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Avoid Weight Gain On Vacation

Tricks To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation

How to enjoy time away from home without sabotaging your diet.

Vacations are a time to kick back, relax, and for many of us, eat. But taking a break from the daily grind doesnt mean you have to take a step back in your quest to lose weight or maintain a hard-earned weight loss.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you return home without packing on a few extra pounds:

  • Make a choice. You dont have to avoid everything delicious when youre on vacation but you cant have it all either. Consider your options, choose what you have to have and dont waste calories on something you can easily get at home. If youre constantly confronted by enticing options, just have a taste and savor it.
  • Watch portions. Portion control is especially critical on vacation, when eating out is often the norm. Think about sharing an entree or having an appetizer for dinner. Dont let yourself get too hungry by skipping meals or youre more likely to overeat.
  • Plan ahead. Bring nutritious snacks with you to keep you from getting too hungry when your schedule is unpredictable or to prevent overindulging in not-so-good-for-you treats.
  • Get moving. Most vacation destinations offer plenty of opportunities to stay active. Look into hotels that offer gyms. Walk the city streets. Swim or kayak. Play golf, tennis or basketball. The possibilities are endless.
  • Explore Places By Walking

    Evening walks or jog around your hotel does wonders to your physical state while it also builds up an appetite for dinner. Try to gather information on the safety of walk around the area. Some cities are not so walk-friendly, but may have recreation parks in the hotel vicinity which you can explore.

    Secrets To Avoid Weight Gain On Vacation

    Apr 18, 2019 | Nutrition

    Do you want to be as care free as possible on your much deserved vacation without worrying about the scale skyrocketing once you return? Here are some keys to help you avoid weight gain!

    In the end, how much or how little your vacation ends up interfering with your overall progress/physique is on you. But if you are smart about it, you will come home fine and be right back to where you were before you left. Below is a short list of options that will hopefully put your mind at ease about what to do while youre on vacation:

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    You Don’t Keep Your Normal Schedule

    Even though vacation is a time to relax, that doesn’t mean your typical daily schedule should fly out the window. Researchers at Brown University have already shown that an erratic sleep schedule can sabotage a healthy diet and workout regimen enough to promote weight gain. Try to maintain as much of your normal nutrition and exercise routine as you canif you always start your day with oatmeal and a short jog, continue to do that. With all the unknowns in travel, it’s understandable that things might come up one day, and that’s ok. As long as you maintain your commitment to prioritizing healthy foods and exercise, it doesn’t matter so much how you do it as it does that you continue to do it.

    Plan Your Treats Ahead Of Time

    8 Tricks to Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation

    Its okay to enjoy ice cream with the family or a cocktail with friends. Planning when you will enjoy special treats will keep you from overindulging the entire trip. For example, if your trip will include special dinners, aim to eat light and healthy breakfasts and lunches. If youd like to enjoy a cocktail on the beach in the afternoons, pass on dessert with dinner. By balancing your splurges, you can enjoy the foods you want without going overboard.

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    Your Vacation Action Plan

    Research the cuisine. Many destinations have their local must-try delicacies. Decide ahead of time which ones you really want to try, plan the rest of your meals around them, and enjoy! Also consider what produce is going to be in season and what healthier foods are locally available. Texas specializes in barbecue and cheesy Tex-Mex, for example, but it also offers amazing fresh seafood.

    Check your destinations walkability. Gym intentions are all well and good, but why plan to spend your trip indoors? Taking a walk or jog through a different scene can be the best way to explore a new place. Use online maps particularly street views with photos to figure out whether you can safely and easily take walks. Some cities are less walk-friendly, but may have hotels close to parks.

    Know the climate. Dont let rain, high humidity or an unexpected chill ruin your activity plans. Pack for the predicted weather and youll be able to enjoy the outdoors.

    Look for a healthy hotel. The best hotel should feel like a home away from home. Failing that, it should at least have some healthy, convenient food options and make it easy for you to fit in some activity.

    Book a room with a kitchenette. You can fill it with healthy breakfasts and snacks instead of relying on deep-fried room service choices.

    Ask the hotel to de-stock the minibar. Remove temptation before you even check in. Make this request when you reserve the room, then follow up the day before you arrive.

    Vacation Tip No : Plan Ahead To Fit In Fitness

    Vacations should be an opportunity to re-energize, refresh, and relax — not an excuse to take a break from health. When planning your vacation, opt for locations that will allow you to engage in physical activities you enjoy. Keep in mind that physical activity is the ticket to enjoying extra calories without weight gain.

    For example, Jackson-Blatner and her family look for locations where they can enter 5K races. “Itâs fun, we love it, and we build our vacations around activities we can do together,” she says.

    If running is not your style, consider places where you can take walks or hikes, ride bikes, do water sports, or use the hotel tennis courts or gym.

    Without work schedules making demands on your time, you should be able to fit in fun fitness activities every day. Walk the golf course, play basketball, swim, walk, kayak, bicycle, play tennis — you name it, just do it for at least an hour each day.

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    Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

    Just because you’re trying to maintain a weight loss doesn’t mean you need to turn into Jillian Michaels while you’re on vacation. Remember tip #1: You’re on vacation. That doesn’t mean you have to say no to every single opportunity to eat dessert, or that you need to wake up at dawn and run a 5k. You know yourself better than anyone, so don’t assume that vacation is the perfect opportunity for you to set unrealistic expectations just to maintain weight loss.

    Avoid Weight Gain On Vacations

    5 tips to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

    September 27, 2016Natural Health16 Views

    Avoid Weight Gain on Vacations

    Vacations are generally viewed as a way to relax and indulge in all your favorite things. Consequently, weight gain is included in the deal. Most of your vacation eating habits are poor and they can leave you with unwanted pounds that you will have to work to eliminate once your vacation is over. If you pay just a little attention and make your vacation a relatively active one, you will gain other things than weight.

    Here are some simple ways to avoid weight gain on vacations:

    Choose your indulgences wisely. As tempting as it might be to indulge in local delicacies, you will have to choose when and what to indulge on. If what you are choosing is relatively high in sugar or carbs, it would be best to eat it in the morning. Just make sure that you choose a healthier meal for later in the day.

    Walk or cycle. If the landmarks and sights that you wish to see are within reasonable distance, explore them by walking or riding the bike. Forget tour buses or subways. By choosing these exploration methods not only will you save some money, but you will also see more and burn a lot of calories. All in good fun!

    . What better way to avoid weight gain than sharing your meals? Vacation meals are usually larger and higher in fat and calories. So in order to minimize damage to you waist line, share your meals with someone. That way you will save calories and money.

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    Small Plates For The Win

    Is there a buffet available on your vacation? If it’s a cruise, the answer is yes. If the answer is yes, read these wise words from Cooking Light Diet member and Director of Product Management Saska Albright and take them to heart. “Take the small salad plate at the buffet. It really does make a difference!” If you’re not on a cruise, eat what you want, but limit yourself to what looks like a proper portion size for one. If you’re loading your plate down with enough food to feed the offensive line of an NFL team, you’re, uh, not going to maintain that weight loss.

    My Favorite Healthy Snacks To Bring On Vacation:

    When deciding which snacks to bring with me on vacation, I pick snacks that are pre-packaged and easy to carry. I also try to pick snacks that are filling healthy fats or high in protein. Below are snacks I travel with frequently to help avoid weight gain on vacation!

    • Protein Barsmy favorite are RXBARS and ThinkThin bars .
    • Individualized Nut Packets I love the individual cashew nut packs from Trader Joes. Theyre super filling and small enough to throw in your purse.
    • Dried Fruit fresh fruit isnt always easy to take with you, so I typically take things like banana chips, dried mango, or the individual packs of dried apricots from Trader Joes.
    • Protein Shakes protein shakes are easy snacks to have on the go and they are super filling. My go-to protein shakes right now are the Chocolate Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shakes. They are so good! Ive even started using them as my creamer in my coffee!
    • Filling Fruit if youre looking for a snack to fill you up and keep you from snacking on something like chips, opt for a fruit that will fill you up like a banana or an apple.

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    Choose Your Indulgences Wisely

    When holidaying away from home, particularly in a foreign country, it can be tempting to let go of all self-control and feast on local delicacies, as who knows when you will get the chance to try it again.

    It is perfectly reasonable to want to try everything a place has to offer in terms of food, but if you want to avoid weight gain, you need to pick and choose when to indulge.

    In order to do this, it is important to make everything that goes into your mouth the best possible quality. If you are going to consume excess calories, you are as well to make it completely worth it.

    Once you have decided which are the indulgences or treats that are the most worthwhile or at the top of your list to try, indulge yourself. However, to counteract this indulgence, make sure you choose a healthier meal later in the day.

    For example if the pull of the pastries in Paris is too strong to resist, have one for breakfast, from the best possible source, then try to save a few calories later on by choosing a lighter lunch option such as a salad.

    Hoda And Jenna Talk About Weight Gain During Quarantine

    5 ways to avoid weight gain on vacation

    On vacation, you can take advantage of dining out and exploring new dishes while having someone else prepare them for you. This doesnt mean they need to be unhealthy. Quite the contrary, actually use dining out as a time to try a new fish or a veggie side dish . Not only may you lose weight, but youll be inspired to start creating some of these dishes at home, too.

    The best dining out formula to follow: Lean protein and double veggies.

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    Turn Your Adventures Into Workout Sessions

    If you work out every day at home, there is no reason why your vacation should stop this routine.

    Go for a run along the beach, a powerwalk along the nature trail, or a bike ride into the next town.

    If you cant be bothered with real exercise, try to stay active throughout the day. Walk everywhere you can, rent bikes to explore the area or make time for some fun water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, or surfing.

    Try To Stick To Your Normal Meal Schedule

    Its understandable that you forget to eat as you start having fun, but as you can see, this could negatively affect your health and your weight.

    To stay healthy throughout your trip, make a conscious effort to eat as often as you would at home. If you know you wont have time for a full meal, pack a bottle of water and a couple of healthy snacks with you. That way you do not end up binge eating dinner because you spent all afternoon exploring and forgot to eat.

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    Ways To Jumpstart Healthy Eating Habits After The Holidays



    Food and the holiday season are not mutually exclusive. Yes, you can have a bounty of food without a holiday on the calendar , but the holidays are not without their bone-warming, sugar coma-inducing, mulled, baked, and, if we’re being honest, guilt-ridden eats. But come to the New Year, there’s a collective mindset change, and we shift from eating our weight in cookies to googling how to successfully go on a cleanse. It’s a cyclical demon each year, really.

    But, before you pledge to drop 10 pounds right away, Amy Shapiroan NYC-based registered dietitian, and nutritionistsays to pump the breaks a bit.

    “After the holidays, everybodys ready to be so drastic, but if we take small steps, itll probably lead to us being more consistent and being able to keep our goals.”

    As such, we’ve paired attainable diet and weight-loss tips from Shapiro and fellow dietitian Alissa Rumsey so you can undo some of the damage holiday eating does to your waistline.Their tips below might be just what you need.

    It’s Also Healthy To Truly Enjoy Your Vacation


    Sure, it could be considered “healthier” to forgo an ice cream sundae during vacation. But worrying about your food choices may distract from the reason you’re there in the first place: To relieve stress and enjoy the company of others. Both of those things promote your health, too. In fact, decades of research suggest that social connections are linked to longer lives and better health, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

    Fonnesbeck acknowledged that it can be difficult to let go of vacation weight gain fears. One way to start is to subtly shift your thinking on the subject.

    “Something practice is to really be intentional about noticing other ways that you enjoyed yourself,” she said. “Was it a nice break from work? Did you feel like you could have more flexibility with food choices and it made the experience more enjoyable? Were you more connected in conversations because you weren’t so busy worrying about weight? Did it cause less anxiety about traveling in general? Looking at overall wellbeing and not just the weight might help someone have perspective on the experience, versus feeling so stuck in that fear.”

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    You Eat Airplane And Airport Meals

    We’ve all been there: you’ve been up all night packing for your trip, and the thought of packing food for your 7 a.m. flight doesn’t even cross your mind. When this happens, you’re stuck eating airport and airplane food all day. Unfortunately for you, the average traveler consumes 3,400 calories between takeoff and landing, Oxford University Professor Charles Spence told And some snack boxes pack a higher caloric punch. It gets worse: Because the change in pressure at altitude numbs one-third of your taste buds, and food has to be prepared 10 hours before it’s eaten, those dishes are most likely packed with flavor enhancers and sodium-laden, belly-widening preservatives.

    When In Doubt Protein

    As discussed in my other article The Complete Guide On How To Track Your Calories And Macros, protein is the most filling macronutrient and also aids in maintaining muscle mass.

    Which are two things we really want if we are looking to maintain your progress.

    We want to be full so we dont unnecessarily overeat on the extremely tasty stuff.

    But we also want to maintain our hard-earned muscle mass to look our best and feel confident and proud on the beach as well as maintain the increased metabolism that comes with having muscle.

    Alright, so now that we know the why, what about the how?

    If you know that there is going to be a lot of tempting food during your stay, you can load up on protein in two ways:

    • Have a solid serving of protein with every meal and/or snack
    • Bring protein-rich snacks with you

    Some easy ways to do this are building your meals around your protein sources when you eat out and even buying some snacks like eggs, meat, protein bars/shakes, etc. to keep on you while youre on the go.

    Lastly, I do want to say that this does not mean that you should stay in your hotel room like a hermit munching on protein bars all day while your friends and family go out and enjoy all of the food and fun without you.

    The goal here is to leverage protein to help you enjoy your food in moderation.

    While we dont want to be eating every single thing in sight, we also dont want to be depriving ourselves to the point that were detracting from the vacation experience.

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