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Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Vacationall I Ever Wanted

The Go Gos – Vacation + Lyrics

My best friend mentioned about a week ago that she had decided to go on vacation alone without her family. She said she just wanted to go to the beach and eat, drink and relax with her thoughts. She asked me if I could go on her last minute, self-care vacation. Could I?

My mind began to race. The thought of only worrying about myself for 5 days sounded amazing and oh so luxurious. I hadnt been on a vacation in almost 10 years. I could have time to read, watch a show, eat a meal without someones fingers in my food, and just enjoy the sound of the waves. Time to just sit and think is a commodity these days. The timing of it all seemed like a sign. I was meant to go.

I started running scenarios through my head and looking at the logistics of such a trip. Im sure work would let me off for a couple of days. Maybe I can get Jim to switch around his work schedule. I even checked with the daycare and they said they could help by keeping the kids overnight one night. I looked up plane tickets so I could come back early if needed. It was all coming together, my gift to myself. And then it wasnt. Jim ended up being on call one day and he gets up at 4am so who would get the kids to daycare and pick them up. I checked my work schedule and I had a meeting with an out of town advisor one of the days and upon checking my PTO bank realized I was down to my last day. In the end, there were just too many obstacles that I could not overcome. My spontaneous trip to the beach was no more.

Song Lyrics Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Cant seem to get my mind off of youBack here at home theres nothin to do, oohNow that Im awayI wish Id stayedTomorrows a day of mine that you wont be in

When you looked at me I shouldve runBut I thought it was just for funI see I was wrongAnd Im not so strongI should have known all along that time would tell

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Having made a career first in political campaigns and now in public affairs, I have never really been good at disconnecting during vacation. For the past three decades, Ive jumped from one campaign to the next whether it be for a candidate or an issue rarely taking time to take a step back.

Even a decade or so ago we started to hear a change in the vernacular from work-life balance to work-life integration. Thankfully technology especially mobile technology has helped us be more available for work, while also being more present for life.

But that cant replace a true vacation.

Now, as a mid-size, privately held public affairs firm, we have a lot of flexibility to support our employees and smart corporate growth. Over the last few years, weve seen that a lot of our employees and potential employees appreciate the ability to take time off.

We all know the benefits of vacation improved mental and physical health, decreased burnout, and increased creativity, among others.

In August, I tried to put that principle into practice with a family trip to Alaska.

  • I disconnected.
  • I was intentionally present with my family and my surroundings.
  • I talked about how excited I was about taking this trip among my colleagues, so they knew it was important to me to be able to leave work behind for a few days.

Thats it really not that difficult!

If you have not been to Alaska you need to go. This was our second trip there and it is just stunning in its size and landscape.

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Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

Farming is hard work. Even in the cold early spring when the long, hot days of summer are still far off on the horizon there is always work to be done. After working on the mountain farm during Phase I, I was no stranger to the labor that can go into a farm, so I had an idea of what was in store for me with my Phase II placement at the AMI Farm at Augusta Health. As expected, I have gone home physically exhausted from being on the farm most evenings.

Ultimately, all the hard work pays off. Our seeds germinate, our seedlings are transplanted, our plants thrive, and I start to get into a rhythm. However, three weeks ago my rhythm was interrupted by a long-awaited family vacation to Costa Rica. It was a privilege to be able to relax for a week and take time away from the busy farm, recharging with my family. In the fitting words of Post Malone, I had worked so hard, forgot how to vacation, and taking time away allowed me to take a step back, breathe, appreciate everything we have been working so hard on these past few months in preparation for the busy summer season ahead!

Now, back in Staunton , I am ready and re-energized for the busyness the spring and summer has in store here on the farm!

Struggling With Vacation Become A Better Singer In 30 Days With These Videos

Vacation, all I ever wanted . . .
Can't seem to get my mind off of you.Back here at home, there's nothing to do.Oooh, oooh.Now that I'm away, I wish I'd stayed.Tomorrow's a day of mine that you won't be in.When you looked at me, I should've run.But I thought that it was just for fun.I see I was wrong and I'm not so strong.I should've known all along that time will tell.A week without you, thought I'd forget.Two weeks without you and I still haven't gotten over you yet.Vacation, all I ever wanted.Vacation, had to get away.Vacation, meant to be spent alone.Vacation, all I ever wanted.Vacation, had to get away.Vacation, meant to be spent alone.A week without you, thought I'd forget.Two weeks without you and I still haven't gotten over you yet.Vacation, all I ever wanted.Vacation, had to get away.Vacation, meant to be spent alone.Vacation, all I ever wanted.Vacation had to get away.Vacation, meant to be spent alone.Vacation, all I ever wanted.Vacation, had to get away.Vacation, meant to be spent alone.

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Vacation 7 Tips To Encourage Your Employees To Use Their Paid Time Off

I checked my phone voicemail and the unknown number was him saying he “hoped there was a damn good excuse for why I was off the grid” if I wanted to keep my job. He even started out the voicemail with “I’m so sorry youre in the hospital because that’s the only reason I should be needing to hunt you down like this.” In slack I had a few dms from coworkers I feel I get along with saying I need to reply ASAP because my absence was impacting them with how mad our boss was.

use their vacation time

  • Make available for all employees a meaningful vacation benefit.
  • Do not permit employees to roll over unused vacation days and do not pay them out at year’s end. This benefit should be use-it-or-lose-it. Otherwise, you risk employees not using it on an annual basis.
  • Allow employees to disconnect while on vacation. A vacation will not achieve its therapeutic goal if employees are required to check-in via email or participate in conference calls. If your workplace is not sufficiently cross-trained and your employees are not team players to permit this level of disconnection, then you have bigger problems you need to address.
  • Take your own time off. If the boss never takes a vacation, employees won’t either. If you want your employees to take time away from work, do so yourself. Leadership and messaging start at the top. If you make vacations a priority, your employees will, too.
  • all of us are burned outthat

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