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Disney Vacation Club Resale Listings

How Do I Know Which Resort To Buy And How Many Points I Need

Disney Vacation Club Resale Ultimate Guide | Save Money $ on DVC!

The knowledgeable staff at DVC Shop is available 7 days a week to help answer any of your questions about resorts, point charts, room sizes and anything else you need to know about Disney Vacation Club that will help you decide what is best for you and your family. As every family is unique, we suggest getting in touch with one of our DVC experts to discuss your familys travel habits and needs to determine the best contract for you.

How Dvc Points Work:

All DVC timeshare resales come with an allotted number of points. These points can be used like cash to reserve your vacation at any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. The more DVC Points you have, the more flexibility you have in booking your vacations. Use points to book multiple short Disney getaways, or use all your points at once to book a week-long trip. You can also use more points to book a larger suite, or reserve a smaller unit for less. Additionally, points can be banked or borrowed. This means you can borrow points from an upcoming year for a longer or more upgraded vacation now, or, you can bank this years points for a longer or more upgraded stay down the road.

Staying in a DVC Resort like Disneys Polynesian Village is a dream come true. Photo by Andy Sanchez.

How Often Does Disney Exercise Rofr

It happens, but not too often. Disney Vacation Club exercises the ROFR on approximately 15-20% of contracts sold by DVC Shop. While there is a chance that Disney will exercise the ROFR, your DVC Shop agent will make recommendations on pricing based on our most recent sales as well as recent buyback experiences.

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Cost Of Dvc Timeshare Resales:

If you are looking for Disney Vacation Club points for sale, going directly through Disney resort developers is going to cost you. This is because resort developers tack on additional taxes, fees, and hefty sales commissions to the price of the actual timeshare. If you shop the DVC resale market, youll find discounts upwards of 70% on units advertised by-owner. This is because owners are pricing their DVC points based on their true market value and not including the resort developer upcharging. This makes the Disney Vacation Club cost much more affordable for a wide variety of families.

DVC rooms feel less like a hotel and more like a home. Photo by Andy Sanchez.

Want To Learn More About Dvc And Dvc Resales

Disney Vacation Club Price Increases Coming This Week

Stay Magical Year After Year

You never forget your first Disney vacation the way it felt walking down Main Street, U.S.A. for the first time, watching spectacular fireworks light up the night sky, and stepping into new worlds as your favorite stories came to life. There are many words you could use to describe it, but in the end theres only one that really fits magical.

And before youd even left, you found yourself wishing you could return to the fairy tales, happily ever after a, and dreams come true, because one Disney vacation is never enough.

Fortunately, with Disney Vacation Club, it doesnt have to be.

With this website as your guide, youll discover the best way to make your vacation dreams come true, and stay magical year after year.

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home to 15 oh-so-magical Disney Vacation Club Resorts! From European-inspired Villas near the heart of the magic, to serene Beach Cottages on Vero Beach, to stunning, oceanfront Villas in Hawaii, the Disney Vacation Club Resorts will sweep you off your feet and take you and your family on magical vacations youll never forget.

Vacation In Style With The Comforts Of Home

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The Dvc Advantages Difference

Our 80 plus years of professional Disney and DVC experience, along with our personal knowledge of the sales process, means we’ll make buying or selling your DVC resort a smooth and stress-free experience.

No longer do you have to put your vacation plans on hold. Make your reservation at the resort your family wants before the 7-month window. Go where you want, when you want!

Protect your time and investment by renting your DVC points. You’ll have access to families looking for what you have.

Dvc Resale Policy Please Read Before Making An Offer

As of March 21, 2011, you will not be able to use the Vacation Points associated with this Ownership Interest to make reservations for the Concierge or Disney Collection options such as the Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, or select Disney resorts. Instead, your Vacation Points can be used for reservations at the 14 Disney Vacation Club resorts and for exchanges with RCI . Further, as of April 4, 2016, you will not have access to other Disney Vacation Club Incidental Benefits such as Member discounts on dining, shopping, annual passes, Member exclusive events, and certain special Member offers. Effective September 17, 2019, to be eligible for Membership Extras, Members must own and maintain a minimum of 100 Vacation Points purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. Please refer to DVCâs Member Benefits Guide for further details. Effective January 19, 2019, only Members who purchase directly from Disney will be able to use their Vacation Points at future Disney Vacation Club Resortsâsuch as Disneyâs Riviera Resort or Reflections â A Disney Lakeside Lodge. Resale contracts purchased for the existing 14 Disney Vacation Club Resorts will only be able to exchange Points into those 14 Resorts.

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Standard Vs Preferred Rooms

All Saratoga Springs rooms are available in either Standard or Preferred options, except for the Treehouse Villas. The difference between Standard and Preferred rooms is their location.

Standard Rooms are located in The Grandstand, The Carousel and The Paddock buildings.Preferred Rooms are located in The Springs and Congress Park and are closer to the resorts main lobby, boat launch, pedestrian bridge to Disney Springs and other transportation options.

If youre looking for convenience during your stay, the Preferred Rooms will save you time when heading in and out of the resort.

Things You Should Know About Buying A Dvc Resale By Owner

Disney Vacation Club Resale EXPLAINED!!

by Stephanie Shuster | Apr 9, 2019 | Magic Kingdom, WDW Blog, WDW News

If youre a Disney fanatic, its likely that you are at least somewhat familiar with the Disney Vacation Club . The Disney Vacation Club is a points-based membership that allows owners to vacation at a variety of DVC resorts and enjoy numerous other Disney benefits that give you a lifetime of affordable and magical experiences.

The closest DVC roms to the Magic Kingdom are found at Bay Lake Tower! Photo by Mike Billick.

Weve previously discussed owning with the Disney Vacation Club, and while price can be a factor for many families, weve discovered a better solution. We worked with independent online reseller to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Disney Vacation Club resale by owner. They offer a number of affordable DVC points for sale by owner available for a lower price than when buying through a developer. Through talking with the SellMyTimeshareNow.coms resale specialists, we learned the 3 most important things you should know about buying DVC timeshare resales through a private owner.

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Accommodation Possibilities Across Disney Vacation Club Resorts

Studio Units

Studios sleep 4-5 and include a flat-panel TV, DVD player, a kitchenette, which is equipped with a microwave oven, under-counter refrigerator, coffee maker and wet bar.

Studio Units Typically Feature
  • 0-1 Pull-Out Chairs or Murphy Beds
  • 0 Private Bedrooms
  • Vero Beach

One-bedroom Villas

Set up to sleep 4-5, the 1-bedroom villas typically feature a master suite with a king-size bed and a whirlpool tub, a living room with queen-size sleeper sofa and pull-out sleeper chair or murphy bed, flat-panel TV, DVD player, kitchen, washer/dryer, and a private balcony in select resorts.

One-bedroom Villas Typically Feature
  • 0-1 Pull-Out Chairs or Murphy Beds
  • 1 Private Bedroom
  • Vero Beach

Two-bedroom Villas

Set up to sleep 8-9, the two-bedroom villas typically include a master suite with a king-size bed and a whirlpool tub, a second bedroom with two queen sized beds, a living room with queen-size sleeper sofa and pull-out sleeper chair, flat-panel TV, DVD player, kitchen, washer/dryer and a private balcony in select resorts.

Two-bedroom Villas Typically Feature
  • 0-1 Pull-Out Chairs or Murphy Beds
  • 2 Private Bedrooms
  • Vero Beach

Three-bedroom Villas

Each resort configures the three-bedroom Grand Villas differently, but all are the ultimate setup for luxury and space at the resort. With plentiful bathrooms, living space and a full kitchen laundry facilities and more these spaces can sleep up to 12.

Three-bedroom Villas Typically Feature

Determine The Contract Thats Right For Your Family

DVC Memberships come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the features of a contract will help you pick one that fits your plans and budget just right.

DVC contracts can vary by:

  • Home resort
  • Point availability
  • Use Year

These factors can determine price too. The resort you purchase into provides you with home resort priority, meaning an 11-month booking window versus a 7-month booking window at other DVC Resorts.

The point size is the amount of points you will receive each year until the deed expires. You may want to refer to a DVC point chart in determining the right point amount or consult with a team member from the DVC Resale Market.

Your DVC annual dues per point are based on the resort you purchase into, so the resort you pick and amount of points at that resort determines your total annual amount of dues. Point availability refers to the amount of points currently on the contract .

Use Year is simply the date you will receive your Disney Vacation Points each year. There are 8 different Use Years, and they are February, March, April, June, August, September, October and December.

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Disney Vacation Club New Vs Resale

When you buy DVC direct you are entitled to certain benefits like discounted park tickets, exclusive events, Disney Cruise Line, etc, but when you buy resale a lot of those benefits are not transferred, However certain hotels around the world are available to resale purchasers, as is access to the exclusive Top of the World Lounge on the Bay Lake Tower. Although certain benefits are withheld when you buy resale, that doesnt make it a bad deal.

Buying DVC through the resale market can save you thousands of dollars. There is often a difference of over $80 per point that you could save when you purchase resale. You still get to enjoy the benefits of your home resort and many of the other resort properties, though you may be excluded from newer Disney Hotels. You can determine the final price point of resale and determine if it is the right deal for you by comparing the quotient of the contract price and the price of points for the duration of the contract.

Dvc: Timeshares With More Time And Less Sharing

Disney Vacation Club Points

Not all Disney Vacation Club memberships are purchased straight from Disney. Many members choose to save money while still enjoying the perks of being in the club by buying one of the many DVC resales on the market.

The flexibility of DVCs point system means that as a member, instead of sharing the same timeshare, youve got the keys to unlocking magical vacations coast to coast and beyond.

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I Want To Purchase Dvc Whats Next

Home Resort If saving money is the impetus behind the purchase, and youve crunched the numbers and think it can be done, this is a no-braineryou buy into Saratoga Springs via the DVC resale market. If money is a concern, but you have a definite resort preference, you should buy where you want to stay. If you wont be happy unless you are able to stay at the Beach Club Villas every trip, you should purchase points there.

This is especially true with the popular and small resorts, such as the Beach Club Villas, which are difficult to book at the 7 months mark throughout much of the year. At the bare minimum, your home resort should be somewhere you wouldnt mind stayingbecause you just might have to stay there during busier seasons where other resorts are booked at the 7 month mark. If you are not sure which resort might be the one you want to call home, read our article ranking the Disney Vacation Club resorts.

Start Watching The Resale Listings There are several sites that can assist you in purchasing Disney Vacation Club via the resale market, and the one we recommend is DVC Resale Market. We like them because this is the only reseller that was founded by former DVC Guides Nick Cotton and Kevin Macquarrie were actually Disneys top Sales Guides, and they know Disney Vacation Club inside and out.

Why Buy With Dvc Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is the prem-EAR DVC resale company based in Windermere, FL steps from Walt Disney World Property.

With over 90 years experience with the Walt Disney Company, helping families create memories and achieve their travel dreams, and over $300 million in sales, DVC Resale Experts is the premier choice in assisting you with your DVC Resale needs. Not only do we have knowledge of the DVC market, current trends, and the latest happenings at WDW, we have extensive direct DVC experience and a proven track record of helping our buyers experience Disney magic year after year, while saving thousands of dollars.

At DVC Resale Experts, there are no hidden costs, such as admin, transfer, or transaction fees.

Our knowledge and experience working directly for DVC is your competitive advantage!

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How To Buy Dvc Resales

Disney Vacation Club is a great way to enjoy vacation ownership with Disney through a points-based program. Disney always takes experiences to the next level and this is no different with timeshare. DVC provides families with savings and flexibility for Disney vacations as well as thousands of other vacation destinations around the world.

Why Become A Dvc Member

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Resales – DVC Videos

Many people go to Disney and still get a fantastic experience, but DVC isnt an experience. Being a DVC member is focused on saving and getting access to more benefits.

Members do not pay a resort sales tax which is one way to save on your trip. They also dont pay currency exchange on their points.

You can also benefit from the legacy factor, where the membership can be passed on within the familys job to get you to purchase from them.

There are some benefits that you dont get with DVC resales because Disney has placed restrictions. Overall, both sides have their pros and cons, but with DVC resale up, we can expect to save anywhere from 20-40% depending on the resort.

You can even save thousands of dollars in some instances.

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What Is The Disney Vacation Club

DVC is the Disney Vacation Club program through the purchase of real estate. You not only get to stay at the location, but you become a member and earn vacation points.

These points are used as currency which can be used when making reservations. Members that find a property through Disney directly will get more benefits but have to pay an extensive amount.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Points I Have To Buy

When purchasing from DVC Shop there is no minimum point requirement when buying on the resale market. You can buy as few as 25 points to become a Disney Vacation Club member, which is currently the smallest contract offered by Disney.

Some buyers may want to take advantage of Disneys exclusive Membership Extras. To be eligible for Membership Extras you will need to buy a minimum of 150 points directly from Disney . As a buyer you should evaluate whether these Membership Extras are worth the additional cost of purchasing directly from Disney.

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What Are Disney Timeshare Resales

In timeshare purchasing, there are two ways to enter the market. In the case of Disney timeshare, you can buy directly from the developer or, alternatively, you also can choose to buy resale, which means that your purchase is made from the private owner of that timeshare deed or those club points. For example, in DVC resales, you’d be purchasing another owner’s Disney points and contract. This could represent all the points that they own or only a portion doing either is entirely legal. Most important, it can represent significant savings compared with buying DVC points directly from Disney.

Disney Vacation Club Resales

Pin on Disney

Disney Vacation Club timeshare is one of the most popular vacation ownerships on the market. When you buy a DVC timeshare resale, youll receive the perks of Disney membership, but for a much better value. At, you can save thousands of dollars off your initial purchase price. Buyers can easily browse our inventory of Disney timeshare for sale by owner and submit an offer online from the comfort of home.

Buyers on the timeshare resale market often receive more points per dollar. Because the cost of a DVC resale is much more manageable, buyers will often be able to purchase a higher number of points, allowing for better booking options at their home resort and throughout the DVC timeshare resort network.

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Dvc Resale Timeshare Perks:

  • Access to the complete amenities and entertainment options at the resort
  • Parking at the resort and parks
  • Complimentary shuttle service, Disneys Magical Express to Disney Parks
  • Pool hopping
  • Extra Magic Hours
  • Top of the World Lounge

Some DVCs incidental benefits no longer transfer upon resale since April 2016. These incidental benefits consist of discounts on some dining, shopping and tours as well as some member-only events. For more information, please see DVC Direct vs. Resale.

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