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Marriott Vacation Club Exit Program

How To Sell Marriott Timeshare: Know Your Options

Marriott Vacation Club Combined Program With Vistana – What is a SOFT LAUNCH?

When youre ready to sell your timeshare, there are a few different options for how it can be done. You could attempt to sell the timeshare yourself, you could work with a Licensed Broker who has been licensed by the Real Estate Bureau in their state, or you can contact Marriot directly and see if they will place your timeshare resale in their resale program.

Walking Away From Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Imagine this was all just a bad nightmare! Jitters before the big vacation. You never signed a timeshare contract! It was all just a bad dream. As much as you wish this was true, you signed a legally binding document, and now you owe these people money.

Theyre not going to let you walkway without you paying them. Whether they constantly call and email you to the point where you want to throw your device at the wall. Or they send your information to a collections agency, they will get your money one way or another. Were talking long months of court battles, legal fees, and stress, all because you listened to a Facebook post of a guy in a suit. We know the last thing you want to do is pay these greedy monsters. But walking away from your timeshare maintenance fees could become worse.

How To Get Out Of A Westgate Timeshare

If you are an owner of a Westgate Timeshare and are looking to get out, you have come to the right place! Although Westgate Resorts does not provide a formal exit program, Westgate does have an option for owners interested in getting rid of their timeshare. We suggest you do a few things before contacting Westgate if you are interested in getting out of your Westgate timeshare.

The first thing we suggest you do is to gather all the necessary documents, especially your timeshare contract. If you happened to lose the contract, dont worry! Give Westgate a call and request a copy of your original contract. Some companies may charge but always ask for a free copy. If you happened to upgrade your timeshare and have an upgrade contract, we suggest you gather that document alongside any other documents that pertain to Westgate.

The next thing you should do is visit Westgates website about their Legacy Program by Westgate and review all the necessary information to see if you qualify for their program. Contact Westgate to see if you qualify for their Legacy Program by phone. You can reach them at -351-0461.

The Legacy Program by Westgate has been created to assist owners in understanding available options for transitioning away from vacation ownership. It is our goal to provide safe and secure exit options for all qualifying accounts. The Legacy Program offers Westgate Resorts owners the ONLY Developer-guaranteed release option.

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Transfer Your Title & Collecting Your Proceeds

Whether you are listing a legacy week or Destination points, both are a vacation ownership that is legally treated as a real estate transaction. It is common to expect closing costs that will pay for a third-party closing company who will work with the developer to transfer the deed or your Marriott timeshare.

Closing costs can vary by the escrow and title services being offered, what title or liability coverage is offered and simply by your state and the price of the timeshare that is sold. It is best to ask your agent at the time of reviewing offers to point out exact closing costs that are written into the purchase agreement.

Your closing company will be in charge of holding the proceeds of your sale in an escrow account to protect you and your potential buyers interests throughout the transaction. Once your Marriott timeshare has successfully transferred, the closing company will send the proceeds of the sale to you, usually paid by check.

Can I Sell My Timeshare Myself

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Yes, you can choose to market your timeshare on your own. You will need to determine a good asking price, learn what timeshares like yours are selling for, and find a trusted platform to list with. Keep in mind, if youd like to get a free listing with a Licensed Real Estate Broker, you can continue to market your ownership on your own, as you wont pay any commission until youve accepted an offer from your broker. Also, brokers will offer a privacy guarantee to ensure your personal details are not shared on the internet.

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Our Exit Specialists Are Here To Help

Its a life-changing decision to be an Owner. At Vistana Signature Experiences the exclusive provider of vacation ownership for the Sheraton® and Westin® brands we understand that sometimes long-time Owners need to sell their timeshare due to life circumstances. Reduced finances, fixed incomes, declining health and other reasons may make it difficult for Owners to get out and use their ownership to live life on vacation.

As part of Marriott Vacations Worldwide, the leading global vacation experiences company, Vistana ensures the highest quality standards. When you work with us to plan your exit, youll receive information and guidance from a company you trust. Were here to help you understand the process, every step of the way.

Our Process To Help You Sell Your Marriott Ownership

Once you call one of our timeshare specialists or fill out a form on our website, we will go over the details of your Marriott ownership. Buyers will want to know how many points or what week number you own, the Home resort, usage type, and more. You set the asking price, and you can let us know if you ever want to change it. Its important to stay realistic with your expectations, as timeshares very rarely appreciate in value. Your ad will be marketed to hundreds of prospective buyers. Once we get an offer, we can refer you to our friends at Fidelity Resales to help facilitate the closing process.

Ready to get started? Call one of our timeshare representatives today at or fill out a form on our website.

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Can I Sell My Timeshare Back To Marriott

If you are in good standing , Marriott may offer to buy back your timeshare from you. The best thing to do if you are interested in taking this route is to contact Marriott directly. Even if you are not in good standing with your ownership, Marriott can help guide you and offer solutions with your situation.

Using Timeshare Exit Companies

How Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Club Program Works

A quick word on using timeshare exit companies or exit solutions. These companies will generally charge you to transfer fees, as well as an upfront fee in order to get you out of your timeshare. are almost never a good option for this method, as they carry a respectable value on the resale market, and can be successfully sold to many potential buyers. Not to mention the timeshare exit industry is rampant with scams, be careful!

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What Is The Value Of A Marriott Timeshare

Timeshare resale values are determined by many factors such as the details of your specific timeshare, the number of potential buyers on the market at that time, the current ROFR price at which Marriott will buy the timeshare out from under your buyer. Its best to contact a licensed professional who can walk you through the steps of assessing the value of your Marriott Vacation Club week or points.

Americans Are Looking For A Post

As the pandemic winds down, many travelers are taking a hard look at their vacation portfolio. Some have found that at a time of increased economic uncertainty, there’s no room for a timeshare.

But timeshares make it exceedingly difficult to sell by peppering their contracts with incomprehensible clauses. The fine print stipulates a right of refusal, right of survivorship and, of course, a perpetuity clause. Plus, there’s a glut of timeshares, meaning there are few buyers. I explain these in my guide to buying and selling timeshares.

So how do you get rid of your timeshare after the pandemic? Experts say now more than ever that it’s a matter of navigating a minefield of dense contracts and scammy timeshare exit companies and knowing your rights.

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What Is The Right Of First Refusal

Before you sell Marriott timeshare, there is one important step to be aware of in the resale process. The Right of First Refusal is written in every timeshare contract and gives the developer the right to review the sale before it closes. Should Marriott choose, they can exercise the ROFR and step in as the buyer. This means that they accept all of the terms already negotiated and will instead buy your timeshare back for themselves. Essentially, the buyer will no longer be able to purchase your Marriott points. This also helps combat timeshare contracts that are sold for nominal prices.

If they waive the ROFR, this means that Marriott is allowing the sale to continue between the original parties. The sale cannot continue until the ROFR is complete.

This step in the process to sell Marriott timeshare is imperative, and highly considered when determining an asking price. Setting an asking price that is too high may discourage some buyers, but if it is too low, Marriott may buy it back anyway.

Seaside Consultants Best For Timeshare Termination Without Hurting Your Credit

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Seaside Consultantshas been advocating for consumers since 2014. They offer a free consultation and promise to execute a proven timeshare exit strategy while guaranteeing credit protection. Seaside has positive reviews and an A- BBB rating Seaside Consultants has been advocating for consumers since 2014. They offer a free consultation and promise to execute a proven timeshare exit strategy while guaranteeing credit protection. Seaside has positive reviews and an A- BBB rating. They will work with properties with deliquencies and collection or foreclosure accounts. Your payment stays in escrow until youre satisfied.

Customer Review

Thank you so much to the staff at Seaside Consultants for their help in getting out of my timeshare program. I am so grateful for their help. I would recommend this company to all who had my problem.

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What Happens If You Dont Pay Maintenance Fees On Marriott Timeshare

If you dont pay your maintenance fees, Marriott will contact you to find out why. In some instances this can be because of financial stresses, and Marriott has a program in place where they can work with owners to help. If owners continue to withhold payment, or not speak to Marriott about payment, they will turn the account over to their collections department to handle the debt collection.

The account can also be reported to the major credit bureaus, with the owner taking a hit on their credit report and corresponding credit score at each step of the process. The longer it takes, the more significant the impact until the case is either resolved by payment or eventually ends up in foreclosure. Marriott can begin foreclosure proceedings to get their timeshare or points back, which could involve a court proceeding as well.

This is often a last resort option for owners, so before you consider not paying your maintenance fees please contact one of our licensed agents to talk over your options to sell.

Coalition For Responsible Exit

About the Coalition

The Coalition for Responsible Exit , a program of the American Resort Development Association and its developers in collaboration with leading exchange companies and ARDA Resort Owners Coalition to help timeshare owners learn useful information and how they can responsibly and safely exit their timeshares.

ARDA is the Washington D.C.based professional association representing the vacation ownership and resort development industries. Established in 1969, ARDA today has over 600 members ranging from privately held firms to publicly traded companies and international corporations with expertise in shared ownership interests in leisure real estate. The membership also includes timeshare owner associations , resort management companies, and owners through the ARDAROC. For more information, visit www.arda.org or ARDAs consumer website at www.arda-roc.org

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Sold My Timeshare Back To Marriott


BanditTheCat said:…So before the end of the year I sold my unit back to Marriott, netting only $4800. I say only, but I realize how awful the free market is on timeshares, so Im not that unhappy. I got some cash and I no longer have to pay the fees and the real estate taxes.Good luck!


dioxide45 said:That’s great! Just to clarify, you technically didn’t sell it back to Marriott. It was sold through their resale department and was bought by a private individual. I am not aware that Marriott has an active buyback program. They apparently have a program where you can simply surrender it to them for free…

Upcoming trips:

dioxide45 said:That’s great! Just to clarify, you technically didn’t sell it back to Marriott. It was sold through their resale department and was bought by a private individual. I am not aware that Marriott has an active buyback program. They apparently have a program where you can simply surrender it to them for free…

dioxide45 said:I don’t think it is a situation that they do, more that they DID. I am not aware of a current active buyback program. They do still have the brokered sales and that is what I was pointing out. The OP sold their week to a third party brokered by Marriott, it wasn’t a buyback.

Who Will Buy My Marriott Ownership

Ownership | Marriott Vacation Club

There are many buyers out there looking for Marriott timeshare resales available. Keep in mind that although you can sell your Marriott timeshare, it is highly likely that it will not sell for what you originally paid for. Timeshares are not a financial investment, so its important to keep your expectations realistic. Buyers look to the resale market to save money and experience many of the same benefits. As a top vacation club, Marriott is highly popular and there are interested buyers out there.

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Contact The Resort To Take It Back

The first thing you should always do is contact the resort to take it back. Asking the timeshare developer directly can sometimes serve as your best available option.

One of the most important timeshare contract loopholes to know about is the deed buy-back program option. Not every resort offers buy-back programs. But we are starting to see some of the more prominent resorts start to provide these services. Diamond Resorts, , and Wyndham are some of the developers beginning to offer these programs.

Each resort has different requirements that need to be met to qualify for its programs. Typically, owners must have their mortgage balance paid off, are current on all fees, and have a clear and free title. If you qualify, the resort will give you money and buy it off of you. Its a clean and straightforward transaction where you can finally be free!

Rescind Your Timeshare Marriott Vacation Club Contract

We know that this is only possible if you recently purchased your Marriott Vacation Club timeshare. If youâre unsure if your timeshare purchase qualifies for the rescission process or you think youâre still within your rescission period, then check out our step-by-step guide to rescind your Marriott Vacation Club timeshare contract.

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How To Avoid Timeshare Exit Scams

Watch out for these signs.

  • Upfront payment. If a company demands payment upfront, be careful.
  • Lack of review. If a company is willing to take on any case without review they are interested in taking your money, not solving your problem.
  • Dishonest advertising. Some companies use scare tactics to draw customers. No, your children will not have to take on your timeshare obligations.
  • Outsourcing. Some companies outsource your case to a law firm and pocket most of the fee. Make sure your company will do the work itself.
  • Online reviews. Any company will have a few dissatisfied customers. If you see a pattern of problems and complaints, watch out.
  • Enforcement cases. Search online for reports of lawsuits or regulatory action.
  • No-pay recommendations. Companies may insist that you stop making payments. This could hammer your credit and leave you open to legal action.
  • Check the contract. Read the agreement carefully. Watch for clauses that list foreclosure as a satisfactory outcome.

Dont be overwhelmed by hard-sell tactics or exaggerated promises. If it sounds too good to be true, its not true.

How To Sell A Marriott Timeshare: The Definitive Resale Guide

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If youre a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare owner, you may be interested in learning about how to sell your timeshare. In this definitive guide, we will discuss the process of selling a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare and provide you with some tips on how to get started on the timeshare resale market. Selling your Marriott ownership can seem like a daunting task, but with the right resources and information, it can be done successfully. So if youre wondering how to sell your Marriott timeshare, keep reading!

  • Can I Sell My Timeshare Back To Marriott?
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    How Do I Get Rid Of My Vistana/sheraton/westin Timeshare

    Just like with any other Timeshare, owners have 3 options available to them:

    • Find a new owner on the resale market
    • Give the ownership back to the resort/Developer
    • Stop paying

    This article will focus on item 2 “Giving it back to the Resort Developer”, which is simple and easy because since merging with Marriott, there is now an official program for owners to simply give their unwanted Timeshare or points back to them for free!The other items are discussed regularly in other Timeshare advice articles as well as the TUG Vistana Sheraton Westin owner forum if you wish to look into those further!

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