , tracking on spreadsheets in Excel or Google sheets, and using online vacation tracking software . The last option is the one we recommend, and we will share the vital elements that add an edge to your business.

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Keeping Track Of Other Days

Aside from vacation days, there are also other days that the company grant. Those which employees earn legally based on their employment agreements. Here are some of the other off-days which you can include in your vacation and sick time tracking spreadsheet:

You should keep track of all the categories of paid days. This applies as well to regular vacation days. Wouldnt you feel bad if you lost a bonus vacation day because you have to fly to a business meeting on a Sunday which is your day-off? That is eight hours or more of your own time that you may never get compensation for!

Pto Time Tracking Software

Vacation and Sick Time Tracking Sheet Template

With TimeTrakGOs PTO time tracking software for employees, you can finally stop manually tracking the balances of PTO, including vacation and sick pay. Paid time off is requested by the employee or simply entered onto the employee timecard. Free yourself of messy spreadsheets, sticky notes, and paper calendars. TimeTrakGOs vacation time tracking software automates the entire process of employee leave management.

Accrual Buckets for PTO, Sick, Vacation

Up-to-the-minute Balances

Track Available, Committed, and Taken

High Visibility of Balances

Save Time & Money

Free yourself from messy spreadsheets, sticky notes, and paper calendars. TimeTrakGOs simple vacation request software automates the entire process of employee leave management.

Centralized Employee Data

Our vacation tracking software can be used as a centralized location for all PTO balances, including salaried employees.

Prevent Short-Staffing Situations

With the Time and Hours insight you will have up-to-the-minute balances for all of your employees in one place.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Still using a spreadsheet to keep track of employee PTO Time? With TimeTrakGO you will get detailed listing of all PTO simply by entering their hours on the timecard.

Vacation Tracking Made Simple

One-Click Approvals

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Why Track Paid Time Off

Vacation/sick Tracking Time Not Tracking Correctly

I have asked this question before but keep getting answers on how to set up vacation and sick time in QB. That is not the issue. Each employee is accruing vacation and sick time hours at the same hours per payroll but the accrual keeps accruing differently for each employee. Some are accruing more vacation and sick time and some are accruing less even though they are all set up the same way. Please don’t send instructions on how to set up vacation and sick pay. I have that already. I’m trying to figure out why it is varying differently for every employee when they are set up the same exact way.

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Be Open To Feedback And Change

Volunteer management and time tracking isnt going to be an exact science. Like any new program or policy you implement, be prepared to make adjustments and concessions along the way.

Listening to your employees and their difficulties is important, as employees are the ones using this system. Youll be able to more accurately identify and correct problems if employees know that youre listening to them.

Implementing time tracking into your companys work routine can be challenging so we hope this helped!

If youre thinking of using a software for vacation and sick time tracking, PartnerHR is a great option for streamlining and automating the onboarding of new staff and volunteers. Your first month is 100% free and it starts at only $20/month after that, so you dont need a large budget to get started.

How To Do It

QuickBooks Online Payroll: Tracking Vacation, Sick, and Paid Time Off

Using time tracking tools to track employee vacation and sick leaves is much more beneficial and convenient than the manual method. Why? Because combined with time tracking, it helps to see clearer who is on vacation or a sick leave.

To begin with, in TimeCamp these functions are correlated with each other for easier time tracking and absence management. TimeCamp provides the ability to manage not only vacation or sick leaves but also holiday, business trips, remote work and special leave days for you and your team.

There are 4 easy steps which you have to follow:

  • To be able to track employee vacation and sick leaves, you have to enable it in the attendance module, which you can find in the add-ons section .
  • Then, choose the group from your users structure, to which the settings should apply.
  • Define if the attendance module should be based on the computer activity data from the desktop application or timesheets.
  • Define the holidays. and choose the holiday task once entered in your timesheet, the entire day will be marked as a holiday.
  • Set up the default workday length.
  • Tell how many holiday hours your group should receive.
  • Choose the vacation task that will work on very similar bases to the holidays one.
  • As simple as that! It doesnt require much effort, just a few clicks, and it saves time but also enhances work. Make sure to use the feature to track employee vacation and sick leaves as well as other forms of absence.

    Kate Borucka

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    How To Use The Leave Tracker Excel Template

    The template has 5 visible sheets. .

    Here is the overview of steps to use the template.

    • Enter Leave Types, Select Weekends and Enter Holidays in the Settings sheet
    • Enter list of employees in Employees sheet
    • Enter leave data for employees in Leave sheet
    • Choose a month and view vacation calendar for the team in Team Dashboard sheet
    • Choose an employee and view/print annual employee attendance report in Employee Report sheet

    Detailed Steps

    Now, lets see the steps in more detail.

    Before we begin, if you are new to Excel tables, please read Introduction to Excel Tables for data entry. Data entry in all our templates use Excel tables and a quick introduction to that will get you going in the correct direction.

    Easily Manage Employees Who Are Working Remotely

    Managing remote staff requires creativity and flexibility to succeed. Most businesses are adapting to the challenges of managing remote workers by using the best software. Collaborating with remote employees to building a unified team is difficult, but it can be advantageous and cost-effective. You need to use the right tools and processes to maintain high productivity, creativity levels, and morale. Productivity and communication tools are essential for managing remote employees because they enable you to keep everyone on the same page and organize the team better. They also help employees execute their work without them having to look over their shoulders all the time. As we collectively shift towards workers working remotely, the use of software and applications can significantly help many companies manage remote workers more efficiently.

    Be it vacations or sick offs, paid time off programs vary. It all depends on the number of hours allocated to workers, the way these hours are collected and rounded off hours. A paid time off approach is vital for any organization to increase its efficiency and better manage its resources.

    Need a PTO tracking software? Timeero can help you track vacation time. Start here to learn more.

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    Choose Either The Weekly Monthly Or Hourly Accrual Worksheet

    If your company uses daily vacation accrual, this spreadsheet may not work for you. It is set up for weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly accrual periods.

    If you are using a semi-monthly accrual period , use the Monthly Accrual worksheet and change the Pay Period to Semi-Monthly.

    The new hourly accrual worksheet allows you to enter the pay period date and the number of work hours. The benefits accrued are then calculated by multiplying the accrual rates by the number of work hours.

    Vacation And Sick Time Tracking Spreadsheet

    49 Employee Vacation Trackers (Excel &  Word) á? TemplateLab

    Keep track of workforce vacation and sick leave and in a spreadsheet template for Microsoft Excel for free.

    Personnel with a medium-level of Microsoft Excel can create templates for keeping track of each employee’s number of days for vacation time. This tracker becomes a powerful management tool for many companies dealing with holidays, requests for time-off, and sick leaves.

    When working with an Excel spreadsheet, HR has the complicated task of asking the employees to write down their vacation requests to input into the Excel file. Then, HR must check that there arent any other employees already on holiday during the requested days.

    Afterward, they have to calculate the remaining number of days the employee can still request. HR of a big company with many employees needs a lot of patience to accommodate every request. They also need extra tutorials to improve their Excel skills.

    Steps you need to follow for making a detailed Tracker Sheet

    Your Vacation and Sick leave Tracker spreadsheet should be detailed to get all the data you need with ease. Make sure you know and describe all the steps that you need to take before the actual creation of your sick time tracker.

    Here is a list with the most critical steps you need to follow for an efficient and detailed sick time tracker:

    Step 1: Provide the names of the employees

    Step 2: Use an editable Sick Time Tracking template

    Step 3: Specify the exact period when the employees are tracked

    Step 5: Identify the type of leaves

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    Paid Time Off Tracking Feature

    Our PTO Tracking software lets you revolutionize your time off management.


    Never lose track of employee time again. You can create custom PTO types, like the ones below.



    Establish an employee self-service approach to PTO allow them to enter it directly on their time card whether its vacation time, sick time, or personal reasons. They can request time off and youll receive a notification to approve or deny it, or you can automate the pto management by letting them add it in without requiring your approval.

    Spend less time managing sick leave and get more time to streamline your business.


    We know that every business is not the same or has the same needs. Thats why our management system is flexible in its applications create nuanced leave policies or disable the PTO feature entirely to retain full control of your employee leave scheduling. Then, as admin, you can enter in a day off for employees when you see fit.


    If you are looking to have Buddy Punch track time available and time used, we offer an Accrual feature that is customizable to your business. If youre interested in learning more, check out our PTO Accruals page.


    If you would like for your employees to view the PTO requests for other employees, then you have the ability to enable the option to allow employees to view PTO Calendar for all employees.

    Other Features

    Punch Rounding

    Features Of Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template

    The following are the highlights of the template.

    • Customize settings to meet your business needs
    • Track 5 types of employee leave
    • Customize which days are weekends
    • Account company holidays
  • Track vacation for multiple employees
  • Employees can have start dates and termination dates
  • Can handle partial days of leave
  • Ease of Use
  • Easy to enter Leave in ranges of dates
  • Easy to customize colors to suit your preferences
  • Can use the template continuously for many years )
  • Automated Calculations
  • Fully Automated Vacation Tracker Dashboard with monthly calendar view
  • Calculates Worked Days automatically
  • Automated Annual Employee attendance report
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    How Do I Track Time Off Vacation Or Sick Days

    There are two different ways you can track vacation time, paid time off , or sick time:

    • Create an for your company, and create separate tasks for each categoryvacation time, time off, sick days, etc.
    • for each categoryvacation time, etc.and add them to each of your existing projects for current clients. With either option, users will then track time to those specific tasks.

    If all of the time is captured within a single internal project, you can use its to take a look at your data. If you have separate tasks for each of your projects, you can use a to drill down and view exactly the user and task you want to see.

    Expanded Employee Protections For Paid Sick Time

    How to Set up Sick and Vacation Time in QuickBooks

    Employment laws always change, either at the state or federal level. This can make it difficult to stay compliant with time off policies. An attendance tracking system that automatically updates complex laws eliminates the cost of non-compliance.

    For example, offering paid sick leave to employees may soon become mandatory. Current law requires employers with 50 or more employees to grant 12 weeks of unpaid sick leave. States and cities across the country have laws requiring paid time off for employees.

    The push for paid sick and family leave will continue to gain strength. In addition to staying legally compliant, attracting talented employees with competitive benefits just as important. Combining vacation and sick time with a paid time off policy is the chosen route for many employers.

    Therefore, employers should ensure the PTO policy is administered properly. This means if one does not exist, creating a policy to accurately track employee time should become a priority.

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    Best Practices For Tracking Nonprofit Vacation And Sick Time

    Whether youre using a vacation and sick time tracking spreadsheet or a time tracking software, youll need to make sure that employees and managers are using this effectively, and in the way it is intended.

    Time-tracking software can make employees feel like management is checking up on them, creating an atmosphere of distrust and tension within the organization. To keep employees happy while still staying on track with leave, staffing and volunteer management, follow these 5 best practices.

    Manage Employee Time Off Without All The Work

    Employee time off is well-deserved, but the effort required to track and manage it is not. Our time-off tracker is available with QuickBooks Time Premium and QuickBooks Time Elite.** We want you to put the calculator, whiteboard, paper calendar, and guesswork away for good. Manage your employees leave and vacations with ease.

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    How Do You Payout Vacation Pay In Quickbooks

    VacationVacationVacationPay a salaried employee holiday pay in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

  • Add a new payroll item. On the top menu bar, select Lists. Choose Payroll Item List.
  • Define the new payroll item as Holiday Pay. Choose Custom Setup, and select Next.
  • Create your paycheck. In the Earnings section of the paycheck, add the Holiday Pay item.
  • Step 1: Create an Expense Account

  • Select the Lists drop-down, choose Chart of Accounts.
  • Select Account, and New.
  • Select Expense and Continue.
  • Enter the name of the new Expense account in the Account Name field.
  • Select Save & Close.
  • Here’s how to set up a yearly salary payroll item.

  • From the QuickBooks Desktop menus, select Lists, then Payroll Item List.
  • From the Payroll Item drop-down, choose New.
  • Select Custom Setup.
  • Select the type of pay.
  • Select Next.
  • Reconcile Accruals And Usage

    Time In Lieu Spreadsheet Template within Vacation And Sick ...

    At the end of your payroll cycle, your HR team can run reports via the Reports page in Time IQ, and pull data for your PTO projects to log the time used by each employee in your payroll system.

    In general, most payroll platforms like Quickbooks will do a great job of tracking PTO accrual and usage, and Time IQ will give you the ability to quickly reconcile time at the end of each month for your team.

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